Nether Land Bible 9 MiLLioN WordS Old 81 Months

Yes iN Truest LoVE NeW
NoW THeRE Is All Peace

No Fear And Not Even

Any Need For Hope

As Yes Dear



THE Essence of
Faith to Get All Of
Living Do iN Ease oF Flow

More Potential
Realizing Than

Ever Before True Too


HAha Dear Savvy my Wife Never

Wastes Food i Take Care of

That Issue Always

Full of what

She Leaves
Behind With SMiLes

And Of Course She
Donates To The Poor

in Many Ways too…

Yet True One May
Get Way too Full

On Food Too

Staying Hungry

A Bit to Appreciate

The Smaller Things
of Life That Mean So Much

Yes hehe Like Eating too WiTH SMiLes..:)

Winter Wonderland Around
San Francisco Where it Rarely

Snows and You May Still Wear

FLoWeRS NoW In Your Hair Dear

Cindy Yes California Dreaming

Once Again As Isn’t it Magic

For Snow to Create An

Entirely New World

Like Snow Does

In The Panhandle

of Florida When it Rarely

Comes to Erase Our Every Day

Reality With Something So Very New

Covering All The Green With White

And The Roads And So Much More

With Snowball Hands Excited to Play New

Yes Dear Cindy Whatever Brings Wonderland For Real..:)

Happiest Birthday Number 23 to You Dear
Kiran Wow This Means You Are Totally A

This Century Young

Woman Now

Born At the

Turn of 2000

And Wow Hehe When i Am
23 After Graduating From College
With Three Degrees 40 Years Ago

And Yes Now i Have A Very Intelligent

Indian FRiEnD Still In College Pursuing

Her Master’s Degree in Business Administration

Hehe You Definitely Have Your Ambitions and Goals

Set Forward To Have A ‘Lucrative Life’ Compared to me

At This Stage Hehe as i Only Took Degrees i was Interested
in With No Worries

of What Job Might

Come Next Likely

Totally Different

Than Anything i Did in University (And IT Was)

i Am Very Impressed With Your Continuing

Dedication to Perfecting So Many Areas of

Your Life in Greater Maturity and Wisdom

Your Family Must Be Very Proud of You

And As Your FRiEnD i Surely Am With
Great Applause For Your Continuing GRoWinG..:)

Hehe SMiLes Dear Sohair the Phrase

‘Falling’ May Indicate the ‘Pitfalls’

of ‘Romantic Love’ More Suited

Yes Toward Long Term Mating

Strategies For Both Reproduction

And Basic Survival As Far As Safety

And Requirements For

Subsistence And Shelter Go

YeS A Whole Lot is Both
Culturally And Innately
Instinctually Intuitively At Stake

Often a Roller Coaster Ride Falling

In Love Is All the Way Down and Up

Determining if Two Human Beings

Will Be Compatible With Each Other

Perhaps It Is Best to Know Someone As

A FRiEnD For A Long While And Slowly

Rise iN Love And Stay That Way Whether

Separate or Together Physically mY FRiEnD

Love That Rises Doesn’t Hurt And Most Often

Comes From Folks Who Do Feel Naked Enough

Whole Complete WHere the Focus is on the Giving

Rather Than Basically

‘Capturing’ Another

Human Being


For Ourselves

Yet of Course Now How Easy This is
For me to Dance And Sing When
THere Has Always Been Total
FaitH As Love Without Even

Any Hope Required to Make
Things Work Out Yet of Course
Not Without Trials and Errors

Yet Love That is Secure Does Stay
Above and Beyond All Waves of Life

And That Part isn’t Science mY FRiEnD

That Part is A Real Magic and Miracle of Life

Art That Just Seems to Fall in Place When

Love is Ready

And Willing Free iN Peace

To Rise And Stay With SMiLes..:)

Perhaps it helps to go
to Inner War for Peace
To: Venture From: LoVE



LoVE iT’s aLL ABouT LiVinG A
HiGHeR FreQuenCY ViBRaTioN

FeeLinGS SeNSES Energies

NeW All Emotions NoW

iN SYNeRGieS ToGeTHeR Freer

The (A) ‘Thing’ About ‘Birds’ Yes Is They Have Wings
They Don’t Have to Be Birds Flying is Enough New Now

The Thing About me i Don’t Have to Be ‘A Dancer’
or A ‘Singer’ i have Steps i Have Voice All i Have

To Do Is Dance And Sing Free

Poet What the Hell Is That

i Write i like to Write

it Feels Good to

Do This So i Do

It Seems to me the ‘Original

Sin is Nouns’ And Not Enough Verb

iS A Wave Water or Ocean Does ‘IT’ Even ‘Matter’

What Will Happen to A Most Beautiful Bird if they

Finally See Their Reflection in a Pond Get Lost

In Their Beauty And Never Fly again…

Isn’t This What

Happens to

Some Humans

When They ‘Fall’ In Love

If They Keep ‘Falling’ Will They

Ever Truly Fly Free Again It Seems

To me the Answer Is Do Fly Or Whatever

You do Fly Higher And Stop Falling Into the Pond….

Not Unlike You i am A Bird Who Sees His Reflection

Just A Common Winged Deficit Among Humans Look

Around See Where

It Has Gotten

Us so Far

Where Do the

Roads Go Most to Fly or Not…

We Can/Will Water A Plant Now
Yet We Can’t/Won’t Teach It to Grow Then

Artist Someone Who Seeks Finds Soul Meaning
Scientist Someone Who Measures Things
Don’t Do Both And You May Fall Or Never Rise

NoW it’s All A ‘Yin’ And ‘Yang’
Balance Let’s Face Facts Feel
Some Wisdom Applies to ALL

Ya Don’t Inherit EartH By ‘Being Somebody’
Ya Inherit EartH By Doing IT
God Dam ‘Private Nike’ You Are A Barefoot Genius

This Is When i Understood i Finally Arrived No Longer Prisoner
Now of “The American Dream” The God of Illusion STUFF

Shortly After We Bought The 2014 Civic EX Coupe A Rowdy Car
of Children Banged Their Car Door Injuring The Brand

New Civic i Only Smiled…

You See i Had to Go To Hell To Really Really Make
People And Love And Living Nature My God Of Life First And Last

Got Out Of Hell Got Rid of the Passport And Bought A ‘14 Honda

Civic For The Economy oF iT All

Indeed An Omen A Passport To Hell For 66 Months 9 Years Later
Sold The Camaro In Hell No Emotions Just A Head Explosion

True We Finally Achieved “The Grand Illusion”
A Home And Two Car/SUV American Dream

Yes i Made A Lease Deal With The Honda Salesman
Devil And Still Loved The Camaro Too Much To Tell It Goodbye…

In 1999 We Only Had A Thousand Dollars In The Bank I Admit It
i Was So Smitten With The ‘99 Showroom Forest Green Passport

Something Was Missing Oh My God It Felt Better Than First Car Love 1994
New Teal Camaro Fly Me to The Moon!

I Got A Big Raise At Work Katrina A Big Raise Too We Bought A Home In 1993
i Fell in Love Again With All The New Brick And Mortar

i Never Really Loved The Cavalier Either it Just Didn’t Make me Feel Like
First Love 1970 Maverick

Bought An Escort From A Rental Place it Didn’t Make Me Feel Loved
i Left it For A New Sky Blue Cavalier in ‘88 At Least it Had Curves

Anyway Finally At 26
i Sold Beloved ‘Maverick’ For $300 Bought it For $500 And Maverick

Wasn’t Even Working Then

You KnoW It’s Really Sad To ASSeSS A “Real Girl Friend” In Measure
Of ‘Bases’ Yet 18 Is A Really Hardball Year For A Dude With FEELINGS

Still At 18 i Managed To Find Ways To Keep my “First Real Girlfriend”
“The one With All The Bases” Warm in my “1970 Maverick” Then

True It Would Have Made More Sense And Impressed Prospective
Girlfriends If i Repaired The Heater Live And Learn The LeSSoNS

Mama Bought “Mag Wheels” My Graduation Present Wish Those
Wheels Made me Feel Like Someone Not So Outcast Then

i Waxed ‘That Car’ Virginal White Like A Lover Endeared Healed It
At The Repair Shop So Many Dollar Bills i Poured into it…

People Left My Side Yet For The Next 10 Years And
For 250,000 Miles ‘The White 1970 Maverick’ Stayed

Bought “That 1970 Maverick” 50 Dollars A Month From
My Mother And Paying My Own Insurance From my

Janitor Job At 16

i Am Only HeRE NoW To Deliver One MeSSaGE:

Thanks And Yes Hehe Now A Platinum White Pearl
2023 Honda Touring CRV Is Fresh On Order Scheduled
For Delivery By the End of February It’s Almost Here And

Considering the Federal Government Screwed Up the 100

Percent of my Retirement Pay Coming Due Nearly a Year
Ago Turning 62 On 6.6.2022 They Owe me Nearly A Year

Of Back Pay And With That And the Raise They Will
Surely Foot The New Bill of the Touring Model 2023 CRV

And Any Replacement Necessary For the Rest of mY Life

With SMiLes

True i once Had A Date
in College She Was in the
Computer Science Field All
Set to Make Bigger Bucks than
me Squarely in the Humanities

With A BS in Health Science too
Along With Anthropology And
Social Sciences Arts For

Bachelor’s Degrees too

Yes a Likely Forecast

For me to Remain A
Bachelor For Years to

Come At A Lower Rate
of Pay in the Working Fields

Anyway She Said Folks Shouldn’t
Have Really Nice Cars till They Earn ’em
i Guess Going to HeLL oN EartH For 66 Months
With 19 Mostly Work Stress Related Disorders Wake to Sleep
Then With the Worst Pain Known to Humankind No Drug Will
Touch Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia As A Shut-in my Home
Then At Least Earns me With Government Retiree Pay the Pearly

Gates of A


A Belated
Christmas and
Birthday Gift for
my Wife of Course
Still Coming This YeAR
too As A Valentine’s Belated Gift True..:)

SMiles This Much Rarely Changes It’s
Lovely to Have A Cat They Always Intuit
When You Are Down And Come to You

With A Cat Hug
Ready to Purr

For You… Smiles

i See a lot of Cats
Here it Reminds me of
Our Cats We haven’t Had any

Cats in the Last 4 Years for the
Longest Period of my Life We Used
to Have 3 Sweet Cats In Our Home Cats Always

Make Ya Warm Inside i Hope You Have a Cat my FRiEnD Astha

And i Hope Things Do Look Up For You For Human Love True With Prayers..:)

Story is Glue of Life And It is Up to Each of Us And All of Us To Create
A Story of Life And While i Had one through Childhood Through College
Through the Part of my Work Career Interacting With Other Humans

What Took Me Away from
A Story was the Stimulation
Computers Brought That Left

Out the Human Element of Story
In Life That i did not Realize then
That Means A Warmer Life Then Colder…

i was way too Stressed Keeping a Job through
Many Reductions in Force And Consolidations
Of Man Power and Computers Replacing Scores

Of Human Hands to get Jobs Done Where Life
Became More Machine And Survival Breathing
No Play, No Joy, No Happiness, Where Love Was

Evacuating the Home Within As Well i Just didn’t
Realize i could Lose what i took For Granted Working
With So Many People just Being Around Folks for the Warmth…

After Junior College Moving into A Bigger University Poor With Very
Little Economic Resources, Isolation then too; i always Had the Propensity
to Go to the Dark Side, the Hell Part of Bi-Polar Disorder However the Other

Side Kept My Asperger’s Syndrome With More Colors in Life that i Might not
Have Experienced if My Father married A Woman Who Was More Mechanical Cognition than Love…

SMiles, it’s Nice to See Your Illustrated Life Story We All Should Feel Free to Write the Story And Illustrate
The One We’ve Lived And Continue Writing the Story of What Is Still to Come We Help Create; i’m Just Glad

i Feel Like
i Am More
Than A Cog
Of Some Other
System of Machine;

Just So Glad to Write my
Own Story And Have No one
Any Longer Force me into Theirs

As Tool..:)

Poetry, Painting, Singing, Yes
Paramotoring, And Now Playing
The Piano Soni True Every Day
Creating Is A New Day Far Away

From Routine

That Keeps

Us From

GRoWinG into
More Colors of Life

Well i Played Piano Since
12 Yet i could Never Create
Anything Until One Day When

i was Very Stressed For So Long
When i Lost My Soul And Didn’t Even
Know How it Went Away My Fingers Begged

My Soul to Come Back Then And This Is What My
Soul Deep Down Told My Fingers to Play to Return

Well It took Me About 6 Years to Find The Lyrics to
The Music Yet i Finally Did Soni And in Doing so the

SonG oF
Returned and

Indeed Now the
Lyrics are Literally “SonG oF mY
SoUL” 11.4 MiLLioN Words Yes Way

Too Long Hehe For Even This Song Now…

Yes It’s Nice to Make A Record of when the
Gift of Creativity Comes And This Recording
i Made on A Cheap Dictation Device in 2007

And i Didn’t transfer it to YouTube until 2013
When My Soul Finally Started Coming Back

Yes as It is Still Named “Challenging Alexithymia With Music”

With Yes A Free Voice A Song And Dance of my Soul Again




As Ashes Return

i Still Haven’t Played
Since Then Perhaps one day again..:)

Flowers Music
That Puts Colors
In Words Together🌺

True Dear Savvy
Artistry NoW
Sunset Sunrise
SaMe ALways Different

No Limits
to Our
Creativity OPen

Canvas We Paint
Sunsets Sunrises
More Colorful NeW..:)

Mild Mannered IT Specialist with the New York Public

Library and Paranormal Explorer of the Esoteric

In Niche’s With Limited Interest in Our

Ever Increasing Material Reductionist

World Seeking Order Over the Chaos Magic

of the Mystical Beyond Common Reasons With SMiles

Yes With SMiLes i Scanned The Whole Decade of Your

Husband’s Blog And It Lit Up Many Potential ‘Rabbit Holes’

To Explore too

Dear Miriam

As i am Not one
To Exclude Possibilities
And Potentials in Life Beyond

Manilla Folders And Oh Dear Lord

A Degree Holder in Anthropology As
Well and Health Science And Social
Sciences too of Course i Ended Up

Assisting my Work Place in
Information Technology
And Financial Management

As Oh Dear Lord Ya Gotta Make

A Living on Top of Your more Esoteric
Interests in Life as Generally Speaking

(Hehe i Also Subscribed to ‘Omni Magazine’)

Very Few People With Anthropology Degrees

Get to Use Their Degrees in that Specific Field

Yet as Far as Special Interests in Uncommon Niche’s

It’s Surely Not Uncommon With Folks on the Autism Spectrum

More Specifically Asperger’s Syndrome as Many Topics of Esoteric

Flavors Your Husband Explored Have Been Explored on the ‘Wrong Planet’

As Well For the
Most Definitely

Eccentric Humans

Among Us Obviously

me Included too to the

Chagrin of my Paternal

Side That Saw my Top of the
Class Performance Through
Years and Years of School

As A Guarantee to a Yellow
Brick Road of Bucks Thank God

my Father Left And Never Came Through
on His Promises to Pay for Our College Education

As He Surely Wouldn’t Likely Have Paid For A Ticket to

(Grants, Scholarships, Loans, Part Time Work Worked)

Nowhere Of Golden Road For Bucks on the Other Hand

Yes my Mother Was Almost Totally Non-Materialistic

Yes Living off of 500 Dollars A Month in Social Security

Bucks Refusing the Entitlement to Supplemental Income

As She Had the Autotelic Kind of Personality Along with

Hyperthymic Personality Traits That Trump All Dreams of


AS Such Hehe

Ah Yes And That Inheritance

of Disposition in Freedom for
me Still Exploring Rabbit Holes
And Creating Them Everywhere i go

Yes As Truly An Anthropology Participant
Observer as Collegiately Trained too God

Yes Easy to Do After Retirement For Sure

What Better Skill Than Free Verse Poetry

of SoUL SonG to Gain Keys to Access the

Deepest of Souls in Humans Globally

to Write an EPiC Longest Long

Form Poem in Response to
Folks All Around the World

Yes Truly Really Celebrating

Today as Well “Nether Land
Bible 9 MiLLioN WordS Old”

Just Another Ongoing EPiC Long
Form Subchapter Poem of 11.4 MiLLioN

Word “SonG oF mY SoUL” 81 Months Now

Yes For the Former Coming on 2.26.2023
And 9 Years And 6 Months For the Whole

Esoteric Mammoth Endeavor Oh How Wonderful

It is to Never Worry About Pleasing Any Target

Audience When the Art Itself is the Essence

of the Esoteric And The Mystical

Revealed the Same

in Flow of

Heaven Within
i Listened to Some of Your

Husband’s Podcasts So Now i
Am Just Another Fan Who Will
Never Forget Him as a Unique
Human Being Worth Remembering…

As ‘They’ Say We Die Three Times As

We Take Our Last Breath As We Are Buried

Or Cremated Or Whatever And the Last Instance

Someone Utters Our Name on Earth Yet i’d Rather

Be Remembered

By How i Make

Others Feel


Name At All

As Feelings Can’t
Be Measured Fully by Labels Indeed…

Or The Deeper Parts of Our Humanity

Within Baffling Most All Material Reducing Minds…

“Esoterx” A Great Name for Your Husband’s Esoteric Niche

Blog Perhaps i’ll Be Able to Turn Some Others Folks On to His Life too…

Awe Waves of Seriality Synchronicities No Labels Required For the Miracle

of Life
to Truly

Chaos Magic
Art Beyond

All Reasons

Yet Order

That Most
Folks Don’t

Come Close to
In PuResT Faith Of ArtS Unfolding
iN Bliss Loving All of Life Experience…

iNDeed “Nether” Land Exploring the
Great Underground of Subconscious Existence

RiSinG to
The Surface

Of Awareness

YeS iN Essence

oF Arts Still Forming…

See How This Works If Not

For Your Husband’s Life None

Of These Words Will Be Breathing On Your Page Now Yes Newly

EXPLoRinG Every SPiRiT HEaRT SoUL All UNiQuE Multi-UNiVeRSES ReaL..:)


Unafraid of Sour So Very True
No Longer Cynical of Sweet

Finding Lemons

In Lemonade

Adding Sugar

Within So Very

Free MaKinG
SoUR Sweet
Again Dear
Savvy With SMiLes..:)

Sadly Dear Isha We LiVE iN A World Now

WHeRE So Often We Materially Reduce

Our Nature Each Other’s Nature And

NaTuRE ALtoGeTHeR When All

That May Be Left

Is Parts

Rather Than
Whole Human
Beings to Respect
From The Inside Out With SMiLes

For The Deeper Parts GLoWinG NeVeR
GRoWinG Old Warmth That Radiates Ever More

Genuine SMiLeS Now SeeinG HeaRinG Humanity

New Fresh
So Very Real


Just Parts…

Above So Below…

Humanity Fresh Whole Souls..:)

