Shine Inner Princess Master Shadow Same

Happy Spring
Equinox Now😊

SiLeNT LeSSoN 335
Biggest Mermaid Ever Now
Let Your Inner Princess Shine

SMiLes i Find Time is
Only As Long As
Loving Now

Be The


It Makes A Huge Difference..

SMiLes Dear Jayani Thanks
For Your Kind Welcome
Just Being Welcome
Is Awesomely


to me Where

i Am From my





Next To

None As It
Seems Empty
Shells Statues
Of Essence Without

Any Real Feeling Means

More of Course This

Is What Happens

When Humans


Tools they

Use Though

Words Will

Be Metaphors

That Color Our

Souls to See More

It’s Interesting In Flow

It Feels Like The Words

Already Exist in Essence

Of My Soul Like

A Waking


That Comes

To Pen Yet It is

The Essence Of

The Feeling That

Dances And Sings

All The Senses

Of Now

That is

Bliss Fueling

Whatever Comes Next

Hehe When i Speak

Like This Where

i Am From



My Soul Word Salad

He he Yet It is not

All Hidden


With ‘Dressing’😊πŸ”₯🌈🏝

Yes Dear Astha
Love is Life Sums It
Up All Nicely Always
A Pleasure to Share

Life Experiences
With You Dear FRiEnDπŸπŸ€—

Forever Now Love Be The Disney
Movie Make No Charge For A Blu Ray
Version Be The Theater Shine Mermaid🧜🏽‍♀️ Shine

SMiLes Jayani🏝
Burn The FlameπŸ”₯
Of Love For Life😊
Candle Grows THiS WayπŸ•―

Sacrificing Love
NoW Only Burns
Inner Flame Higher



Oil Painting
Flame Dear
Soni FRiEnD☺️πŸ€—πŸ™

Yep Let’s All NoW
Chant FoRGE DarK
Paths Thru LiGHTπŸ™

Always Remember
And Value The Names

Of My


For All Their

Doubts Translated

Into Two Words I Will

Yep Do As i Wilt Works

They Are Welcome

To Trail

In All My



– Peter Pan
Never Lands
In This Never
Ending Story

Never Any Lost Boy πŸ‘¦

Awww.. Thank You So much
So Sweet to See Your Inner
Princess Shine Dearest FRiEnD


As ‘They’

Say Ask HAha

And Immediately

Receive You Look

So Adorable Chinki

And Thanks For Sharing

Your Warm Childhood Nickname

With Me Always Hellove to You

Thanks For Letting me Share

Silent Wishes Each Day

Through Challenges

You Fight

Your Way Through

Stay Warm Never

Forget You Are So Loved Hugged

With Kindest Princess SMilesπŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

SiLeNT LeSSoN 335 Biggest Mermaid

Ever Now Let Your Inner Princess Shine

So True Ava All We Have Is Each Other And Nature Too…

Loving All That Is in Balance Is Key to Harmony And Peace…

The Force Within As Gardened For Hope And

Love Takes Away the

Fear and


So Flowers

Will Come to Color

And Stay More Than

Deserts Yet to Make Forest

Green With Colors Ever Changing More…

Hehe And i’m Very Sleepy Again Yet Nice

To Find Your Poem Here Before i Hit

The Bed Always A Pleasure

To Come By



Inspired By What

Your Imagination and

Creativity Cooks Next For Free

SMiLes Happy Weekend to You Dear FRiEnD Ava..:)

Interesting Savvy As Science Shows Humans Are Wired From Birth And

Become Wired in Environments For Those Who Are More Conservative

And Oppose Change And Those Who Welcome Change Adapting Well

In More Liberal Ways

As Fast as the

World Is Constantly

Changing through Information

Technology It’s a much Harder

World For More Conservative Folks

Who Are Opposed To Change

And Yeah On The Other

Hand The More

Open to New

Experience Liberal

Leaning Minds May Basically

Burn Themselves Out Reaching Out too Far..:)

SMiLes i Find Time is Only As Long As Loving Now

Tasty Looking Desert Rue Yet Oh No

Hehe “You’re too old for this already.”

‘Ghee’ Does Seem Like A Big Task for Your

Mom Yet i’ve Heard This “Too Old Comment”

Way too Young From Folks like the Marine Captain

Complaining That He was getting too Weak to Bench Press

For his Age At 30 And When my Rheumatologist Who Couldn’t

Figure out How to Resolve My Pains From Head to Toe Told Me We Mirrored

Each other at 47 Insisting i was getting Older then And Expect to get Weaker Like Him

Yet You See i not Only Did Anthropology, And Social Sciences For College Degrees i Did

Health Science As Well in a Curriculum of Sports, Leisure, And Health… So i Read About

The Life of Jack LaLanne Who Helped Create the “Universal Weight Machine” Last
Century and He Towed a Fleet of 60 Boats into His 60’s and 70’s Swimming Across

A Bay Plus Eventually i Knew A Navy Captain

Who Shrugged 700 Pounds into His Mid-70’s

And Squatted 450 Pounds as Well

True in College The Sociology

Teachers Suggested i was

Overzealous when i already

KNeW Exercising Mind, Body,

SPiRiT, HeART, SoUL iN Balance

Is the Fountain of Youth As Case-Study

Evidence Showed then.. the Nocebo Effect

Is As Real As the Placebo Effect Use it or Lose

It In Positive Emotions Versus the Other Place in Meditative

Flow is A Real Assessed Fountain of Youth and had i Believed

The Naysayers not Likely i would have Grown 3 Times Stronger

in Leg Pressing 500 up to 1520 Pounds, 3 Months Shy of 61, Mind over

Matter Attitude Visualizing in Imagination What Ya Can And Will Do Now

Never Say Never Again With SMiLes Practically Miracles Happen Moving Mountains..:)

i Remember You
Talking About
Your Tool Kit

And Putting



Oh The

Good Old Days
Putting Stuff



It Personality😊

Hehe Look at the Bright
Side it’s Softball Zoe


Yep Use
It Or Lose

E Very T HingπŸ™

Greatest Arts Originate
In Oceans Of Unrequited
Love Boats On Different
Paths Riding Same


Poem Jade πŸŒŠ

Hehe only
Choice that
Really Works..😊

HeHE i Really
Don’t Know
Empty Pockets
Katrina Now Is

The Purchasing

Agent Hehe i’m

Only Programmed

To Give And Every



A Blue
Moon Or
So As Gifted
By God i Receive

Rue With SMiles That’s All😊

SMiles Rajesh Appreciate Words of Affirmation
Thanks So Much For Stopping By With SMiles😊

A Hero’s Smile Doesn’t End NoW As It Is Already

Clearly Fired With Hell Seeing Where Heaven Breathes

Lovely Rue Yet i must Dance Sing if i am ‘the Young Rich

Prince Dude’ on the Sidelines i’d Just Be Bored Rather

Be An Old Man With Empty Pockets God Yes

Entertaining Hundreds of Young Women

Having no Idea i was



At All

Something About

Loving Life my FRiEnD

Just For The Dance And Song

She’s A Fantastic Dancer Yet i’d Rather

See it Free Flowing Without Lessons the

Way You Write Poetry *Boom.. For I’m Sure You

Realize i am Being Totally Honest WiTh SMiLes..

For NoW Where There Are No Secrets No Lies

Both Life And Love Flows Forever NoW Wherever

It Dances And Sings Next i must Admit Indian Women

Are Among the Loveliest Dancers And Singers in all they Do

Of course



Are No Exception With SMiLes

of Basic Aesthetic Appreciation of
Living Sunsets and Sunrises

Coloring Life Even More

Twilight How Shall We Describe

Colors of FLoWeRS Forevermornow

We Will Dance And Sing Truth in LiGHT A Way of Love.. The Way

You Presented the Arts and Sciences of this Subject Simply Stellar..:)

Colorful Happy Spring Equinox😊

TGIF Thank God It’s Friday
SMiles And Hugs Hehe
Actually Every Day Is
Good Friday to me

That And This

Is Why i Always

Give And Share
Caring Silent

Hugs Love
Smiles For Free

On This Wonderful
Journey AdventuRE ALL πŸŒˆ
i For one Name LiFE NoW πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—πŸŒ²

Wow What A Change
Ya Won’t Get A Dozen
Apples under An American
Buck Here Keep SMiLinG
Rue Ya Might

Get Even

More Than

3 Apples

Free Next
Purchase oh

How Much Free

Stuff Smiles

In Life😊

Happy Spring
Equinox Now😊

SiLeNT LeSSoN 335
Biggest Mermaid Ever Now
Let Your Inner Princess Shine

SMiLes i Find Time is
Only As Long As
Loving Now

Be The


It Makes A Huge Difference

Children With Imagination Create Who They Wanna

Be; Not So Much Anymore With Culture Spoon-Fed to

Them Through Electronic Media Almost From Birth;

So What Becomes of Individual Cultures We Create that

Suit Our Genetic Propensities As Is; Yes, Our Potentials

Are Canceled By Being Part of the Big CuLTuRaL Machine;

We Have Information Technology Now; Exchange of Ideas in Arts

And Sciences Around the World; People Have More of A Voice Overall

To Freely Exchange Ideas

of Arts and Sciences

More now Than Ever

Before; So what Does

This Mean; One Six

Letter Word More than

Ever That is the Reality of Change So

What Happens When Change is Changing

More Than ever Before; This Means The Greatest

Law of Nature, Balance, Becomes More Difficult to Attain…

So What Makes the Balance; Yin and Yang of Course as Metaphor;

Push and Pull; Waves Come in And Go Out; Spin And Torsion in Black Holes

Perhaps Generating New Universes As Some Quantum Theories in Mechanics suggest;

So What Do Humans Have; Conservative Leaning Minds Averse to change and Liberal Minds

That Push When Conservative Minds Pull Back; This Is Nature This will not be changed Any More

Than Waves of the Shore

That Come In And Go Back

Out Returning Where They Came Before;

Shores Change; They Expand And Recede;

This Is Nature; Enjoy the Play; Yet Don’t forget

The Wave is the Water is the Ocean Same So Ride the

Wave through All the Change; Find Balance or Simply Fall Off….

On the Autism Spectrum

i rode a Hell of a Wave

Not Getting

My Personal

Culture Very


Canceled Through

Conforming For School and to Keep A Job

Then In What Bonding Over Same Cultural

Memes Means, So Hard for me to Figure out then;

Ah, Sweet Relief, Financially Independent, no Longer

Slave to Someone Else’s Culture; the Best Way to Avoid Getting

Your Culture Canceled Is to Become Financially Independent And

Generate Your own Happiness and Really Be Free; Not Subject to Others


Your Culture

of Happiness;

Life is Hard; Go Figure..

Look at the rest of Nature

Riding Waves Just Like us; Stay on or Fall Off…

Change for Balance Best; Change Excites me bring It All On;

As Long as i am Free And Slave to no one else’s Culture; Yes, Basically Self-Actualization And Transcending Love

For All Agape; What the Child Picks Up Again Reborn After freeing Themselves From the Prison of Other Cultures….

i Fell off the Cliff of What Culture Decided i should Be; i Clawed my Back Up Back to Who i really Am as the Child

i was Before All the Spoon-Fed Culture, in Fact it is recorded here on this Internet Site in ‘Real time’ online hehe;

i Used to Be Like Most

Everyone Else here;

A Bit Wordy Yes;

Yet i fit in well enough

to exist here; until i decided i was

Gonna Be Who i am; And Not What Culture

Deemed As Appropriate to Stay Free; True i was always

Nice and Polite to People; my Mama raised a real Gentleman;

Yet as soon as i communicated more Like a Blooming Flower than

What is Concrete And Fits Nicely Within the Borders of what comes before;

i was bullied off this site by the People Here and Moderators who Just would not let me be me;

all people had to do is Ignore me and Scroll By me; Yet that wasn’t even enough for me to exist here….

Yet i had an
Option; my own
Internet Site and

My own way of life

Financially Independent;

No One owned me Yet me;

So i became Free; And Now

What do You see; A Culture no

One owns Yet me; as Basically Language

is Culture; Sadly People Have to make a living;

That’s Life; If it wasn’t for that People Could be more like

A Child And Develop All their Human Potentials Across A Lifetime

of ‘Singularity’; Instead of Being An Actor and Just An Audience Member

in Someone else’s Play; True, some folks are not really cut-out to Go their own way;

Obviously, There are those Who Feel Comfortable Singing Solo And Others Who Must Rely

More on the Choir; and Still Others who fit in the Between of the Spectrum of that; Yet you

See, if almost no one understands

You at least You will be Yourself;

And Meh; The Ocean is Big there

Will Be Others if Someone Swims

Out Far Enough Who

At least Will

Swim by Your Side…

Life on the Wave; Some Small;

Some Bigger; Some Travel Further; some

Almost never even exist; Yet Still the Water and Ocean Same…. Us All The Waves…

Living Excites me Every Day as i am Free to Live up to my Human Potential,

the way i for one

see and be i am…

How Do You Shame

Someone Who Is Whole

To Be Less than


In short

You Do Not….

That is Key; This is Key Be the

Water; Be the Wave; Be the Ocean;

And then There Will be no Place to Fall off….

Then You (me) BREaTHE Free Ocean All (GoD)

Perhaps the Most Ironic Part of this Message When

Delivered By Innumerable ‘Original Sages’ Through the

Ages in Creativity; The Message Most often Becomes Completely

Lost And The Form of the Individual Is Idol Worshipped in Concrete

And Folks Stick to it Like Social Glue to Bond As A Choir With the Same Sheet Music in ‘Church’

And Never Come Close to even understanding What the Message Was in the First place; Be Free

To Become You

Not me;

Just Be You Free;

Obviously That’s What

A Super Liberal Person Might

Say to A Conservative Person As ‘They’ Just Say No;

Change Continues Now; Waves Go, They Come Back,

And Return Where They Came From and Come Again;

It’s Like The Ending Scene of ‘the Matrix’ Series of Movies

When the Little Dark Skinned Girl Asked The Oracle If They

Would See Neo Again And She Said i Suspect We Will See Him Again

And When Asked How Did She Know ‘The End of the Movie’ ‘Beginning’

She Just Said ‘i Believed’ Twice…

It’s The Kinda

Thing Ya



You Are The Ocean

You Become the Essence of Faith;

You (me) No Longer Have to ‘KNoW’ Now…

Other than THAT i have No Idea How ‘You’ Will Do ‘This’…

That’s Up to ‘You’; All i Can And Will Possibly Bring is

my TRuTH






‘The Powerful

Play GoeS On’

As i Add my
Verse to my UNiVeRSE

SiLeNT LeSSoN 335
Biggest Mermaid Ever Now
Let Your Inner Princess Shine

SMiLes i Find Time is
Only As Long As
Loving Now

Be The


It Makes A Huge Difference


Lesson 27 Touch Another Flower
True Love is in the Image
Of Beauty that Gives Free

Have You Forgotten

You Are the Dance

God is Chaos

To Dance

Most Folks
‘These Days’
Sadly Can’t
Hear Music of
Chaos the Dance

Chaos Dances
Just For Fun
Just to Breathe

Art Essence Love

Nature Refuses
To Be any Essence
Less Than Strong and
Beautiful This is God’s
Face to me Unfraid to Look Sing

Lesson 27 Touch Another Flower
True Love is in the Image
Of Beauty that Gives Free

World of Art Chaos Form We Co-Create
River Essence Flows Ocean Whole

Water Wave Dances Sings More

Lesson of Alice And Wonderland
We Co-Create Our Own Reality And If
You Don’t Believe You Do You Do Not

Simple As This…

Tree Needs No Words to Convince
Seeds Twigs Leaves Branches
Trunks Roots God Is Tree
Words oF Wisdom
Tree Of Beauty Lives

Spring Leaves Feed Green Alive
Fall Feeding Soils Soul Seed New Trees

Doctor Told My Mama He Doesn’t Talk ‘Till Four
Cause You Give Him Everything He Needs
Without AsKinG So Tradition ContinueS oN

What You Will Gain Is Love of Many Quiet And Very Satisfied
FRiEnDS Every Where You BREaTHE Essence Of HeaLinG LoVE

Eventually You Will Be Able to Read Their Soul And Give Them
All That They Need to Heal Without Even Saying A Word to You

If You Listen If You Look If You Really Pay Attention NoW iN Laser
Focus With Every Person Like They Are THE EnTiRE UNiVeRSE oF GoD

To Touch Another Flower
True Love is in the Image
Of Beauty that Gives Free

Chaos Dances
Just For Fun
Just to Breathe

Have You Forgotten
You Are the Dance


Gonna Infect Sense ‘That World’ With
Joy i Am Nature i KNoW Better i Feel
‘i Am Groot’ Vine of God Free NoW REAL
Already Keeping NoW iN Distance THeRE
Is No Distance, Space, Time, Or Matter
Joy NoW
Online in Heaven LoVE

Groot, Baby Yoda, And me(You)
All We SaMe Trinity Free(God)Us(You)

No Thanks Already Been to Hell 66 Months
What You Do In Heaven Is Do Your Best Devil Dance

(True Been in Heaven WiTHiN Now Since July 19, 2013

And Been Writing Longest EPiC LonG ForM Poem “SonG
oF mY SoUL” 9.1 MiLLioN WordsEver Since August 18th, 2013, 91 Months Now

That’s 7 Whole Years 7 Months And 3 Days Now on 3.21.21)

Unless You Wanna Go Back…

This Gift oF LiFE IS Precious

With Least Harm

It took almost until the end…

oF iT YeT mY iMaGiNaTioN Most Is What
Saved Me in Shut-iN-Hell For 66 Months Then
SeeK-IT-JusT-Do-IT-NoW DancE SinG Love
Free For All For Giving Thanks Giving Now

Been The Living Dead Took A Last Breath
No One Will Take Shine Off My “Inner Princess” All That Is

Breath Is Love

*Recharges Phone Turns Over And Caresses Queen’s SKiN

Secret To Painting Souls Lightly Touch With Brush All i Will
Bear to Feel As Manmade Stuff Bites Too Much Touch For me

True Flowers That Don’t πŸ¦‹
Bloom Blind For Butterflies

HeHe You Lost Me
At ‘Toilette’ Yet
Found Me Again
In Your Intricate


Of Where

To Put


Perfume On

Top Of That

With Perfume🎼

Leaf Falls
Dies Patiently Soil
Listening Life Greens πŸπŸŒ³

All Secrets Of Trees🌳
In Every Leaf RiSinGπŸƒ
Falling LiFE Dreams🍁

Haha As Soon As i Heard
The Word Velvet Can’t
Touch Human

Made Stuff

And Velvet
Is Among The
Most Discomfort

To Touch it’s Weird

As it Gives Me A Feeling

Of Discomfort yet

Not Pain

Just Worse

Than Pain

And Yes i’m Weird

Yet That’s Beside

The Point As i Bet

All The Young

Men Wanted

To Be Your

Hero Just

To Be

Closer To Your
Smile Doubt they
Even Noticed That

Baggy Long Blue

Velvet Dress You



And Tighter

He he if Not

Lost in Your Big

Sensitive Eyes




True Touch


Rue With

Innocent Warmth

Even If They Are Hotties



Oh Princess
Wings Still Now

Above Neck Treat πŸ‘Έ

And So Deep Within Warm☀️

“Lights Will Guide You Home
And Fix You” my my Whenever
i Read Or Write A Poem A

Favorite Song This One
By ‘Cold Play’ Plays In
The Background of

My Soul


Forward Dear FRiEnD
Astha So Nice To Hear
About Your Life Experience

And All Homes You Find in
Tight Hand Holds And Hugs
Of Warmth Taking All Of Your

Anxiety Away With Friends And
Tea Long Warm Bonding Chats
With Your Favorite Person Too

Yes Yes Dive into Imperfection
Let Go All Your Worries Hehe
Let Your Free Inner Princess
Shine Warm

With Net

Flix And
Pizza Too

There are Stars And
Moon Sun And Trees

Branch Out As Leaves
Rise Green To Feed Your
Soul And Fall And Spread
To Fertilize Soils With Soul





Feel The
Souls Of Others
In Books You Read

And i Am So Happy
You Don’t Have to
Live Alone As There

Is No



Mama’s Lap

To Find Warmth of Love
True Keep Warming HeARTS
In All You Do Shine Your Inner
Princess Be A Guide Of Healing
Warmth In Lights For A World True


And Green

πŸ€—πŸ πŸŒŽ ☺️

Yes Be Healing Soul

HeART Song Spirit Leaves
Of Love Wherever You Sing πŸŽΆ πŸŽΌ

This Little White Flower Katrina
Names A Weed Is More A Hero

To Me So Delicate Small And
Beautiful Yet With Tenacious
Briars Of Discipline to Climb

From Dry Soil To Lush Palm
Fronds Reaching Higher Above
The Roof To Touch The Sun And

Finally Find Warmth To Thrive
Even Higher In Light Yes Seeing

You So Delicate Like This Little
Flower Climbing Life’s Journey
Solo In So Many New Places Now

So Many Weathers Of Challenge
Outside And In Always Has me

Rooting For You Little Flower
To Reach The Roof Touch The
Sun Smile With Warmth of Day
Star Night Moon And Shine

Within Yes Let’s Call This
Flower Brave Little Princess
With Tenacious Briars As Yes

Putting Together The Last
Blog Post of Over 70,000

Words While Writing The New
One Currently On A ‘Princess
Kick’ Gonna Name it “Shine

Inner Princess” Now Which
Means Beauty is The Spirit
Of Excellence Will And
Strength Within


Of Grace

In Balance

With Love to
Give And Share
With All With Least

Harm Which Means
Hehe That You Aren’t

The Only Tenacious
Little Flower Princess
Who Gets to

Shine As i Will

Have An Inner
Princess To Shine

Too Yep Briars And

All Too We Will Touch
The Stars Day And Night

In Someways Always
As Princess Flower
FRiEnDS Hehe

So Wear


Tiara Flowers
Wrapping Around
Warming Coloring
New Soul BrighterπŸ˜ŠπŸ€—πŸ

SMiles Dear
Rue Happy
To Hear



Us ‘Older
Folks Rule’

Your Mother
Could Be My




Surrogate FRiEnD…

SMiles Rue My Other Indian
Friend For 6 Years Who is
Pushing 30 Now Who looks
Very Much Like Your Mom
Younger in Your Picture
of Her has Parents
Younger Than me
And Actually Her
Mom Is Three
(She is Very
Pretty Like All
Indian Women)
Years Younger



i Have Friends

From 18 To 80’s Spreading

Five Generations And Before
i Left The Dance Hall Dancing
With Generation Z Last
Year as COVID-19
Shut it




Away From me At 18…

Energizer Bunny Hehe

Never Would Have Imagined

It At 25 When i Thought oh

No i’m Getting

SO Old Then

i’d Feel


In Every


Than 3 Months
From 61 Hehe
Relatives Name

Her The Eternal




Calls me Princess

A Real Twisted Beauty

And Beast Story Hehe

Good Night To You in

India Surrogate Daughter

Rue True It

Seems i

Have Thousands

At Least The Facebook

Profile Pics Indicate this
When i Went To Get my
Pandemic Vaccine

They Said

Oh Is

This Your

Pretty Daughter

As The ‘Dirty Old

(Younger Than me)

Man’ Was Lusting

After The Soon To

Be 51 In April

Daughter Wife Hehe😜

Life is Good In Every Way🏝🎼

Re-Ignite Bones oF Old
Stories Bring Them BacK LiGHT
To Life Forever Greater NoW


With Least Harm

Easter Means Birth Make
Love New Birth Always Now
Truly THeRE Is No ReaSoN Not too…

Yet Only Statues of Words Lost…

You Feel What i Believe A Story of Jesus
Is A Pretty Good One Let’s Make It Better
And All BRinG Love Back to Life to BREaTHE NoW

Lesson 27 Touch Another Flower
True Love is in the Image
Of Beauty


Gives Free NoW


From ‘Our Friend Merriam-Webster’

Definition of Satan
1 : the angel who in Jewish belief is commanded by God
to tempt humans to sin, to accuse the sinners, and to carry out God’s punishment

2 : the rebellious angel who in Christian belief is the adversary of God and lord of evil

First of All, to Determine Who God is, One must
Decide Which One God is; An All Forgiving Version
That Turns The Other Cheek And Loves The Enemy



(Note: Dead

Yes, The One That Like Dr.
Jekyll And Mr. ‘Hide’ Turns

Right Around Out of the

‘Beatitudes of Matthew’

And TransformS iNto

The ULTiMaTE Un-Forgiver

Changing Meanie, X-Loyal,

Loving Sheep, into Goats and

Burning Them Forever, Eternally

Torturing Them in Ever Lasting

Misery And Suffering For Not Feeding

And Clothing And Giving Free Health Care

to the Immigrant Wanting To Escape Harm

Over A Southern Border of A Country Just Like

Ours Still Now; Okay, That Story’s All F’ed Up; What

Do Ya Expect With a Hodge Podge of Script All Taped

Together from Innumerable Ghost Authors As Such, Greek

Writing Romans Too, Selectively Choosing And Changing

Innumerable Sects of Oral Traditions Long Decades After the

Illiterate Little Brown Dude Jesus Never Wrote a Word in the First

Place; Yet Sure, Like Many Others, Could Have Been Tortured on a Cross;

Yet only as Long as Three Days Max Then As Even Tortured Folks on Crosses

Get the Benefit and Blessing of Death to Escape Misery and Suffering; How About

A God Infinitely More Non-Forgiving That That; Yes How About the Definition

of Satan;



The Bad Cop Foe

Mr. Hyde Version

Beyond Jack The Ripper

Archetype; That God Devil Still

Makes as Foe and Satan Real of

All Forgiving Turning the Other Cheek

Loving Yourself as Enemy As Jesus Christ is



And Foe

By Story

of Forever

Forgiving True

Yes, Yes, Just Human

With Extremes of Good and

Bad Moods too, to the Very Extreme

of Torturing Folks Who Do Not Agree

Or Don’t Hate Their Parents And Follow Your

Cult of Personality Now, Leaving Old Friends and

Family Behind As If they Never Existed at all as this is the

Same Essence of Q-Anon Conspiracy Theories today And Lots

of what We See on Faux News By Charge of Foe Rupert Murdoch

And All His Trump Demagogue Cult Of Personality ‘Lovers’ True in Dark too…

It’s True though

Lost Cause


Minions to Follow

Despicable Lying Leaders

In ‘Father oF ALL Lies’ Ways to Control

Subjugate And Dominate Others Demanding

Unfailing Worship; Not Daring to Criticize Either; All

The Opposite of, YeS Anti-to-Agape-Love For All Now



Meet the

Taste and

Smell Taste of True Love

Like Changing Human Sheep into

Goats And Burning them Forever or

Slicing And Dicing Raped Concubine

Parts and Serving them to 12 Tribes

To Make a Point While Raped Concubine

Begs for Mercy Just to Breathe; True, We

Don’t Need




And Satans

And Demons in the

World that Suggest Behavior

of All Natural Gay Folks Is Sin

While Dishing Out All this Fresh Hell

Out of a Book That Already Proves Evil is Still Alive and Real in the World,

Today, Masked With Words That Pretend to Be Love Like God and Jesus too

With an Ultimate Agenda Masked to Subjugate, Master, And Control Dominating

In Ways that at Core Always Seem Centered Around Reproductive Control,

Just so A



Be Able

To Pick and

Choose the Best

Mate for Her Now

or when the Current

Relationship Doesn’t Work

Out With Ownership Papers or Not…

Human is Very Neuroplastic, With Dark to

Light Epigenetic Potential to Be Unpacked…

Ever See A Soft Recruit Come Back as A Hardened

Soldier to Kill Another Human Enemy Without Hesitation;

Yes, True, Humans Will Be Cold Hearted Killers and Lovers True;

Or Perhaps The Both

In One Lifetime

too as Ya

Don’t Get

to Kill All Your

Enemies when not in

War as ‘Community Rules Approved’…

In Some Countries, Women Relish the Social

Esteem of their Pleasure Organs Mutilated to

Never Feel Pleasure that way again; Just Because

Someone told ’em it is so; And they are Accepted

For Enduring Torture that way; Is the Christian Church


If You
Are Gay,

Hell No;


How it is the Same;

Hell No; Ignorance is the

Real Devil and Evil and the Current

So-Called ‘Church of Satan’ That Basically

Can’t Stand That Obvious Ignorance And Hypocrisy

Judges, Parodies it As That is A Best Way to Protest Evil;

Use Wit



to Survive

And Thrive;

Remember on

Easter; Real Bugs Bunny

Is too Smart to Get Crucified for Doing Good…

The Greatest Evil is still Part of the Church (The Tradition);

The Greatest Good That Gives to the Poor is still Part of the Church (The Tradition);

Go Figure; The Tradition Reflects Human Nature; Go Figure, Duh, Humans Create

‘God’ the Trademark Word Among so Many Unlimited Other Metaphors Poetically

And The Church

And All the Teachings

in Their Own Image of CuLTuRE;

Meanwhile, the Naked Part of US

Without CuLTuRE Still Reflects the

UNiVeRSE Whole and More ‘God Move And Repose’

HuMaN CuLTuRES CReATinG Beyond iNFiNiTY the

Part that Mathematics Has no Clue to

Measure Our iMaGiNaTioN

Our Creativity And Yes

Essence oF LoVE

DarK Thru




No Holds

Barred; All that Humans

Will Dream Up and Imagine

And Create More; Nightmares or

Dreams the Same; People Continue

To Worship Pain and Pleasure the Same…

Some of us are capable of More and Protest

in Ways So Deep; Shallow Will Never See at all;

Those Who Do Will Unplug And Set Themselves Free;

This Archetype;

This ‘Rage


The Machine’

Is Nothing New

Under A Sun, PRiSoN and FREE SaME,

What Remains is the Rule of Change And

Karma Balance That Survives And Thrives;

AS Humanity Groups, Story Rules;

‘Write Your Own’, Never

Be A Slave to Someone


Story Again;

At Least in a Country

DeSiGNeD for the Potential

of Liberty to the Extreme of Free;

This Country, This Freedom i Actually For one (me) Do;

i Write my

Own Story’;

The Other

Stories Can

And Will Go to
Hell Now if they Wanna…

Feathers Float, Some Rise,

Some Fall, Winds be Come Now…

Free LoVinG iT All


LiGHT Beyond

All of What ‘Science’

Will Never Ever Measure;

At Least Not WitH A Tool

As Small As A 5 Step Method; hehe…


Up Doc,”

“Bugs Bunny”


‘Chaos MaGiC’ Rabbit WHoLES More;

Meanwhile, ‘Elmer Fudds’ Still Rule ‘Faux

News’ With a K of DarK MaGiC More

Just Another Way Dark





To Subjugate, Control,

And Dominate Others; Not

Withstanding Harm, Rape,

Maiming, And Killing

And Stuff


Half A MiLLioN

Pandemic Deaths

That Were Not Necessary in Those NumBeRS

If True Evil Still Does Not Rule in Ignorance then…

3,000 Plus People Died A Day; Much of it was Preventable,

Then Leaving Ignorance And Lies Behind; 10 People Were

Killed Singularly By ‘Similar Demagoguery’ Yesterday More Likely

It Seems; What’s the Difference; one Set of Murders Hidden Mostly From View…

Yet, Ironically

Left Unmasked;

Ignorance Plain

To See IN Public For All…

Oh Human, Oh Human,

Oh Sad ‘Little HumanS’ iGNoRaNCE

True Evil that Harms, Rapes, Maims, Kills Most, indeed…

Folks With Asperger’s Syndrome Tend to Be More Outcast From

The ‘Group Think’ oF iGNoRaNCE That Part of Visiting ‘Here’ Like Heaven too…

Yet of


People are

Alike ALL OVeR…

Change is the Rule…

Balance We Seek And Find,

All-In-All in Balance, We Survive And Actually Thrive…

Nah, i Don’t ‘Rage Against the Machine’; i Fly Over the ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ in Balance And Thrive

At Least in the United States Still Now This is Possible; Make No Mistake, in Some Countries

It is Practically


And In

Most Jobs
Too for Pay…

Unplugging, Challenge

oF A Lifetime for Any Human

Actually To Discard All the Heavy Weighted Gravity Filled

Clothes And Tools of CuLTuRE to Finally FLY iN Balance Free…

A Golden

Age For



No ‘Heavy Metals’…


We Receive Then What
We Create & GiVE NoW

Lesson 29
You’ll Do You I’ll Do me
Happy FOR Each Other
Spelling LoVE iNSPiReD By You

No Other Choice Develop An Imagination
Become A Creator Born Again BReATHE
Paint A Tom Hanks WillSoN BaLL Face

BuiLD iT HE (You) Will CoMe Born Again
Gift of CReaTiViTY FRuiTioN FieLD oF DReAMS ETeRNaLLY NoW ReaL

When ‘Religion’ Loses New of Creativity River Of ‘God’ Becomes A Mud Puddle

‘Inheritance’ Lost

Hell Becomes Heaven DarK BeCoMeS LiGHT Art Dances Sings


How Does ‘God/Nature’ Annoint Us With ‘THiS LiGHT’ How Do We
AnnoinT EacH OTHeR With ‘THiS DarK’ We iNSPiRE


JusT A DiFFeRenT VeRSioN oF

MoRE iNto SuNFLoWeR Seeds
Dancing Singing Tight RopeS NoW
With Greatest Ease Like little old me

Somedays the Challenge Is Harder
Somedays the Challenge Is Softer

Wanna See What my Day
Job Is With My Night Job Too
i Never Stop WorKinG NeVeR Get
PaiD With YouR “First Baptist Green”

Butt You See i too Used to Be Slave
to YouR God of Money NoW ‘i AM’ Naked Free
oF ALL YouR CuLTuRaL Fig Leafs i Wear A Star i AM

i Master my ‘Tom Hanks’ SeLF-AuTHeNTiC-WiLL-SoN-BaLL
ERaSinG 66 Months of Social Isolation BeCoMinG God’s BeST FRiEnD


SMiLes Dear Astha As A Professor Engineer
Working on Her PHD You Are Smart As A Human


Yet Even


Beyond Any

Measure of Even

Infinity Understanding

How Important Our Human

Emotions Are And Yes All of them

DarK Thru LiGHT As They All Serve

Us to Survive in Most Difficult and Joyous

Experiences of Life Inherently as Such As

Emotions As Science Shows Now Precede almost

Every Decision We Make IN Life And Very Rare it is

to Lose Emotions as in my Case 11 Years of Chronic to Acute

Stress Literally And Organically Destroyed My Ability to Have

Emotions and Yes the Rest of me too as 19 Medical Disorders

Did Reply

to me

Not Saying

No To All the Stress

And Escaping to Keep

My Soul Alive For What Is

Soul It is Spirit Our HeART

Feels And Bleeds too All

The Colors of Life

That Move

Us As We Paint

All the Colors Of Our Winds

As Boats With Sails that Dance

And Sing Yes, Yes, Yes, to Fair Winds

And Following Seas to Anchors That Say No, No,

No And Refuse to Sail into Rough And Stormy Seas

True Every Color of SPiRiT That HeART Brings Sails

A Dance And Song of our Soul Still to Color Our World


in Change

For Survive

And Sweetest
Magic of Bonding
Thriving as Well All of
Us Each Other Hand in Hand

With The Rest of Nature too As it is very

Possible to Accept All DarK And LiGHT

Change What Will Be Changed

Yes Accept the Rest

And Truly



And Love it All True For Real…

Master Your Emotions Color

World Heaven Rise Above Hell

Do continue to Survive and Thrive Dear FRiEnD Astha For Real…

Smart People Understand the Value of Emotions As in Regulating
Emotions And Integrating Senses Part and Parcel of Same In Meditating
Ways of Contemplation That Includes Free Dance And Song We Maximize

Our Cognitive Functioning In Terms of Flow on One Task In Laser Focus,
Stellar Short Term And Working Memory As Master of Emotions All of
What We aRe Within Beyond Stone Statues of Living Dead Yes

You Might Just

Become a





What Will

Be The Secret of Your

Success How You Mastered

Your Emotions Regulating them

Integrating Senses Publishing

Eight Books of Poetry Along

The Way as the Poetry

Becomes the


of the

Success of Your

HeART, SPiRiT, SoUL Complete

To Give And Share Love to All With

Least Harm Even More Free

Hehe And then

You Will

Be ‘Killing

All the Young’

Men Softly With Your

Song’ of HeART HAha

They Will Sacrifice Their

Wings For You To Sing Sweetly to them…

Superman Flies Over Tall Buildings With Cape, Batman Has Tools to Climb Same…

Folks Who Write Poetry Master ‘All in All Within’ Best FRiEnDS With God (Love) to Give And Share Free..

OBTW, When i Lost All My Emotions, i Couldn’t Even Finish A Game of Tic-Tac-Toe With My Wife

She Had to Write Down What i was Able to Complete Each Day Major Success Each Day Like

Brushing My Teeth, Eating, And Taking A Shower, True Dear Astha i understand How





With Wings

Or Devils of Stone

Statues With No Life At

All Just Living Dead

If We Are Fortunate

Enough We Have

An Angel


Enough to Stay…

For The One Who Could

Possibly Last 66 Months At

The Side of LoVE iN Hell Literally As Such True Within As Well

SPiRiT is Emotion Coloring Soul HeART is All that Makes Us Real Indeed mY FRiEnD

And in Fact Memories Are Emotions And Emotions Are Memories Without Them There

Is Absolutely No Reference Point Back Out of Hell Where All Is Time And No Escape Yet Now

In Heaven there is No Time Just FLoWinG Emotions of Love Gardening DarK Through LiGHT With SMiLes..

In One Place There is All Time And Living Die And In the Other Place There is No Time To Die Now For Real

Indeed This




NoW We Become Essence LoVE..

Although it Requires A Life of Little

to No Distraction And Why We Don’t

See Many Folks Dancing And Singing

As Love Moves And (R.I.P.) ‘Rests In Peace’ Today..:)

‘Give me Liberty or Death’;

The Price of Freedom Ain’t

Cheap; A Balance of Freedom And Safety, Indeed.