Seeking Deeper New WHere

Soul No Longer Sleeps SMiLes

Yes Dear Isha ‘Disintegrating’…

Waking Deep of Soul to See With



More Holistically
Free to Hear Putting

All Parts ToGeTHeR So
Deep NeW Expanding Shores
Ever More Now Ocean Whole..:)

FLoWeRS Waiting to Bloom SPiRiTS

Cold HeART FRoZeN to BeLonG

SMiLes Dear Hemalatha

Beautiful Poetry

BacK To LoVE

Once More Again
With SMiLes Keep

Reviving Coming Back
Poetry THaWiNG SoUL Free..:)

Ah Yes Dear Miriam True

Changing Our Environments

Creating New Muse Now to Foster

Newer Vibrations Frequencies Waves

Yes Energies in Synergies Opening

Emotions Feelings Senses Up

For Our SPiRiTS to



With Coming FLoWeRS
Fresh With Spring SMiLes

And If One is Far NortH aS PaNHaNDLE
Florida Is HigH AS Summer Year New NoW ‘Round…

Yep ‘Calgon’ Take Us Out To The Ball ParK SeaSons New Now…

Other Than That

Move Repose

Dear Lord

i Need Some
Sleep Hehe WiTH SMiLes..:)

So Nice to see You Posting Again FRiEnD Yaksh

All Your Points on Ways to Reach Well Being Great

i Love to Summarize All Of Nature Is in Process of

Move Repose Move Repose

Yes i Love To Dance And

Sing Moving Connecting

Co-Creating Yet Is Also

True This Is all Moving

Yet There Are Days

i Rarely Take An

Effort to Get Enough

Sleep Hehe As Rest Must

Hold Hands With Moving

To Better Move Connect And

Co-Create FRiEnDS With Gravity

With STill Energy of Re-Creation

Sleep Brings to Recovery And Do the

Moving Connecting Co-Creating Best

With BreakFast And BReaKinG Dawn SaMe

Oh Yes And To Eat A Well Balanced Diet So Important

To Fuel Up

Too Reaching

More Human Potentials

Taking Care of All Of Us For
Real With SMiLes of Course
Giving Sharing Caring Healing
iN JoY oF LiGHT Inhaling Peace

With Most Respect Least Harm

For Everyone All

ExhalinG Love
FRiEnDS With
Gravity Balancing
All From Head to Toe
And So Much More Within
Inside Outside Above So Below All Around NeW

Oh Dear Free DancE SonG Never EndS NoW WiTH SMiLes..:)

SMiLes Dear Rue A Soul Is All the Colors of the Ocean

Yet To Arise From Deep Blue to Emerald Green Above

SMiLes Dear Rue Windows to the Soul Speak

So Much More Than Words Will Ever

Sing and Perhaps Feet Will Ever Dance

Yet True Some Days Dance Expresses

Even More Depending On EYes of Soul

Still Exploring So Very Deep Below to Rise

Again With SMiLes Colors of Tradition Are So

Beautiful And May

Be Equally True

As Well Unfolding

FLoWeR Unafraid to

Hug Vibrations of Waves Before

As DarK Rises Below to Greet Breaking

Dawn of Freedom Again One Breath Then

The Next Then The Next More Colorful



SoUL Windows
Free Dancing Singing Be
Ebony EYeS Come Alive With Wings..:)

Wow! Aloha FRiEnD Hawaii Tropical
Shores Beach Sunset Glimmering Off

of Roof Top Pool So Blue

So Pastel Yellow Shining

Twilight Skies All Around

Oh yes And Entire Milky Ways

Unfolding Birthing New Ferns

In Spiraling Ways Above So Below

in Union With Nautilus Shell Creators True

Glad To See Panda Australian Shepherd

Enjoying Roof Top

Beach Breezes

Plus All the Rest of
Nature Taking Refuge

in Your Paradise Home With SMiLes…

Hehe i Only Build Word Castles Rarely

Going Back to Look At Them or to Make Repairs HAha

In Fact “Nether Land Bible” Just A Subchapter of 11.4 MiLLioN
Word “Song oF mY SoUL” Fully Built in 9 Years and 6 Months Yes

The Smaller Subchapter Just Turned 9 MiLLioN Words in 81

Months As of 2.26.2023 Yes Moving into the Wee Morning Hours
of Today Hehe Yes in Doing The Math That’s An Average of

1 MiLLioN Building Castles of Words Each and Every

Birth of 9 Months 9 Instances Now Out of 81 Months

Since Memorial Day Weekend 2016 And Yes

Again Hehe Just A Subchapter of the

Whole 9 Years and 6 Months Effort

of ‘SonG of mY SoUL’ A Building

of Poetic Words i Will Continue to Flow

Oh Lord Never Ending Story Newly Now Continues Unfolding

With Of Course 17,906 Miles of Public Dance on This Anniversary
Date too Today



When The Public
Dance Started to Birth too..:)

Best thing about Finding
God on a Beach Without
Human Footprints is Seagulls
Need Look no Further than their Wings.
Meh, Seen one Temple
of God Seen the ALL;
Birds of A Feather God on a Wing;
God Imprisoned
In a Book
or Having
To Prove God
Exists is surely
Always Something
That ‘A Wing’ Will Never ‘See’ or ‘Hear’
Humans And ALL Their Idols Without Wings.

Poetry Is Medicine
All Natural To Add

Colors BacK Now
To Soul Creating
Words Connecting
EmotionS HeART
Grows SPiRiT



And Sings Again

As the Pen Becomes
Legs And Finger Tips
to See HeART Beats SMiLe..:)

Finding me
Seeing Them
SeeKinG Us As We😊

SMiles Dear Astha
Everyone Deserves
A Hug That Doesn’t


This Is
my Meaning Of LifeπŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

To Give And Share to
BREaTHE Free To Love


With Least HarmπŸ™

THere Is A Man in United
States Culture Who Felt
ThiS Way By Story in

Other Lands too


Is Buddha



So Many
Others Seeing Being
Breathing A Place Like
This LoVE iN PeaceπŸ™

MayBe i Will Stay SiLenT SaMe
Before i Am Four Just LooKinG
ACRoSS A River Naturally
By The Small “Shotgun”
Home i Am Raised at
On The “River Bank”
Of This Small Mill Downtown
Understanding Still i Am Forest
Trees Roots Yes As Even Whitman
Suggests Far Past Age of 37 i Am
Leaves Of Grass Butterfly Free
Wings Of All Meadows Priest
Of my Cosmos Order All in
Chaos Poetry MaGiC Truth
In Ever Changing Newer
Still Evolving Colors
oF Light Within
At 62


NoW All

Wing SPans
To See And Be
MoRE A Part oF

All The Tree of





Leaf Of
Whole Tree
Water Drop
Wave Ocean

Whole i Dance
Sing Free This
Mind of God i Breathe

FoResT WHoLE Waves
Water Ocean Complete





oF All With SMiles
YeS only “MyReply”πŸ’«

Seed Nature’s Wisdom
Balance Tree In Leaf 🍁
Leaf Feeds Tree Then🌳
Dies Fertilizing Tree Seed

‘Circle Of
Life!’ Tree

It’s True Dear Chaymaa
Life Is Always Just Beginning
As Long As We aRe Breathing Now
And Even After As Long As Our Love

For Life
LiveS on


In EYes
Who Freely
Receive our LiGHT

It’s True This is the First
Move And Word of the Rest of Our Life
NowAnd For me at Least no matter if it
is the First Word of A Long Form Poem that
is now 11.4 MiLLioN Words Long Starting
114 Months Ago or the Same for 17,906
Miles of Public Dance 114 Months Ago

This Move Now
This Word Now

Is the Only Dance
And Song of My
Life Forevernow new

No Different Yet Always
Different Than the Ones 114 Months
Ago Or Almost 63 Years Ago Come 6.6.2023

A Key of Life and Love is MaKinG This Dance And
Song Move And Word Continue to Come New Now

Holy Sacred

For Real Yes

That Every Move
And Word New From Beginning Now is Integral
to Our Whole Dance And Song Breathing New Now..:)

It’s Really Impossible to Separate Politics And
Religion And Philosophy And Culture And All
The Tools We Wear From Words to Swords

To Extensions

Of Our Minds

In Hand Now

Until We Become
Naked as The Wind
And Dance Free As We BeCoMe
Unclothed From all of What’s New
Spoon-Fed From Birth of Course Now

That’s the Life of a Bird And Few Humans Indeed…

Just Imagine the Birds
Flying Far Above

They Never
Even Read A Word
of Text on Smart Phones
Or Watch A Scene of YouTube

Yet They Soar, They Soar So Free
And Light With Wings, So Free to Be Wind Free…

Anyway That’s My Escape Now for Real From all of This…
Not Many People Understand How to Do it on Terrestrial Land


As Many are
too Angry, Miserable,
Discontent, to Become Birds so Free…
JusT FRiEnDS With Gravity Balance Innate…

Honestly, It Sure Beats Standing in Bird
Pooh Spreading Conspiracy Theories
On You Tube For Promises of AdSense
PennieS iN That Version of ‘Purgatory’ on Earth..;)

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
Thank You For So Many
Encouraging Words Indeed
And It’s Worth Noting too Never
Doubt Now New The

Power of Human
iMaGiNaTioN And
Creativity As Even
Science Shows that
A Human Wearing A
Cast on their Arm May

Imagine Themselves
Exercising that Arm and
Actually Gain Both Strength
And Size Enhancing Musculature

In The Arm
As Mind
Body And Body
Masters Mind in
Balance of IMaGiNaTioN

And Creativity This Way of Course
Research is Limited Yet Why Limit
Human Potential Why Wait on Science

To Make The Next
Break-Through New
in Human Potential Now

Perhaps Called ‘Woo’ Before With SMiLes…
Even iF it’S Only a ‘Story’ The Hope A Story
Brings Might Even Save A Life For Real mY FRiEnD..:)

So True Dear Savvy
Shed All The Form
Find Essence NoW
Love That FLoWeRS
Worlds So Human We
SoUL Worlds
With Seeds That
BRing Even More Faith That’s Love..:)

Nice Use of What

Drives Living Symbolism (Art)

SMiLes in Short i wanna
Be More than a Picture
i wanna Move, Connect,
And Co-Create totally Free…
SMiLes Essence More Important than Form for me
Yet True When Essence Dances and Sings Free
Form Will Come Naturally Even Greater
Than before
THiS Way
TRuE Now
As Wings
Marble Statues
Dead Now Alive…πŸ™‚

Unafraid of Sour So Very True
No Longer Cynical of Sweet

Finding Lemons

In Lemonade

Adding Sugar

Within So Very

Free MaKinG
SoUR Sweet
Again Dear
Savvy With SMiLes..:)

Catholic Mass Readings From 2.26.2023

All About Temptation And True About Woman

Who Comes From Man And Woman Who Tempts

Man Into Sin By Eating An Unapproved Apple

And Since Then Through Most Abrahamic

Religious Traditions Women Play Second

Fiddle to So-Called Man Even Though Nope

Eve Doesn’t Come From A Rib Actually It’s More

Like We All Start Out As ‘Divine Feminine’ And Some

Of Us Get Spiced With Puppy Dog Tails And Vinegar

Rather Than Sugar Making Sour More Sweet in Other Words

Hehe Androgens And Other Male Hormones in The Womb

Lead to Change As Well As Life Spent iN LoVE iN Peace

MaKinG A Nicer Environment ‘Down THere’ To Breed

What Comes to LiVE iN Peace With Enough Back Bone

To Help The Tribe Survive All At Hand Still Newly Now

i Don’t Know FeeL And Sense All About Y’all Yet i Have

No Problems With

Any Shame Just
Being Naked
Enough Whole

Complete Like the Rest of
Nature No Matter in Desert
Under A Tree or JusT A LiVinG Beach

Within to ‘See’ And ‘Hear’ Much More

Than Just With Organs of EYeS and EaRS ALONE


Putting Humpty Dumpty (GoD)
Back ToGeTHeR AGAiN Yep

Naked Enough Whole

Complete At Least

LiVinG iN me


Reading 1, Genesis 2:7-9,3:1-7
7 Yahweh God shaped man from the soil of the ground and blew the breath of life into his nostrils, and man became a living being.

8 Yahweh God planted a garden in Eden, which is in the east, and there he put the man he had fashioned.

9 From the soil, Yahweh God caused to grow every kind of tree, enticing to look at and good to eat, with the tree of life in the middle of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

1 Now, the snake was the most subtle of all the wild animals that Yahweh God had made. It asked the woman, ‘Did God really say you were not to eat from any of the trees in the garden?’

2 The woman answered the snake, ‘We may eat the fruit of the trees in the garden.

3 But of the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden God said, “You must not eat it, nor touch it, under pain of death.” ‘

4 Then the snake said to the woman, ‘No! You will not die!

5 God knows in fact that the day you eat it your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods, knowing good from evil.’

6 The woman saw that the tree was good to eat and pleasing to the eye, and that it was enticing for the wisdom that it could give. So she took some of its fruit and ate it. She also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate it.

7 Then the eyes of both of them were opened and they realised that they were naked. So they sewed fig-leaves together to make themselves loin-cloths.

Responsorial Psalm, Psalms 51:3-4, 5-6, 12-13, 14, 17
3 For I am well aware of my offences, my sin is constantly in mind.

4 Against you, you alone, I have sinned, I have done what you see to be wrong, that you may show your saving justice when you pass sentence, and your victory may appear when you give judgement,

5 remember, I was born guilty, a sinner from the moment of conception.

6 But you delight in sincerity of heart, and in secret you teach me wisdom.

12 Give me back the joy of your salvation, sustain in me a generous spirit.

13 I shall teach the wicked your paths, and sinners will return to you.

14 Deliver me from bloodshed, God, God of my salvation, and my tongue will acclaim your saving justice.

17 Sacrifice to God is a broken spirit, a broken, contrite heart you never scorn.

Reading 2, Romans 5:12-19
12 Well then; it was through one man that sin came into the world, and through sin death, and thus death has spread through the whole human race because everyone has sinned.

13 Sin already existed in the world before there was any law, even though sin is not reckoned when there is no law.

14 Nonetheless death reigned over all from Adam to Moses, even over those whose sin was not the breaking of a commandment, as Adam’s was. He prefigured the One who was to come . . .

15 There is no comparison between the free gift and the offence. If death came to many through the offence of one man, how much greater an effect the grace of God has had, coming to so many and so plentifully as a free gift through the one man Jesus Christ!

16 Again, there is no comparison between the gift and the offence of one man. One single offence brought condemnation, but now, after many offences, have come the free gift and so acquittal!

17 It was by one man’s offence that death came to reign over all, but how much greater the reign in life of those who receive the fullness of grace and the gift of saving justice, through the one man, Jesus Christ.

18 One man’s offence brought condemnation on all humanity; and one man’s good act has brought justification and life to all humanity.

19 Just as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by one man’s obedience are many to be made upright.

Gospel, Matthew 4:1-11
1 Then Jesus was led by the Spirit out into the desert to be put to the test by the devil.

2 He fasted for forty days and forty nights, after which he was hungry,

3 and the tester came and said to him, ‘If you are Son of God, tell these stones to turn into loaves.’

4 But he replied, ‘Scripture says: Human beings live not on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’

5 The devil then took him to the holy city and set him on the parapet of the Temple.

6 ‘If you are Son of God,’ he said, ‘throw yourself down; for scripture says: He has given his angels orders about you, and they will carry you in their arms in case you trip over a stone.’

7 Jesus said to him, ‘Scripture also says: Do not put the Lord your God to the test.’

8 Next, taking him to a very high mountain, the devil showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendour.

9 And he said to him, ‘I will give you all these, if you fall at my feet and do me homage.’

10 Then Jesus replied, ‘Away with you, Satan! For scripture says: The Lord your God is the one to whom you must do homage, him alone you must serve.’