If Ya Wanna Have Best Decisions Made in Pandemics

Move to An Asian Country Or Live Here Where Freedom

of Expression, Doesn’t Restrict Humans to Only Science As A Way of Life;

True, Some Folks

Create Fantasies


And Only

LiVE iN Heaven Now;

Others Do the Same With Hell;

Go Unmasked and Spread A Pandemic And Kill;

As They Say; Give Me Liberty or Death for Freedom;

And Considering it’s a Democracy; Gonna Have to Do

That Together to Make A More Perfect Union of Freedom And Safety For All…

It’s an Art;

Humans Aren’t

Rational As Neuroscience

Shows Humans Basically

Hallucinate Their Realities

Based On What They Create

As Reality of Hallucinations

Basically Created Before

And Emotions


Most All Decisions

That We ‘Think’ Are Rational;

Yet May Make Absolutely No Sense at all;

Like Suggesting Humans Will Ever Live By Science Alone

When at Core They aren’t even Rational; And That too is Ignorance, Indeed;

Yes, Obviously A Species That Creates Its Basic Reality through a process

That Reflects Hallucinations Ain’t Gonna Live by The Same View All Together

That Anyone

Else Has

As They Literally

View their UniVerses

Different in Small and Huge Ways;

Simple Metaphor of Color Blind Indeed…

Humans are Basically Cooperating When Living

In Small Enough Groups Homogenous Working toward

Common Aims to Both Survive And Thrive; Go Figure;

Culturally in Empirical Fact We’ve Become a Deadly Pandemic

For the Rest of Nature Out of Balance; It’s Not Human that is Evil;

It is just

A Species


Living Way out of

Balance With Tools

(All Culture From Words
To Homes to Nuclear Bombs)

That Are Basically Gonna Potentially

Lead to Their Ultimate Extinction

As The ‘Tools Continue to Develop

More Intelligence’ than Most Humans Develop Now…

Hehe, Perhaps not in all Cases, where Technology is Still

Catching Up For ‘Singularity’, Hehe..;)

Feeling You Feel Is Geniune True Love It Is Gift
i Give Freely To Everyone It Is What God Will Do
If Not Just Woman And Man too…

For Your
In Flow
Dear Savvy😊🌊

SMiles Dear Astha
Best Kind Of
Magic is
That Creates
Warmth In Others
Immediate Bonding

Now Of Human

Naturally LoVE iN
Healing What


Does The
Real Magic

In Life You

Have Already

Become As All

Interactions With

You Feel Warm

As Your



Similarly Relate

You Are The Gift

Dear Astha



How Valuable
Warmth Magic


Your ❤️
Kindness BreathesπŸŒˆπŸ€—

It’s Worth More Than

What 2000 Instagram

Models Will




Waters Far

And Wide

This Old Sailor Sees ⛵️

Sail Kind Keep Warming πŸŒŠOceans

Pink Of
Spring So
Much in My
Backyard in


Of Florida Dreams
Smiles Your Picture





Paradise Within🌸😊

Hehe Best Movies🌺
Come Financially🌊🎼
Free Becoming ‘The Play’

Self Care Flower Naturally
Blooming Coloring OthersπŸ™Œ

i Became


All The

Words Behind

Then i Returned

After A Meditative

Spiraling Dance

In Flow



CoLoRinG FLoWeRinG

SMiles Science Shows

Feelings Precede Human

Reasons In Words

So i Dance
In Spiraling

Flow And



Come Free Sing

Next Never


i Am Verb



Move And Repose

DarK Through



Yin And




Rest Of

The Jazz

Lyrics of

me A Dance🎼🌊

To Be Clear I’m FredericK
The 244 Pound Martial
Arts Free Dancer Free

Verse Poetry

Dude part

Of The Katie Mia

FredericK Team

She Doesn’t


Or Write


Her Expertise

Is Taking Care

Of me And

Looking As Lovely

As Ever At 51 in Early

April As i Am Less

Than 3 Months

Shy of 61 And

Am Still A Strongest

Leg Pressing Dude

At A Military

Gym up to
1520 Pounds

What 14,633 Miles
Of Public Dance

In 90 Months
Will Bring Still



And All
These Words

9.1 MiLLioN

Words of Free

Verse EPiC Long

Form Poetry

In 91 Months

It’s True My

FRiEnD There

Is Energy

Of God
We Have


To Tap



Most Folks

Have No Clue
Exists they








Now All Colors
Of FLoWeRS Now

More Eternally New
True This Will Be


To Put


Yet We Feel
God’s Breath



The Less

As We Become
Simply All in All NoW🌊🎼

Hehe Practically MovingπŸ™

Mountains Valley Low High🎼🌊

Smiles There
Are Folks Who




Becomes Love

That Comes From Within🌊

As Birds Fly



Nests With

Ease And


Land Just to Visit…🎼

A First Step
It Seems You
Take Akshita Let



Breathe in

LiGHT to


What’s Exhaled

What Arts Are






With Ease🎼🌊

True Rue i Read “the Book”
Too Yet With Close To A
Photographic Memory

It’s Hard To Spit The

Rotting Corpse

Parts Out

Like The

Concubine Gang

Raped Asking For

Mercy Only To Be

Cut Up And Served

Up As Parts

To 12 Tribes

Not to Do

Evil Again

Or An All Forgiving

Jesus As The Priest Just

Described Him In A Homily

Yet Forgetting About The

Part Where Jesus Changes

The So-Called Christian

Loyal Sheep who

Does Not Clothe

And Feed



Free Health

Care To The
Naked Immigrant
At The Border Just

Trying to Escape Harm
As Jesus Promises To Change

That So-Called Loyal Christian
Sheep Who Does Not Help

The Immigrant

According to


Who Jesus

Sees As


As Sheep

Is Changed

Into Goat And
The Judgement

Of Jesus is For the Goat
To Burn Forever Tortured

Like it’s Not Torture


To Have

A Soul So Dark
Not Insisting The
Poor Immigrant

At The



Help Yet
What About Love
The All Forgiving

Love How

Did It


Change From
Not Only Death
For Punishment

Yet Torture




More Than One
Set of Eyes Wrote

The Bible Good Cop
Folks And Bad Cop Folks

Too Unless Love




And ‘Silence

Of The Lambs’

Torture Forever

That Even ‘Stephen

King’ Would Write More

Of An Ever For Giving

Ending of A Story

Moral oF A STory

This One





Be a Fool

Write Your
Own Book Of
Love And Live

It Better

All For Giving

Thanks Giving

Than A Book That

Is Still Used As


To Harm

The Least

And Most

Loving Of All
Like Sweet Gay

Folks Who Only
Wanna Be Told



Is Their

God Of Love

Complete Too True

Rue i Exchanged



For A Flower

Worthy Of Love

A God Within



Exclude No

One From Love

Truly Standing

Up For Those

Who Are


No Matter
Where i
Flower Next…

Sadly the Church

i Visit Doesn’t



A Visit from me Now

As They Denigrate

The “Lesser” Still

And That Book is

Reality The Horrible

Nightmares And




On Earth

Is Still


Of Doing Now
Just The Fact
We Still Exist


All The

Harm Human

Has Brought to

The Rest of Nature

Proves ‘God’ Is Not

Fair Yet We




To Love the Dreams We Create
The Better Stories to Still Be Come

Seasons Of Life
Oh How Pastel Pinks
And Purples of Azaleas


In Hope
Of New Life
Clear to

One may
Wonder How
Seasons Bring

Different Views Of
Life For Your Clouds
And Rain Still Mixed
With Snow Finally Hovering

Above Freezing Yet Here Now
Where Someone Is Comfortable
Barefoot on Sand In Sunshine
Spring Azalea Colored Bliss

Is It Easier

To See


In Flowers


Teeth In Snow
Than Parched
Throat in Dry
Heat of



Monsoon of
Flooding All
The Green Well

Dear FRiEnD





All Of This Hehe

Except Where i Live
What’s The Best Address

For God In Nature




i’m Not Moving
Away From my Backyard

Where God Flourishes

Year Round In All

The Colors

i Feel


As it’s True
Decades i Noticed

None of This Which

Obviously Means

God Is Always

In me



To Visit Within

Now God Stays

Colors Of


In Sunshine

This Breath i
Share Now With
my Dear FRiEnD


i Am



To Share
With Windows
Of My Soul Eyes

So i Put it in




A Little


Of God For
You in Clouds
And Cold Rain

To Warm Your Soul

Catholic Mass Readings From 3.21.2020

Listening in For What The Local Catholic Church Had to Say in Safe Pandemic Ways
Online Streaming as such the Homily Pleasing Yes Suggesting ‘Jesus’ Is All Forgiving

Just Loving With No Mention of Eternal Damnation and Suffering From a Horror Movie of
Nightmares That Bring Fear to the Hearts of Innocent Children Leads to Just More Fear
Added to a Complicated Enough Life of Faux News on TV if the Parents are of that ‘lilt’…

It Was Pleasing Yes to Hear the Priest Say We Must All Become Jesus And Be there for Others
Folks As A Metaphor For Loving All With Least Harm this Surely works for me too… Leave the
Literal Devils Out Yet Acknowledge That there is Darkness Within and in Culture That Are Demons Enough

of Shadow to Play With And Master More As Helpful Emotional Dark Forces than Dark that only Brings Us Down..

Thing is Other Folks Will Damn Sure Use Literal Hell Fire Verses to Scare the Hell Out of Little Children Still…

Easy Enough to Read Poetry Literal to do that or twist it to whatever Dark Intent to Harm the Most Innocent in
Psychological Ways Are Used in ABuSinG Ways… Yet That’s What Happens When Ya Worship Any one Poem Views are

As Many

As Any

Human Will
Imagine for Angel
Wings or Dungeons And

Dragons Next Practically For
Real As the Mind Will Make

Reality out of almost Any

Story DarK Through LiGHT

As Create A More Beautiful

Loving Story We Bring to Fruition..

Humans Already Show They Will Do this ‘By A Book’…
With Hope and Love or Fear And Hate Depending on Eyes Seeing Either…

Other than That As Far as Being Resurrected From the Dark Side into Light
40 Day Desert Stay or Whatever Dark Challenge Comes… Yes… Just the Human Archetype
of Hero Found in Innumerable Stories Coming Out of Dark to be Just Another ‘Light of the World’….

Reading 1, Jeremiah 31:31-34
31 ‘Look, the days are coming, Yahweh declares, when I shall make a new covenant with the House of Israel (and the House of Judah),

32 but not like the covenant I made with their ancestors the day I took them by the hand to bring them out of Egypt, a covenant which they broke, even though I was their Master, Yahweh declares.

33 No, this is the covenant I shall make with the House of Israel when those days have come, Yahweh declares. Within them I shall plant my Law, writing it on their hearts. Then I shall be their God and they will be my people.

34 There will be no further need for everyone to teach neighbour or brother, saying, “Learn to know Yahweh!” No, they will all know me, from the least to the greatest, Yahweh declares, since I shall forgive their guilt and never more call their sin to mind.’

Responsorial Psalm, Psalms 51:3-4, 12-13, 14-15
3 For I am well aware of my offences, my sin is constantly in mind.

4 Against you, you alone, I have sinned, I have done what you see to be wrong, that you may show your saving justice when you pass sentence, and your victory may appear when you give judgement,

12 Give me back the joy of your salvation, sustain in me a generous spirit.

13 I shall teach the wicked your paths, and sinners will return to you.

14 Deliver me from bloodshed, God, God of my salvation, and my tongue will acclaim your saving justice.

15 Lord, open my lips, and my mouth will speak out your praise.

Reading 2, Hebrews 5:7-9
7 During his life on earth, he offered up prayer and entreaty, with loud cries and with tears, to the one who had the power to save him from death, and, winning a hearing by his reverence,

8 he learnt obedience, Son though he was, through his sufferings;

9 when he had been perfected, he became for all who obey him the source of eternal salvation

Gospel, John 12:20-33
20 Among those who went up to worship at the festival were some Greeks.

21 These approached Philip, who came from Bethsaida in Galilee, and put this request to him, ‘Sir, we should like to see Jesus.’

22 Philip went to tell Andrew, and Andrew and Philip together went to tell Jesus.

23 Jesus replied to them: Now the hour has come for the Son of man to be glorified.

24 In all truth I tell you, unless a wheat grain falls into the earth and dies, it remains only a single grain; but if it dies it yields a rich harvest.

25 Anyone who loves his life loses it; anyone who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.

26 Whoever serves me, must follow me, and my servant will be with me wherever I am. If anyone serves me, my Father will honour him.

27 Now my soul is troubled. What shall I say: Father, save me from this hour? But it is for this very reason that I have come to this hour.

28 Father, glorify your name! A voice came from heaven, ‘I have glorified it, and I will again glorify it.’

29 The crowd standing by, who heard this, said it was a clap of thunder; others said, ‘It was an angel speaking to him.’

30 Jesus answered, ‘It was not for my sake that this voice came, but for yours.

31 ‘Now sentence is being passed on this world; now the prince of this world is to be driven out.

32 And when I am lifted up from the earth, I shall draw all people to myself.’

33 By these words he indicated the kind of death he would die.


Bloom Without
Any Bee Or Bird

Once UPon
A Dream
Wide Awake

Lives Love
or not

God (Face of Nature) SeeKinG Balance Unleashes
Releases Just
A First ‘Plague’ upon Humankind Out of ‘Whack’

Finding Balance Soon

Once Again Keeping in Mind This is
Just A Story One of Many For ReaL

Sins of the Fathers and or Mothers
‘The First Fig Leaf Hiding Karma’
So i Create A Super Star As Karma

i Really Love Church, Dance Hall, And Mall;
A Trinity of Places i Worship A Triple
Dance And Song of God Within NoW

Church is Slipping Away Just Falling…

Perhaps Dance Hall Will Come Back

Yet So Many Stores Still Breathe Dance Free

The Majority of Americans Have Less
Than 400 Dollars in the Bank for This
Rainy Never Ending Corona Day Now

That Was Then Now a Few More Checks to Spend….

Understand the Challenge of Making 5 Dollars an Hour After
3 College Degrees With a Wife to Support at Age 30 in 1990

3 Years Later the Job Transferred From Government Non-Appropriated
Funds to Appropriated Funds my Pay Automatically Doubled

Yes We Saw the Old Honda Passport
Closing In on 22 Years-Old Last Year
Still Driving Someone Around as a Business Vehicle Then

i understand How attached Folks are
to their Four-Wheel Drives that Cost
Close to as Much as the Home i Purchased

A Federal Job Was Amongst the Securest of Jobs then; Crawling
Out on a Limb Making a Big Purchase not too Risky then.

Just Study the Social Sciences
And Overall Anthropology And
Health Science of Being Human
Those Were my Degrees That Much i Excel

It’s Like ‘Norm’ in that Show ‘Cheers’
He Is Always THere; Just the ‘Norm’
Of the Social Gathering Giving Order to Chaos of Life

Yes Dear Akshita
And One of Only
Challenges of
my Wife’s Life
Starting Early
Indeed As At
Age 8 She
Than Roofs
Picking Fruit in
A Home So Poor
With No Water
Or Food



Not A
Jungle The
United States
The Richest


In The




Welfare to
The Top One
Percent Who
Own Most of
The Wealth

Yet it’s
True A


Of Soul

Tempered For
my Wife to Stand
by me in Hell 66 Months




Of Breath

In Life at All
Now Indeed my
FRiEnD Akshita
Helping A Devil
Wear Wings Again




Or Gods

Dare to Tread
Thanks For
Your Kind Words



Will Care Again😊🎼

Thanks Summerhilllane
For Your Freedom Of
Expression With
No Restraint
All Of
Colored BestπŸ˜ŠπŸŒˆπŸ¦‹

A More ‘Common Fantasy’
Than Most People

Realize Women


In Late

Night Waking

Dreams Conquer

Fears By Living

Them Indeed

Or Perhaps

Just Let

The Shadow

Out And Master

It No Need For Debate

Be Friends With

Shadow Allow

It to Drive
Ya Higher


Lower In Control

By Ironically Letting Go🍁

Strikes Feel Better
After Gutter Balls
And Bowling Together
Is “Supposed” To Feel


Than Solo

True Sudoko

Of Life Will

Make “A Day in
A Life” Much Different

Without Gutter-balls
And No Together

Moral oF A STory



🎳 Bowling πŸŽ³

Our Insurance Went Up Over 80 Percent With
Tower Hill in Florida Hurricane Ways Yet If A
Roof is Over 15 Years Gotta Stick With IT

In Other World News Took Away An Hour or So
of my Life Yet Just Saved 50 Percent off my Car

Insurance By Changing to Geico Hehe

Oh Dear Rue i Went
To School For

Love Without

Modern Porn

Life Even

Tame Penthouse

Till Sweet Sixteen

True if Not



That See
Eyes Of

Love Enough

i Might Just

Be Another

Modern Dude

Don’t Get Me

Wrong Though

Still Love


Of Pretty BirdsπŸŽΌπŸŒŠπŸƒ

Life Is Yum

Just So


Tasty Particularly

After Losing My
Smell And All




Like Rotting

Flesh Dead Highly

Recommend A


Unless Someone

Wants To Smell

And Taste the

Living Dead

And Wait

For A

Year Or So
Where Things

Will Always
Smell And Taste

A Little

And Even


Dead Yet That

Was A DisneyWorld

Vacation Versus
Losing Emotions

Even A Memory

Of A Feeling

Of A Smile As

Yes Been There

Done the Worst

Pain known

To Humankind

66 Months


To Sleep

Not As

As Losing

A Smile

And Laugh

Is Literally


The Energy
The Feeling
Senses Of Love

Within And True

This God Muscle

When Used





Of Love Yes



All Measure

As Love Is The

Sound Of God’s

Music Even

When All


And Tastes

Like Rotting

Flesh Still Can’t

Touch Man-Made




Use of Eyes And
Ears For 66 Months

Too Interview

With What

It’s Like

To Be A Devil
Disconnected From

The Energy

Of Love Versus

Wings That Angels

Touch Beyond BeliefπŸ¦‹πŸŒˆπŸ˜Š

Me Too Will
Be All Go
Stop And
Write too Yet

i Do Still

Go Within

And Let

The Fingers

Do The Dancing

As i Go All Flow

Calm At

All Speeds Do😊

That Rhymes
Rue Yes Do Too

Hehe i Get The “It’s
Like Taking Care
Of A Two Year
Old” Assessment


On ScheduleπŸ€ͺ

Religion Another
Word For Words
ReFuSinG Change🌊

Ocean Whole
Comes Uncovered
Poetry Revealing Naked
To Play





Future Now..🎼

Dance Write
Eat Sleep

So oN

So Forth Repeat🌈🎼

When Science
Understands Love
We Will Be Sure



Longer ExistsπŸ¦‹

SMiles My Wife’s Earliest

Memories Her Step

Father Standing

At Her Bed With

A Knife These

Are The




Who Overcome

Dark NoW Fit into

MaGiC Slippers For Real

Dimes And
Pennies Sink
Wishing Well
Of Love Floats😊

All Is Energy
Vibration Frequency
Be MuSiC Master AllπŸ¦‹

True Cabbage Never Ends
WHere i Am From Healed

Just Dropped
By Happy To
See Rue Is



Life Without
Dry Meat And

Stuffing πŸ¦ƒ

Love is Worth
Dying For When
Love Truly Breathes Gift

SMiles Savvy Yes Hehe
So Impressed Thought
It Is You Dancing on
Top Of A Roller


Yet Your


Of Poetry

Dances Sings



i Must
Be Strange
Yes i Am Strange

Too Sure i’m Human
Easily Lust At A Beautiful

Woman For Her Looks

Alone Yet Love Her

For Looks


Just No Way

This Means Any

Of my FRiEnDS

Are More Beautiful

Than This Or That

Other Woman




Feel Love is All

Mighty And Powerful

When Real Never Goes

Away Real Love Stays


Based Just
On looks Too
Yet Yep Just

A Dude too😊

Here’s Another
One We Can’t Always
See LoVE NoW Yet We


It Real



To See As Well😊

We Live Some
Where Girls Are
Still Fortunate to


At All

Life is Worth

When We Breathe

Not Everyone ‘Breathes’…

Keep Singing Soni
CoLoR A World NoW
Of Notes MuSiC πŸ˜ŠπŸŒˆπŸŒŽ

Katrina Got Her Vaccine
Today And They Said
Shouldn’t Your
Daughter Be
In School


Thing They

Said Last


When She

Accompanied me😜

Yes yes Feeling
Better Than

Ever Of

Course Hehe

On That My Second
Vaccination Coming
April 12th Complete!

Hope You Get Yours

Soon too if Not



With SMiles

Hellooooove in Line
For Vaccines Today
Hehe Reading

My Last


Blog Post

In Line Feels
Like Vacation
To Me With SMiles
We Did This Last
Monday For me Today

Katrina’s Turn As People
Are Asking is This Your
Daughter For The 50
Plus Crowd HAHa…

All The Cinderella Men And Of Women
Creating THEiR Own Glass Slipper Stories
Mastering THE ALL Riding THeir Wave

Janitor in The Background Who Gets
Filthy Rich And Everyone Else Too Busy
Shining Cadillacs Of Debt to Even Notice…

LeSSoN 336 Inner Princess
Shines Through Scars All Heroes
Overcome DarK MaKinG LiGHT

Sadly Meme of DarK
Yes ‘Scar’ off Lion King
Movie Fails To Become
FRiEnDS With His Shadow

To Master The DarK

And Assimilate It

In Balance Of


Yin SouL

Yes The Fear
The Aggression
The Lust Of Our

Life Makes Core Passion

Of Who We Are To Fire Us

Through Life’s Obstacles

In Mastery Rather Than

Ignoring Like Reality

Doesn’t Exist

As DarK



If So One Day

Shadow Bites

Back And Scars

Of Life Return To

Control Us For Folks

Who Have Many Scars

To Assimilate And Overcome

Finding the Way To Inner

Shine Of Princess (Hero)

LiGHT of LoVE iN Balance

Of Grace Within For

GReaTesT Test

Of Letting

Go oF All

Illusory Fears

For Will of Strength

May Be Difficult

Indeed Yet


As An Ongoing

Practice of Life

In Valuable Aim Yet Expanse

Of Meditative Contemplation

Introspection Required

More Than External


Feed Life For

Greatest Poverty

Is Not Coming To

Really Feel Sense And

Know OurSelves in Balance

You Work Very Hard At This

You Are A SmArt Princess Indeed

And The Pandemic Provides

More Of An Opportunity

For Folks To

Look Within



In Balance

Of DarK And
LiGHT Finally

Coming Out of A Cave

Whole Enough To Master LifeπŸ‘ΈπŸ¦‹

SMiles Kally
Life You Live😊

SMiLes Anna.. Per Your Quote: “I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this verse:
There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female.
For you are all one in Christ Jesus…” Yes This Does Seem That
Love Applies To Everyone in the Kingdom of Love’s Reality Within For
All to Give and Share Caring Free No Matter Form of Human Being in

All the Ways That Comes…

Just Common Sense Really hehe

Considering We All Share the

Basic Same DNA of Course

A Spectrum Reality Is

For All That We Experience in Life True too…

Some Folks Don’t Even Have the Ability to Feel And

Sense Love Sadly Born that Way as Should They Be Tortured

Forever Changed into Goats From Sheep And Burned Forever as

They Aren’t Born With the Ability to Feel and Sense And Give

Love Like Healthy Folks Are And This is a Dilemma of Older

Poetry that hasn’t Caught up With the Enlightenment

of Humans That Basically is continuing New

Testaments in Prophecies Fulfilled

Of what Humans Still Test and

Come to Know, Feel, and Sense More

Yet Surely Tradition Has its Place for

Gluing Society Together in Common Binding

And Bonding Ways Yet Change and Prophetic Change

Indeed As We Set Hypotheses to Test And Learn More About

Human Nature And Ways to Improve life For Everyone in not only

Just Survive Yet Thrive too.. Sadly Tradition Will Be Very Stubborn

And Refuse to Take off Veils of Ignorance As Removing Veils of Ignorance

to See Greater Truth and Light That comes to be is the Original Greek Definition

of Apocalypse Very Positive And Really The Opposite of Destruction this way

As Lifting the Veils

Of Ignorance Will

Allow All More Rights

To Life, Liberty and the

Pursuit of Happiness Yep the

Kingdom of God Love Within for those

Blessed and Who work Their Love Muscle

Enough to Come to this Table of Plenty Love

And Staycation Here the rest of their Life as that

Takes Continuing Gardening of our Love Muscles that Way…

The Bible is Prose and Poetry it may be taken as Metaphor

In Unlimited ways sadly as History Shows it is Often

Used for Division, Separation, And Obvious Cruelty

For those Who have Even A Stitch of Human Empathy

Born And Gardened This way.. Sadly All the Cultural

Clothes the Tools We Come to Wear in Mechanical Cognition

Will Wither the Love

of Empathy

Away if the

Species is gonna stay

Around Love Must Come to FLoWeR

As Social Animals Will Only Survive
Longer Term Standing Together Strong
in Positive Ways of Loving Cooperation..:)

SMiLes Dear Akshita Thanks For Dropping by the 72,586 Word Celebration
of “FB Profile Pic Bible 5 MiLLioN WordS Old As Last Visit A Couple of Weeks
Ago Hehe it was about 10,000 Words Less so My Fingers Really Need Some

Rest Dear Young Indian FRiEnD And Thanks For Quoting “It Wasn’t He Who
Healed As in Effect As Affect He Was Only ‘Placebo’ Of Affect For Faith of the Individual”

As i’m A Big Believer In the Power of Positive Feelings and Thoughts When Humans
Give And Share them With Caring Emotions And Senses In How These Will Make Us
Happier With Will And Strength in Balance of Grace With So Much Healing too Whether it

Is named


Effect, Prayer,

Contemplation, Meditation

As Some Days Tween Cultures

Folks Tend to get a Bit Tribal Over

The Labels For the Essence of What is

Most Real in How Humans Will Give

And Share Caring Love For Free

For So Much Healing that

Is Real Essence

Is Born With

Use Now

Essence Stays

As Long As We Do Not

Get Lost in Labels And Actually

Feel the Healing Emotions and Senses

Kindness in Love Brings to Everyone Who

Gives and Shares Free This Way With Least Harm

Hehe Next Stop Soon Bed my FRiEnD Hehe And Catching

Up With Several Thousand Words i’ve Already Written For the

Next MacroVerse Titled “Shine Inner Princess” That Practically

Might Describe Every Kind Indian Woman Poet i’ve Met on Word Press too…:)


Lesson 30
Dance Sing
Be The Partner
Of God Within
Keep Shining
Be All You Are
Inspired By You

Lesson 32
Divine Feminine

Anyway Among the Bell Curve
of Humanity in the Larger Part A Balance
of Divine Feminine and Masculine Makes

Us Whole And Complete

Let’s Face it Overall So Much
Is Missing From Divine Masculine of
Fearless And Divine Feminine of Empathy

Amongst the Populace

Shooting Up Adrenaline With
Aggression/Fear Leads to Weakness,
Exhaustion, Illness, Disease, And ‘Duh Decisions’

Like Just Before i Warm up in my Free Style/Tai Chi/Ballet Routine
At The Gym Addressing ‘the Dude Cursing A Mistake of His Self’ Then

Yes Warming Up With Tai-Chi-Free-Style Ballet Loading up 28-45-Pound
Plates And Some Spare Change Leg Pressing 1340 Pounds 18 Reps Yes

People Who Do Not Really Really Believe This Life Is the Best Gift There
Is NoW iN Real FlesH And Blood Automatically Lose ‘Heaven Potential’

My Other ‘Sociology of the Family’ College Teacher Said Nobody Would
Wanna Live Forever Now Then as At Age 52 His Peers Were Bored

And The Master’s Level Sociology Teacher of Aging Said i was
Overzealous Studying Jack LaLanne Suggesting At 21 i Will
Keep All My Strength at Age 60 by continuing Exercising

Not Likely She Imagined i’d Be Leg Pressing Up to

1520 Pounds 3 Months Away From 61 Then

Doing 500 Pounds Until Age 53 And

i Surely Didn’t Either Until i

Broke Free From the

Diaper of


Couch Potato Averages

Not Understanding that Humans

Still Have the Potential to Regain

Orangutan Size Strength if Only

They Move And Do Not Sit Still And Stagnate

Rot As Such Well Before Their Day to Die A Well

Living Life From Birth to Death is Just That Life Without Death

Anyway Continuing Exploration More of Our Human Nature Freer Still Now

Love is The Warmth Now
That Continues Passion
Is The Natural

Storm to


So What Happens

In Falling In Love Still

Securing “A Safe Space”

For Genes To Go Oxytocin

Bonding Bliss Spiced With

Dopamine Highs

What About

The Falling

Part The

Fear AHa Serotonin DROPS

Safety, Security, In Self-Esteem
Challenged Investment in
Survival Of The Species


Is Core

To Life Itself

Indeed Survival

Of The Species is

Ancestrally Felt As

Most Important


Can not

Be Afforded

So Any Mis-Step Becomes

Fall Yes Anna Shadow of

Our Evolution Fearing Not

To Reproduce Still

Existing Whether

We Actually

Logically Wanna

Reproduce at All

A Roller Coaster

Indeed Yet a Warm

Walk in The Park

All Around

And At

Home When

Love Comes And

Stays As Warm All



Balancing With

All Biological


In Balance

No Fear Trust

Faith LoVE RiSeS

In Continuing Balance

Warm A Garden


Of Peace

And Harmony

Start Off Warm

And Stay That Way

Typically It’s Much

Harder For Males

To Say No



When it


It Launches

Life’s Drive to Survive

Heat Seeking Missiles

Dew Lit Moon Full Nights

Play With The Shadow



Or It


Bring A Fall…

One Reason An Oldest
Profession Graduated
Online For All Escaping Fall…

Sadly Some
Folks Don’t
The Reality of
Human Shadows

Let’s Just Say

My Wife Understands

And Does Not Fear ‘The Shadow’πŸƒ

True When
You Have
You You
Don’t Have to
Have Someone
Else to Own Free



All Wings

Free Imagine A
World All The Love
Spreading Free If

Folks Have
As Enough

No Longer
Having to
Own Someone Else

If Only A World Free

Enough to Let Folks Be ‘me’

To Truly

Love ‘You’

Truer Love
No Worship
Required Enough
No Fear Of Criticism
As No Where to Fall Enough⛵️

SMiles Nan An
Institution That
At The Top

Of ‘Authority’
Turns A Blind
Eye To Sexual
Abuse Of Nuns
And Young Children

Has No Moral Authority
Left In The First From the
Very Beginning of Up To
58 Percent Of Priests

Studied And Assessed
Already With Homo
Sexual Orientation
Within ‘The

Those Not



To Be Who

They Truly

Are Have Lost

All Moral Authority

For Even The Freedom

Of Who They Are As Fear

Of Who They are Exposed

Ends In Doth Do Protest

Way too Much

For The

Of All
Rainbow Colors
And More as Nature
Evolving For Diversity

For The Most Basic
Aspects Of Balance

In Nature As When
Environmental Stresses
Come Epigenetic Change

Creates A Nature Reality

Of Off-Spring Still That

Do Not Reproduce

And Instead



Free As Integral

Parts of Continuing

Survival Meanwhile

‘They’ Try To Master

Mother Nature by Wearing

Fabulous Golden Robes

And Drinking out

Of Golden


True ‘They’

Help Create

Lovely Broadway

Shows Too So Sad

When Folks Don’t

Understand The Sacred

Value of All Of Who

They Are Fearing

No Part



Nature to

Not Only

Kneel Yet

Lion Roar

For Who They are

It’s Just Sad And

Honestly Pitiful

To Watch Folks



For Who They

Truly Are Nature

The Real God Naked

And Free to Be i Am

As All
Of Us

Now At
Best Loving

Freely Baptized

As We aRe From WombπŸ˜ŠπŸ™ŒπŸ™

All Center All🏝
Balance One All
All One Balance
All Center All🏝

Thanks Dear Doc Keep
Healing With
Big SMiles😊

SMiles Dear Hehe
And Only Hawaii

FRiEnD so far
Although my

Wife’s Brother
Who More Reflects
His Pacific Islander
Heritage Blended in
Seamlessly Living There
For A While As my Wife
Does As Well Mixed American
Indian With Pacific Islander
With Some Irish And The
Such for Faint Hints of
Auburn Colors in
Her Dark
In Many
Cultures Still

of The Globe

Anyway Now to
Your Staycation
Anniversary Get
Away Very Much
Reflecting The ‘High
Elegance’ of My “Rich
Uncle” Who Lives On
The Bay of the Emerald
Gulf Coast At Shalimar
Point Emerald Green
Crystal Clear Shallows

SubLime Beauty Extreme

Yet For me The Buildings
Mean Nothing Yet Shelter
From Inclement Weather

The Beauty

Of Nature

Rules And

True Warmest

Part of Your Staycation

Returning To The Love
Of Your Dearest Pets

As Force of Love

Within Now

Is Invisible

Yet The



Part of Nature

Of All For Those

Truly Who Feel And

Sense Giving



Loving in Caring

Ways With Least

Harm For All Oh

The Poverty





Paradise WithinπŸ¦‹πŸ€—πŸ™ŒπŸ

Hehe True
Oh Lord
If i Worked
For Pay Healing
Would Be So Much




For What You

Do Doc Some of

Us Just Can’t Cut



You Reach To Help

All Gifts All Humans Are😊

A Hardest Part Still of
Forging A New Path

Is Social Animals
Find Comfort
In The Glue

Of Tradition

Yet It Is Possible

To Forge A New

Path If Solo

Is What It Takes

And Outcast From

Others Is The


Of Leaving



Our Own Glue

Of Comfort

And Happiness

Possible Through

Autotelic Flow

In A Journey

Of Creativity

More Solo
And Modern


Provides Life Support

Away From Human

Hands In Our

Own Pandemic

Lives Separated

More From Others

On The


With Others
In An Online

Ocean Where

At Least A



Will Understand

Value in Our Novel Paths😊

SMiles Soni Sunny
Portrait of You
Holding Your

First Published

Book Of Poetry

Bet It

Feels So

Deeply You

More Than Doing



Every Day
Yes Keep Smiling

Coloring Your Soul

With Art You’ll


Touch The

Stars And

Not Be

So Grounded

In Science As i Was

Working Like A


List For

The Federal

Government for

So Many Years

Really 40 Years

Of Life Overall

Desert Without



With No True



Of Deep





Life Trap

You There

As Like Me

You Might

Have To Die

And Once Again
Rise to ‘See’ With



Creative Child’

Keep Creating Dear

Soni Piece of


Soul in Hand

i Feel You Feeling

Indeed What is

Most Real

In Life
What We Create
With SMiles my FRiEnD😊

True No Power Now
Rue Of Seduction For
A Chase Greater Than

A Dance



PerhapS A GAzE


See That Deep

Like A New


A New Model Out

This Year To Test Drive

Hehe Still Happy With

At Home😊

SMiles Beauty Before Never

Seen Makes This Bird

Sublimely Exotically

Beautiful to

me This Bird
With Such A Strong
Sleek And Colorful

Outlook on Life

Gives Me A Feeling

Aesthetically How

Artistic Presentations

Of Your Portraits Come

Across Equally As Works

Of Art They Are Scattered

About on External Hard

Drives Yet Each Art

Like This Unique

Beauty Natural

And Intensity

oF Light

In Soul of

Deep Eyes

Impossible to

Forget Smiles It’s True

Hehe Back in The Days

Of Youth Before The Shades

Days When i Wore Contact

Lens Some of my

‘Women Friends’

Covered their

Eyes When

i Looked into

Theirs Saying i

Pierced Their Soul

With Intensity of

Gaze i


If You

Fully Understand

Your Gift as it Really took

A Girl Friend When i Was

Looking into Her Eyes

As She Video-taped

me At About 26 to


How intense

The Gaze

Was When

Focused On

One Part of The

Universe True Birds

Must Stay Focused



Is The
Between Life And

Death We All See the
World Differently And

May Have

No Clue



Are Burning

Holes In Another Soul Hehe πŸ™ƒ

Anyway This Bird impossible



Just So Sublimely
Aesthetically Artistically
Beautiful Joy to View In Sight



OBTW Science Says
Indian Women Are

Among The

Most Beautiful

For The Natural

Dark Around Their

Eyes This Bird Shares With

SMiles Beauty To Respect

Treasure Humanity Arts πŸ–ΌπŸ§‘πŸ½‍🎨

SMiLes Empty World Within Your Poem Relates Well Rue True

So Many Beautiful Women i’ve Met That Tend Bar of

Soul Without Spirit to BREaTHE Living a ‘Beverly

Hills’ Life Like This Too Just Everything External

Yet Empty of Emotions And

Senses to Feel Any

Pleasure in

Life at all

Asking me

For Drugs For Whatever

Made me So Alive in a Dance

And Song of Life Yet it takes Work

Soul Work at the Level of Looking Within

And Intuition Innate Beyond All Human Lessons

That Only Each Human View of God Nature Will Find

As A Greater Work of Life Complete Internally And then

To Soar Without Restraint Managing the All in All of Feelings

Senses No Longer Mastered In Stories Other Folks Bring

True What Good

Is Paradise

If It’s Only

Out ‘There’

And Not Within

to Create And Give

And Share Freely Yet only

For Those Who ‘Program

Themselves to Receive’

As True Who Sees

Beyond Stars

Yet Folks

Who Truly

Travel THeRE NoW

True Mutual And Consensual

Understanding May Come Far And Few Tween Hell And Heaven now

For Real on EartH Within as Pink Floyd Also Relates ‘Wishing You Were Here’

As that Relates to the Experience Within that it is Up to an Individual Seek and Find Now..:)

“If you wish to understand the Universe think of energy, frequency and vibration.“

SMiLes, Quote By Tesla Perhaps More Specifically And In Big Picture View too; Be An

Instrument of Music Be Energy of God Rising Frequencies And Vibrations

Becoming LiGHT



Than DarK

Sadly Not Everyone Samely

Has the Propensity to Become

‘MuSiC oF God’ True Takes an

Open And Free Soul Per Escaping the

Neo-Cortex A Bit in Transient-Hypo-Frontality-Flow…

Of Course if it Becomes Permanent There May Be No Coming

Down to Navigating Reason For A While Either; Yet if Transient

And Mastered Welcome to the Realm of the Subconscious Mind Raising

In Stellar


of Human


And Creativity With

Fewer Bounds of Creativity True

Yet Again, For Those Trapped in the Realm

of Illusions of Time, Distance, Space, And Matter

The Neo-Cortex Helps to Manufacture and Navigate

Removing Oneself From that limited Potential is Indeed

A Reflection of the Metaphor of A Camel Entering An Eye of

A Needle; In Other Words, Opening Up More of the Other Parts of Human

Potential in Our Ancestrally Most Evolved Part of Mind the Subconscious 95 Percent

Or So That Most Folks Barely Notice Exists At all Except For Dreams of Course Losing

The Neo-Cortical

Prison that a Life
of Imbalance in Abstract
Construct Life Brings Far

Beyond Yes the Intuitive Mind

That Needs No Rules or Lessons

To Exist and THRiVE iN iMaGiNaTioN And

Creativity With Greater Productivity Ruling in

Synergy of Energy, Vibrations, Yes Frequencies

Becoming An Instrument of the Music of the UNiVeRSE

Sure Name it Overall ‘God’, or A ‘Blue Turtle’, It Really Matters

Not as True We aRe Energy of God With No Separation; Sadly the

Illusions We Create in Society Take Us Away From So much More Human

Potential Indeed

in Flow Best

Autotelic With

Aesthetic Skin Orgasms

of Frission For Gratitude

Real When DarK Thru LiGHT

Becomes Beauty Sublime the Same

Common Experience that Sadly Many Folks

Perhaps More than Ever Today Don’t Get Close

to as A Life of No Distractions in a World of Constant

Distraction And Instant Gratification Takes Us Away From

A Great Work of Soul To Expand to So Much Greater Human Potential…

Probably Mentioned

It in this Thread Before,

Yet It’s True i Stay in Autotelic
Meditative Flow Through And Through
Wake and Sleep too Almost Constantly

Breathing Free This way; Sure Samadhi, Satori,

Bliss, Nirvana, Prana, Chi, Ki, Ka, Tao So May

Metaphors Come for Autotelic Flow and

Frission of Kundalini Rising True

Yet Yes The Essence is

Real And


Even Agrees Now

This Way For So Much

Greater Exploration And Unleashing Releasing

Human Potential in All Ways Neuroplasticity Now

And Potential of Unpacking Epigenetic New Frontiers

Of Being And Experience
Coloring Life So Much Differently

Now in All Feelings and Senses From Toe to Head and More;

Essence of Kundalini Energy RiSinG too as True hehe

With this Energy i rarely Run Out of ‘Juice’

At Least in a 18 Hour Day or So Straight;

Before i Found my Way in Transcendent

Music of Free Dance And Song; Both listened

to And Generated Within, My Life Was Mostly

Lost From This Greater Potential Realm That is Inherited

We May Tap Into; For me It Was the Distractions of Life that

Made it Impossible to Stay Living Staycation In This Greater Human

Potential of Human Awareness And The iMaGiNaTioN, CREaTiViTY in

Focus of Productivity, i Never ‘Thought’ Possible in my Entire Life Before

7 Years and 7 Months And 4 Days Ago When i Escaped the Cocoon of Before

Ascending, Transcending Then No Longer Earth Bound And Misfit As Before

Now As Pink Floyd Relates As Well, i continue to Fly Both In Dance and Song

And Music i Create Within and Listen to in Transcending Ascending Ways that

The Music You Provide Also Assists FRiEnDS With Gravity; Overall Peace And Harmony

And ‘Energizer Bunny Gas’ in Flow to Keep Me Going From Wake to Sleep Strong With Will

And That

Grace of


Just Loving

All of Life As is

Now DarK Thru LiGHT, NoW

iFly Within And Float on Terrestrial
Earth Takes Effort A Tight Rope Dance And Song in Ease..:)

Very Welcome Astha Now Keep Going my FRiEnD in EaseπŸ™


SMiles, So Many Metaphors, So Many Cross Cultural References,

And So Many Authors of the Human Story That Repeats In Basic Human Archetypes

And Symbols That Are Limitless That Express A Similar Human Condition Through the Ages…

“Do As Thou Wilt”,

An Excellent Freedom

Chant For Those Imprisoned

In the CuLTuRaL Trap of Group Think

That May Bond over Horrific Dreams or Nightmares Same….