11 Then the devil left him, and suddenly angels appeared and looked after him.


SMiLeS Ever More Moral oF A STory
TRuE LoVE ‘HeART Of Ocean’ Worth

Dear Rue

More Than
Any Blue
Worth A Quarter

Of A Billion Dollars
At Yester Years Values

Yes The SPiRiT HeART

SoUL Colors More When

HeART Of Ocean Comes Complete

Giving Sharing Caring Healing For Real..:)

Honestly It’s Welcome To Hear a Rigorous

Process to Hire Folks For the Health Care

Industry Yet of Course From The Bottom

Up As A Consumer

How Precious

Competence Is

iN A World WHere
Science Shows the
Average Human Yes Attention
Span Is That of Less Than A Gold
Fish Yes Less Than 3 Seconds Not

Going Down That Shallow Rabbit Hole
iNDeeD And The Federal Government

Just Cannot Be Interviewed Outside of

Regulations At Least With SMiLes Oh Lord

7.8 Months to Talk Them Even into Doing
Their Job With my Full Retirement Pay

Yet It’s True


By Shallow

Laws Now That Stick..:)

SMiLes Mr Gottfried i’M

Voting For LoVE iN Peace

And i’m Not Even Running

For Office Dam

Straight Dancing
Singing Spiraling Free
Yes i’ll Vote For me Hehe

For Nothing Nothing At All
Letting the Clown Show Continue

Just Watching FRoM A Distance Yes

Verified i Come Again to Elect LoVE iN Peace


The Sip Peace Lasts
Love is the Blood
Love is the Bread
Life is the Drink

Sip of DEaTH
Breath of LiFE

Sips of Love
Slowly Reaching
Fruition Sips of Love
The Flame
From Going out..:)

Progress is Balance

Look Around

And ‘See’

‘Who’ Is Still Here
What Advantage
Do The Dragon Fly
Roach And Shark Still Have


It Isn’t

Necessarily Human Hehe
And Surely None of ‘The Clothes’ We Wear
Or Tools We Become Naked And Defenseless

Now We aRe

Do ‘We’ ‘See’

‘The Karma’

Of Our Folly Yet Balance is No Lie…

Balance Is Progress Balance Is Survival Balance Is Thrive
Balance Means ‘The Lion Still Roars’ in ‘Deafening’ Ways to ‘See’

Ocean In Every Cloud Sky In
Every Beauty
High In Every Breath Above

Rarely Will one Meet Someone
‘Normal’ In Real Heaven Within
On Earth Truly Camels Passing

Through EYes of Needles Did You Read IT

True You Might Find Someone In Heaven With
Money In the Bank Key Money In The Bank Not

In Heaven of Course Empty Pockets

SMiles Dear Astha Make
Every Breath Love For Life
See Forever Now Give Share Free


Least Harm

It’s Really All

i See You
Do Here

To Be The Best
You Possibly Now

Will Be AdmirableπŸ€—☺️

Virtue Indeed my FRiEnD

SMiles Dear Ava Ever Since
My Recovery Back To
Loving Life In July 2013

My Aim to Make
Every Move Now

A More Sacred Holy
Dance as Gift in Life

And With The Same
Gratitude every Word
A Holy And Sacred

Song Now

All in Grace of
Balance Loving

Foundation Where
Will And Strength

Rises With
No Fear Where

Each Move And Word
Becomes More Human
Potential Exploring New Now

And Every Human Plus
All Of Nature Connection

Is A Living Tree That
Always Grows More

Leaves to Feed The
Tree And Spread



To Fertilize
New Love For Life
Thanks Dear For All
Your Kind And Encouraging

Words As Your Wisdom


This Tree Grow🌲

SMiles Dear Ava Being
Retired With Zero
Financial Demands

And No Major Sources
Of Stress Lends A Golden
Age To Focus On Within

Balancing Yes Regulating
All Emotions Integrating
All Senses Hehe In The

Working World
i Got So Wound
Up i Basically


Myself Honestly
i Never Even Started

Living until 53 And
Haha When i Was 25
i Already Felt Like i

Was Getting Old

And Now
At 62 i Feel

Forever Young Newly Now
Key Master Feelings
And Senses Become

A Real


Of Youth
Within Now
Yet My Gosh
i Understand

How Difficult it
Is When Our World
Moves Too Fast to
Even Possibly Find Balance

Yet Yes We Will Do Our BestπŸ™☺️

SMiLes Dear Miriam

Every Move Counts
Every Word Counts

‘They’ Don’t Usually Tell ya
in School (Or Work Or Even Home
And Particularly Church) About All the Stuff
Ya Will Lose If You Don’t Use

All of Human Potentials
As Innately Gifted From

Birth Yet Like
Any Vine
Grapes Will
Never Turn Sweet
As Long As Nature
Does Not Play For More Potential…

What May Be
or Grapes of Wrath

It’s Like When i Didn’t Have a Choice
When i Had the Worst Pain Known to
Humankind, Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
From Wake to Sleep, Atypical Facial Pain
As It is Also Known in Some Medical Circles;
Yet Most Definitely As Sub-Clinically Assessed
The Suicide Disease That Along with 18 Other
Medical Disorders Put me Shut-in Mostly in my Bedroom

For 66 Months From Wake to Sleep And Not Unlike After
Breaking Many Bones in a Body One Must Learn to Walk
Again Gaining Strength For Walking Intelligence Again for

It’s True There Are So Many
Kinds of Human Intelligences
So Far Beyond Standard
IQ That May Be Lost

From the Neglected
And Abused Child

Not Wired Properly
For Oxytocin Warm
And Cozy Trusting Response
With No Fear About the World Around them…

to Simply Rotting in Place in Front of A Screen
Not Even Able to Scan the Horizon Losing Parts
of Acuity in Eyesight As Well; Yes, Use it or Lose it,
Use it or Lose

it most
An Epiphany
For me for All that
i Lost As A Shut-in in
my Bedroom For 66 Months

Yet The Best News of All Is While
There is Negative Neuroplasticity
And Epigenetic Effect Too, Oh There

Is Change And So Much Positive Change

if and When We Are Able to Move That First
Move Out of the Hold of Prisoner’s Lock The First

With Pain
on a Screen

The Day Of Relief
When Emotions Come
Back With Free Poetry Song And Love
Comes Back For Life With Steps of Free Dance

Yet What’s Really Sad Now is We Don’t Have to
Be Functionally Disabled to Fall Down As Culture
By What We Accept as ‘Normal’ Brings Us Down to Levels

of Humanity

Not Seen
And Not
Felt as Humans

Come to Be Watered
Down For What We Can
And Will Be if We Exercise
All Our Potentials out of the

Boxes, Out of the Cubicles that
Become Delegated As Life of the Prisoner

The Cog

In Someone
Else’s CuLTuRaL
Experiment And With
That Sung the Sun is Shining
Spring is Greening And i Will
Surely Make even an Asphalt
Road A Meadow And Dance Freely

With Butterfly

Wings a
New Way
A New Way
A New Way A Color of Life Fresh…

And What i Saw in Advance With the
Pandemic is Many Folks Would/Will Come
to this Epiphany too As i Did Locked Down

in Prison of

A Key is
Never Forgetting
A Lesson And Appreciating
What We Can And Will Be
Come to Co-Create Anew of US..:)

SMiles Dear Gibberish
Thanks For Your Kind
Words Really
Now Life
Is Best
A Real
Golden Age
Of Love And
Peace Wish
More Will
Around Our
World With SMiles☺️🏝

SMiLes ‘She’ Was Probably
Just Hoping to Get Fame
And Fortune on Social
Media You Might
Be Surprised
to What
Some folks
Go to Achieve
This Hehe Yes
Even At A Relatively Young Age…

Here’s A Key Become An Original

(i Do Believe You Are Already Doing this)

in Creativity That Way Your Art Becomes

Your True Finger Print and While Someone May
Attempt to Place

An Idol Symbol
of Their Name

On it the Finger
Print of The Art
of Your Soul Remains

And The Most Important
Part is the Gift of the Soul
of Your Art That May Encourage
Someone Else Look at It ThiS Way

If You Can
And Will Yes

She Did All The
Public Relations

Work to Spread
Your Art of Soul to Someone Else…
i Realize it may Be Hard to See it this
Way Particularly at Such a Young Age

Yet When You
Do A Real
Age of
SoUL Art Will Be all
Yours Inhaling Peace
ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY
oF LiGHT Giving Sharing Caring Healing
For All With Least Harm it Doesn’t Seem

Like the Young
Girl Was
As Gifted
As You i Really
See That As Sad
i Believe i Would Have
Tried to Help Her Improve if i Could Then too..:)

SMiLes Dear Sohair Now
HeART BeaTS Rise and Fall
As Long As They Beat Love

Humans Truly
LiVE NoW While

LiVinG mY FRiEnD
What is the Sound
Of A HeART With No

Love Truly MiSSinG

Art of HeART The
Love Beat That SMiLes For All
Happy Sunday SMiLes in Egypt…

SMiles Dear
Sohair Thanks
For HeART Beat
Bless You
With Love☺️🌹

SMiles You Are A
Consistently Kind
Person To Everyone

You Interact With

FRiEnD Yaksh Yes

This One Lifelong
Practice Will Take

Us Further
In Life Than

Any Thing

Else We Do
For Happiness
In Life With SMiles☺️πŸ™ŒπŸ™

Winter Summer BunniesπŸ‡πŸ£☺️
SMiLes i Always Check Your
Weather Before i Come Oh Dear
Lord 0 Celsius And Below All Week
Long With A Mix of Rain And Snow

Yet Here a Winter Summer Heat Wave
With Bunnies Frolicking All About Even

Frogs Out And About Dodging Big Trucks
Around Our Neighborhood Block Still Fond

Memories of The Rare Snow Storm of The Century
in 1993 Shortly Before i Turned 33 on March 13, 1993

3 Inches of ‘Thunder Snow’ And 128 Kilometer Wind Gusts
Tumbling my Sister’s Shed Across Her Yard The Year Later
When We Built Our Home Oh Dear Lord You Not Even 2 Years

Old in November Then Your Mom Just 20 Years-Old 13 Years
Younger Than me Your Father Only 27 Hmm Marrying Your Mom
7 Years Younger Than Him Yet of Course i am Almost A Decade

Older Than Katrina
And 6 Years Older
Than Your Father

Hehe in Fact These
Days i may be the Oldest
Person in Most Any Room i attend

Except Church of Course Mostly Populated
By Folks Even Older Than Me With SMiLEs

Hehe Yet i Will Not Lie When i Dance in Public
i’ve Never Felt Younger And Lighter on my Feet
Weight of Finger Tips Winter Summer Bunny i am True too

All 111 Kilograms Sailing Into The Night Winter Summer Breathes
me too Almost Like my Weather Within is Becoming The Weather Outside

Yet True i Cannot Claim Full Responsibility for Climate Change Anywhere Yet Within

And True A Pose of Winter Spring For Dear Indian Canadian FRiEnD too For It is Also True

When my Grandfather Migrated From Ireland to Florida His Other Family Members Migrated

to Canada too

If You Come Across
Any of Them in Toronto
Please Well Wish Them for me

Or Just Tell Them Helloooove With SMiLes…

Oh Yes Trivia Note too i Finally Received 100 Percent
of my Retirement Pay This Week As Since Retiring
Early They’ve Only Been Paying me 40 Percent

Where Full Pay Was Due me When i Reached
62 Last June the 6th And Now They Must

Also Load my Bank With All that Back Pay

too So They Shall Be Financing the Full Price

of A Brand New Honda CRV 2023 Platinum
White Pearl Colored Touring Edition to Replace

my Almost 9 Year Old Honda Civic EX Coupe Giving me
About 40 Percent of the Value in Trade-in As Hey i Don’t Buy

Too Many ‘Things’ Yet When i Do God Yes it Shall Be the Most
Special And it Shall Have A High Resale Value When it Comes

to the Next Requirement of Life and Hey it Gets 64 Kilometers
Per Gallon of Gas in Hybrid Style And is Also All Wheel Drive

in Case the
Storm of This
Century Visits

Florida This March 13th too
Oh Dear Lord We’ve Already Broke
Records of Heat With 28 Degrees Celsius
Last Week Our Air Conditioner is On THAT

New Winter Storm of the Century This March

Would Surely Give the Bunnies, Frogs, And
FLoWeRS A Panic Attack Yet Not me i’d Still

Be in Shorts
And T-Shirts in the

Snow As Long As the

Sun is Out Above Shining

on Snow and Within of Course

With Beyond Rainbow Colors

Rising From the Dark Side

of the Moon Pyramid

RiSinG Wisdom

EYe of LoVE
iN Peace For All

What Else Yes Hellooove to
You Whatever it Takes to Make

A Warm SMiLe

For You…

Yes i Most
Shall Do With SMiLEs too…

Hope You Enjoyed Just Another
Storm of A Century of Words too HAha..πŸ˜‰

i Am Alwaaays So Excited
And Happy To Hear From
You Too Dear FRiEnD The
New CRV is Actually Due
Any Day Now And The
Back Pay πŸ’° Only Goes
Back To June 6th 2022
Hehe The Federal Government
Only Charges Interest If We
Owe Them Dear Lord It Was
Like Pulling Teeth Just To Get
Them to Correct The Mistake
For 7.8 Whole Months i Also
Had to Correct Their Mistakes
From The Beginning Natural
Auditor i Am And Yes Full

Of “Fred Facts” Too

About 6’ Ft 2” With my
Cushy Athletic Shoes
On And About 6 And
A Half Feet Tall Up
On My “Ballerina
Dancing Twinkle
Toes” In Flow

Recently Increasing
Leg Pressing Weight Just Warming
Up Leg Pressing 699 Kilograms
12 Reps Likely Strong As An

Orangutan i Even Pulled
The Metal Door Handle
Off The Gym Metal

Door in The
Mood For
Strength Hehe

Perhaps The Door
Was About To Break
Other Pieces Of Metal
Gym Machines Broke
Too i Broke my Home
Gym Too And Office
Chair And Had To Get

Both Welded Again

Yes This Kind of Stuff
Has Been Happening

Ever Since Youth i Pushed
A McDonald’s Double Steel

Door Open At 19 And The
Doors Flew Off The Hinges

Perhaps Just A Coincidence
And About To Break too

i’ve Learned To
Shake Hands

Softly As Bones
Have Made A Cracking

Noise Yes For Others in

The Past Too Oh Dear

There Are So Many True
Strange Stories What

Really Sucks is There
Is No More Room To
Add Weight on The

Leg Press Machine

Such ls A Day in The
Life of me And Why


As To Not Break

PartS Hehe
Will Surely Send
You New SUV Pics
When IT Comes With


Truly Sad That Happened to You in 11th Grade
And Something Even Worse in 5th Grade Dear

Isha So Innocent Not Even
Understanding What is
Going on About All

That Crap As You

So Realistically Relate

And It’s Also True Studies Show

Over 40 Percent of Women in the United
States Have Experienced Some Kind of Sexual
Violence in Their Lifetimes And Even in Marriage

in Some areas of India Rape in Marriage is Reported
At Rates of 40 Percent too Sadly HiStorically Women

Have Been Viewed As Less Than ‘Second Hand’ Citizens

Even More Sadly In Religion Even More Than CuLTuRE Overall too

of Course Both of Those

Play A Part For Indoctrination

Of Males With Feelings of Dominance

And Entitlement ThiS Way If i Had to Go

By Anecdotal Reports of Women i Have Known

As Close FRiEnDS And More Relating Their Life Experiences

Fully With me the Percentage Would Be Closer to 75 Percent

And The Horrid Stories They Tell DO Make Halloween Stories

Pale in

For Real SMiLes Dear
FRiEnD A White Dude
Standing 111 Kilograms
Strong Still Leg Pressing
699 Kilograms Easily Warming
Up at A Military Gym 12 Reps i’ve Never

Had to Fear Coming Out of Even

A Bookstore at Night to A Dark

Parking Lot or Even Walking City

Blocks Coming Out of A Dance Hall

At 2 AM in the Morning Solo By Myself

Some Dudes Do Have to Fear This too

Some Have Been Abused This Way or
Physically Bullied too Fortunately i Shot

Up to Almost 6 Feet Tall in 8th Grade

It’s True Most Folks Don’t Take

Advantage of Folks

Taller and
Stronger Than them

Those Who take Advantage

of the Vulnerable Are The Greatest Cowards
oF All And Sadly They Are Often Proud of Their Weakness too…

What’s Really Disgusting to me is Folks Who Promote A God

Who Devalues Women As Lesser Than Men That’s Just

Pure Ignorance

Coming Out
of Men too
Weak to Truly LoVE iN Peace

No REAL God Worthy oF LoVE iN Peace

Would See A Woman Less Than Truly Divine

And Worthy of Respect Always As FLoWeRS Bloom..:)

SMiLeS Ever More Moral oF A STory
TRuE LoVE ‘HeART Of Ocean’ Worth

Dear Rue

More Than
Any Blue
Worth A Quarter

Of A Billion Dollars
At Yester Years Values

Yes The SPiRiT HeART

SoUL Colors More When

HeART Of Ocean Comes Complete

Giving Sharing Caring Healing For Real..:)


Place of Eternal Soul
WinD iN A Shell


Hear New

Now Dear
Savvy With SMiLes…

ShoreS UNFoLDinG

BeacH SoUL GRoWinG..:)

SMiLes Dear Savvy

Giving is Receiving

Of A Child’s Eyes

Seeing Kindness

In Folks Just

Like Your Daughter

Deeper Than Any Thing
Yet The Warmth oF LoVe iN Peace

WiTH SMiLes..:)

Ah Yes Dear Kiran Confidence God Yes Loving
True Confidence Springs From Abundant

Life Challenges Conquered Out oF DarK

For Every Truly Confident Person We

See So Graceful in All the Moves That

Create Life For Us in Songs of SoUL

Too Grains of Sand

On Beach Polished

By Pounding Waves

Year After Year Changing

Shores Returning to Fair
Winds And FoLLoWinG Seas
Ocean Wave Water Below Skies

Above Dancing in the Rain New No

Longer Getting Cold and Wet Inside

Now True Colorful And Warm As Rainbows


Below Within
Inside Outside
And All Around

Just No More Illusory

Fears ALL is Calm ALL iS BRiGHT..:)

Lovely Poem Dear Cindy
Moon Reflects Sun

Dancing Free

Embodies Song Again

YeS EVeN Half MooN
LiGHT Feels Alright
GRoWinG BRiGHTeR..:)

Raises Hand
Dear Miriam
i Keep Track of
Selfies With Others

At Least As
A SMile
Is Worth
Forever Now Again

YeS AGAiN WitH SMiLes…

Strangest Human Musing
i’ve Seen Lately Is That to

Break Out in Joyous Dance
For No Other Reason Than

EMBoDYiNG MuSiC oF SoUL iS Odd..:)

iNHeRiT EARtH By FeaRleSSly
GRacEfuLLy LoVinG iT aLL MeeK

NoW iS onLY
aS LonG As


No One Owns
MucH As OTHeRS Are Willing to Receive

The Rest Of The Story Now AFAIK NoW

To Be Continued…It’s A Beautiful
Spring Day
oF All
The DarK
And RaiN
oF CLoudS
Ocean Over Head Now..
New Sent from my iPhone..πŸ™‚

The Story Is Not New Whether
Under Tree in Desert Perhaps
Even Cave Yet Caves

Are A Bit

DarK i “See”
Beach As Best
Forest too As This
Is How God Expresses


i Live As
Nature True

To Be BeCoMe One
With Nature once Again
Reborn Coming Back Again
Naturally In Balance ThiS Way

One Must Find A Way to Become
Separated From All Spoon Fed
Clothes Yes Layers of Tools We




Written Words Then

Do Gain Meditative Flow
In Some Free Art Of Dance
And Song To Become Naked

Free Once Again “The Child’s”

EYeS ONe of Nature Free This

Living Leaf of Tree God Roots

Spread Forest Ocean Wave🌊


Of Water
Balance All FreeπŸ’§

Let It Rain Dance And Sing πŸ’¦

Dear Dear Samreen my my Your Name
Itself Sounds So Poetic it Does Or Perhaps

It’s True Live Life So Much Like A Poem That

All Words Come to Feel Like Wings of Soul

Shall i Be Surprised my Very Kind FRiEnD

Muslim From Qatar Originates from

India No As Your Beautiful

Mother Hails

Also With

Her Origin of

Dress And Muslim Attire
Honestly i’ve Never Met A Woman
Originating From India With Less than Angel

Wings i Have no Idea All of What ‘You Folks’ ‘Eat’
‘Over there’ Yet as Far i Will Feel It Must Be LoVE iN Peace..