‘Love is the Law’,

No Cr8p, We Are

Mammals, Where Females

Nurture By Warm Breast Feed

Of Love Where the Neurohormone

Oxytocin is Indeed the Milk of Social Bonding

For All Ages When Normal And Healthy of Course Enough…

So What About the Addict Aleister Crowley; Yes, Sadly Prisoner

of the Disease of Addiction Coming From the Scars Within of Born

And Raised Gardened Life… True, Oh the Extent Folks Will Go to Fill And Feel the Void Within…

Aleister Crowley

A Man Trying

to Find A Soul

With a Padded Wallet

of Inheritance And With

Stellar Verbal Intelligence; Yet,

Shallow Emotions Mostly Restricted

to Base Reptile Brain Drives, Food And Sex

And Stimulants As Such to replace the Warmth

of Deeper Emotions to Bond And Feel Within to Give and Share Free

More Like



Do as that Pertains

to Influencing The Warmth of
LoVE iN Others in Empathic Ways of

Giving Sharing And Caring, Are Ya Ready
To Dance And Sing An Amen of Love Yet all Warm and Fuzzy…

Not so Much For Aleister Crowley As He Was Looking to Escape in Sex and Drug Addictions

And Even in His So-Called ‘Book of the Law’, He Dictated from Subconscious Flow of Mind Gave Him
And Others All the Justification They Needed Where Sadly Copy Cat Followers Still Feel the Same Way

In Modern Generations As Yes Aleister Crowley, Might have had a Horrible Ending to His Life and Never

Really Felt Like Enough, Always Empty within, Looking For Someway to Fill/Feel the Void; Yet, Influence of

Who He was Still Lives on today, Nearly A Century After His Death; so True, He Accomplishes still

What ‘the 99 Percent

of Humanity’ Never

Does; ‘Immortality’,

Particularly as

His Poetry Is Still

Read; A Record of His Soul

As Is Then Still Breathing Now

Authentically For What He was at Essence Dark or Light, He Still ‘Breathes’…

Now Obviously, in this Thread Above as His influence continues on for real….
As Far as ‘Black Magicians’ Go, Those Who Influence For Selfish Means of Faux Carrots
And Sticks Promised As ‘The Church, in General, All Religions’ In Fact Are Among the Most

Successful ‘Black

Magician Ways’ of

Controlling And Subjugating

And Taking Away Freedoms of

Others for Selfish Purposes of Domination…
Is it any Wonder that ‘The Clergy’ Ticks off the
Psychopathic Check-List in the Top 10 Professions

IN A Word, Hell No
And Hell Yes an

Excellent Nocebo

Effect of ‘Black Magician’

Voodoo way to get Others

to Submit to Black Magic in Organizational

Ways; Is Promising Heaven After Death Any Less Evil

Missing It Within On Earth Meanwhile to Master, Subjugate

And Control Others Same While Living; Well no, Not If You Are

At least Rational

And Appreciate

This Breath Now

Enough to Make

It Peaceful And Harmonious

Warm And Tender Loving Heaven Now
For all; yet True the Proof is in the Pudding

Mix As Truly Trump Puts Aleister Crowley to Shame

As He Made Himself A Replacement God For Jesus in Churches

Across the Country and Made it no Secret They would Love and Support

Him Same if He Shot Someone on 5th Avenue in Public or Even Worse the

Reality of Inciting A Violent Insurrection to Overturn Democracy And Even when

Folks (Republican ‘Highest’ Leaders) Admitted He Did it They Turned ‘Right’ around

On ‘5th Avenue’

And Kissed

His Butt



How Much

He made them

Bleed Before on the

Metaphor of 5th Avenue

And All the Folks He convinced

Not to Wear A Mask Even in Church

to Spread A Deadly Pandemic All around

Killing Way Over Half A Million Folks Now;

Wow, What Black Magician Success Trump Employed

And Still Manages to Employ, influencing Folks Totally in the

Dark oF iGNoRaNCE For Selfish Gain for that one Man Who Does

As He Wilts, no matter How Many Folks Fall to Death By His Hand And Voice of Dark Influence…

So Does ‘Sex Magic’ Work; Duh, Science Shows that Lust is a Core Source for Creativity and Productivity;

Particularly Among Men And Lust is Vital For Cooperation Among Women to Show Who Is the Most Nurturing

oF all

To ‘Capture’

A Male Mate

So Yeah, Multiply

That By Every Human

in The Country And See How

Much CR8P You Will Sell By Using

Sex in all the ways that comes to Fill

Up Double Garages With More Goods Never

Even Used to Sell At the Next Garage Market 10-Cent-Drive


Sex to

Sell Unless
the Wife is

Wearing Short Shorts
in the Garage Sale Environment Hehe…

Yet You See There is A Different Kind of Magic

And A Different Kind of Magician; Yes, The ‘White Magician’

Other Names in Other Cultures Include ‘Shaman’ One Who Heals

With Positive Influence of Total Honest And Sincere Emotions that

Require No Wallet at All; Not Even A Cent; At About the Age of Trump

When He was Chatting on a Bus Talking about How Powerful He Was As

Powerful Enough to Grab And Abuse Private Parts of Women; Yet With

No Money in my Pockets Pushing 60 Years-Old, i was/am Just influencing Flowers

With Dance And Song of Smiles; Thing is i never

Approached A Single one for A Dance

Or Song; They Came to me

As they Could Feel

And Sense my



Even A Word

The Light Generated

Within; Yet True i just Came

Back Now From a Place Where Commonly

Nice Young Women Say My Words Bring them ‘Pure Bliss’…

Honestly, it was nothing at all; i was/am Just Being me Free and Happy

Loving All Others Unconditional Just to be Who i am at Core LoVE iNCaRNaTE NoW

It was/is


At All,

A Real

Smile A Wealth

that Aleister Crowley

Likely Never Felt and Trump

Likely Never Will Actually Give or Receive

Empty Within; So Who Is Truly Rich; So Who is

Truly Poor; True, my Life is No Strip Bar for Pay…

Empty Pockets and Genuine Light of Love Pave all my Way Free…

For You See What Lives Within or Dies Within Is all that is really real now and then….

And True, i could make Thousands of More Quick Gifs Just like the one below Yet this

one is


Enough to
Get the Point across…

People Will truly Remember

You By the Way You Make them

Feel; Not What They Are able to Give you in Selfish-Material ways…

Do What You Love, Love Others in Ways That Brings them Pure Bliss

And You Live Forever

in their Soul

And they


That Eternal

Life of Love That is Light

And Real ‘White Magic’ to Others

The Same; Yet You See i am no name, Just an Eternal Cheshire Cat Smile… Now…

Don’t Even Need to Leave Any Initials of my Born on Date Name Anywhere as i am no name….

Yet Love Still Breathing…

the Opposite

of the


WayS iNDeed….

i Couldn’t Find A Golden

Colored Cat; so i settled for a Black

Panther for the Theme Song hehe; True

Though, Was the Mascot For my High School…

Mysterious and in my case Always Bringing Free Gifts….

Haha, Check Out those 80’s Hair Styles; Yep, i Was Doing it in
The Dance Halls in the 80’s Yet Truly Not Very Successful Bringing
Smiles as a Wall Flower; ‘White Magic’; Like Anything Else Takes Long Years for True Success in Practice….

While Everyone Else Was Pursuing Money, in the ‘Back Ground’, Almost Invisible, Still Practicing my ‘Craft’…

It’s What Cats Do….

It’s What Truly

‘Bigger Feral

Loving Cats’ Do…. still now…


Pan/Leprechaunfred’s Lesson 37
Pharaohs Build Pyramids to Last
Trumps Build Towers to Last
i House God A SoUL i Build NoW AS LoVE

Word Becomes Love…
All Avatar God
Flesh Blood


ACTuaLLY THiS Is JusT Icing On A Cake
PLaYinG Roles Of Osiris And Isis So
Much Harder Than Doing HoRuS NoW

WE EveN Found mY
HiddeN HeAR BuT HeRE

An Intimate
Rajani Of Another

Human In
A World Of

Twitter Depth




Of Own Soul

To Breathe Free See
Sadly In Some Cases
Let’s Face It There is

More of What A Person

Does Than How



In Feelings
Senses Within

Shall We Just

Do Or BREaTHE Colors New🎼😊

7 Years, 7 Months, 7 Days Rue Today
3.25.2021 And 9.1 MiLLioN Words

What’s A Covenant


For Breath

That’s the one i made
on 8.13.2013 With Nothing

More Than A Force of Love Within Free

Smiles One Will Tale A Lot About a Person

With The Way They Hold A Book Smiles i have

Innumerable Pics of Katrina Holding A Bigger one too


Not Mine

For You See

Covenants Are

Personal Like Your

7th Story About a Book

Here We All View Life Differently

One Poem Will Always Have Unlimited Views

As Different Colors of God’s Eyes Come to See New…

*Oops 8.18.2013

So Many


So Many

Letters Hehe
More to Come..:)

SMiLes Shreya
Nice to See You


Best Wishes
And Prayers


All Family
Standing Healthy

Care For Giving Healing😊

SMiLes Anna
No Greater
Truth in
Light No
Longer Fearing



Outcast As Such

Free Wings Soaring Deeper

SMiLes When A Quick Fix Comes Americans
Fall In Line Not So Much When Patience

Is Required

At Least

Where i live

TG Yet Yes 50 Percent

or So of the Trump

Voters Are Wiling

to Save Each



Through ‘A Shot’

Yes i have a Lucid

Waking Dream too

That One Day ‘They’ Wake Up too..

Meanwhile in Ease i Still Paint Colors of Wind



Awake With SMiLes

Am i Shy No Way

Wind is Never Spirit Quiet..:)

A Relaxing Float in March Sun Waters
Beauty of Swans Indeed
Flowing Just Letting Go
For Where Current Takes

Present Gift in Bliss…

Sun A Friend
of Fur Lighting
Way For Comfort
Winter Spring Scotland


Memory of Wind
Breeze Ever Age Please

Natural Light Setting on my
Camera Yet Nature
Breathes in Ease of See

SMiLes Dear Xenia Happy Blogosphere
Anniversary For Word Press on 3.10.2021
Catching Up With You Here 11 Days Later
That too was actually my First
on that
Day in the
Google Blogspot
Avenue of Blogging With SMiLes

8 Years Ago on that Day

As i Continue to Flow

As This Day 3.25.21 is the
7th Year, 7th Month, And 7th Day
of my Total “SonG oF mY SoUL”
9.1 MiLLioN Word Long Form Poem

On Word Press Since 8.18.2013
As True hehe That Makes A Flow
More Like A Tsunami Still

Spreading With SMiLes…

Quantum Leap Every
Breath of Ancestral
Dogs Makes Leap of Current Dogs

Seasons Come And Go Stay
In Air of Dog Smells Now

Sand and Sun
And Dogs Play
Delightful Mix of God Free

Tall Dune Grasses
Wave At The Sea
With Breeze Felt Life

SMiLes Dear Xenia Hope You Enjoyed
Your Spring Break A Special Feeling

Indeed Dancing Shores

Of Waves or Tides



Spiraling More

Blue Skies Break

Any Clouds Within in Flow…

SMiLes my FRiEnD Like We Tell the Folks Who Are in the Long
Lines At Walmart Waiting For Cashiers Go Ahead of Us We aRe

In No Rush

We aRe Retired

We Don’t Work For

A Living We Are Here

Just to Play Patience is

Our Gift We Hold Free

Hehe my Wife would

Probably Say




in a Stern tone
Yet She is Very Empathic
When it comes to Even someone
Who can’t Pay Their Bill at the Cashier
She will Want to Help Them Immediately

And Surely Not Miss Any Homeless Person
on the Street to Share A Few Dollars if they
Are Present Current Cash With Her.. As She
Takes Care of the Money And Everything else

Basically can’t remember the Last Day i Actually

Touched Money Cash Yet that is Not too Unusual these
Days of Plastic Life on Credit Yet thank Goodness Life is

Paid off now in
That Way since

2016 Where

it makes life seem

So Much More Casual And at
Ease Owing No one although my
Wife is Salivating over the Prospect
of More of a Vehicle than i wanna

Pay for namely

Any Car at
All as i am the
Kinda Person Satisfied

With Enough as is Naked

With Sand And Sun and a Dance

Yet Again Not All See Life Free this way
And Well Since She Takes Care of the Money

She Gets Some Decision Making Part too as hey

i’m Almost 10 Years Older than Her so hehe it’s

Basically Gonna Likely Be Her Inheritance as She Stays
Healthy Without Even Trying and i have to Work-Out Like
An Olympic Athlete to Keep my Cholesterol Down Haha

Anyway Today She Added Two New Doors And A Sink to Her
Christmas Wish Every Day and A New 8 Foot Window Clear all
The Way Across as that is the item i picked as a Clearer View of

Nature Worth the Price for me…

Ah.. All the Different

Views of Life And

i Do Realize

How Fortunate

i am to Have a Wife

Who Puts me First although

i Really Don’t Expect Her or Anyone
Else to Do That For me… Yet i sure

Don’t Wanna Be Doing Finances again with SMiLes…
True We Will Rise Beyond the Stars yet There is Still Trash to take Out

And Other



Requirements to Do…

Yet Escapes Are Surely Nice

As Again i kinda live in Dreamtime Always Now…

Figuring Check-Books And The Such Far Out

Of That Heaven Domain to me at least Freest NoW..:)

SMiLes Dear Sohair Hehe… Just
By To Wish You A Belated Mother’s

Day in Egypt That comes on March 21st

As i Saw the Day in Someone’s Blog Post

Yet Just Realized

i Missed it to

Wish You Blessings
For Being A Wonderful

Mother to Two Children my

Dear FRiEnD Very Pleased to See

A Blog Post Here as i am a bit behind
on Checking Notifications Anyway Per

Your Latest Words New Birth the Promise

of Spring And A Wonderful Day Around the

Spring Equinox to Celebrate Mother’s Day this

Way Just Notified Today that this Day in the Catholic

Church is An Annunciation Feast Day for Mary And SMiLes

This Day is also 7 Years, 7 Months, And 7 Days This 3.25.21

Day Long of Writing “SonG oF mY SoUL” Long Form Poem now
at 9.1 MiLLioN Words and i don’t know what made me think of

7 Years, and 7 Months, And 7 Days as a Milestone Yet it just kinda

Popped in my Head and Voila Check the Calendar Soon to Come Now
Indeed And Didn’t Get to See You After Finishing the Last Blog Post Half
Asleep As Now They’ve increased from 55 Thousand to 63 Thousand and
Now A latest Effort of 72 Thousand Words too… as no Surprise haha i continue to

Write yes there is Feast and Famine of Desert Drought Through Flowers Blooming

And the Same Applies

To Creativity as i surely

Hit a Dry Spell for Around
40 Years since Age 13 Mostly

Through 53 With a Couple of

Odd ‘Hot Spots’ of Creativity

In the 40 Year Desert

Conditions then

Like Any
Garden to Flourish

Must Be Constantly Tended for

Plants to Continuously Flower Most
Yet True Even Without Tending Flowers
of What Most Folks Name Weeds Do Pop Up

As i surely Never Guessed when a First Spark

of Creativity Would Come Around March of 2013

It’s Still Rising And FLoWeRinG my FRiEnD Been

Thinking of You Missing.. You and We come to the
Same Place Your Home Online in the Same Day to Say Hello mY FRiEnD..:)

Thanks So Much my FRiEnD

i Surely Won’t Disagree

Hail to the


Who Raises

Love Up to Dance

And Sing God This Way Love 3.25.21
Happy Feast Day to You And It IS A
Bit of One for me today As Today
Is Also 7 Years, 7 Months, And 7 Days

Since i Made my Own Personal Covenant

With God Within And Started “SonG oF mY

SoUL” in 9.1 MiLLioN Words Now of Longest Long Form EPiC

Free Verse Poetry Way as Rivers Continue to Flow And Stream This Way..:)

SMiLes Jade School
And Work Teaches
Us To Measure
The Outside

Of Us

In Mathematical

Terms Like


Yet The

Within Is

Much Larger

Than That As

It Is Impossible
To Discretely


Human Conscious
And Subconscious

Mind What

We Imagine

And Create

From Within

Is Yet To
Exist Yet


Within Colors
Never Felt And
Sensed Before






To Create

Origin oF LiGHT

We Still Are Forever
Now this Next BreathπŸ™ŒπŸ˜Š

HeHe Yeah
Katrina is
Still in


Of Birthing

A New SuBuRU

Expecting it to

Arrive when My

Retirement Pay

Goes Up Double

Next Year Hmm

You know How



Of Love Go


Some Days Yet

Yes Dear


Marital Success πŸš™
Yet i Want Green Not


Dear Rue πŸ˜œ Hehe


Joy in


Is Making

Other People

Feel Happy



Spreads Humanity’s

Flame of Love Our





Won’t Die

Out While We Breathe

Dear Astha Joy


To Spread

Love Breathes

SMiLes Free For All❤️🎼

SMiLes Dear
FRiEnD Astha







From Afar πŸŒŸ πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Š

SMiLes Dear
Astha This is
Key Make Life

Your Favorite




Always SMiles

Within Generating

So Much LiGHT

For Everyone

Else Dear FRiEnD

You Surely Are



Dance And Song
Always My Holiday
Void oF All Easter



To Fill


With Money

Still Nope


Now Don’t


Into ‘Capitalism’

Religion of The

“Wicked Witch
West” Pandemic
Spreading Zombie
Eating Real Face

Of God


US iN That
“Soylent Green”

Buck Ploy of


Zoe Glad to
See You
‘Bowl’ More Than Solo

JusT A Difference “Seeing God” Within VeRSuS Without

Priest Holds Up An Idol Book To Worship At Church i Hold
Up All in All me Naked With Footprints On A Beach

Let’s(me/God)Just Sing If Ya Can’t/Won’t Find
God Complete Within Solo Naked On A Beach God Is For Someone Else


Worth Noting My Covenant Great Work Will Be Complete Enough
Naked oF All Human Made Material Tools On A Beach Free

My Personal Guide To Covenants That Make Heaven Real
NoW As Great Work Make Every Move Word Holy


Bombay Duck Yes
Rich Fish Heritage
Of India Indeed


For Sharing

A Recipe
And Meal

Of Indian History

With Herstory

Yourstory of Food Rue😊

Story of LuCiFreD Continues Never Ending
Landing Naked Pan Part Just All Free
Winding On Wing Dance Sing All FreeNoW

Yeah It Took About A Month After RiSinG On
A Beach To Sweep All The Ashes Up And
Carefully Attach All The Feathers Back First

So Yes This is My 7 Year, 7 Month, 7th Day
Celebration oF AN Easter Great Work Covenant

After RiSinG Out of Hell on 7.19.13

Trust me Or Not If You Get To BE A Devil In Hell For 66 Months
RiSinG Out You’LL Make Easter Birth Of LoVEternallyHeavenoW

C O V E N A N T Essence Of Worshipping All This Gift Of Life
Worthy oF A NaME LoVE Free NoW iNCaRNaTE FoR ReaL
MeMe TheMe NoW

Not Religion Specific Whatever Great Work Of Life
One Neo Creates Unplugging From Matrix Naked God Free

JusT ANoTHeR ParT Remains Of Classical Star DusT
Humanity Still Breathes Some Star FLoWeRS Seeds

Taller or Shorter Trees

Sadly What So Many Folks Fail To See Bible Writing Is No End Or
Beginning NoW iN Symbols As LonG As Human Breathes Now

Rhetorical Question As Katrina Relates, “Who In The Hell
(Hint: me For 66 Months, A Devil) Would Wanna Do It And

Keep Track oF iT All”

“SonG oF my SoUL” Birthed On 8.18.13,
14,653 MiLes Of Public Dance Beginning on 8.26.13

“SonG oF mY SoUL” EPiC Longest Long Form Poem
Free Verse Bible, 9.1 MiLLioN Words, 7 Yrs, 7 Months,

7 Days Old on 3.25.21

SMiles.. i Worked my Way
Through College Then
And Two Years Before
In High School Since 16
As A Janitor
Jobs Like
Library Assistant,
Book Store Stocking
Clerk, And Archaeology
Research Associate

True The


Of Sanitation

Through Human

Ages Has Actually

Saved The Most

Lives From




Folks So Poor
Of Human Soul
Even Where i Live
Who Go To Church

Who Stand On

Street Corners



And Condescending

Frowns Protesting

Safe Medical

Abortions And

Birth Control

With Family


Such A More

Humane Way

Than Unsafe


That Science

Shows Leads To
More Overall Human
Suffering, Maiming,
Permanent Disability
And More Deaths Yes

While They


Go Unmasked

In Church Potentially

Spreading Deadly



All Selfish

With No Respect

At All For Breathing

Life Yes The Worst

Human Disease




That In Human

Form Does So

Much Harm

And Killing

To All Of Nature
The Bishop was
At The Protest The

One in Charge Who
Could Have Enforced
Mask Rules At All




Over Yet

Oh No


Filled With

Bucks And





Disease πŸ¦ 
Deemed Priority
Number One Over

Sanctity of


Life Safe Medical

Abortions Are





More Potential

Harm Overall

To Humanity


Remains Blind
Sadly So Predictable🦠


All Clocks
Away my Feet


Hands Fingers

Dance A Way

my Song

To Play Free




Refrain We’re
Late You’re Late

For A Very Important

Date Who Needs Hands

Of Time When

Wife Has

Song To Remind ⏰

It’s Breakfast Time At

Lunch For Fancy Brunch πŸ•°

Touching World
With Dancing


To BRinG


News Of The World Helloooove!
Happy Thursday With
Hugs From Wonder
Woman Minus

Sword Hehe

Adding SMilesπŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

Hehe it’s Surely Okay Not
To Always Be Predictable
That Way You Are Missed
Hope You Are Sleeping
Well Now Dear FRiEnD


A Nice Surprise
To Hear From You

With Big SMilesπŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

SMiLes my Feet Tell me What to Do
Dance Sings After That Now Yes

Depression Place of Grey Cloud
No Change Happiness Sunshine

Painting Clouds

Whatever Color

Feels Good

Year ‘Round

Every Cloud is

Beautiful Just Waiting

To Become Sunshine Colors

Rising Out of Pouring Rain Bow Born

SMiLes Jade True Darkness Behind

Kindest SMiLes..:)

SMiles Whatever
Message That Feels
Good one To Wear Now😊

Thanks So Much
Aloha FRiEnD
Glad To See The
Ocean Clearing


Never Leaving Broken Wings Behind

Poetry Empty Full Scale Human Condition

Lifted One Day From Moon to Sun Resurrection

Heaven Distance Tween Pain And Pleasure Numb And Joy

Night And Day
Within Always
Equinox Inside JobπŸ˜‡πŸŒˆπŸŒŽ

Day Grass
Smiles Green
Never Tiring With Rain Drops of Ease

Beautiful lndeed She Is And i Treasure my Wife She Has
Basically Two Speeds… Staying Beautiful And Angel

And The Other

Speed Well

Yes Demon Speed

For Where There is Beauty

Comes Dark as Well Part of the

Package of Life it’s Very Very Hard

to Get me Riled up And Hehe That tends

to Make Her even more Angry As Generally

Speaking i’ve faired Her ‘Wrath’ In Just about

Every Day of Marriage… Yet When You Truly Love

Someone You Will Come to Treasure Their Demon

As Much As Angel

As i surely

Have Two Speeds

Yet they Don’t Turn on And

Off Each Day… They Take Turns for

Years and Close to Decades too… Currently

i Wear Wings And Experience A Fullest Range

of Emotions As Waves of Ocean to Roaring Seas

Yet i Allow the Form of Water to Change With Ease

For i’ve Learned Balance And Friends With Gravity

A Secret to Peace And Harmony Real Leaving Plenty

of Room For Love to Bloom And Continue to Breed

Most Everyone i meet and Greet in Life And sure Mostly
In Foreign Countries Where i am a bit Different than Most

They Meet

For True

i Make A Practice

of Moving, Connecting,

And Co-Creating as A Work

of Life i feel and Sense Great

i Surely Will Love to Travel

Yet that isn’t

Part of my

Wife’s Nature…

Homebody She is

She Does Let Me Cleary

Out of Her Sight Still with

More Freedom Surely than

What Most Women Give their Spouses

in this Backwoods Place i Inhabit with

Nature Free… Nature Very Pleasing at least hehe…

The Locals…

Ya Just


to Understand

Where they Come

From Nah.. Most.. They Don’t

Get me… Obviously i inhabit

A different Plane of Existence

Than they do And it’s True i inhabited

More of Their Group Think Before.. so i surely

Can’t Hold it Against them for Living in A Darker Place…

Perhaps one Day my Wife will Agree to Travel… Until then there’s


at Least

Surely More

Than there would

Be Where i Live if that

Open Line of Communication is Not Available here…

Same as it is in many Other Countries… Folks Finally Getting

Out and About Where they Live Experiencing Colors And People

They’ve Never

Felt Before

Some of it Positive…
Some of it Negative…
Always Best in Balance
in Grace of Love With Will

And Strength that Comes

Fearless with that to Give

And Share Free With Least

Harm at Best As They

Surely Do In Pockets

Here and there

More Freely…

Life is Good…

i have no Complaints

Life is Great And Some Days

i Have to Be Careful not to get too High…

it’s Takes Absolutely no Caffeine or Any Other

Substance Required for me to Naturally Soar… Yes

The Wife’s Demon Part Keeps me Grounded indeed…

i Continue

To Sail

With Ease

As Long as this

Decade of Heaven Within lasts…

Meh.. As Long as i control the External

Stressors of Life Like Work Brought Before

It’s Basically A Five-Year-Old Life Before School…
As Long as My Health Remains.. Always Factors Beyond

Our Control

Yet That


of Good Truly Great..

i used Your Song.. the Meditative
Trance Music You Shared Earlier for
A Meditative Flow of Dance Around

The Block It Started off Clouds And
Close to Rain and Ended Up Spring

Flowering Bliss

Indeed A


Mood Music

For An Ethereal Spring

Experience of Pure Nirvana

In Colors Still Newer Never Experienced

Before the Essence of Original Creativity

For A Trip For Others to take Some Get to Go

Others Do Not Science Shows Open Minded More

Liberal Folks More Often Fly With Wings Chosen this Way By Nature As such…

Yet Epigenetics and Common DNA Make Butterflies Out of Cocoons Possible too..

With Adaptation

to Environmental

Changes Natural

And Designed

By Creative


As I’ve


Lived on the

Dark Side of the Moon too…

Until i Lit Up the Other Side

As i couldn’t Wait on the Sun to Do it..:)

Big Difference Between




One Always Wins And The Other

Always Ends Up Losing From the

Start As All They Do is Master Ignorance…

Trump Is Yet to Master Himself; All That’s Left

Again From the Start is to Master Ignorance And Go Nowhere At All…

As He



His Own Mind At All…

Never Ever Complete Enough…

Always Trying to Climb Back Up to the Top of the Bottom…

It’s Obvious How His Story is Gonna End up; Ya Just Haven’t Seen the Ending



He Has

From Always

The Start of WHere He is now….

No Where to Master Anything That’s ‘ReaL’ ‘GRoWinG’ Within….

And That’s Another Story That Perhaps Only Someone

Who Masters Their Mind


And Sees in



At the
Beginning Lost

Never Even Starting to Truly BREaTHE Free…

Sad, Sad, Little ‘Orange Man’, Sad, Sad, Little ‘Orange Men’, Etc…


Within No

Fresh Fruit to Feed…

Smiles, Give IT, ‘Time’;

Lots of Potential Laws Broken;

The Wheels of Justice Turn Slow, Yet

They Eventually Bring Judgement When it comes…

Trump Doesn’t

‘Exactly’ Have

Friends in ‘High Places’…

OBTW, He Was Impeached Twice,

And The Minority Leader of the Senate

From His Own Party Did Admit He Was Practically

Responsible for Inciting An Insurrection to Overcome The Democracy

Of An Election Process, Analyzed as the Most Secure Yet By His Own Appointed Leadership…

Trump Only Has as Much Usability, Until He becomes a Non-Viable Part to Use and Is Discarded

In A Garbage Heap of Prison; More than Likely as the Wheels of Justice Will Eventually Catch up

to His


of the Century’…

He’s Made His ‘Party Look Like

A Fool’; ‘They’ Only Cater to Him as

He is Loved By The Base of the Party;

Hmm; They’ll Find Someone Else to

Worship; Who Knows ‘They’ Might

Even Trade ‘Trump’ in for ‘Jesus’ Again…

Yes, The ‘Church’ is Finally Beginning to ‘See’

How ‘This Trump Meme’ Isn’t Doing Anything for Future Participation…

As one Might Be Able to Fool The Same Old Crowd; Yet Not the New

ones coming in Fresh; Where Information Is Freely accessible for All

To Find Truth in Life… Sure, and lies too as Far as Lies Travel too; Yet

As Social


Shows that

Attraction to Church

is Fading now, and if not For ‘The Church’

Supporting Trump, He Would Have Never ‘made it’

As Just Another One of the ‘Church’s Unusual ‘Holy Men’….

Trump Has No Shame and No Conscience For Lying; That’s

All that He Masters, Lies, and ‘Those Gullible Enough to ‘Believe’….

He Knew Exactly Where to Find His ‘Target Audience’; That’s All it takes…

Yet For Future Use,

Once Again

‘That Target Audience is Fading’…

‘Targeted on 5th Avenue’ with No Shame Before….

Scape Goat, All the Minions He Mastered, Indeed….

True, As A ‘Certain Book Predicted’ “Sheep Would Be

Turned into Goats

And Get Burned”…

Of Course

‘It’ was

Just Another

‘Matthew Metaphor’

For Folks Who Fall to their

Own Ignorance Veiled that way through ages….

Honestly, There was no Real Need for Anyone

to “Hang on a Cross” on ‘5th Avenue’ During A Deadly

Pandemic; Yet ‘They’ Came of their Own Will of Desire

Fooled by Trump; Unmasked on 5th Avenue for all to see still now….

Truly, Reality is Stranger than Fiction when it comes to ‘Parables’ Coming

So True in ‘Real Life’…

At Least,

For those

Who have

An Ability to ‘See’ it….

Not All Do; How ‘The Target Audience’ Works…

Some Will Lift Veils oF iGNoRaNCE And Thrive; Others will

Remain Plugged in and Hopefully Not Suffer a Consequence Like Dying

Unmasked in

A Pandemic…

As So Many



As ‘They’

Believed in

Trump as a Real

‘Hosanna Saving Savior’…

‘Hosanna in the Highest’, ‘Trump in the Highest’ So on and So forth again,

Ad Nauseam AS HuMaN History And Archetypal Stories continue to Repeat…





‘Trump’ Isn’t Scary…

What’s Scary is indeed

The Ignorance of the Human Condition

And Far From Rational As Neuroscience Shows…

Without Minions, All ‘His’ Life, ‘He’ is nothing at all
as Just another ‘Naked Man’ Unmasked With Lies to

Harm Others for

Selfish Gain…

And ‘the

of ‘The Masses’ Continues…

SMiles Dear Astha

Again Become

Your Favorite

Person Then

All That’s Love

to Do Is Give What

You Are to Others For Free

Will The Ocean Still Exist Will

Waves Still Rise and Fall Water

Will Still Exist no Matter Form it Takes

Let that Water

Be You



Love Breathe

You As A Practice

Of Life You Never Give Up to Breathe

This Tree of Life You Living Leaves that

May Fall Yet Always Fertilize New Seeds

For Trees to Grow Green Leaves

As You Are the

Water You

Are The

Ground And Sky

You Are The Leaf

Still Green Now Breathing

This Miracle of Life Best Spending

It As Love to Give And Share Free With Least Harm

Be Lamp That Shines Create More Ornate Lamps of Love to Breathe With SMiLes

As You Breathe With Love Pure Then Fear And Dark Will Be No Part oF LiGHT As You

Meet Darkness

As Waves


Find Balance

Rise Again And

Give Even More

Creating Beautiful

Art As Your Leaves Fertilize
New Seeds for even more Beautiful Trees…

If The Storms of Seas Get too Rough If the

Ocean Seems too Deep to Make it to the Surface

True You Will Have FRiEnDS to Lift You Up Who Never

Leave Your Side No Matter What Weather Comes Next

As Long As You


And If You


They will

Surely Do their

Best Forever Now

To Bring You Back Home For Breath Again..:)

Yes By All
Means All




A Worst Disorder

NDD No Different

Than GDD Nature/
God Deficit Disorder

So Clothed With Tools

No Longer Feeling


Of Sand





Of Human Love

Valleys Low High

Same Nature





Us We Love

At Best Happy

Weekend Always

Start Dear SavvyπŸ˜ŠπŸ™

LoSinG A ToucH
Of Nature


Us From The

Real God Naked

Earth our Face

Of Nature
Our Only


Naked Grace
In Balance or Lost
From Naked Truth

In Light

Simply Nature

This Treasure

This Gift



Of Breath

Given Only

To Breathe

Valley Or
Mountain Lower😊🏝

Most Horrid ‘Crimes of Prostitution’

Are Colored By Far More Than

Giving Away Flesh and Blood

For Pay

Soul Deep

Where Shadow

Demons And Loving

Angels Dance Sing or

Fall On Needles



to Dance
And Sing Again

A BreaKinG Point
Is Not Understanding

That ‘Angels and Devils’
Only Live Within Human Beings

And all the CuLTuRaL Tools/Clothes

‘These Humans’ Continue to Create

All the Rest of Nature Naked On this Planet
Innocent Without A Curse or Gift to Create of Clothes/Tools Either…

i Watch Catholic Bishops Blame Pedophile Priest Crimes on Mythic

Devils i Watch Them Try to Fit a Mythic Dead Man in a Piece of Bread Still

Even Though 70 Percent of the Congregation Sees through the Myth Now As

Assessed by ‘Pew Polls’… i Watch them Drink The Wine of Fear and Hate

Mostly Clothed Ignorance

Against the ones

Who Sing

The Most


Holy Sacred Spirit Songs

From Heads of Choirs With Real

Wings While the Rest of the Congregation

Drifts Away From Pews in all Ignorance That comes from

A Worst Pandemic oF All Ignorance So YeS Understand Do

Where Devils and Angels Truly Stand or Dance and Sing Now

And At least A Human World Will Get Off On A Start that is more Truth than Lie…

to Be Clear A Poem Mused This And Not You Dear Rue It Has Nothing to Do With You…

i Assume You Always Understand the Same Disclaimers You Provide Just to Be Clear



Obviously We Will Not

See Eye to eye You’ve

Explored the World i’ve

Only Explored Hell And Heaven Within…

Bali Looks Beautiful ‘That Time of Year’ Dear FRiEnD..:)

Leave SHells
Behind Continuing Now
Sunrises Never Ending Nan πŸŒ…

Leaf Becomes
Grow to Become
Trees Leaves
Again What


A Leaf



Yet Grow

Green Again πŸ

Plant me Where πŸ‚

i Leaf Again GreenπŸƒ

Steely Strength of Will iN Naked Loving Grace
Other Than That Thanks For A Free FB Poetry Muse Feed

Tedious Waves Go Charming Waves Come Reason And Art
Flows Water Waves Ocean Whole Cheshire Cat SMiLes Do Remain Real

Moral oF A STory STiLL STarTinG NoW That’s Life Follow Others Or Play
Your Own For Realest This
is mY Life NoWLoVinGiT

91 Months Public Dancing
14,666 Miles too; 58 Months
“Nether Land Bible” 6.6 MiLLioN Words;
“FB Profile Pic Bible” 5 MiLLioN Words

“THaT” OnLY A SMaLL Prequel to The Rest Of
A ‘Fairy Tale’ 9.1 MiLLioN Words Of EPiC Longest
Long Form “SonGoFmYSoUL”Poem

True Professionals Taking Care of me
Offering No Prognosis For Recovery Named

Meanwhile 3 Days Before on 7.19.2013 After 66 Months
in Hell i Rose Up Out Of All That Pain And Numb On Navarre Beach


Prince Born in England on 7.22.2013 Had No Idea Yet Look Back
On my Blog Long Before i Predicted A “Special Event That Day”

True Story Planetary Alignment Named ‘Star Of David’ 13th
one on 7.22.13 Since 1990 Year i Got Married No More to Come

For a Century

Reading Fairytales Nice
Writing THE REaLiTY As
Fairytales CoME TRuE NoW
Pure Magic Art Breathes Myth

SHaDoW iN Front Of GLoW
Worm Full πŸ‘€ πŸ‘ πŸŒš πŸŒ
MArcH ‘21 MooN EYeS TidE

How Sweet ‘A Catholic Church’ Celebrating
Palm And Easter Sunday Among Living Trees
Finally Pandemic Safely Again For Real NoW

Nope No Need To Nail Love To A Tree To Prove
Love Yes God Exists Continue Being A Living
God Love Tree For Real No Myth Just Breathe IT

MaKinG JeSuS inTo A Scapegoat Suggesting Love Is
Not Already Enough As God Huge FacePalm Sunday FAiL

FaiLuRE Of WHeRE Any ‘JeSuS HeRO’ Archetypal Story
Goes Is Any Suggestion That Love Needs Return to Exist

A Real Hero Is Love Is Enough Need No Worship Fear No
Criticism You Will Not Scape Goat What Only Gives No Need


Yawn… Brunch Soon… MeANWHiLE THeRE’S ALWaYS
NeW Worlds to LoVE Real Heroes BREaTHE Fresh Air NoW

Other World News So-Called Christian Racist-Bigots-New-Age-Jim
Crow Politicians Making Laws To Reduce AfricanAmericanVotes

It’s True While ‘Your Bishops’ Looked The Other Way While
Priests Were Raping Kids Gay Heroes Inspiring LoVE Real


Were ‘Their Male Organs’ On Top Heaven’s No Go To Hell
Where Ya Come From Catholic Church Gay LoVE iNSPiReD


“I Write The Songs” “This Song’s For You” -Barry Manilow/Elton
John ~ Circa 70’s My My How Many Born “Under These Songs”

It’s Impossible To See All Of God Until You Become


If You Truly Believe God Is Love No Exclusions

See Here’S “A Thing” A REAL Prince, Princess,
Or Hero All The Other “JeSuS” Metaphors For
LoVE iNCaRNaTE Only Prove Love (GoD) Exists

Most Often ‘A Father’ Goes Away Leaving Love To
Fend For Love’s Self How God Is Reborn As Love Again

Fearless Stronger Than Ever’fore

Never Ending Story Of A Pauper Prince Always Starts
With Touch Of Poorest Mother With Richest Touch Of Love

Always Rise in Love Falling Kills Charm Hardest Part For
A Prince Is Always Charmed And Loved Most How He


Couple of Other Tips Admit Weakness Trip Recover With
A Smile Always For Give Thanks Giving No Expect Of Return

Most Beautiful Princesses And Princes Leave Trails Of Flowers
To See in Dark Hope oF LiGHT NO Monarchy YES Free For All LoVinG

Listen Remember All Details Wit Wisdom Kind With Courage See
God As Them Create Never Ending Joy Love CharmForceDanceSing

“It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either
charming or tedious.”