God Yes If i Have A Daughter Yes Yes i Will Surely Wish She

Has Indian Wings New Now True All Daughters Mothers And

Sisters Best As Kind As You Are my FRiEnD Yes i will
Miss You For A Month As You Visit Your Homeland of

India yet It’s True There Are some FRiEnDS We Meet

Who Never Really Came or Went Away How

Does this Happen True It Happens

A Lot in India this much

Is True i

Feel For Sure
Surely Where i’m From
Friends Don’t often Hang Around
with me Unless they Are From India,
Pakistan, or Egypt, Muslim, or Jain Or
Whatever Religion Other May Label Souls

Just about Any Place Other than a Few

Where i am From Now.. And That’s Okay

THere is a Much Larger ‘World Market’ of FRiEnDS/Souls these
Days FRiEnDS With Wings Who Are really really real Angels on Earth…

Hehe You Probably Will Not Even Have to Charter A Plane to Get to India..:)

Life takes You On A Break Down Up
You Don’t Expect Just to
Open Another Magic Door of Paradise

SMiles the Last Place i visited Captured Hell Astha

And Here You are Capturing Heaven That Only Will

Exist as Highest Levels in a Young Woman’s HeART

For True All Young

Women Should

Teach Us What

Heaven Feels Like

Of Course Best in a Poem of Life

If We Have Forgotten Our Youth
Smile Dear Astha FRiEnD thanks for
Sharing Your HeART For Us With SMiLes..:)

‘Play’ Dear ruchiabhisikta
The Four Letter Word That
Wild Animals Use For
Their Own Personal
Healing Fountain
Of Youth We’ve
Had House Guests
Of Domesticated And
Once Feral Cats True The
Difference is The Feral Cat’s

Vivacity For Life
In Wild Play To
Still Touch The

Call Of The Wild Free
SMiles Free Dance And
Song of Poetry Are my

With Play Pals
Like You Dear

Dear Human
Being With The
Same Color Of Loving



The Warmth
Of A Mother’s
Touch Of Faith That’s

Real Our Mammal Inheritance
And Kitten
🐱 too☺️πŸ™πŸ

Smiles Dear ruchiabhisikta
Freedom Such A Divine Gift
With A Woman’s Gift of Life

Sort of Like Your Interesting
Name in Hindi Where the

First Part Means
Interesting And

The Second
Part Means
Divine And
Worthy of Respect

If only Namaste For
All Castes of Human Life

For All Differences and Variances
That Make All the Colors for Living Success

Where We All May Sprout Wings Unafraid to
Lift Each Other Up Unafraid to Look Up in Respect
of Seeing


Lower or
Higher Valley
High Mountain Low
SaMe LoVE iN Peace For All in All
Respect of Freedom For Wings Unbound
And Untethered With Strings to Keep us

in Caves

Oh Tradition You
Exclude By Very Nature

Oh Freedom You Stretch the Boundaries
You Break the Borders You Bring Humans
Together to Progress More With Wings Yet True

Dear FRiEnD As Even Science Shows in the General
Animal Kingdom 80 Percent Are Considered Rovers and
20 Percent Are Also Observed As Sitters As Boats Require

Anchors For Safe Harbors When Rough Seas and Storms Come
Yet Without Sails to Explore Fair Winds and Following Seas We May

Never Find
The Greens
And Colors
of Paradise in
Abundance to Thrive
Naked Enough Whole Complete

How Blessed am i For Ancestors With
Sails Enough to Seed me in this Fortune
of Paradise i Live And True Where You LiVE iN
India is Green And Colorful too Yet Also True Abundance

Brings Socio-Economic Difficulties When Humans Thrive Over
What the Resources Bring It’s Always a Balance For As Scarcity
Comes Again So Do Anchors of Tradition That Sadly Will Keep Us

in ‘Safe
That May Offer
Little Freedom to
Those of Us With Wings
So Those With Butterfly Colors
Fly Away And Make The Fortune
of Folks Seeded Like me SMiLes
All That Those Butterfly Wings Do

In Roaring Thunder For Freedom’s Breath

True Never Silent

Only RiSinG

Out of Caves

to Bring New

Art To Dreams
Coming To Fruition

of Colors More..:)

Freedom is NOT free;

Never has been never will be.

Some folks are willing to die for IT.

Some folks are willing to be afraid of IT,

And DO in effect eliminate
the greater potential for IT,

by their overall, fearful ways…

ONE and the ONLY THING FOR for sure IS,

“IT’S” ALWAYS AT LEAST, ’50 SHades of Grey’…

And NOT even



SMiLes, i Don’t Need to Imagine Heaven
As i Experience it Almost Always
Eternally NoW As Most ‘Eastern’
More Mystical Religions And

Philosophies Describe
The Experience of one to
Seek and Find and Experience Within;

And Even Better Yet Luke 17:21, in Even
The New Testament Clearly Relates, “Neither shall
they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”

Yeah, Baby, Cross Cultural Metaphors Include Samadhi, Satori, Nirvana, Bliss,
Tao, Kundalini Rising Yoga, Prana; And Science Relates The Experience As Autotelic
Flow With Even ‘Fancier Terms’ Like Generating One’s Own Neurochemicals Now And
Neurohormones Through A Bio-Feedback That Comes From A Transient Hypo-Frontality

Escape From Illusions of Time, Distance, Space, And Matter as Let’s Not Forget That Our Minds
Individually Co-Create Reality; Got 16 Sweet Bunnies in a Room; Got 16 Rabbit Views of Individual
Multi-Uni-Verses; And With Humans, We Have the Gift of iMaGiNaTioN And CReaTiViTY to Co-Create
Amazing Dreams or Nightmares into Fruition of Our Individual And Mutually And Consensually Understood

Realities to
Some Degree
At Least Now of

Affective Empathy,
Cognitive Empathy,
And Compassion of Love
We May Share to Actually LiVE
Again An Autotelic Meditating
Contemplating Flow of Bliss and
Nirvana; And Unlimited Other Metaphors
To Describe The Essence of the Kingdom of
God; Yes, the Experience of Heaven Within; That

Yes Takes Some Kind
of Autotelic Meditative Flow
iN Practice to Achieve Eternally

Now; Like These Fumes, These
Words That Are only Left-Overs
of the Heaven i Am Experiencing
Eternally Now Within While Dancing And Singing
These Words Through my Fingers in Effortless Ease


Now Sweet
Spot ‘Tween
Anxiety And
Apathy Ever Greater
Complexity Every Greater
“CoLoRinG New Connections” in Flow
Feeling and Sensing Experience Within

Like Keeping A Christmas Tree Up Year-Round;
Adding New Colors With Every Word of Song And
Every Real Move of Dance Free That Comes Eternally New Now;

In Other Words, Heaven is Not A Word in a Book; Heaven is the
Experience Now
or Not As
Now is
Ever is to Experience Newly Now…

Best ‘Thing’ of All; Naked, Enough,
Whole, Complete; A Free Meditating
Contemplating Dance in Autotelic Flow

Doesn’t Cost
A God Damned
Penny; Just What

We aRe Born With
Leaving Nothing Yet
Foot Prints of Heaven on A Beach…
And Hell No, Not Even A Word in A Book
Required to Seek and Find Heaven ThiS WaY

Again, Just a Naked Free Dance in Flow on a Beach Will Work

For Those, Who Actually Do it; And Don’t Only Set Old Words In
Stone Turning Into Dead Statues (Words) in A Book Never Arriving
in the Actual Experience Eternally NoW iN Flow Always Beginning Now New


iNDeeD Dear Sohair Only A Breath Away
From or to Life Best iNHaLinG Peace
Giving Sharing Caring Healing


With Most Respect
And Least Harm of Course

Least and Most Are Art and

Not Science mY FRiEnD Which

Means What One Human Being Determines

Is Naked Enough Whole Complete to Breathe

Peace And Love May Not Fit For What Others View

As Potential Heaven on Earth Breathing THiS WaY For Real

Or Less
Of Course
Away From

LoVE iN Peace
As It’s Not A State
of Being That Some

Human Beings Newly Now Are
Even Able to BREaTHE AT All Yes

Of Course Changing Across All The
Winds of Life Air Behaves Differently

As Waves of Water Oceans Whole too

With SMiLes Change An Only Constant

LoVE iN Peace In LoVE The Art That

May Only Be Perfected As

We Practice Our

Plays of LiFE

THiS Way or
Not With SMiLes..:)

SMiLes Thanks For the Vote of Confidence
Mr. Gottfried in Voting For me Running For Office

Hehe Dear Lord my Knees are too ‘Mature’ For Running
Running is For Escaping Predators Dancing Is For FRiEnDS

With GRaViTY
And BRinGinG
SMiLes to Mostly
Women i MusT ADMiT Hehe

It’s Like Poetry As Well Not Everyone

Gets the Metaphors the Right Hemisphere
Processes More Than the Left Hemisphere

That Grasps and Materially Reduces And

Sees Life More in Literal Terms Than Even

Real Terms As Wind Flies Hawks Currents

of Water Swim Fish And God Yes

FRiEnDS With Gravity

Weight of Finger

Tips Per all of
my Body Weight
111 Kilograms YeS Hehe
You’ve Heard it Before Still
Leg Pressing 699 Kilograms
12 Reps at Age 62 Born on 6.6.60 Soon to Be 63
God Yes Effortless ‘Wu Wei’ Ease Just Warming Up Now New
At the Military Gym Yet No More Room on the Bars to Add Weight

God Yes Politics Is the Art of Influence Life is the Art of Balance

i Am in the iN Between it’s Impossible to Influence Gravity

Yet It is Possible to Cooperate With Gravity And Become

FRiEnDS With ‘Real God’ ThiS Way Head to Toe No

Different iN Essence Yes Metaphor of

Flying Wings of Birds Inseparable

Now From SPiRiT of

God New That Is

Wind As Currents Yes

of Water Are Swimming Fish

And Yes As Gravity Dances me

Free in Balance Much Less Likely

to Harm my Very ‘Mature’ Knees hehe
Much too ‘Mature’ to Even Kneel in Church

For It’s True American Politics Is the Art of Bending

Over and Kneeling to a Target Audience Celebrated on

‘5th Avenue Willing to Take a Bullet’ For A Greatest Fool

oF Lies Or At Least One of ‘The Greatest’ Father’s oF ALL Lies

To Walk the Earth Yet You See mY FRiEnD Even The Traditional

Catholics i Go to Church With Pay Little Attention to ‘THeir Book’

God Yes When it Clearly Says The Kingdom of God Heaven And Hell

Will Only Be Found Within (Luke 17:21) True Purgatory too of Course

Too as YeS Every Within of Every Human Being is

Another View And Another Only

Child of God to Be Alive

Breathing Now

New Unique


God to Unfold

NoW Not A Tool To Only Use

And Abuse and Even Now Become

A 6 Inch Screen Less Than More the

Horizon That Brings Beauty of BreaKinG

Dawn Pastel Skies And Twilight of Sunsets

Just Waiting For Sunrise to Resurrect the Day

From Night And Indeed By Metaphor This iS How

‘Jesus’ Returns Within Us Each And Every Breath mY FRiEnD

i Shall Vote for the Human Being Who is the Most Authentic, Honest,

Genuine, Empathic, With Compassion For Other Human Beings Who

Leaves No Part of the Diversity of Nature Behind And As Far As “John
14:12” Goes Yes i Will Do Greater Works Than ‘Jesus’ More Like A “Bodhisattva”

Unlike The End of ‘Matthew’ When Jesus Changes the Human Sheep Who Fail

To Feed and Clothe The Starving Naked Homeless Person on the Street



Yes For 66 Months Where Each Second is A Thousand Years By Metaphor

Yes All Is Time Only Parts of the River Within the Soul That

Other Wise Flows As Nirvana And Bliss LoVE iN Peace

Breathing For Real Dear Lord Mr. Gottfried

New And Improved Doesn’t Always

Come Second or Third or

Whatever Is New The

Idea of Compassion

Being A Greatest Worthy

Ethical Way of Life Leaving

No One Left Behind Stuck in the

Grasping Dry Left Hemisphere of Mind

Trapped With No Colors of Heaven Within

To Paint the Wind Free Becoming Yes One With

Gravity Air Wings Above So Below Water Ocean

Waves Whole God Yes THere is A Bigger Picture

Than the Politics of Bending Over And Kneeling

To A Target Audience As Both Politician and

Constituents Become Slaves oF iGNoRancE

Now For What It Even Means to Breathe

Free Yes Be Wind God Yes Be Gravity

Be Water Be God i Am

No Separation New Yes

From All That is Real Now

So Much Greater Than Only

A Symbol And Three Letters For A Word

mY FRiEnD God Yes in ThiS WaY i Only Vote For Real God

i’ve Already Tried the ‘New Coke’ It is Full of Promises of More

Sugar And Sticks of Eternal Burning Hell Yet What it Fails to Do

Is Breathe iN A Greater Way

oF LoVE iN Peace


With SMiLes

Yes the Politics
of Dancing Singing TRuE LiGHT

Free Other Than That True i Have

No Skeletons in Closets to Run for

Office Jesus F in Christ my Skeletons

Are Practically Hanging Every WHeRE

i Can’t Even Die For All the Metro Area

Who has Filmed me And Photographed

me in 6 Inch Screens for the Last

9 Years and 6 Months For

A ‘Holy Fool’s’ Public Dance

Oh God Yes Real Every WHere

i Go Politics is the Art of Influence

If You Really Want to Make a Difference

Continue Practicing Arts That Bring SMiLes

To Others Yet You See Mr. Gottfried You Are

Already Doing This Returning to Visit You is Just Being Wind

Water Waves

Ocean Whole

With Gravity

FLYiNG God Wings
A Key to Success is Yes

God Yes Seeing the Face of God

In Every/ALL Human EYeS And SMiLes

As Well As Those Too Ignorant to See Who Only Frown…

And Of Course ‘The Normal’ All of the In Between of Purgatory


aS Only
‘Luke Warm
Or Cold’ mY FRiEnD…

Concluding Another
966 WordS HeAVeN ON EartH

At LeasT Hehe…

Let’s Do 33 More Words Mr. Gottfried

You See Truly Key Too Is Leading The

Choir From the Back PeW AS iT iS Very



Place of Eternal Soul
WinD iN A Shell


Hear New

Now Dear
Savvy With SMiLes…

ShoreS UNFoLDinG

BeacH SoUL GRoWinG..:)


FRiEnDS With Gravity

iNDeeD Dear Savvy

The Freedom of Wind

The Flow of Water

The Phases And

Phrases of Moon

That Humans May

Co-Create Now For Sublime
Beauty or Nightmares They
Call on Coming For Real New too

iNDeeD The In Between oF TWiLiGHT

As Day Creates Night BReaKinG Dawn

As Night Creates Day Change The

Only Reality That Never Changes

Flexibility Our Ability to Adapt

And Maintain Balancing

Force of NaTuRE ALL

Or Not For Relative

Free Will Is On Our
Side When We Continue

To LiGHT Up Life Free As
Wind Sees And Waves Breathe..:)

SMiLes Although Some Now Take A Higher
Road New Sadly The Prophecy of The Fictional

Movie Series ‘The Minions’ Comes True

Dear Miriam Again and Again and Again

Wherever There is A Serial

Killer There Will Still Be
A Crush With Love Letters
From Distant Extremely Bad
Boy Lovers And Wherever There

Is A Despicable Leader Who Says
His Supporters Will Follow Him Even

If He Shoots Someone on 5th Avenue
And Does His Best to Overturn A Fair
Representative Democracy in So Many

Damned Despicable Ways Even Getting

Some Billionaire Run So-Called Faux News Show

By Joining In On A Biggest Lying Ruse

It Still Won’t Matter Some Folks

Will Continue to Follow the

Most Despicable Leaders

And Human Beings

HiSToRY Continues

To Show ‘Nightmare

On Elm Street’ is Some

Folk’s Truest Dreams to
Bring into Real Darkness of Fruition

It Is Just Part of the Human Condition

Classical Evolution Is Slow And Folks
Still Follow Most Despicable Leaders And Other

Boys too

‘What Ya Gonna
Do When the Law
Catches Up With You
Bad Boy Bad Boy Just
More Bad Boy Bad Boy Bad Boy…’

And Of Course Yes Applicable to
All Genders As Well All Too Human too…

Other Than That my Childhood Name is Freddy And
YeS i AM Literally Raised on Elm Street Before That


Street in the 60’s too…

Shortly After Being
Born on 6.6.60

Be Careful Yes

Be Very Careful
About ‘Omens’ Life
Teaches me So Well Too…

It’s Up to All of Us to Co-Create
Better Omens Still to Come or Not Now..:)

“We are all mere wind in a shell
Indeed… beautiful associations.
Wind in a shell Winding & unwinding
Our thoughts We are travellers shoring
Our souls One beach to another
Evolving along the way…

-Savvy Raj

oF FLoWinG
WaveS And
Wind i Shall
Quote You
Dear Savvy
With SMiles☺️🏝🌊

Mercy for ALL
The Blessing
Of God to Be
Love Within True🌹

Aww.. i Am So Happy to
Hear You Are in Heaven
Dear Astha Will Pray That
You Make That Your Home
Forever Haha Sweet of You
To Say i Am like a Rainbow
To Motivate

You my Wife

Says i Am

Something Hehe

Yet She’s Not Sure
What With Smiles
Stay Love Dear No




To Bloom Keep
CoLoRinG The WorldπŸ˜ŠπŸπŸ™πŸ€—

Ah Yes Astha There is No Greater Feeling
Now Than Not Having to Hide Who You

Are Particularly

From One You

Love For How

Does Love Hide

From Who We Are

True It Does When We Hide
How Wonderful It is For Every Breath Enough..:)

SMiLes Dear Sohair
War Is Hell Love Comes

From Peace

Where Fear
Falls Anger Rises
Hate Breeds Discontent,
Misery, And All Matters

Of Harming Back What
Is Never Loving to Begin With Now For Real

The End of Wars Starts With the Individual iNHaLinG
Peace, Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT in Truth oF Light
That’s Love, Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing Compassion

With Least Harm For
All Only A Nightmare
of Fear, Discontent, Misery
And All Matters of Harming All

When Love Steps Out of the Room
When Peace Leaves The Home of Love

LiGHT to
See OuT of
DarK mY FRiEnD

WitH SMiLes..:)

Undefined Always
Beginning New Now
Original Creativity

Breathes Real Now
With No Lessons
To Pre-Plan Just

Blood FLoWinG
Through LiGHT
CoLoRinG World
Free So Differently
Now With Effortless Ease
in Autotelic Flow As Novelty

Becomes A Tight Rope Dance Ever
Higher Yet Still Always Effortless in Ease

Doing Ever More Now For Real to See and

For Free
Just Loving
iT All NoW..:)

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
Most Beautiful Colors
of Roses


of Droughts
Same As Most
Beautiful Oaks Dancing

Deeper Roots Searching
For Water Within Below
As So Above Grows More

Beautiful Than Ever Before
Green CoLoRinG

As Scars
of DarK

Nature’s Love For Life..:)

Ah Yes Dear Savvy
Experiencing A

Grain of Sand

In An Hour
Glass Now

Only Flowing
Up or Down

Still Always
Gravity Center BaLaNCiNG
All iN All EVeRMoRE NoW iN Flow…:)

YeS iT’s TRuE NeW Words Carry Letters
oF Old Words Mountains Of LoVE ResT oN

GRains Of Sand Newly NoW FoR ReaL

SMiLes Dear Sohair Giving Sharing
Caring HealinG Eternal Reward
Within Now So Much More New
Heaven Now Than
Taking Hoarding
Callous Harming
A World That