-Oscar Wilde

Happy Prince Kuhio Day 2021 my
my Thanks So Much For Another

International Day
To Celebrate This
Man Who Authored
A First Statehood Bill
For Hawaii And Provided
“The Homestead Act” setting
Aside 200,000 Acres For Hawaiians
To Settle on

True Hehe Have

A FRiEnD In Every
Country Have A New
Holiday to Celebrate
Every Day Yet i Do
That With

Word And
Step Holy
Sacred Song
And Dance Measuring

my Appreciation For Life
Where People as FRiEnDS
Are Highest Capital Yes
Currency Pay-Rate
Pay-Grade Love

For All True

Full Worm

Moon Will Be

Glowing Sunday

Too My Aloha FRiEnD

Just Moon Gazing Through

Clouds Last Night Walking

Around The Block Then The

Rain Came Down Pouring

Off The Radar Haha

We Didn’t Go

In My Sister
And Wife


With me
2 Miles In



Rain Then

As i Danced

A Song For


Gift Of


For My

Home is
Heaven my
FRiEnD The Dance
And Song i Create in The Rain






Seas May Always Please

We Create Through All StormsπŸ™πŸ˜Š

You Always Make me

Feel Good




There is

No Greater

Treasure Than FRiEnD❤️πŸ™

And It’s True You Are

A Real Disney

i For One See

Not Just A Fictional

One on A Screen A

Princess Always


by Her

Courage to Be Kind🌺

LeSSoN 337 A πŸ™Prayer
Always See Life A FLoWeR
Coloring Loving All Petals



Find A Newer
Way To Play
As You Scale
Walls Not Traveled
Over Before Always
Victory Over Vengeance
When Life Bites Back Let




Your View Of Life

Always Saturday in A Park

With At Least One Friend

Who Sees You As A Princess


Your Life…

Trust me it’s

Possible As That

Is How i Viewed

my Great Aunt’s Smile

At 94 No Matter Measure

Of Every Step Hobbled

With Crooked Back



And She

Always Believed

i Will Be the one to RecoverπŸ™


Still i DoπŸ™

A Princess is

Someone Who

Makes You Believe in YouπŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

All Quotes About Emotions And Senses So True Ava

And How Emotions Will So Easily Rule The Brain

Unless We Come to Regulate Them Integrating

Senses Integral to Emotions too…

True to See One at their

Worst And Still Love

Them Best

to Be A



That Complements

Their Moods Dark thru

Light Never Giving Up Helping

Them to Forge Hope Out of Dungeons Locked

And Hehe i Believe i Know Why Your Blog Posts Seem

Later than usual Our Daylight Savings Time Lost An Hour

And Yours Stayed The Same in India And Haha i was just

About to Turn my Computer Off for the Night For Treasured

Sleep Yet always inspired to Stay up a bit more when i See Your Post

Come Dear



Weekend to

You My FRiEnD

Keep Inspiring With
Wit, Wisdom, And Kindness…

Sure, With Courage too Dear..:)

Salman Khan Hehe Not to Ruin
The Mood Rue Yet That Name

Really Rings of the
‘Suicide Disease’

to me as

That’s What

i got in common With
Him Trigeminal Neuralgia
What He’s Been Suffering With

Since 2004 Amazing i Believe

i only Saw Him Once Talking About

it Years Ago Yet Immediately the Name

Khan Rings the Suicide Disease Bells

Yet mine in Remission the Type that Never

Goes Away When Ya Have it From Wake to Sleep

Yep 92 Months And 7 Days When Ya Really Live in

Hell on Earth When The Devil is Located Somewhere in

Your Face… Right Eye and Ear For me You Do Count the Days

Since The Devil Visited Last And there’s No Choice Yet Faith

To Believe

The Devil

Will Never

Come to Inhabit

Your Face Again…

Yeah it made ‘The Pretty

Boy’ From India Suicidal too

No Matter Where One is in Heaven

When the Suicide Disease comes Knocking

Off You Go into Where No one ever Wants to go…

Never Leaving Broken Wings Behind

Poetry Empty Full Scale Human Condition

Lifted One Day From Moon to Sun Resurrection

Heaven Distance Tween Pain And Pleasure Numb And Joy

Birds And Poetry

Words That


From Far

Away Lands Capture

Them Before They Disappear

And Those Were the Words that

Appeared When i Read Your Poem Jade

On The Run Jotting Them Down As Facebook

Statuses to Return to them Later for This as Otherwise

The Birds of Words Might Have Flown Away Forever Now..:)

SMiles Anna Always
A Pleasure Your Arts
Always Inspiring

i Started


To Experience

Lost Emotions

Back In 2013


‘Em In
About 4 Months
Of Blogging Been



Colors Since
Then my FRiEnD
Your Art Fruitful

This Way😊

SMiles Shawna Glad All
Is Well Tie Dye Sounds
Like Fun We Just
Got Caught
In Unexpected
Rain For An Hour
Walking Just
An Excellent


To Develop

Several New
Renditions Of

The Old Frank
Sinatra Song
Singing in



As the

Sky Opened

For Fun Yet

If i Had One of
My Tie Dye Shirts
On my my Colors
Would Run Haha



As It

With Fun😊

Hehe Got Good
News For me
For Now
Is Suburu
Doesn’t Make
A Current


In Blue


Refuses To
Go Used So

This Means

At Least


Year Wait
On Blue Unless
She Gets Really






Cooperative Win πŸš™

i rarely Travel
Farther than
15 Miles Rue
Surely A
Breather Hehe


So Young And Fresh🏝

SMiles Dear Aloha
FRiEnD Thanks
So Much For
More of Hawaii’s
Royal Heritage Hehe

Including You
Of Course




From There

So Far so i
Guess that

Makes You
Queen Tour

Guide to

All The


Beauty There

All Best BLeSSinGS
Yes Natural Colorful
BLiSSinGS to You



All You

Love Aloha

Again Smiling

Blue Ocean Of

Peace Riding



In Balance

FRiEnDS With
Gravity Truest Bluest



Fresh SMiles

Never Leaving Broken Wings Behind

Poetry Empty Full Scale Human Condition

Lifted One Day From Moon to Sun Resurrection

Heaven Distance Tween Pain And Pleasure Numb And Joy

Catholic Mass Readings From 3.28.2011 Palm Sunday

Reading 1, Isaiah 50:4-7
4 Lord Yahweh has given me a disciple’s tongue, for me to know how to give a word of comfort to the weary. Morning by morning he makes my ear alert to listen like a disciple.

5 Lord Yahweh has opened my ear and I have not resisted, I have not turned away.

6 I have offered my back to those who struck me, my cheeks to those who plucked my beard; I have not turned my face away from insult and spitting.

7 Lord Yahweh comes to my help, this is why insult has not touched me, this is why I have set my face like flint and know that I shall not be put to shame.

Responsorial Psalm, Psalms 22:8-9, 17-18, 19-20, 23-24
8 ‘He trusted himself to Yahweh, let Yahweh set him free! Let him deliver him, as he took such delight in him.’

9 It was you who drew me from the womb and soothed me on my mother’s breast.

17 I can count every one of my bones, while they look on and gloat;

18 they divide my garments among them and cast lots for my clothing.

19 Yahweh, do not hold aloof! My strength, come quickly to my help,

20 rescue my soul from the sword, the one life I have from the grasp of the dog!

23 ‘You who fear Yahweh, praise him! All the race of Jacob, honour him! Revere him, all the race of Israel!’

24 For he has not despised nor disregarded the poverty of the poor, has not turned away his face, but has listened to the cry for help.

Reading 2, Philippians 2:6-11
6 Who, being in the form of God, did not count equality with God something to be grasped.

7 But he emptied himself, taking the form of a slave, becoming as human beings are; and being in every way like a human being,

8 he was humbler yet, even to accepting death, death on a cross.

9 And for this God raised him high, and gave him the name which is above all other names;

10 so that all beings in the heavens, on earth and in the underworld, should bend the knee at the name of Jesus

11 and that every tongue should acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

Gospel, Mark 14:1-15:47
1 It was two days before the Passover and the feast of Unleavened Bread, and the chief priests and the scribes were looking for a way to arrest Jesus by some trick and have him put to death.

2 For they said, ‘It must not be during the festivities, or there will be a disturbance among the people.’

3 He was at Bethany in the house of Simon, a man who had suffered from a virulent skin-disease; he was at table when a woman came in with an alabaster jar of very costly ointment, pure nard. She broke the jar and poured the ointment on his head.

4 Some who were there said to one another indignantly, ‘Why this waste of ointment?

5 Ointment like this could have been sold for over three hundred denarii and the money given to the poor’; and they were angry with her.

6 But Jesus said, ‘Leave her alone. Why are you upsetting her? What she has done for me is a good work.

7 You have the poor with you always, and you can be kind to them whenever you wish, but you will not always have me.

8 She has done what she could: she has anointed my body beforehand for its burial.

9 In truth I tell you, wherever throughout all the world the gospel is proclaimed, what she has done will be told as well, in remembrance of her.’

10 Judas Iscariot, one of the Twelve, approached the chief priests with an offer to hand Jesus over to them.

11 They were delighted to hear it, and promised to give him money; and he began to look for a way of betraying him when the opportunity should occur.

12 On the first day of Unleavened Bread, when the Passover lamb was sacrificed, his disciples said to him, ‘Where do you want us to go and make the preparations for you to eat the Passover?’

13 So he sent two of his disciples, saying to them, ‘Go into the city and you will meet a man carrying a pitcher of water. Follow him,

14 and say to the owner of the house which he enters, “The Master says: Where is the room for me to eat the Passover with my disciples?”

15 He will show you a large upper room furnished with couches, all prepared. Make the preparations for us there.’


Happy Full Glow Worm

True Dear Savvy Soul Is Not

What We Often Find In School or Work

Sadly Often Not Even in Home or Church

Soul Is Not A Pill of Healing

We May Buy Over

The Counter

Or Through

Special Prescription

Soul is What Holds Our Hand
Within And Never Gives up

All We Have to Do is Find
The Hand Within Hold it

Cherish The Love

We Shine

Give it

And Share

It With All Others

With Least Harm SMiLE DiViNE

Seeing This Spark of God in All that is Existence Now

Namaste Dear FRiEnD Cross My Soul With LoVE DiViNE to Breathe

Been to ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ Please Don’t Go Away It’s Possible
To Return to Full Moon Colors You’ve Never Been Before Now

Cross My SoUL With Hopes To Die Dance And SinG i Thrive

See Here’S A Thing More Than A One
Trick Pony Sitting On
An Ass Pulling
Rabbits Out Of

Yawn Writing A
9.1 MiLLioN Word LonG ForM EPiC Bible
Poem One Index Finger On A Smart Phone ‘Fore RiSinG

BReaKinG Dawn

Ain’t Technology Amazin’ Stephen Hawking Developing
His Theory Everything Comes From Nothing Moving Eyes

For Now Stores Theaters i Create Play Will Do On And Offline True

Most Definitely Looking Forward To ‘The Dance Hall’ Again Meeting
Greeting Folks With HeART Beats Still Thumping Heaven Free

‘Trinity’ of “The Dude,”“Ferris Bueller,” “Forrest Gump,” Doesn’t
Have to Just Be A Fictional Story Ya Sit On YA ASS on P. S. Day

“The Dude” From “The Big Lebowski Movie” Doesn’t Need A Job
And Title to Be “Time Person Of The Year” He Gave Up Time Clocks

Ferris Bueller Takes His Day Off And Makes Life A Party No Matter
How Much Others School, Work, Church, Or Otherwise Home Body

Forrest Gump Tells His Story No Matter What Magazine The Lady
At The Bus Stop Is Reading Or Facebook Feed She is Perusing

You See i Developed This Skill Treat Life The Same As New FRiEnD
Or Old NeW iN All You Birth Easter Egg Colors Of Life ETeRNaLLY NoW

Yep When
Swimming in
Heaven Zoe





Hehe Keep

“Stuff” RiSinG

Out Of Fall




It All UP Year ‘Round🏝

Birth of Crazy Funning Life

SMiles Dear Astha FRiEnD

You Are Treasure to me
Too A Fresh Breath of

Spring Air Who Always
Lightens my Day up
With Kind Comments
In Reply And Inspiring
Creativity In Poems
You Bring

And Hehe

For Some Reason
My Comment Wouldn’t

Take in Your
Poem About



About Love
i Tried Twice Perhaps
The Word Press Algorithm
Decided to Send my
Soul to Spam Haha



As Long

As You
me And i
Am Alive




Your Blog
Side As Replying
FRiEnD And True

My Entire

9.1 MiLLioN
Word Free Verse
“SonG oF mY SoUL”

Poem is
Just An Entire
Collection of
Poetic Letters


And Pasted

Just Like This
To Folks Who Have
Inspired me Around
The World Of Which
You Are One of


Of All Go Figure
Hehe Most of The
Dudes Don’t Care for

As Much Hehe

Anyway All My

Of my Soul is


As Treasured

Memories For
me In Case my









Is What
i Wrote to
You That
Must Have
Gone to Spam

Or Just


Like MaGiC Twice

So Like

A Genie

i Will

It to You
Below Again

With SMiLes
Dear FRiEnD Astha πŸ™πŸ˜Š πŸ€—πŸŒΊ:

SMiles Dear Astha

Again Become

Your Favorite

Person Then

All That’s Love

to Do Is Give What

You Are to Others For Free

Will The Ocean Still Exist Will

Waves Still Rise and Fall Water

Will Still Exist no Matter Form it Takes

Let that Water

Be You



Love Breathe

You As A Practice

Of Life You Never Give Up to Breathe

This Tree of Life You Living Leaves that

May Fall Yet Always Fertilize New Seeds

For Trees to Grow Green Leaves

As You Are the

Water You

Are The

Ground And Sky

You Are The Leaf

Still Green Now Breathing

This Miracle of Life Best Spending

It As Love to Give And Share Free With Least Harm

Be Lamp That Shines Create More Ornate Lamps of Love to Breathe With SMiLes

As You Breathe With Love Pure Then Fear And Dark Will Be No Part oF LiGHT As You

Meet Darkness

As Waves


Find Balance

Rise Again And

Give Even More

Creating Beautiful

Art As Your Leaves Fertilize
New Seeds for even more Beautiful Trees…

If The Storms of Seas Get too Rough If the

Ocean Seems too Deep to Make it to the Surface

True You Will Have FRiEnDS to Lift You Up Who Never

Leave Your Side No Matter What Weather Comes Next

As Long As You


And If You


They will

Surely Do their

Best Forever Now

To Bring You Back Home For Breath Again..:)

Ain’t “That” Kinda 5th Avenue Orange Clown
Minion i’ll Wait Till After The Second Vaccine
To Return As Easter Alldays Rise FoR Me

Point is i Am Free to Do Heaven Wherever i Go
Even In Church While
i Dance Fresh No Matter What Stale Hell Cabbage Is Sold

Not True i Will Turn ‘The Store’ into A Theater Direct The Music
Do The Masked Dance Everyone Else Will React As Audience Or Actor

It’s Like Going To The Store Some Folks Believe The Only Story Is

Buying “STUFF”

Value of iMaGiNaTioN And Creativity Heaven And Hell On Earth
Now Practice The Art or Let Chaos Rule Your Life Without MaGiC Of Story

Some Humans Portend To LiVE iN A Random Soup Not Very Creative Yet Still A “Twilight Zone


Humans Either Create Their Own Stories Plays Of Life Or Follow Other Stories Plays Of Life It’s What Human Does To Order Art Of Chaos

People Who Are Yet to Develop Their Own Authentic Original Stories Have Little Choice Yet to

Follow Others No Matter Hell

Trust me or not If You Don’t Find A Way To Create A Deeper Story Life Is Gonna Kick Your

Butt Yes Following Another Story Even Lies…

So Surprised How Close

This Little Bird

Eating Let

me Get


No Fear

It Was The
Same With the
Beautiful White
Climbing Rose by

My Bedroom



Of It Feels
Like Heaven
To Me Just


Now Wings

And Free


Of A White

Rose Soul

Easing Still

Through Colds

Of Hell Frozen Warm
Happy Palm Sunday

Dear FRiEnD

Just TaKinG


Joy Ride

Around a Globe
Making it All WarmπŸ˜ŠπŸ™

Funny You Should Mention it As
It Down Poured Off The Radar

Unexpected on 2 Days Ago

Just A Great Friday

Night Yet It Was So

Easy To Forgive

The Radar,
The Weather
Man, And Nature

Of God Just creating
Several New Renditions
Of The Old Song ‘Singing

In The Rain’ By Frank Sinatra

And While Katrina And my

Sister Who Are Super Reserved

Didn’t Join in Refrain They Did
Forgive The Rain And Braved It

With me In A Soaking Dance For

2 Miles Yet You See

That Suicide Disease

That Me and Mr. Kahn

Share is a Bit


As i’ll Celebrate

My Version Of John 14:12

Hell i Forgave With Ya Again

Too Enduring 66 Months

From Wake to Sleep

As ya May have

Heard The

Beginning Part

Before in The Lent
Spring of 2008 Where
The Pain And The Numb
Of A Life Threatening Synergy

Of 19 Disorders Was Just too

Much to Sleep As With

Dysautonomia my Heart
Rate Just Refused to
Autonomically synch
With My Blood Pressure

Leaving me Gasping

For Air every attempt to

Fall Off To Sleep

Only Escape

From All The

Pain And



Drug Would
Touch A Powerful
Alpha Blocker Slowed
My Heart Enough So
Cardboard Shallow Yet
One Hour Of Sleep The
First 35 Hours of 40 Days

Yet None the Last 5 of 40

Till Each Day


Numb Burned

Deeper Burning

More Each Day i Asked

God What Had i Done

Wrong The Answer the

Burning Pain And

Numb Grew even

Colder it’s just

A Metaphor

The Burning

Gets Colder

In Hell You
Only Wish

Someone Will
Shoot You If They
Truly Love You Douse

You With


And Burn

You Forever

It Takes For
A Second to
Feel Less Than

A Thousand Years

In Hell Well My Mama Said

Don’t Whine Jesus The Rendition

Taught From A Book in A Way

That People Who Were Different
In Religion Or Sexual Orientation
Gifted Differently By The God

Of Nature

Will Burn

In Hell Forever

For Misbehaving

Yet i Said Wait i Already
Did it For None of the “Sin”
You Describe on Earth And

She Said

No You
Didn’t Jesus

Had it Worse in His
Hours on The Cross

Yet i Reminded Her for
that Day And So Many
More i Endured A pain

Beyond Her imagination

It Didn’t Matter
She Was Told
Someone else

In A Story suffered
More in Hours Compared
To what i Endured For 66
Months With only Sleep
For Relief when That
Was possible at All
Sure i Tried to

Find A Way

To End

The Suicide
Disease just
Too weak to do it

Oh the Heaven of Death

So my Mother Purchased

A Book On Crucifixion of

Jesus unwrapped That

Book Had me

Listen to Her

Through the Pain
The Dentist Drill
In my Right Eye
And Ear No Drug Would

Touch she Opened To
A Random Page And in
Less than a Minute the

Words that

Read Out

Of Her

Mouth Were

“Trigeminal Neuralgia
Is The Only Pain Assessed
As Worse Than All The




During His

Yet You

See Most

Folks Including

Salman Kahn Only
Experience it Sporadically
Not Wake To Sleep For 66 Months
Very Rarely Does That Happen

As Folks

Find Some

Way to ‘Escape’

It Was Easy

For my


And Katrina

To Forgive The

Rain As They Lone Truly

Stood By Me Through

Hell My Beloved

Mother told
Me It Was Probably
Punishment perhaps
For Leaving the Catholic
Church Reincarnated

To Go

To Hell
As my X-Catholic

Irish Priest Grandfather

Anyway Again no



i Forgave

The Pain i Forgave

God it Was A Piece

Of Cake Just Icing


My Mother

For Finding A “Logical

Reason Why i Should Be

In Hell” And You Know

What Even Now

If Someone


A Knife

In My


It’s only


As it’s So

Easy to Forgive

God You See ‘They’
Have the REAL Story All





God In Hell

That’s All That’s Left to Do…

And The Only Possible

Way to Escape



Get to Heaven
Within Where i Still
Stand Tall like A Lion
And Never Kneel



On Lies

Of Lesser

Fools Than me…

Happy Palm Sunday

Dear FRiEnD Rue With




92 months
And 9 Days….

Oh How i Love
The Rain Pouring


Soul of Love

For Giving


Thanks Giving..πŸ™πŸ˜Š

Yes Amen Doc EartH
Is Our Only Home We
Evolve For NoWπŸŒπŸ˜ŠπŸƒ

No Doubt
Rue That
Much Is True😊

Thanks Nan
Paradise it
Really is
On The Beach
Only Nature Free Wings😊

Been to ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’
Please Don’t Go Away It’s Possible
To Return to Full Moon Colors
You’ve Never Been Before Now

Happy Full Glow Worm Moon iNDeeD WiTH iSMiLES


“But Birx saw it most starkly, stating that the vast majority of America’s deaths could have been prevented,
a painful interpretation of the last year for a nation still trying to come to terms with the ongoing loss of life.”

Fact is, IF the Government Per The Trump Administration Had Listened And Pushed for the Science
Recommendations then, instead of Ignoring them Like the Trump Administration Did, Very Potentially
Hundreds of Thousands of Lives Could Have Been Saved If Science, Instead of Selfish Politics Was More

in Charge…

Do or Die…

What’s Amazing is that
Our System is Such that it was

Allowed to Go on When Most Every
Scientist Could See Where it Was going…

Problem When A President Becomes Head
Executioner oF iGnorance on ‘5th Avenue’

Just Waiting For His Servant’s Heads Dead
If That Suits his Selfish Purposes For Getting

Ahead as that is Precisely What He did, exchange
LiveS in Ignorance for Selfish Desires to Get Ahead and Stay Ahead…

Anyway, There’s A New Kid in Town, in Fact, A Much Older Wiser President

Who Is Getting Stuff Done And Taking A Pandemic Seriously instead of Just Something to Joke about for
Fun, where Medical Science Teams Up With A More Trusted And Honest Administration of Government

Amazing What

Humans Will


If There isn’t A BLaCK
HoLE Human Suffering All

The Loving Energy Out of the Human
World as Again i Live in Trump Town USA…

Got a Yearly Car Wash today; the ‘Cadillac Treatment’ for my
Civic; Surrounding My Entry Level Honda in The Vacuum Your
Vehicle Garden, After The CarWash Part Automatic, Were Three Stacked
Tahoes; Additionally, A Denali And A Special Edition Silverado Eclipse Pick-up

Truck All Eclipsing the Price of my Home Building it in ’93, Specifically
Sixty Thousand Bucks Then As the Real Estate Lady Tried to Shame me
For Only Building a 1333 Square Foot Ranch Home in the Forest in a Lovely

Peaceful Neighborhood With only A Single Car Garage and Screened-in Patio,
And Shed, i added later on With Privacy Fence too except for the Forest Part

to Forever in the

Backyard where

i See the Same

Now Out of my

24-Inch Bedroom Window

While Viewing this 27.1 Inch
iMac Screen; Yes, 5K Retina Screen
Easy on the Eyes indeed, Yet the View

Out the Window of Forest Spring Green
Colors of Flowers And A Full Variety of

(So Much Fur And Wings Coloring Wild)

Deciduous And Evergreen Trees of the Nature
of Reality, The Energy of All of it, i Personally Name
God is Beyond All Material Developments of Humans
As Far As Words, Clothes, And Other Tools Go, To Add ‘Body Parts’ to Nature

Sadly Killing off 1 in 8 More Species of Plants And Animals in the Coming Decades…

True, The Huge 5 Bedroom Homes, Approaching Half A Million Dollars in my Area
Have increased the Value of my Home up to the Average Price of A Home, Three times More
Than When i purchased it 27 and a Half Years Ago, Yet Still It’s All About What Ya Value in Life

Trump Was/Is all External Material

Goods, Power, Wealth, And Status…

Driving Up to the Car Wash, The Young

Lady Joyfully Said, ‘Oh, You Are the Dancing Guy’

You Bring Joy to Everyone, Lovely to meet You Now

As Yes, i’ve Public Danced now 14,677 Miles in 91 Months

in my Metro Area Where over Two Years ago one of Innumerable

Video Voyeur Captures of me for Facebook Social Media Went Viral

With 88 Thousand Views And Around 1300 Comments ensued As the
Metro Area Assessed What and Who They Thought i was in Full From

Legend, to Hero, to Icon, to if You haven’t Seen Him Yet you Must not
Get out of the House, to the Outliers not so kind, Like He Might ‘Go Postal’

And do more than A Rampage Dancing Spree All Around the Metro Area, hehe…

One of my Favorite Assessments Was/is Spirit Animal; Getting Closer to Wild Life always
A Goal of mine, So Damn Domesticated And Square; And still So Odd i was most of my Life…

True, Odd to the Max

Now yet the Difference,

Totally Wild and Loving Free

Enough without Affirmation From others

Or With it too; although it can be a little

Unnerving when folks Literally Kneel to you

With their Hands Clasped in Prayer like you are A
Guru of Public Dancing and the only one indeed in Trump Town USA…

i was just Having fun (Still am) with Empty Pockets Standing as the Only ‘Famous Person’

With My Economy Sized Honda Civic And All The Giant Home Sized Priced Vehicles Around

me Making Folks ‘Feel’ Bigger than they Are; Well it’s True, You Can’t get bigger than Bringing

A Smile of Ecstatic Joy to the Surrounding General Public’s Faces Just Because You exist in this

World With Empty Pockets

Just having Fun

Dancing the Day

And Night Away And

They have no Clue of what

my Dance And Song Does online hAha…

Just resting my Hands while i Dance, Just Resting
my Feet, While i Sing Poetry Free Verse too; Yet it

is True, ‘Ferris

Bueller’, And Yes

‘The Dude’ off ‘The

Big Lebowski’ Movie,

And ‘Forrest Gump’

Coming to A Reality Show of

Life i Create NoW As my Own Colors of Life

Is a Different Kind of One Man Show Pandemic

Altogether; Just A Smile, A Dance, A Song That

Spreads Like a Tsunami, Yet i’m A Peaceful Wave in the

Middle of the Ocean, Yet i’m Just the Ocean, Yet i’m Just Water

And Air all the Energy in Nature Outside And Inside This 24 Inch Window Now

i’m More


in Helping Folks

Actually Live and at

Least Smile while i’m around

in Flesh and Blood Life at least

When i don’t have to say A ‘Damn Word’;

Just Dance, Just Dance, And Just Be the Dance of Life A SMiLe…

True, i Really Love to See ‘The Breathing’ Truly Live Now, if Not for a First Way Truly Free to Be in Joy…

Yeah, it’s A Good Feeling to Understand That You Bring Blue Skies Wherever You Go Whatever Season

Just For Free

to Be Having

All Natural Joy

of Dance Born

This Way to Dance Free…

Looking Around and seeing

the investment you Make, all the Surrounding Smiles…

It’s a Life of Heaven; it’s a Pandemic of Smiles, So Much Different Than ‘the other

American Dream’

of A Truck

As Expensive

As A Home That

Becomes Both Lover

And God to Polish Lost….

Just Lost in A Vacuum Center Park…

Yes, There’s A Lesson Here, There Are

Negative Pandemics One Human Will Breed

Like Trump and His Administration to the Extreme

And true

there is



me too

With Empty

Pockets Leading

‘Minion Smiles’ in the

Polar Opposite Direction of Trump Life indeed…

i would Love to Set A Good Example; Yet Let’s Just

Face it; ‘Some Folks’ Only Come Around Once; Best to live this Life now to

The Max of Human Potential As Now is the Now We Get to Shine Or Implode as Black Holes…

Yet Remember, Science in Quantum Mechanics At Least, Suggests that Spin and Torsion

Of Universes Falling

in Black

Hole Areas

Only Births


Resurrecting Out of Black Holes

As It Seems Like Resurrecting is in

Essence Nature And the God iF it For Real

In all of us, Either Falling or Rising We Bring ‘Stars’ to Life…

At Best We Remain in Balance, Bringing Sunshine Within to All Surrounding Existence…

All A Sun has to Do is Keep Shining as Long as it Will, Effortless in Ease FRiEnDS with Gravity Now…

Sadly There Are Black Hole Suns Like Trump Sucking Up All the ‘Good’ Out of the World, yet AwaKinG Love Again…


in All Ways

This Life

Continues to be

Stars Dust From Super

Nova Explosions Crucible

Fire of Star Death We come

To be Resurrecting too Iron

In Our Blood Streams From

That Celestial Death to

Resurrection of Us



Star Dust Dead

Then Alive Again Us…

At Essence Star Flowers

From Star Flower Seed

Death Sprouting As Such

Seeding More Star Flowers Still…

GOD YES That’s More Amazing than

Any Bible Story for Real

Science is A Most


‘Bible’ So

Far As We Extend

Our Living Souls with tools too…

Meanwhile, Blue Skies Continue to Smile,

WHere i BREaTHE AT LeaST NoW Dancing Singing Wild Loving Free

At Best With Least Harm At Most With Most Love that Brings Smiles of Joy Free Now For All…

No, Clinton, didn’t Resign, He Finished His Whole Term;

And No, The Litigation Against Trump Is Just Beginning,

So He is Far From Getting Away With Anything Until After the Litigations Finish….

And That May Take All the Years of His Life in or Out of Prison For What Little is left….

He’s On the Run;

He’s Had His Wings

Clipped For Social Media;

He’s Been Shamed Enough

For Anyone With a Conscience

And for one without one, He is Just

A Loser taking Advantage of Ignorance

In those Who Live in All Types of Scarcity…


Lesson 48
Feel Nature’s Breath
Touch the Face of God Now🌎πŸ”₯πŸ˜‡πŸŒ²

SMiLes Heritage is Great
to Be Close to From
Where One All

Comes From

Tree Of


Vines Keep

Climbing This

Way no Chain Broken

Indeed For us to Exist Free Now..:)

SMiLes.. Social media is
An Anthro’poligist’ Dream
Come true yet not a
Healthy place
For a Timid
It helps them
Break out.. Express
Themselves more fully
In the flesh world.. As Fearless
Is the best way of life in expressing
Love along with all the challenges
With or without likes.. i never
Expect friends or likes
As i pander to zero
For group think..
The reward is
Peace of mind
For me now..
At least..
Social media is
A platform for the
Art of me as the rest of
The oyster is when Free..πŸ™‚

Unfortunately the Gospel About the ‘Story of Lazarus’ won’t fit ‘Here’;

Obviously it is a Parable About the Living Dead, Anyway; Sadly as is
often the Case with More ‘Black And White Literal Thinkers’; the Meaning
of the Parable is Close to; And Yes, totally Lost on ‘Minds’ who have Yet
Evolved in Holy Spirit Creativity to See More of a Divine Light in Metaphor of ReaLiTy

by HeART, SPiRiT And SouL Now; Obviously, for those of Us/We Who ‘See’ With More than ‘Concrete Feelings and Senses as Abstract Constructs of Life as Labels More Than Essence of Meaning; Yes, as Form Tends to Rule over Substance of Living Spirit Within Now; Anyway, Jesus
F in Christ
The Story of Lazarus isn’t Meant to Be Taken Literally as Someone Physically Dying and Raising From the Dead; What it means is what those of Us Who Have Lost Our HeART, Our SPiRiT, Our SoUL As Flesh and Blood Do Most Definitely Understand; THAT my FRiEnDS Is The

Experience of the Living Dead; So Much Worse than a Death of Living For The Living
Dead Experience Little to no Spiritual Connection to the Face of God That Is Nature
Real Now; True, i could Give You All The Science Terms that in Systemizing Ways
This Reality Now too; Yet True too, Lifting Veils of Ignorance in Original
Greek Definition of Apocalypse is among the Hardest Tasks for Goats
To Teach Sheep
of Literal
Black and
White Still
The Colors of Dancing
Singing Soul ALiVE iN
Light As Truth Dances

More Than Sings…

Ain’t Nature
Grand in All
Its Diversity
i Love All Colors
Of This Personal FRiEnD So Free Green
My Forest Dances Sings So Many Colors
Trees Branches
Roots of Living
Leaves Light
Up As Love
All ToGeTHeR NoW🌳

“Do One Thing Everyday That Scares You”

Haha No Wonder I’m No Longer

Afraid Daily i do What Most

Folks Fear the Most

Being Naked in Front

Of the World Dancing For

One Feat of Fearless and

True The Rest Just Naturally

Falls And Rises in Place With SMiLes..

Yeah i used to Be

Shy About


Interacting Around

Folks From Phone Calls

to in Person to Even Behind

A Counter Standing Next to Them Zoe…

Yet With Days, Months, Years Big Portions

of Centuries Hehe Even “Hell Boy Version Two”
Graduates to Something New With Enough




And Brought Down

to Size Valley Low

And Mountain



Size Balancing
Force Within in Flow
All the Loving That comes

With That Fearless And Free

With No Desire to Harm At All

As With Enough Practice Dealing

With Whatever Demons We May

Encounter In Daily Anxieties of

Life One Day A Feather and

The Wind Will Become

One In Flow




It All comes

Out Naturally

Leap Frogging over

Human Potentials set

iN FRoZeN Storms of Ice Before..:)

Thanks Dear
Sohair All Love,
Light, And Peace To
You And All



As Well

Dear FRiEnD

Looks So
Good And Well

Origin of
Truly Great


President Who
Worked For A More

Perfect Union For

ALL ‘We The


Than Just

One Small

Selfish Human

Being Who Never

Even Achieved

Basic Manhood

The MeMe

Of “TRumP”

Least A Man


Be Smallest

Soul Of All Meanwhile

The Other President

Still Stands

Tall As


Of A Mountain

Man Originating

In Kenya Indeed⛰

SMiles Keep
Inspiring Soni
FRiEnD Art
Of You

Life With
“Holi” SMiles😊🎨

Fascinating Mariana
Dynasty Kenya
Named By A
White Man
Who Couldn’t
Understand The
Long Form Name
Of A
Mountain ⛰ πŸ˜Š

SMiles Jade
my Blog Comprises
9.1 MiLLioN Words
Of Free Verse Poetry

That is


A Collection Of “Letters”

Of What Innumerable

Folks Around the Globe

Inspire Now in 91

Months in What

i Name As

“SonG oF mY SouL”

Every Color of Soul
i meet and greet


To The
Colors of my

Soul For Human

Connections Paint

God This Way

Your Art is


The Most

Unique And
Beautiful With SMilesπŸ˜ŠπŸ™

Always A Pleasure
Thanks for Your
Inspiring Poetry Jade

Spring Colors
Remind me Of
You Tiny Little
Angel FRiEnD Who



my Life
When It Was
All “Normal” And

Colored it With Magic
That Will Never Be The SameπŸ˜ŠπŸ™

Hehe Consider This Cherie
At Form “Words”

Are Bullies



Us Away

From Nature

Free Among

The First Tools

Making Atomic

Bombs That Will

Destroy So Much

Of All Life

On The


So Yes

How Worthy

Now Is The

Human Apex Species
Bully CuLTuRaL
Clothed Ways



To Even


For “The

First Bully”



The Free Nature

Of God Demanding

We Dominate And

Destroy God’s



All That

We Will Ever

Be Bully or





The Equalizer

Of All Who Live And Die

Nature Yes God

Itself After

The Bully




Or Learns

To Live


With God Nature’s

Greatest Law And

Always Now New




With Gravity or Fall…

SMiles Dear FRiEnD

Easter Is



Of FRiEnDS With
Gravity Orbit

Of Planets
Around Stars
Around Black
Holes As “They’
“Say” Spin And Torsion



New UNiVerses

Out of DarK Creating

LiGHT my FRiEnD Again🎼

MuSiC of God’s Breath



Circle of LifeπŸ™πŸ˜Š

So Ironic Isn’t
It That We Lock

In Zoos

To Touch



Free So Ironic
Indeed Twilight



All The


The Tools

Even Words We

Create Having



The Walls

Of Zoo We Build

Around Souls




Within To Fly

Over Walls Of Zoo
All Forms Lost




Naked Free How

Tall A SKyscraper

Shall We





Of What’s Even

Real Nature Deficit Disorder
God Deficit Disorder The




That Some
Folks “Think”
And Believe GDD
And NDD or Two



Indeed The


That is Currently

Defacing Our




The Face of Our Earth

Let the Colors


Come Back

Or “Road Runner” Dies..

-Wile E. Coyote, Jr. Et Al

Hi Rue Happy
Holi True

SMiLes Dear Soni
Already Repeating

The Feast
Of Colors Holi
Brings For Spring
Winning Over Winter

So Many

Ways the

Past Day

In CoLoRinG

Life Surely
Attests to
All Lovely Indian


On Word Press

All Colors Holy
Sacred Goddess

Every one

Hehe Almost
Too Many For

Any Vishnu to Paint πŸŽ¨ πŸ™

Colors Of Life We Paint
Dear Sohair Colors



At Best


We Bloom

Year ‘Round With

SMiLes For All Yes

Loving All DarK Thru

LiGHT With Least



A Practice

Of Love Always

To Paint Mountains

Of Human Love



Grain Of

Sand Holds Up

Pyramid Colors

Of All We Breathe to Love
With SMiles Dear FRiEnD

THornS And
All Never FeaRinG

RiSinG Rose Even MoreπŸ₯€ πŸŒΉπŸ˜ŠπŸ™

Happy Holi!!! Everyday
Everywhere Even A Day


In India
Canada Too

From Colors Of
Florida Spring in

My Backyard To Colors
Of Pyramid Rainbow Upon
A Dark Side of The Full Worm
Moon Signifying Ground is
Finally Thawed For Worms To
Rise And Aerate Soils See For



To Rise


Colorful too

Hehe Still


Some New

Lesson Everyday

Like All The Wonderful

Colors Your Eyes And Facial

Expressions Bring in All

Your Artful Portraits


Of Soul


You Dance And

Sing True Always So

Many Holi Colors There

Are To Celebrate In Life!

Never Met You Means

i Always Have



Of MiSSinG

That Colors

All We Do in

Life We Must

Miss To Paint

Grey Skies more

Colorful For All

Missing is Always Magic

For Loving Friends All Of

Them Human Or Pet Hehe

Even Vampires Dressed in

Black Evening Attire Clutching

Pillows To Their Lap For Warm

Comfort Deep into The Night

All Friends Gone And Yet

To Come With Smiles

All Colors That


A Fire Of Life

With Smiles Holi
Loving All DarK thru LiGHT
🌸 πŸŒΊ πŸ’ πŸŒ· πŸπŸ‚πŸƒ πŸ”₯
i Remember All Colors Of Life
Always A New Day to Create More

SMiLes Dear Sohair A Long Day of ‘Open Thinking’ Dance

Hehe True It Doesn’t Take Any Obedience to Lessons or

Teachings As The Dance Comes Within Free With a Little



From Others True…

So What Shall We Do

To HeaL A World For All…

Tasting Different

CuLTuRaL Ways

And to
Accept We

Are Different And Change too

For Some Ground of Cooperation

Like Agape Love Naturally Gives

Shares, Cares Free as Long As love is In Charge..:)

SMiLes Dear Anna Sad Indeed That You Lost

A Special Friend As They surely Are

Worth Keeping

While They

Breathe A Cherish Free

With Smiles Continuing to Breathe on too..:)

Poor Humans The Only Social

Animal That is Not Naturally

A ‘Humanist For Its Species’ As Metaphor

of Course For What Gets Lost in Symbols

Humans Create that Divide And Conquer

The Natural Social Cooperation That Makes

A Social Animal

What it is

It is the

Clothes… The Tools…

The Words We Wear That

Separate Us Most Indeed

And of course ‘Religiosity’

Is Among the Heaviest Clothes/CuLTuRaL Tools

That Sink Basic Common Naked Human Horse Sense

Like A Millstone Still Stuck on the Bottom Floor of An

Ocean Lifting Veils of Ignorance to See Again Clearly…

Humans Are Not ‘Naturally’ Evolved to LiVE iN ‘Tribes of

More than about 150 to 200 Folks to be Acquainted With

For Glue of Social Bonding Most Yep Square Root One

Problem if Ya Live Out of Balance The Entire Social Animal Species

Will Owe

Will Owe

Mother Nature

Back No Escaping

That Karma As Mother

Nature Has Unlimited Arrows to Shoot Back..:)

Colors Of Empathy Are Surely

Healing Perhaps Where i Live

Changing From A Trump Four Year

Season of Grey Scale… God Love





For More Folks

To Smile SPiRiT A

A Comforter Within

That is More than Signs

That Say F Your Feelings Oh

Lord Sign of the Times for the

Last Four Years in Trump Town
USA Hopefully Graduating Now to Another Way..:)

SMiLes Dear Savvy

Colors of Spring

Surely Cooperating in Florida

From ‘Holi’ Way of Colors in India As Well..:)

Happy Holi Colors of Spring

Indeed Astha Seasons Change

Flowers Bring So Many New

Leaves of Green

As Trees


So Do We Loving
Life Changing Seasons

of Warmth Within to Feel Sense More..:)

Life IS A Play
To Live And Breathe
Preferably Loving Free

Key to Happiness Loving
Yourself Naturally
Just the Way

You Are

Every Crease

Every Hair Color

Hehe Or No Hair At all

Or Even Furry From Head to Toe..:)

SMiLes.. Vampire
Angels LiVE For
Ever More Now
Simply For
They Do
Not Give
Up on the
Blood of Love
“Lesson 47”
Keep Drinking
And Serving this
Blood With Flesh
Of You Only
Credo of
Angels oF LoVE (God)
SPiRiT in Deed BreathesπŸ˜‡

Thanks my Friend
Hehe Generally


The Same
i Flow

“Standard Banks”πŸ˜€

Caterpillar Thrives To Die iN A Cocoon Rises
To Fly With Wings That Flutter With No Fear To
Pollinate FLoWeRS For Seeds to BReATHE SEE

In Deepest South Weather BeCoMes Volatile


Meets Winter’s ToucH


LeSSoN 338 Multiples Of 8
‘Holi’ Continues Now Outside
Within Colors We Create Home

So True A World
Will Never Be


To Rule

Till Self



Breathes Free

With Zero Illusory

Fears Of Owning Free😊

WalK iN FoResT Dance
Our Soul Now


Go Truly



Spirit Flows

Wind Within Frees😊

SMiles True Dear Anna
Intuition Develops
Yet What i Mean

In Similar Tone Some

Sing By Strictly


On A Sheet

Others Sing


Each Breath

Tuning SPiRiT
Singing HeART


Soul Deep

Healing Difference

Between A Talent

Show For

Deeper Within


All That


To Be Eternally
Now Changing

Breath Of

Soul Beyond ‘Think’

Of Discrete Notes

Of Music
And Lyrics True

Just Refreshing
To Hear What


Soul Breathes Freely


Valley Higher Sees😊

It’s Not That We Don’t Have Same Amazing
God Nature Instinct Intuition Like Other Animals Forgotten Covered Up Clothes

Not That i’m Hard of Hearing or Less Peaceful Than A Calm Ocean
3 Fold Louder Stonger Since i Fell in Fear Rose iN LoVE NoW

SMiLes Dear
Anna What
Are Years

When Song



To Soul

Is Forever

Now Original

There Are Those

Who Sing By



Are Those

Who Dance
Sing Soul