Itself Living Dies

How Blissed
We Are To
Live As
LoVE iN Peace


SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
So True Problems
Are Sling-


Even Higher

“Stop Signs”

For Banging
MindS AGAinst

Without Creative Effort
iN Flow of Focus to:

Fly Up



DowN NoW
These Living Trees
BreathinG Love For All
Life NaturAlly NoW AT Ease..:)

iNDeeD Dear Hawaii
FRiEnD All Afternoon
And Evening Public
Dance Now To
Rest Feet And
Let my Finger
Tips Dance
And Sing on
This Poetic Keyboard

i’ll Let my Finger Tips
Do All The Free Play Now

Surfing to You
🌊 🌊☺️πŸπŸ™Œ

Quick To Assassinate What
They Don’t Have ‘Hardware/Software ‘
To Understand More Than Only Grasp

MuSinGS Dancing FLoW iN Walmart



Art Frees Within Reason Grasps
THE External Won’t Take A Rocket
Scientist To Determine Eternal Now

SMiLes Dear Sohair inDeed Fortunate

i Am to Be Currently in A Being of LoVE iN Peace

Naked Enough Whole Complete Without Nearly As

Many Challenges As Most Folks Face in Life of Course
Namely You too


With SMiLes
For Where You
Live Best Wishes
And Prayers For You
And All You LoVE As Well…

Yes i’ve Lived Long Enough to
See Feel and Sense This Climate
Change is Part of what Humankind is

Doing to Our Nature All Around Us And Within

Us As Well Out of Balance With the Rest of Nature

That Is Antithetical For Any Species on Earth Willing to

Continue to
in Balance
For Real and True

While Some Folks STiLL May Deny The External

Changes It’s Very Hard to Deny What is Happening

To Even Teenage Girls in the United States As the

Center For Diseases Here Shows in Large Study

That 57 Percent of These Girls Are Lonely Sad
And Depressed Interfering With Functioning in Life

And Close to A Third Have Considering Ending Their Life

True This Climate Change Within Did Not Exist ThiS Way

When i am Young True Challenges Always Yet Rarely Did We

Ever Hear About A Teenage Girl Considering Suicide Losing

All Hope And Will For Even Living mY FRiEnD This is the Future

of the Species The

Women Who Will
Be Up to the Task
of Being Mothers

Nurturing Children For
LoVE iN Peace With Empathy
And Compassion For All mY FRiEnD

Or Not

Or Not

At All

As Japan
May Foreshadow
What Will Happen Here

When Young Folks Are No
Longer Even Interested in

‘Getting Together’ to Keep
The Species Going at all

Yet True in Some Areas
of the World Without

“All These Advantages” of
Instant Gratification Turning

Humanity Sour to the Joy of

LiVinG WiTHiN Giving Sharing
Caring Healing For All With Most
Respect Least Harm THiS WaY iN JoY
oF LiGHT Naked Enough Whole Complete

True There Are Some Humans Who May Be

Impoverished in Money and Things in the World Yet Still Naked

Enough Whole Complete For What Humanity Means For Living

in Balance

With Each

Other And The
Rest of Nature Real LoVE iN Peace

Alternately When Money and Stuff Now
YeS iNSTanT Gratification Becomes More

Important Than Humanity Humanity

Just Slowly Fades Away out of Balance

It’s Not too Hard to See and Hear Feel and

Sense For Those STiLL With Enough Place
Of SouL WiTHiN To Pay Attention For Real mY FRiEnD

So Hard
to Do Almost

Damned if They
Don’t Damned if
They Do For Some
Folks For Real Trapped

in Environments With So Much Money And Stuff

Yet So Little of Humanity in LoVE iN Peace Within

Climate Change of the Soul Draining Just Draining AWaY

in A Vortex

of A Sink

That Goes

Down Down
Down Even More

Oh to Rise Again

Yes Been THeRE
And Done it For Real mY FRiEnD

i Do Understand Both Sides Fairly Well

True the Ups and Downs of Life’s Waves

Lost From Water And Ocean Whole LoVE iN Peace…

So What Shall i Do i Shall Dance Sing Free And Bring SMiLes


i Go Spreading

The Other Place For Real
God Willing of Nature For
Real As Long As i LoVinG LiVE iN Peace With SMiLes..:)

SMiLes Yaksh Thanks So Much For Dropping By “ArT oF SmART
LiVinG LoVE iN Peace” With Kind Words of Appreciation Hehe

Dear Lord i Finished the Writing Portion of “NeVeR ENDinG
ALWaYS UNFoLDinG FLoWeR” Last Friday the 24th of
February Yet Still Compiling Multi-Media to Publish That

Electronically Yes While Writing the Next Effort After That
Too “Never Land Bible 9 MiLLioN WordS Old 81 Months” Now
As The Title Details What This Celebration is All About too Hehe

Yet That’s Just One Ongoing Subchapter EPiC Long Form Poem
of Entire “SonG oF mY SoUL” 11.4 MiLLioN Words in 9 Years
And 6 Months Now As There is Also Ongoing “FB Profile
Pic Bible” EPiC Long Form Poem Subchapter That is at
7.4 MiLLioN Words in 69 Months of Effort too Where

i Actually Back That Effort Up in Series of About 18 Facebook
Profile Pics in the Description Areas of those Pics Fully Illustrating
Around 8,000 Words or So in Each Description Area of the Pics and

Oh Lord i Didn’t Realize There is Any Limit to FB Profile Pics as
Apparently i Have Hit the Limit of 10,000 Profile Pics Since i
Started Adding A Few Back in 2011 So When Those Older Profile

Pics Disappear to Make Room For New Ones Eventually When

The Profile Pics Are All Ones That Hold “FB Profile Pic Bible” Yes

Around 10,000 FB Profile Pics Will Hold 8,000 Words in the Description
Areas Specific to Series of 18 or So Illustrating Each 8,000 Words Yes

Which Means The 10,000 Profile Pics Will Eventually House
80 MiLLioN Words Ongoing of “FB Profile Pic Bible” And

Eventually of Course All oF iT Won’t Fit in Yet it’s All in
my Blogs Anyway For the Total Longest EPiC Long Form
Poem “SonG oF mY SouL” Where What i Casually Name

As An Ongoing 8th New Testament of Most Recent Efforts
For 30 Months Arises to 2.4 MiLLioN Words in One Solo

Thread online on The “Wrong Planet” Named “Depth

of The Story” Very Watered Down Yet Mostly Easy to

Open With Not Nearly As Much Multi-Media to Share

With the Community on That Website For Neurodiverse

Folks Where Informal Polls Show Many IQ’s There Ranging

From 140 to 160 As Well Yes So Many Diverse Minds to Listen to
And Entertain With SoUL of Poetry Philosophy Free too Beyond

All Guidelines
And Instruction
Books Externally

As Such Just FLoWinG

Free From Deep Within of
Course Intermixed With all

i Have Experienced As A Human
Being in Life Nearly 63 Years This June 6th, 2023 Hehe

Fun Fact The Last Two Pages 64, 65 of That Effort Averaged
60,000 Words Which Means Yes Each Page Now Holds New

The Size oF A Real Novel of Poetry From Top to Bottom

Where When You Use A Mouse to Scroll Down Yes You

May Consume the Size of A Novel From Top to Bottom in
Just A Second or Two of Turning the Pages in One Page That Way

Of Course i Didn’t Really Expect Anyone to Try to Chew on an Effort

of Free Verse Poetry This Large Yet to my Surprise the Effort on the
Wrong Planet Has Gained Close to 150,000 Views Just From the

Registered Members There i Also Administrate Several Other

Blogs As Well That Basically Provide the Similar Poetry

As Well of “SonG oF mY SoUL” Just To Give, Share,
Care, Heal For Free as i Buried the Need for Any

More Money 15 Or So Years Ago Hehe

Just ReTired my FRiEnD New

Tread On Wheels Once

Barren Metal

of Soul

And Rather
Grey in SHaDES
of Life Without All
THiS UNFoLDinG New of Colors
oF “SoNG oF mY SoUL” NoW For Real

i Enjoy Exploring Human Potential Yet

i Don’t Expect Anyone to Either Consume
What i Do or Offer Affirmation Either As

The Bliss the Nirvana is All in the Flow

of Increasing Human Potentials in

Effortless ‘Wu Wei’ Ease The

Place Within to Find

The Kingdom

of Heaven For Real Newly

Now And Keep The Story Going
in Both Dance And Song For Real

As Yes After Celebrating “Never Land Bible
9 MiLLioN WordS Old 81 Months” Will Be Next

The Celebration of “18,000 Miles oF Public Dancing”
Presently at Mile Marker 17,923 Miles Not too Much

Further To Go With SMiLes For That Effort of 9 Years
And 6 Months too Since August 26th of 2013 That Yes
Brings More Smiles Than May Be Counted Above With

(Of Course Including Some of Those SMiles to Illustrate too)

EYeS For Stars For Human SMiLes Yes All Around my Metro
Area Now For Real Among a Population of About 600 Thousand
in the Two County Area And True Yes As Far As Biloxi Mississippi
And Tallahassee Where Folks From Biloxi At the Casinos Recognized
my Free Public Dance All the Way From Pensacola While my Wife Was
Playing Free Play With The Machines Sponsored By A Church Tour Bus

And Of Course i Was
Dancing The Beaches

in The Freezing Cold of
Winter And Summer Heat

5 Years Once A Month Doing That As Well
in This “Dance And SonG oF mY SoUL” ReaL
It’s Just A Retirement Hobby Who Knows What Will Come

Next i Always Look Forward To Change And Adventure ThiS Way

From DarK
Thru LiGHT


World Newly Now
i Co-Create Even More

Yep Adding a Few Verses
And New Dance Steps As i Continue to CoMe Again..:)

“Fiction Reveals Truth That Reality Obscures”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Life of Connections Multi-Cultural Newly Now
All Around the Globe A Book Store A Collection

of Human Ideas and Images oh God Yes Yes!

Sparking So Many More Sublime Wondrous

Awe iNSPiRinG Feelings Senses Synergy Verily

Yes Greater Than Just The Parts of Words and

Images From This And That Book God Yes Truly


This Art We Partake And Share As Loving Human Beings iN Peace

Where True Dreams Will Come to Fruition in the Fruits of Labor We Create

iN Arts of LiVinG

Breathing Holding Hands

ThiS WaY iF Only in A Fiction of

SouL We Create in Organic Art of Us

WHeRE Our Finger Tips May Never Touch

Yet Still SPiRiT HeART SoUL Holds Hands Hugs

And SMiLes ToGeTHeR As Feelings and Senses

That Bond Humanity Close And So Far Away

Yet Closer ART of MiND And BoDY


to Relate It’s Amazing

Being An Avatar And

Touching Another Avatar’s Soul For Real

For It’s True in ThiS Way You’ve Touched me

iN Ways Perhaps That Flesh and Blood Never Will

So What is Reality Is It Form or The Essence of Our Souls

Truly It is Both How Wonderful it is to Be Human And Alive mY FRiEnD

Where THeRE is No Division of He And ART For HeART SPiRiT SoULS

Mind And
Body Whole
Avatars Dance
And Sing New Arts
Around the World to Feel
And Sense As Real As Real
Gets So Very Deep Within
Unfolding FLoWeR NeW Yes

CoLoRS to Be i Am We aRe aLiVE…

Yet It’s True Only A Deeper
Soul Unfolding Will Do…

This FLoWeR

Blooming WiTHIN

Just Coming Out to
Play With Butterfly Wings Free

SPRinG Ever More Summer FLoWeRS Dance Sing Colorfully iN

Fall Praises For Leaves Fertilizing Winter Frozen Soul Soil

Souls Green

‘Leaves of
Grass’ Arise
Again Alive With SMiLes

EYeS Seeing Forever New Spring Now

FRiEnDS With Gravity

iNDeeD Dear Savvy

The Freedom of Wind

The Flow of Water

The Phases And

Phrases of Moon

That Humans May

Co-Create Now For Sublime
Beauty or Nightmares They
Call on Coming For Real New too

iNDeeD The In Between oF TWiLiGHT

As Day Creates Night BReaKinG Dawn

As Night Creates Day Change The

Only Reality That Never Changes

Flexibility Our Ability to Adapt

And Maintain Balancing

Force of NaTuRE ALL

Or Not For Relative

Free Will Is On Our
Side When We Continue

To LiGHT Up Life Free As
Wind Sees And Waves Breathe..:)


Gratitude For Every Ray
Of Sunshine And Colors

New of Moon To Create

Yes Paint the Wind Colors Even More

Beyond Infinity

No Human


Limitations From Before


WitH SMiLes..:)

God Yes As ‘They’ Dance And Sing ‘Let
Your Love Flow Like A Mountain

Stream’ Finding Least Resistance

Yes in Peace of Calm Dear Kiran

And At the Bottom of the Mountain

Creating A Huge Lake

Every one May

Swim in
To Lift
THeir SoULS Up
Peace WaTeR WHoLE NeWLY NoW..:)

Ah Yes Dear Kiran By Very Nature Truth

Is Confident Secure With Little to No

Need to Express Anger

Only Change For

The Better For Those
With Faith True For
What They Believe is Truth..:)

iNDeed Dear Sohair Human Beings

Are Creatures of LoVE iN Peace

And Less Both Capable of

Bringing Great Dreams

to Fruition As ‘Well’

As SinKinG

Nightmares True too

And Yes Humans Typically Bond
And Bind Over Common Traditions
That Develop Into Literally Thousands
of Religions Across the Ages and Many
Many More Denominations and Sects Thereof

However The Important Part is Law And Order

As Humans Aren’t Always Particularly Rational

And often Driven By Con-Social Emotions More

Than the Bonding and Binding Over Tradition

That Pro-Social Emotions Lend For LoVE iN Peace

A Way oF
LiVinG THiS Way For
Real And While i may
Not Agree with Many
of the Catholic Traditions
in Dogma As Such Why i Go

is For the Human Moving Connecting

Co-Creating Force That Truly Gives Shares
Cares Heals When A Communion of LoVE

iN Peace Among Human Beings Integral
Harmonious And Radiant Spreads Among

Each Other Truly LiGHTiNG SoULS Up to

Treat Each Other More Kindly With Greater

Understanding and Forgiveness too Sadly Though

Not All Humans Are Kind Empathic Loving Merciful

Forgiving ThiS Way As Some Are Just Not Born and

Nurtured ThiS Way From Young All the Way ACRoSS A
Life of Real Challenge to Adapt to As Well Yes Without

Law and Order

Without Boundaries

So Some Humans Are Not
Allowed to Harm Each Other

As That is Precisely What They May
Use Their Relative Will and Freedom For

Sadly Often Finding Their Only Pleasure in
The Pain of Others Numb to Warm SoUL WiTHiN

For Real

Coming Out to
Dance And Sing
ToGeTHeR Free Warm THiS WaY
Accomplishing Best Face to Face
iN Warm Experiences THiS WAY Free..:)

SMiLes Dear Miriam
Best Wishes For More
Rainbows Peeking in

With SMiLes..:)

Twitter Age Hotel
No Rooms Available
Come And Go Humans

‘A’ Carrier Pigeon
oF LoVE Sincerely
Thanks For ALL The Crumbs…

You Re-Tire Wake Up One Day
Dance And Sing Holy Sh8t

i’M Human Again i’M 5

The Good News!!! Is!!! i WiLL
Dance Sing to: From: mY SoUL

‘They’ Labeled me Autistic Before

iCaMe Back As Artistic

Living In A Dead Poet’s
Society Newly Now Birthing

This ‘World’ Takes Your Child Away Even If You

Are A Child Moral oF A STory: Either We Ascend And

Transcend the Beginning or Stay at the End of The Beginning

Actors, Audiences, Spectators In Deed from Someone Else’s Play

Yet Writers, Directors of Burning ‘the House Down’ in Change: THE PLAYER

Be Good To Someone Else God Yes
Even Be Kind Science Shows
One Altruistic Act Provides
Greater Levels

Of Happiness

For Months

Do You See

What The Bully

Who Takes Wants

From The Giver

True The Bully

Does Not Feel
What The Giver Gives

Give Is The



The Giver
Grow Even

More Complete

To Give Sadly The
Vicious Cycle Is The

Love The Giver Feels
Complete May Be

Taken Away
From the



There is
No Love To
Give True Love
Is More Than


It Is A Self

Feeling To
Give As Science
Shows Yet only

For those


By Love That
Gives And Yes
There Is The



Of Love
The Empty

Where only
Pleasure Is



Others In Pain
So The Empty
Will At Least




Of Roses Giving
Fulfilling Colors oF LoVE🌹

It Is What We Feel And Sense Now
New That Is Most Real In FacT It Is All

That Is Real Work On All That (God)

Is Real If You Will Now Newly For Real Too..:)

Seems to get
It Yes Art of Chaos
Magic Springs New Now
Paradoxically Systematically

From DarK Thru LiGHT

Yes iN OPPoSinG
Forces of
Yin And

Yang Night And Day
Each Other Yep

Do Attract

Art Creating

MaGiC For Real Newly Now

SMiLes Hehe Dear Chaymaa
When Something Bad Happens
i do My Best to Put ‘Ruminations’

Away in Temporary


And Dance
The Night
Marrying it
Into Merrying the Day

Regulating Emotions
Integrating Senses
In Equilibrium of

Calm Waves

Again me

Yes, Naked
Enough, Whole
Complete mY FRiEnD For Real…

SMiLes Hehe, The First Thing
i Did Then When Escaping

Real HeLL ON EartH Within
For 66 Months then God Yes

Is Become So Different Than
Everyone Else that

i Could Never
Be Shamed


Anxiety Again

i Won’t Go into
ALL The Details
Yet It’s True i’ve Been
Basically Fear And Anxiety
Free for the Last 115 Months

What Works Works Being Different
to Truly Be Okay Naked, Enough, Whole


Worth it
No Matter
What the
of Tradition Dictate

However True One Must
Have A Plan to Keep Eating
And Drinking With Shelter of Love too

As Always my FRiEnD A Balance of Yin And Yang

Just the Way


Come and
Go Higher
And Lower Just

The Way the Ocean
Survives Water Waves Whole STill..:)

Silence of Dance
Brings Beauty

of Song

True No Song

Without Space
Between Notes
Dear Savvy With SMiLes..:)

LeSSoN 391 Put Peace And
LoVE iN Every Move Of
Dance Word Of Song

Ring Joy
For Every
Breath Of
Life With SMiLes
Holding All Hands

Ah God Yes SaaniaSparkle Emotions are At Essence
What Drives Basic Cognitive Executive Functioning

Synergy of All Feelings And Senses Flowing Head to

Toe Materially Reduced of Course to Chemical

And Hormonal Reactions Per Neurochemicals
And Neurohormones too Yes Like Quick Hits

of Dopamine That One May Get When Someone

Gets a Like on their Blog Or Those Who May Enjoy

Manipulating Others By Serial Liking Other Blog Posts

And Never Even Reading A Word Yet of Course Word Press

is Finally Cracking Down on That A Bit Particularly among Folks

Who Do it With Blogs They Don’t Even Follow Or Following Blogs Serially

This Way in A Like and Follow Rampage Spree As Such Of Course it’s Easier

To Figure Out When Your Blog
Posts Are 60 Thousand Words
Long And You Get to Hear the

Ding Ding Ding of 12 Likes

in 12 Seconds Or Whatever Hehe

As It’s True Lots of Folks Write Stuff
That May Be Read in a Matter of Seconds

More Akin to the Average Human Attention Span
Now Assessed By Science As Less than a Gold Fish
Yes Literally Less than 3 Seconds obviously You Are not

in that Average As You
Present In-Depth Posts

That Require Some Attention
And Focus to Get Through Yes Bravo to You

Back to Cognitive Executive Functioning Emotions

Are The Glue That Do Allow Greater Focus and Attention

Spans Greater Short Term Working Memory And Long Term

Memory Retrieval too Yet It’s Also True if We Are Distracted By

Too Many Tasks Like A Steady Stream of Short ‘Tik Tok Videos’

The Dopamine Hits May Become More of An addiction

Than Glue to Focus and Concentrate on One

Task in Flow With The Discipline it Takes

To Do More Than A Gold Fish

With SMiLes It’s an

Art And Yes True
to Manipulate Others

By Pulling Their Heart Strings

People Either Professionally or
Personally Develop ‘Hooks’ in Life to Do This

That May Lift Others Up or Strictly Be Used

For Selfish Means to Expand One’s Power or Status
in Life or Even For Material Gains Yet The Height of Giving

Is When the Giving Becomes the Receiving After One Becomes

Naked Enough Whole Complete No Longer Needing Something

to Add or
Subtract to
Become Whole

True Buddhists Recognize

This State of Naked Enough
Whole Complete Existence too The Wisdom
of Experience Brings The Best Places to Grow and Stay With SMiLes…

Anyway Studies of Folks Who Have Lost Their Emotions Show They Can’t
Even Muster The Ability to Choose What Color Socks to Wear And True

i Lost Mine too
For 66 Months

And Then Yes

With the Worst
Pain Known to
Humankind Type
Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia From Wake to Sleep
Along With a Synergy of 18 Other
Work-Stress Related Disorders in Life Threat too

Indeed Then i Learned the Importance of Emotions
As Without the Memory of if i Ever Smiled Before
Per Feelings i Didn’t Have the Glue Required For Focus

To Even Play a Game of Tic-Tac-Toe with my Wife Ironic

The Name of ‘Tik Tok’ Is As in Effect it Creates

Functionally Disabled Human Beings

With Less Attention Span
And Focus

And Short Term
Working Memory
And Long Term Memory
Retrieval Too Yes i Stay Clear

of Instant Gratification Activities

As i Rather Be A Blue Whale than
Gold Fish i Rather ‘Paint The Colors of

The Wind ‘in A New Way That Has Never

Been Done or Felt Before Instead of Just

Being the Spectator

And Audience

of Someone
Else’s Play


That Way to Never

Become The Authentic me

And This is Why it’s Probably

Best if You Don’t Read This Hehe
And Just do Your Own Thing as i

Do it For the Bliss of Flow As the
Giving is No Different Than the

Receiving ThiS Way Plus

of Course Being

Retired and
Helps too Yep

People Gotta Do
What They Gotta Do to
Survive Even if it is Truly

Insane For the World Works
Now in So Many Ways of ‘Twitter’

Where indeed The Discontent
of Angers And Fears in Arousal
Eventually Lead to Sadness

Like 57 Percent of Teen-
Age Girls These Days

in the United States
Studied By The CDC

As Sad Lonely and Depressed

With A Third of Them Considering
Taking Their Own Life As They Don’t
Even Feel Life is Worth Living

This All Accelerating With the
‘Quick Fixes’ of Social Media

Since 2009 It’s Predictable

As It’s Just Human Nature

Yet Only Predictable For Folks Who
Develop More Emotional Intelligence

Than What it Takes to Just Buy and Sell
Things Putting People Last Instead of First
And The Rest of Nature too in Feeling Sensing

ThiS Way True..:)

Oh Dear Lord Yaksh too Exhausted From An Afternoon and
Evening Dance to Read Over What i Wrote Yesterday Yes An Epic
Typo Comes in terms of Naming “Nether Land Bible 9 YearS Old 81 Months”

As Yes Haha i Mis-titled It “Never Land Instead of Nether Land” Hehe

Yet Really Either Title Could Fit in Per a Bible That Always Flies

Online And Never Comes to Earth in Forms of Paper Books

Yes A Place Here with No Moon or Stars or Even Sun

Truly Beyond Distance Space Time and Matter

As i Don’t Have to Be Present or Even

Alive For Folks to Read it in this

Blogosphere Place As Such

Yet of Course iN A Way that Part
is True For Even Older Bibles too Hehe

Yet Advantage to me As i Get to Correct Typos

As the Original Ghost Authors Who Are Nameless

For Sacred and Holy Text of Past Had No Control Over

Who Would Write or Copy The Text in terms of Mistakes

And Intentional Changes too Like in the Christian Bible Where
It Names ‘Jesus’ as “The” Son of God Where That Mistranslation

Originally Written in Greek By Romans Means “A” Son of God As of course

We aRe All Children of God ThiS Way All Parts Even Beyond Us As Parts of the

Whole as Many Religions And Philosophies and Even Sciences Agree with Too…

True Even Carl Sagan

Says We aRe Made of

Star Stuff True as

Super Nova Explosions

in Crucible Fires Creating

Gaseous Stellar Dust Brings

The Iron in Our Blood Streams that
Makes it Possible For Us to Breathe

As Well As At Core of Mother Earth Keeping

in Touch With the Fact That Trees Create The Oxygen

We Breathe too in A Finely Tuned Circle of Life That Keeps

On Spiraling Above At the Milky Way Level in Moving Dance

of All Matter And Below to Subatomic Level as Well All Existence

Spiral Dances On With All Vibrations And Frequencies of the MuSiC

of Existence Within Inside Outside Above So Below And All Around

Creating All the Energies of Life in Synergies in Moving Connecting

God Yes Co-Creating Ways That Allows Us Humans Our Potential

To Inhale Peace Exhale LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Giving
Sharing Caring Healing With Most Respect and

Least Harm Naked Enough Whole

Complete As We May

Still Be Born to

Innately Instinctually

And Intuitively Cooperate ThiS Way

Yet True Easier to Do in Smaller Homogenous

Groups That Bond And Bind Over Common Meaning

And Purpose As Humans Co-Create These Stories of

Life to Cooperate in Moving Connecting

Co-Creating Ways of Life

in Collaboration

That Generally

We Name Religions

So Many Thousands Around the

World And So Many Denominations

Of Even Christianity Numbering 45 Thousand

Plus too Some More Mystical And Spiritual Leaning

Others More Literal And Concrete Putting the Concept

of God in Chains of No Change As If We Get to Tell God

What God Can And Cannot Do And of Course Each Other

For Order and Control too of Larger Societies too

To Survive and Even Thrive Yet Of Course

it is Both An Art of Painting Life

Differently And A Science

of Ordering Life

The Same

Always Changing

Just Like the Rest of Nature True

Best in Balance Yes Yet True Worthy

Exploring All Our ‘Underground’ of the

Great Within Of Our Subconscious Minds

Where Yes Only About A Half of A Percent of

Our Human Processes Are Word Think Alone Yes

As “Nether Land Bible” Addresses The Great Unknown

As i Go On Fishing Expeditions Every Day And Always

Now in This Flow of Stream of Conscious Writing in Meditative

And Contemplating Ways of Exploring More of What Human Potential Is

So Yes Either Nether Land Bible or Never Land Bible Would Work As Title

Yet Of Course

‘Peter Pan’

Already Has
‘Neverland’ For
His Abode With
His ‘Lost Boys’ Who
Are FRiEnDS And Fairies
Like ‘Tinker Bell’ And ‘Wendy’ too

True ‘Captain Hook’ And Others too Yes

And in Metaphor We Have Most All These

Similar Characters in Life to Navigate the

DarK And Brighter Waters of Life Both

Deeper And Shallower too With

SMiLes oh Yeah and Yes it is

Pages 63 and 64 That Average

60 Thousand Words the Size of

A Novel of Poetry on the ‘Wrong Planet’

in my Solo Thread “Depth of The Story”

As i am Not Even Half Way Through the
65th Page Now Just to Clarify That Typo too

As Again True The Author of This EPiC Long
Form Poem Bible is Still Breathing Now to Both

Correct Typos And Clarify Misunderstandings

of Meanings too Yet True many Metaphors of

Changing Meanings too Depending on How

We Evolve Truly As SPiRiTS HeARTS SoULS

Mind And Body Whole in This Great Adventure

Life May Still Come to Be Or ReMeMBeR too With
SMiLes Through All the Arts That Humans Bring Free And New…

And Here is Another Key of Overall Life Success Do Not Fret Over

Mistakes or Other Darkness in Life Look Forward to New Doors That

Open Up New Rooms of Potential in Life Make The Lemons Lemonade

With Smiles
As an Old
Cliche or

True Create
A Much Greater

Cliche to Come And

Inspire Someone to Create

Potential Even Much Greater too

This iS How We Grow This iS How

We All Evolve and Progress As

A Species With SMiLES..:)

Gratitude For Every Ray
Of Sunshine And Colors

New of Moon To Create

Yes Paint the Wind Colors Even More

Beyond Infinity

No Human


Limitations From Before


WitH SMiLes..:)


aN ONly ‘Thing’ MiSSinG When We Put
People Last And The ‘Things’ of Life First

Is Our Humanity Dear Savvy Free Dancing

Singing Loving Peace We May Forget

Our World Filled With Tools We

Co-Create and Become

Is New And

Now We aRe Both
The Guinea Pigs and
Scientists of Our Own Experiment

As True We Continue to Arrive in
Fast Changing Never Explored

Territory Before in A Machine

World Externally And

Within As Well

As We Continue
to Become More

Machine Than Flesh And
Blood Human Yes Technology

Has Advantages Key to Life Mastering

‘The Tool’ And Not Becoming Mastered By

The Tools We Co-Create That Were Originally

Designed to Love Life More Peacefully What is

Sadly Forgotten

Now is The New

Within Yes Our
Shining LiGHT
Radiating LoVE iN Peace For All
Learning To Fly Again With Wings

oF LoVE iN Peace..:)

Ah Yes Dear Kiran
Marry The Night
Merry The Day

Night Creates Day
Dark Creates LiGHT

Integral DarK And LiGHT
iS to All DarK iS LiGHT


With SMiLes

Yes Those Who Fear
DarK Are Often Cynical oF LiGHT

Balance Paramount TWiLiGHT

WHeRE DarK Meets LiGHT

ToGeTHeR No Longer

Afraid or


Wings to Fly
As Without Shadows
There is No Sunshine

or Us With SMiLes..:)

Moon As Far Away
Or Close How
We Color It
True to Our
SoULS Free With
SMiLes Dear Isha..:)


Hanging Out
To Dry “Roll
The Bones” Yes
Having Another
Try Mr Gottfried
‘Ball Of Confusion’
Vote For
me Free Hehe
‘Rap On Brother

Rap On’
Balls of
Confusion… 🌎 🌍 🌏

Love Is The
Only God
Living NowπŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

LoVinG All





From Within

Freely Giving

Sharing River

Ever FLoWinG


No Fear

Caring Healing

New Now Beyond

Measure Giving Yes 🏝 🌊☺️πŸ€—

Sharing Free Never Ending Now

i Never Had
A Daughter
That Makes

me Happy
You See me
As A Father


i Am Finally
Growing Up



Easy Being
Peter Pan Hehe☺️

Awesomely Sweet
Astha Love Breathes
In Your Words


Escapes To
The World Other
Than That The Scene

Reminds me
Of When i
Am 21 And
A Girl Asked
Me To Her Prom We
Walked on A Beach
At Midnight Just Like




i Was Too
Shy To Kiss
Years Later When
She Was The Nurse

Delivering Our Baby
Who Only Survived
51 Days She Told me
At 37 Years-old That
She Had a Child Born



She Really
Respected the
Way i Was Then

Naive That’s All As
She Married The Guy

She Dated The Next
Night Apparently i Was
A Safe Bet Of An Older

Guy to Make Him Jealous
Through The Years One of
Her Friends Said She Did

me Wrong i was Just
Happy to Go Somewhere
With A Lovely Girl As

She Made me Smile

Still Have The Picture
Of That Prom Hehe We

Looked So Happy Yet
Really Barely Knew Each



How Beautiful 🌝 🏝

The Moon Was That Night

i Have A Movie Maker

Memory 41 Years Ago

Still Feel And Sense And

See It All today Like

No Time



All And That’s
Real Life Magic
Sweet Memories
That Stay And Those
We Create And Breathe



And Other Arts 🎭 ☺️

True The Truth
Of A Dead Leaf
Is Life Is Death




Life Will
Not Consume
The Truth Death

SMiles Dear Cindy
Being in “The Green”
All Colors of Nature
Flow of
Truly An Only
Source of Peace
For me Working
In The Yard Escaping
WorKinG For Money

NaTuRE ALways
First Place Love
FoR Me With SMiles☺️πŸ€—πŸ™

Indeed Dear Sohair
What Makes God Within
So Personal Is There is Truly
Some Suffering and Joy

Only Known
Felt and

That No One
Else Yet God Within
Seems to Understand

mY FRiEnD..:)

THorn Gift of

FLoWeR Protecting
Rose To Bloom How
Colors of
Dear Mariana..:)

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Yes Now
Best Move Forward For Dance
Best Word Forward For Song

Always Forward
This Dance
And Song

Springs Blooming
More Colorful Than


Every Failure Opens A
Door to A New UNiVeRSE
Of Potential As Every Breath


Way to
Every Exhale
Giving Love More..:)

SMiLes First Came “My Space”
Then “Facebook” Along With

“Instagram” And Dear

Lord Now There Is

“Tik Tok” And Several

Second Video Shorts Many

Folks of Many Ages Scroll Through

5 to 6 and More Hours a Day Mindlessly Yes Dear Sohair

Particularly if They Feel Stressed And or Depressed

By Their Own
Reports Now of

Course As The Statistics
Continue to Show Gold

Fish Less Attention

Spans of the Average
American Yes Less Than 3 Seconds

So Divided in Quick Dopamine Hits ThiS Way
in Instant Gratification Oh What they Might Otherwise

Do in Focus on Task in Flow of Creativity and Productivity

Generated Within Instead of Spoon Fed As Only Audience
Members And Spectators Same Yet True This Has Been

Going on Ever Since Radio Through TV Through VCR’s

And Now HDTV too With Even More Dopamine

Colorful Satisfaction of Instant Gratification

in More Bright Colors Coming to Screen

Of Course Marketing Ploys to

Divide And Add Our Attention
Spans to Make Money to Make Money

And to Make Even More Money in Corporate
Ways of Dominating Us And Nature too As A Byproduct

of Lack of Attention to What it Even Means Now to Be Fully

Human Fully Part of Nature Naked Enough Whole Complete Yes

Not So Clothed By the Distractions of Instant Gratifications Dear

Sohair Where We Actually Generate Originality New in Creativity

Within Same As Our Ancestors Taking New Paths Finding New

Resources to Survive and Thrive Together in REAL FLESH




THEN as it’s True
HNDD Human Nature
Deficit Disorder and NDD
Nature Deficit Disorder is

The Problem We All Have
At Hand to Deal With Now to WAKE



AND RADIANT As Rays of Sunshine Coming Within Dancing

With SMiLes..:)

Thanks Dear
Sohair More
SMiles of
Singing to Come☺️πŸŒΉπŸ™

“Sometimes love is not enough.”

Trust me Dear Cindy i Feel i Sense

Exactly Where You Are Coming From

Of Course Only in my EYes At Least Yes

As i’ve Been on the Other End of the Rope

Where Even Demons Fear

to Tread Within

Yet True Fortunate

Enough to Escape

i Could Never Send

Anyone to Where i’ve Been

Nor Surely Judge Anyone For

Still Living in ‘That Place’

Low Enough


To Lift
Up With No Restraint..:)

“Calgon Take me Away” Dear Miriam

True It’s More Than An Advertising

Logo to Sell Shampoo Like a Relaxing

Bath In Meditating Contemplating Flow

One With Nature Leaves Birds And Bees

FLoWeRS UNFoLDinG ‘Zen’ ‘Tao’

in ‘Wu Wei’ Ways With So Many

Other Metaphors For LoVE iN Peace

DarK Thru LiGHT

Leaves RiSinG

Green Falling

Same Brown

To Return Leaves
of Grass Green Key True

Creating This Spring Within
iNTo LiGHT Yes CoLoRinG
Rebirth Newly Now From
DarKness Life May BRinG..:)

“Nether Land Bible 9 YearS Old 81 Months” Oh Dear Lord Another Day Yes too
Exhausted to Read Over What i Wrote For Silly Typos and Mistakes Yet True As

Mused at the End of the Night Around 2 AM Yes Early Today After Such A Busy
Day on the First Day of March Half Asleep Again to Complete A Day of

Writing And Dancing And Working Out And All Of The Other

‘Stuff’ Of Life Too That Happens Day to Day As The Honda

Place Seems to Be Behind Delivering Our New

Platinum White Pearl Touring Edition

2023 CRV Scheduled For February

As Now We Move into March the 2nd

Anyway i Digress And Correct Yet Another

EPiC Typo as the Title of What i am Currently Writing
Is “Nether Land Bible 9 MiLLioN WordS Old 81 Months”

Yet That Brings me to the Attention That 81 Months is Actually

6 Years and 9 Months Where A Bit of Synchronicity Comes to LiGHT

A-Causal Connecting Really Only Psychological Meaningful Coincidences

Unique to my Efforts of Writing 3 Titled Long Form Poem EPiC Bibles at

Once True You Know What ‘They’ Say About 3,6,9 And Keys to Understanding

All That is of Existence Now As Yes “SonG oF mY SoUL” Parent of The Other

Two EPiC Long Form Poem Bible Subchapters is 9 Years and 6 Months Old Yes

AKA 114 Months at 11.4 MiLLioN Words and “FB Profile Pic Bible” is 69 Months Old at
7.4 MiLLioN Words Dear Lord That’s A Lot of 6’s and 9’s For 3 Ongoing EPiC Long

Form Bible Poems Indeed As True Beyond All Causation Per ‘Normal Reasoning’

What i Find Over and Over is a Kind of Beauty Arises Integral Harmonious

And Radiant Out of What Might Be Considered Chaos Like the Rest

of Nature That Operates Without Instructions Spoon Fed

From Birth By Abstract Constructs For What Humans

Create That Only Approximates Our Nature

At Hand Within Inside Outside
Above So Below And All

Around It’s Like the Shape

of This Free Verse EPiC Long Form

Poetry That is Not Preplanned That is

Intuitive As the Form Becomes The Essence

of the MuSiC of my SoUL SonG So Deep Within Yes

All Vibrations Frequencies And Energies of Existence in

Synergies Integral Harmonious And Radiating ThiS Way in Form

Of Beauty Not Unlike the Waves of the Ocean And the Stars Placed

Seemingly Randomly in Night Skies That Make Our Beautiful

Integral Harmonious Radiant Milky Way That We aRe All

A Part of As Home Within Inside Outside Above So

Below And All Around Integral Harmonious

And Yes Radiant For Those of Us Who

Ascend the Mundane of Abstract

Construct Reasoning

And Move into
A Transcending
Nature of Flow
Becoming Essence

of Free Art As the Rest of Moving Connecting
Nature Breathes So Free ThiS WaY Co-Creating

Not Only Trapped in Reasons of Abstract Constructs

Yet Again A Kind of Chaos Magic A Kind of Order Beyond Order

Springs Free Finding The Essence of ‘Real God’ in Every Breath of Life Real



And Radiant’ Adjectives

Recently A YouTube Catholic

Bishop Related Piled Higher And Deeper for ‘Beauty’

in PHD Ways of Relating Beauty (God) in Even Bigger

And Bigger Words of Jargon Specific to His PHD Education

So Far Beyond The ‘Common Members of His Congregation’

True there Are Different Ways of Bringing ‘Real God’ to LiGHT

Yet the
of Doing God
Now Ascending
Transcending NeW in
Free Art of CreativitY iN Flow

is Most Definitely The ‘Real Thing’
Beyond ‘ThingS’ ETernAlly Unfolding

FLoWeR For Real Newly Now Yet True

We Must Have Some Common Ground

To Mutually and Consensually Communicate too

This Same Experience Comes in a Free Flowing

Dance With No Words at All Yes The Experience of ‘REAL

God’ With Wings Ascending Transcending No End Always




For SouL Organic And Real

These Are Only Waves That
Come From (God Free) Real WiTHiN

Remnants Soul Fumes Placed on Page Free

Waves Ocean Water Whole Creating

New Spiraling Shore Lines iNDeed..:)

“The human head is bigger than the globe.
It conceives itself as containing more. It can
think and rethink itself and ourselves from any
desired point outside the gravitational pull of the earth.
It starts by writing one thing and later reads itself as
something else. The human head is monstrous.”

–GΓΌnter Grass, German Novelist

Seemingly Earth Bound Perhaps Misfit

Hmm, Looking At This Current Photo
It Just Doesn’t Look Like i Will Ever

Be A Pretty Ballerina Hehe

Yet It is True Just Recently

The Waitress at the iHop Breakfast

Restaurant Related to me That Her Tiny

Daughter Viewed me Public Dancing in Walmart

And Said i Looked

Like ‘Elsa’ The Pretty

Princess Dancing in the

Movie ‘Frozen’ Hehe By Disney

In the Aisles of Walmart By The Electronics Wide

Aisle As That is Where All The Cargo of Stock

Comes Out of the Store Room Yes Extra Wide

To Cover the Dance of All of me too Hehe Winging It

ALL Free Still Integral


And Radiant

A Butterfly Not
Realizing They are
Misfit and Grounded to Earth HAha

aN ONly ‘Thing’ MiSSinG When We Put
People Last And The ‘Things’ of Life First

Is Our Humanity Dear Savvy Free Dancing

Singing Loving Peace We May Forget

Our World Filled With Tools We

Co-Create and Become

Is New And

Now We aRe Both
The Guinea Pigs and
Scientists of Our Own Experiment

As True We Continue to Arrive in
Fast Changing Never Explored

Territory Before in A Machine

World Externally And

Within As Well

As We Continue
to Become More

Machine Than Flesh And
Blood Human Yes Technology

Has Advantages Key to Life Mastering

‘The Tool’ And Not Becoming Mastered By

The Tools We Co-Create That Were Originally

Designed to Love Life More Peacefully What is

Sadly Forgotton

Now is The New

Within Yes Our
Shining LiGHT
Radiating LoVE iN Peace For All
Learning To Fly Again With Wings

oF LoVE iN Peace..:)

Ah Yes Dear Kiran
Marry The Night
Merry The Day

Night Creates Day
Dark Creates LiGHT

Integral DarK And LiGHT
iS to All DarK iS LiGHT


With SMiLes

Yes Those Who Fear
DarK Are Often Cynical oF LiGHT

Balance Paramount TWiLiGHT

WHeRE DarK Meets LiGHT

ToGeTHeR No Longer

Afraid or


Wings to Fly
As Without Shadows
There is No Sunshine

or Us With SMiLes..:)

Moon As Far Away
Or Close How
We Color It
True to Our
SoULS Free With
SMiLes Dear Isha..:)

In Other Overall World News
Looks Like Honda CRV White
Platinum Pearl Touring Model
2023 Will Not Arrive till Close to

Tax Day Yep the Middle of April

Yep Been Looking at New SUV’s For
Almost Two Years Under Direction of my Wife

Nah i Won’t Tell Her She’s Never Gonna Get It

At Least i Finally Electronically Published “NeVeR
After Finishing the Writing Yes At Least i am Not Too Tired

To Read

This Over Tonight
For Any Mistakes

Close to Midnight

Anyway Heaven
Within Continues NoW As LoVE iN Peace For Real

As Such Nah i Won’t Ever Tell Ya Now Newly You’re
Never Gonna Get It As That Is Not Up to me Hehe

All Up to Y’all…

Anyway Thanks
For The Continuing
Existence So Far on Earth TO ALL GOD YES

That’s Basically All i’m Dancing Singing Free
Newly Now


i Actually
Get ‘IT’ For Real..:)


Ah Yes Dear Savvy Even Science is Starting
To Show Now That Roots Come to Play As

A Part of A ‘Brain’ of Trees

in A Kind of Consciousness

Of Intelligence Much Different

Than Ours Yet Still Learning to

Find The Best Paths to Spread
Roots to Survive

And Yes

Thrive and Yes

Other Plants Are Similar

too And Even Slime Mold

God Yes Has the Ability to Learn

And Even Retain the Memories

of Learning if a Piece of the Slime

Mold Is Cut Off And Grows Another

Being This Way With Memories That

Come Without Even Any Neurons of Brains At All

True Like the American Indians Still Relate From

Where i Live

All Of Nature

Is A Great Spirit

Comprised of Parts

Unique Yet Parts of the

All in All That is All That is Existence Newly Now

Oh Yes So to Nurture A Sapling Tree Oh Yes

To Water The Leaves of A Small Plant

So True To Do This is to Nurture

God All in Part


Each And Every
Day With Every
Dance And Song
Free oF Feeding
And Watering ‘God’
We Do WiTH LoVinG SMiLes iN Peace..:)

Without Love i am Nothing…

i am

How Beautiful Traveling
A Globe Finding Y.O.U.

Accepting ALL me

Always Travel
Explore Wonder!

Such A Brave Little
Bird Flame You Are
Really So Amazing
i am So Proud of You
How Far Your Wing
Spread Continues

(In All You Still Do)

To Fly

Yet All

To Give

You is The Energy

Of This Smile Hope

You Feel the Pure Love

Energy And it Warms

Your Tired Snow Flake ❄️

Unique Wings today Dear FRiEnD

As Some

Snowmen ⛄️

Warm SMiles For You☺️πŸ€—

Go Ahead Give

me A Hug

Promise i Won’t Mind
Only My HeART Will “See” it🌟❄️

Yes Star SMiles Shine New
Within Dear Savvy Moving
Connecting Co-Creating Now

Considering All is
Change It is A Bit
Ironic “Sane” Is Same
Yes It
Reality Is
Exposing Itself
To “That World Now”
Hard Truth
It is For Even
Greater Human

WaKinG To See🌊

Trading Deadlines
in For Living Lines
Spiraling Lines MoRE ALiVE

Smiles Dear Savvy
Interesting Indeed
The Power of Vibrations
Frequencies of Sound Energy

Synergies Resonating From Head to Toe in
Every Cell Even When We Write Free Verse

Poetry Music From Deep Within May Accompany

Words Freely FLoWinG

And Healing ThiS Way

in Focus So Far
Away From
Fear and
Stress Yes

Anxiety Real

That Leads to
So Much Discomfort
in Tension Even Leading
to Substantial DiSEaSE my FRiEnD iN Pain/Numb

Yes i Use Humming to Focus Now New For Strength in
Peaceful Weight Training ThiS Way to Increase Focus
And Now if i Really Wanna Recruit More Muscle
Fibers i Literally Make the Sounds of A ‘Gorilla’
Somewhat Roaring As That Surely Lights up

The Human


For A Temporary
Boost of More Muscle
Fibers As Well Not always
Welcome at Civilian Gyms
Yet of Course i Work out at Gym
For Military Warriors on a Navy Base

Where It Is More Understood that the
Nature of the Beast Within is Handy to

Release too

For Constructive
Means of Course With SMiLes
As i Am Surely Not Going into

Flesh and
Blood Battle…

Yet the Other Gentlemen
May Not Always Have that Privilege..:)

SMiles Dear Sohair
True Perspective
Counts in a Vast
Space of Cold
And Hot Rocks
That Hold No Life
That Loves Even With


Aided Eyes
How Blessed
The Warmth
Still Is To Give

Shining New
Our Multi-UniVerses
Within Now Still Real🌹☺️πŸ™

Ah Yes ‘Tik Tok’ A Beginning of the Sound of
A Song to Sing Like ‘Tera Ra Ra’ Dear Sohair

Beyond the Bounds of my ‘Normal’ And

Often Odd English Language Always

Changing too True The

Chinese Version

Of ‘Tik Tok’ Now

in Social Media Way
Has Become Very


in the United States

As Again Our Social Media
And Information Technology
World is OutPacing our Humanity

To Even Understand How to BREaTHE Free
NoW iN Peace WHeRE Humanity of Love Rules

Dear Sohair..:)

Ah Yes The Slipper Fairies Similar to the
Sock Gremlins That Only Leave One Behind

True the Slipper Fairies

May Rearrange

Your House Slippers

in Any Direction They Like

True It’s Just A Suggestion
Dear Miriam


Leave to
Another Direction

As Legend Newly Tales at
Least With SMiLes of Alternate
Realities iMaGiNaTioN SPRinGS With



SMiLes Dear Kiran Whatever We Do Now the
More of We Become New So LoVinG iN Peace

When True And Real With No Depends

Of Returns Wires Us Higher And

Higher As Essence

Of LoVE iN Peace
to Give Even More
Dancing Singing Stars of LoVE iN
Peace With SMiLes Our Trees oF LiFE
Integral Harmonious Radiating Colors oF LoVE


“Toxic” Is What Harms; There is No ‘Reason’ to Fear

Strength And Assertiveness with Will;

And There Is Loss of ‘Feeling’ to Fear

Grace of Peace in Balance With Nurturing

Love That Also Comes With Greater Intuition

And Creativity as Well as Of Course Emotions Feed

Not Only


Yet Reason as Well;

However, When There is Addiction
to Anger And Associated Emotions With Hate,
That is Where A Toxic Element May Come into Play,

For Those Considering ‘Pro-Social’ Emotions Feminine
Stuff, Where Masculinity Should Avoid Emotions; Particularly,

Associated With Crying Or Perhaps Smiling too Much With Actual Joy.

i Am Raised in the Deep South Where the Poster Boy (So-Called Man) ‘TRuMP

MeME’ is Still Popular Reflecting The Toxic Patriarchy/Masculinity of AgeS Old

From ‘The Warring Tribal God’ of the ‘Old Testament’ That Relates Yes
This Bit of Toxic Masculinity And Toxic Patriarchy/’God’ too; YucK, Per

These Numbered Verses From ‘Numbers 31’ of the KJV of the Old Testament:

“31 And Moses and Eleazar the priest did as the Lord commanded Moses.

32 And the booty, being the rest of the prey which the men of war had caught,
was six hundred thousand and seventy thousand and five thousand sheep,

33 And threescore and twelve thousand beeves,

34 And threescore and one thousand asses,

35 And thirty and two thousand persons in all,
of women that had not known man by lying with him.

So Yes, the So-Called ‘Lord God’ Commanded Moses

to Go to War, Harm, Rape 32,000 Virgins As ‘Booty’

And Maim/Kill The Rest Who had ‘Been With A Dude;’

Along With All the Rest of the Long List of Killing/Pillaging AS Such…

At Least in The Catholic Tradition, You’ll Never Hear These Verses

in Their Liturgy Yet Off Course IF THEY HAD ANY SPINE THEY WOULD






Yet the Good News is This; This Era Is Changing

to the Chagrin of Many Folks Who Don’t Wanna See That Traditional

Way of Power and Dominance That Harms, Rapes, Maims, And Kills Go Away;

As True Even Down Here In the Meme of A Trump Dominated Place, Transgender

Folks Work at the Local Walmart; And Folks Leave ’em the Hell Alone As if they Start

Bullying Them, They’ll Get Their Asses Thrown out of the Store By Law Enforcement

If Necessary or Store Management First…

Here’s A Clue, At Best We Take Advantage

of The Benefits, Both Positive Masculinity

in Strength And Will Bring on A Foundation

Of Loving Grace in Balance That Nurtures and

Cooperates, Lifting Others Up, More Than Tearing

Them Down With Emotions of Anger and Hate and the Such

Per People Who Might Look or Act Different As Such As It is True,

Pro-Social Emotions Are Inherently Healing in Warm Cooperative Efforts;

Reducing Pain And Actually Reducing Anxiety; Plus Science Shows Emotions

Are Behind Most of our Rational Decisions, Before We Even Realize Why We Do

What We Do
Next For Real;

Yes, it Even Stands to ‘Reason’
in Feelings That Emotions are the

Glue of Cognitive Executive Functioning;

Including Focus, Attention Span, Short Term

Working Memory, And Long Term Memory Retrieval too;

So Much of Human Potentials May Come Up Missing if We Do

Not Take Advantage of Yes, All the Positive Traits Associated

With Both Femininity
And Masculinity too;

It Can Make A Huge Difference

Living Past 60, Not Supporting

Several Families, Divorced As Such,

Plus Supporting A Huge Four Wheel

Drive in Front of A Run Down Rental Trailer;

Of What’s Left of So-Called ‘Manhood,’ if ‘They’ Make it Past 60…

Or Of Course

A Camper And
Or A Boat That
Hardly Ever Gets Used too;

As the Price of Gas is Just
too Much For that Big Four Wheel Drive;

And All the Rest of What is Owed From Not Learning

to Regulate Emotions And Integrate Senses And Benefit

From All the Positive Traits of Both Masculinity and Femininity True;

And to Be Clear, The So-Called Traits Vary Greatly Across Cultures too…

Anyway, it’s Still Not too Rare to Hear A Neighbor Yelling At His Son For

The Smallest

Issues; Yep,

Yelling At His

Son Like A Dog to Make Him into a

So-Called Man, Like Him And Trump

And All Associated With That CuLTuRaL Meme

Yet True, Never Yelling At His Dogs at All…

And So Goes An ‘Older Testament’ Tradition…

Hopefully, Like ‘The Red Tide’ All the Way Down the ‘Toilet Bowl’…

Hey, i’ve Danced A Mix of Free Style Ballerina And Martial Arts

For 9 Years And 6 Months in Public Stores All Around This

Place for 17,933 Miles; Same Folks Who Spit on me For

Being A Boy Brave Enough to Smile in Middle School,

Leave me the Heaven Alone; Other Folks Mostly Smile;

Yet True, Yes i Weigh 124 Pounds More Than
The 120 Pounds Then in Middle School at

Close to 6 Feet Tall Then…

Yet Remember, Now They
Leave All The Transgender

Folks Who Work There Alone too…

The Days Are A Changing to the Silent
Chagrins of Folks Rotting As ‘Couch
Potatoes’ Watching ‘Faux News…’

And to Be Clear, There Are Great
Apples! in Buckets of Rotten Apples too…

Best oF All Worlds

in my Opinion;

A Healthy

Mix of
And Venus too…

Yet On the Other
Hand, Here, There Is Sadly
Matt Gaetz Who Shames

Women Who Are Curvy
And Millennial Women

Who are Lonely in

Similar Toxic
Masculine Ways;

And Oh Dear Lord, There

is DeSaTaNiS RiSinG TRuMP
‘Death Star’ too of Soul Who

Appointed A Dude to A Disney

Oversight Board Who Believes

Drinking Tap Water Makes Folks Gay…

Face Palms Forest Thick, Older Testament Traditions Don’t Die Easy…

Yet The People Who Support Them Are Only Human AND WILL ‘FADE’ AWAY… too…


Yes Forging A New Path That Comes

With Hope Faith Love BeLiEViNG iN LiFE

Now May Withstand New Much Nay Saying

From Tradition That Insists That Tradition

Cannot Change Dear Savvy

to Progress To

Evolve More

As A Human
Species in Balance…

WHere We Continue to
Transfigure Our Existence
Newly GLoWinG Re-Creating

Us Giving Us ‘Head Rests’ For
OtherWise Roads To Study Left Behind

Dear Savvy..:)

Oh Dear Lord Yes Dear Kiran True

When We Let Our Emotions Control

Us And Rush Our Actions That’s When

We Lose Regulation of Emotions and

Integration Of Our Senses Where

Haste May Lead

to Unnecessary

Waste For All the
Metaphors That Brings

In A Never Ending Wash
Rinse Dry Cycle of LiFE UNTiL A Great Escape..:)

What A Gift Meditation Brings Dear Kiran God Yes

When Whatever Form and Essence of Meditation

Brings A Flow That Ascends And Transcends

Our NeoCortex iNto Places Like Our Older

Cerebellum Mastering The Regulation

Of Emotions And Integrating

Our Senses too as Yes The Cerebellum

Has 4 Scale As Many Neurons As the Cerebrum
The Brain Folks ‘Think’ Is the Most Advanced one

And Master Yet it is the Older Evolved Brains

STill Holding Keys to Our Survival

With Intuition Healing

Emotions And Senses
From Above So Below

All Around Newly Now

God Yes Head to Toe And

So Much More in Vibrations
Frequencies Energies Synergies
Together Within Inside Outside
Yes All Around Us For Real Plenty

of Room to Grow Free Newly Now..:)

Key As Always Dear Sohair

Master The Tools And Do Not

Become Mastered By Them and

Lose Our Humanity to Lives As Tools

Hehe i Tend to Make Slaves Out

of the ‘Free Social

Media’ Tools

i Come to
Only Use to
Serve me Tirelessly
Day in And Day Out Without
Putting Any Money Into the Tools

Just Using the Tools For Free True Facebook

Such a Huge Place For Back-up That is Free

10,000 Facebook Profile Pics And The Description Areas Many Holding

“FB Profile Pic Bible” Now in 69 months Series of 18 FB Profile Pics

With Around 8,000 Words Each Which Means When The Older

Photos i Put on There Disappear When All that is Left

Is FB Profile Pics For “Nether Land Bible”

Yes 10,000 Profile Pics Will Hold 8,000

Words Each And About 80 MiLLioN Words

Housed There From “SonG oF mY SoUL”

True i Use All the Energy That Social Media

Apps Will Provide to me Yet
Only When They Are Free..:)

Memories of ‘Laundry Mats’
Early in Our Marriage of

Living in Apartments too

Books of Budgets Dreams

Of Living More Than Pay Check

to Pay Check Oh Those Books Went

on For Decades And Saw Several Washing

Machines and Dryers of Our Own too Oh God
Wash Rinse
Dry Cycles

of Life

The Glue
Dear Miriam

That Holds

Life Together

Same Enough For Sane Dear Lord

And It’s True The Most Mundane

Experiences We May Transform

into The Most Holy and Sacred

Of Places of LoVE iN Peace

True A Within Game

This Dream’s

Fruition Is
Was And
Will Be Now As Well..:)

SMiLes Dear Hawaii FRiEnD At Best

Nature is A Blanket of Balance

Holding Life




Yes So Radiant New

Nature Springing Glorious

Beauty Warm Covering All Around

Us Now Oh Yes Even in Colder Tropical

Paradises In Florida It Somewhat Cooled

Too Yet All is Sprouting Green And Blooming

Colorfully Yes So Integral Harmonious Radiant

Beautiful Warm This Blanket of Nature Whole

Happy Full Worm Moon Coming on Tuesday

As The Soil is Aerated For Life and Yes

The Birds Are Fed By Our

Worm FRiEnDS

Too As True

Even Caterpillars

Are Saved on the Road

Around Our Block by my

Wife and Sister So Butterfly

Wings Will Return From Cocoons Free

As True in Some Way Humans Do This too..:)

Most Ironically ‘Black and White’ Jesus Says God
Is Love And Many of His Followers Don’t Do ‘God’

You Make Your Bed With A Seal oF LoVE Or Not
And Wake or Sleep A Bedspread of (God) Comes

Thru LiGHT

DarK Muse Creates LiGHT
LiGHT Muse Creates DarK
With Dancing

Nature (God) The Force of All
‘Celebrates Balance’; Sadly, Currently,
Human Beings Celebrate Taking, Greed,

And Hoarding…

The Law is Balance…

The Change is Nature…

The Balance is the Change
of Nature That Always Comes Next;
Where Does that Leave Humans out of
Balance With the Rest of Nature; Well,
With or Without the Money, the Stuff,
the Taking, Greed, and Hoarding out
of Balance Means Misery And Suffering
For What ever Species Decides to Do the Truly ‘Insane’;

Going Against
the Nature
of what
is Balance
And The Change
That Will Naturally Come Next…

Currently, it is Climate Change and
the Potential of ‘Darker Viruses’ yet to be even
Seen as Nature Will Bring Back Balance With Change…

Meanwhile, i’m gonna Dance And Sing to Keep the Balance
i am… A Key is While Humanity May Have it Wrong; Which
only a ‘Real Fool’ Will Miss by Now; Yet, An Individual Will Find
A Way to Find the Balance And Keep the Change For The Greater

Newly Now
LoVE iN Peace
FRiEnDS With Gravity
SPRinGinG God’s Breath Free WiTHiN..:)

Sleep Coming
Soon On the
Night Side
Of THE EartH Hehe😊

True Change Is Really A Gift Now
And Yes Emotions Are Temporary

As Waves Wash Shores Changing

Ocean Soul May Create New Shores

With Waves Anew Never

Experienced Before

All the Colors of

Feelings Senses

That Rise From Fall

All Tides DarK Moon Night

Through Bright Moonlight

And Sunshine That Feels Right

So Yes Dear Astha Keep Shining

All the Light of Your Moon And Sun True..:)

Twilight Forever Now New
Enough Sun And Moon

To Give All Shades

And Hues



Soul Colors Free..:)

True All Fruit
In The Garden of
Apples That Aren’t Afraid..πŸ™‚

SMiLes Everything Else Will
Fall In Place Now Unless You
HAVE to Make Money With SMiLes..πŸ™‚

Pregnant With
Poetry Another
BirtH HaPPenS HeaR

Loved Your Poem
One of Those

Muse A Million
More Dreams



And God Exists

As True This

Is How


Become New Dreams✈️

Oops Sorry LeSSoN
329 Is Supposed to
Be Part of


A Window

Cross Into


And Mortar

Flowers Bring

Spring Smells

Now Free

To Vision



Is Heaven

Or Hell Or Tween

Of Never Ending





To Paradise
Remain Within
To Seek And Find



To Be
Clearest Azure
Blue Skies Colored
With Pastels Spring



Beauty Sees

Remember This
Is Just A Gift As
Long As it Is



Expect of Return😊

Greatest Works Of Arts Come to Be From Places
Human Spaces Outcast Where Art Becomes FRiEnD

Giving Sharing Caring Healing Free to BREaTHE NeWLY NoW

See Here’s ‘The Thing’ An Outcast Will BeCoME FRiEnDS With
Art And ALWaYS Have A Soul To BREaTHE Within Enough Just to

Be i AM Newly Now

Life is What
All Veins Of



Even Dead
Ones Please
Of Life to Feed

Yes BREaTHE Free
No Restraint For

LiVinG Stars

Afraid To
Shine or


DarK Moons


SMiles Dear Sohair
Perhaps Longest
Poetic Free Verse
Responses to You

As You Have Been
So Unfailingly Welcoming

And Kind Much of The Rest
Of All 11.4 MiLLioN Words in

Free FLoWinG Poetic Verses

Of “SonG oF mY SoUL” in
9 Years and 6 Months Now

ConnectinG NoW Like Grains
Of Sand on The Beach Often
Typing Still in Bed Early NoW iN
The Morning With Just
One Right Index Finger

Holding The Phone Yes
With My Left Hand To All
Those Folks i Connect to This

Way Around The Globe Hehe
Doing This Now Yes Reminds

Me to Move my Left Arm
Around As Really Any Static

Or Repetitive Movement
Mind Or Body Too

Long Will Bring
Physical And



Injury As Humans Moving

Made For Change in Balance

For Loving Connecting Kind
Co-Creating Peace Thanks Dear FRiEnD☺️🌹

While the Movie “The Accountant” Details The
Struggles of AUtist ARtist Just Rearrange the

Letters U And R And Other Struggles For R And U too

Yes Watch the “Barton Fink Trailer” About A Writer
The Artist View And Compare the Two Yet If You Are

me Watch Them At Once Always

Old Movies Really No Need For A Spoiler Alert So Old
And New too As Barton Is Mused For the Entire Book

By A Painting of One Woman

True “The Accountant” (Autist) Measures ALL Pages
And Words Writer (Artist) Visits Hell And Heaven too

All in Good Measure of Art

It’s Just A Major Science And Sistine Painting Chapel Project
With Words Like Anything Else You Adapt And Don’t Make

Many Mistakes

i’ll Get to “The Beginning” oF A STory Later As i Do Most All
of my Free Verse In Reverse Just For HeLL and Heaven oF iT ALL NoW

On The Autism Spectrum i Really Had A Hard
Time Tying my Shoes Forget About Speaking
Until Four And Oh Lord in First Grade i still
Was Having



Out That Thing
On The Front
of My Pants The Zipper

Nope This Isn’t Much of
A Problem for me to Forget

True This Is Why 98 Percent
of My Love Is Spent Looking in Soul

Benefit of Not Being Able to Figure Out
How to Use a Zipper in 1st Grade Odd


i Am Still
Just Naive
And Sticky Sweet

It’s Really Amazing
i Even Learned to ‘Bake A Cake’

SMiles Dear Rue Hehe First i’ll
Have to Talk Katrina into
Letting me Back in HER

Kitchen You

Just Wouldn’t Believe
How Out of Practice i
Am Baking Cakes Secondly

Considering The Culinary
Expertise You Relate Here

In Skills My Slice of Cake
Would Likely Shy Away

In Shame For What
You Could Surely

Whip Up With Ease Hehe 🍰

Variety is Verily
The Spice of
Life And

With All Your

Global Airline

Experiences All
Your Adventures

Of Life


Of Poetry
Is Practically

Gold Hehe

See What

i Mean

About Sticky
Sweet Forget me
Not Cake Yes This
Is Just Another Slice

For You

It Takes
To Keep Your
Treasure Cove

Of Poetry Coming🍰

Clue: What’s Black And White;

Wrong And Right;

Good And Bad;

Are Lovely
Creatures that
Walk the Night;

Black And White
Thinking is Fear,
Essence of Division,
Separation, Malcontent,
Agression, Violence, Hatred

And Wars That End Lives Callous
Without Regard For Differences A
Helping Hand up of Cognitive Empathy Truly Helps

To Actually Come to Understand More of the Perceived
Enemy And Even Love Folks Who Only See BLacK And White

Never Mind me
Dear Skunk

on The
Way You
Are Colored With SMiLEs..;)

SMiLes Dear Sohair While There Are Many Detriments
That May Be Assessed By Our Virtual Worlds New of
Information Technology Oh the Break Through for

Otherwise Marginalized Folks in Cultures of
Locality Who Never Really Had An Avenue

Free to Speak Deeper Free From Souls
Not So Prisoned by Black And White
Thinking That Restricts More Colors

of Life That Do More Often Come
From The Souls of Women More

Who Are Fed More Naturally
Now With Colors of Emotions
And Feelings to Dance And Sing Free

In terms of Spirit That is Warm And True
And Real to Spread For It’s True in All my Travels

of Soul around the World Almost Never Does Muse
of Spirit Come From the Spirit of Males Who Are Yet

To Develop

Colors of
Soul Stunted
From Growth
of Cultures That
Kill Colors to Potentially
Kill the Compassion and
Empathy that Makes it Almost
Impossible to Kill Another Human

Being in Eyes as Cold And Callous
Of the Kings of Death Still as Putin
Surely Reflects the Ice Cold Death of that Now

The Darkest Force of Humanity Without Colors of Human Exposed
For The Whole World To See Same Monster That the United States
Has Dealt With At the Helm of their Ship Many Times over in Death

of Humanity’s
Soul on Earth
Fully Exposed too
the DarK Side of Humanity
That We All Must Practice
Love To Send Away From

Soils of
To Return Again

Yet It’s True It’s Reality
Somedays Freedom is Worth Death
Yet the Vicious Cycle of Killing is No True Human Home…

SMiLes Dear Sohair in my Culture There are Still Women Who
Don’t Believe They Have the ‘Religious Right’ to Spiritually Speak
As They Restrict That Right And Turn it all Over to the Males in their Life…

There Are Many
Ways to Imprison
Souls in this Life

Too Many to Count Yet Enough
To Truly Feel Souls Yet to Dance Sing Free

It’s True So Easy to ‘See’ in Every Stiff Move and Stilted Word
For the Living Dead Always Marching on Their Grave of SouL ON EartH…

And As Far as That Spiritual Gift For The Dudes Usually Just a Literal

Take on
Black and
White Words
in A Big Black
Book Without the
Essence the Life of
God’s Soul Breath Within
Free to Be Wind New Spirit Free
Sure iNHaLinG Peace EXHaLiNG LoVE iN

JoY oF LiGHT Free..:)

Thanks Dear Cindy
For Your Inspiring
Poem Hopefully
Peace Will
Return my
FRiEnD Nice
To See The Depth
Of Your Human Caring☺️❤️πŸ™

Play Slaying Fear Now
For Real Transforming

BacK iNto Humanity’s Love
As Long As Our Peace Lasts

at Least mY FRiEnD…

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa

Success For me is Most
Definitely Floating Free

Weight of Finger Tips
Yes Twinkle Toes

Whole in Balance

As A Butterfly

Yet Even More

So An Ability to
Sting Yet at Best

Never Stinging at All mY FRiEnD

True Every Martial Arts Move to me
is A Prayer in Balance of Dance Bringing

A Next Beauty of Song FLoWinG Honey Smooth
WordS Hehe Again With No Real Stings As Truly

Even Hitting A Boxing Bag is Trauma Now

To One’S Own Soul At Least mY FRiEnD
Hehe it’s ‘Scary’ or Joyful Enough For Most
Folks to See A 244 Pound Dude Float in Ease

With Human Butterfly Wings

Often Accused
of Wearing

to Move with
Athletic Shoes
FRiEnDS With
Gravity Every
Dance Move
Song Word ‘Wue Wei’
iN FLoWinG Effortless
Ease of More ComplexitY iN Balance..:)

Staying Chill
Keeping Spirit
Of Play That Slays
All Fears And Anxieties
Silence of
Beauty Of
Song So HeaR
i Am Singing Hellooove
Again Greeting Dear FRiEnD

Yes Forging A New Path That Comes

With Hope Faith Love BeLiEViNG iN Life

Now May Withstand New Much Nay Saying

From Tradition That Insists That Tradition

Cannot Change Dear Savvy

to Progress To

Evolve More

As A Human
Species in Balance…

WHere We Continue to
Transfigure Our Existence
Newly GLoWinG Re-Creating

Us Giving Us ‘Head Rests’ For
OtherWise Roads To Study Left Behind

Dear Savvy..:)

Moving Past The Wee Hour And
Minute of 3:33 AM Katrina Warning
me How Tired i’m Gonna Be Driving
To Church And to Another Festive Church Occasion

Dinner on A Southern Baptist Pastor’s Farm After
Singing At Catholic Church Then Off to the Mall

And Book Store and Such to Dance Through The

Evening as Such in Public Yet True There is the

Catholic Mass Readings For March 5th, 2023 to Review

Where It’s Basically About Transfiguration of A Human

Being Both Essence and Form When They Become LoVE iN
Peace iNCaRNaTE For Real And Yes Back Out of Hell From 66 Months

of That Stint Where 1 Second is A Thousand Years of ALL Pain and Numb

Of Hell Then With No Change And Or Hope to Get Out Just LoSinG All

Moving Connecting Co-Creating With God (LoVE iN Peace) Back Then

Even my General Practice Doctor Took One Look At me And Said She

Knew my Blood Tests Were Gonna Come Out Fine And Yes They Truly Did

Yet You See HeaR

She Could FeeL iT iN
The Essence And Form of the
Temple of mY GoD (LoVE iN Peace) For Real..:)

Reading 1, Genesis 12:1-4
1 Yahweh said to Abram, ‘Leave your country, your kindred and your father’s house for a country which I shall show you;

2 and I shall make you a great nation, I shall bless you and make your name famous; you are to be a blessing!

3 I shall bless those who bless you, and shall curse those who curse you, and all clans on earth will bless themselves by you.’

4 So Abram went as Yahweh told him, and Lot went with him. Abram was seventy-five years old when he left Haran.

Responsorial Psalm, Psalms 33:4-5, 18-19, 20, 22
4 The word of Yahweh is straightforward, all he does springs from his constancy.

5 He loves uprightness and justice; the faithful love of Yahweh fills the earth.

18 But see how Yahweh watches over those who fear him, those who rely on his faithful love,

19 to rescue them from death and keep them alive in famine.

20 We are waiting for Yahweh; he is our help and our shield,

22 Yahweh, let your faithful love rest on us, as our hope has rested in you.

Reading 2, Second Timothy 1:8-10
8 So you are never to be ashamed of witnessing to our Lord, or ashamed of me for being his prisoner; but share in my hardships for the sake of the gospel, relying on the power of God

9 who has saved us and called us to be holy — not because of anything we ourselves had done but for his own purpose and by his own grace. This grace had already been granted to us, in Christ Jesus, before the beginning of time,

10 but it has been revealed only by the appearing of our Saviour Christ Jesus. He has abolished death, and he has brought to light immortality and life through the gospel,

Gospel, Matthew 17:1-9
1 Six days later, Jesus took with him Peter and James and his brother John and led them up a high mountain by themselves.

2 There in their presence he was transfigured: his face shone like the sun and his clothes became as dazzling as light.

3 And suddenly Moses and Elijah appeared to them; they were talking with him.

4 Then Peter spoke to Jesus. ‘Lord,’ he said, ‘it is wonderful for us to be here; if you want me to, I will make three shelters here, one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah.’

5 He was still speaking when suddenly a bright cloud covered them with shadow, and suddenly from the cloud there came a voice which said, ‘This is my Son, the Beloved; he enjoys my favour. Listen to him.’

6 When they heard this, the disciples fell on their faces, overcome with fear.

7 But Jesus came up and touched them, saying, ‘Stand up, do not be afraid.’

8 And when they raised their eyes they saw no one but Jesus.

9 As they came down from the mountain Jesus gave them this order, ‘Tell no one about this vision until the Son of man has risen from the dead.’


Kindness Is A Path

To Compassion

Heaven Within

And A SMiLe For

All DarK Thru LiGHT

LoVE iN Peace God Yes

Dear Savvy Ocean Water

All ThaT iS Us

We Yes With SMiLes..:)

Ah Yes Beginner’s Mind Body Whole SoUL

Each Moment A New Journey of Adventure

In Wonder of Awe Dear Kiran True WHeRE is

Room For Ego

When Creativity

Flows Expanding

ACRoSS the Galaxy
Within Inside Outside

Above So Below All Around

True When We aRe ALL That is ThiS WaY…

Cut A Cord of Word You’ll Find Us HeaR


All Around
AGAiN For Real..:)

“I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes
I saw the sign
Life is demanding without understanding
I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes
I saw the sign
No one’s gonna drag you up
To get into the light where you belong
But where do you belong?”

Hehe Dear Mr. Gottfried Usually

i Quote The “SonG oF mY SoUL”

As i Go To Follow Along With

All the Signs That Life BRings

Yet Tonight i’m Sort of About

To Fall Asleep So Gonna Enlist
The Assistance of “Ace of Base”

To Do


iN Refrain
WitH SMiLes..:)

SMiLes At Best to Wear
Present As Receipt of Life

And True Greatest Receipts of Life

ARE All Gifts All Our Ancestors BRinG to Us

And Of Course The Rest of Nature For All That is True

Too With
Dear Miriam..:)

SMiLes Dear Sohair Both Katrina and my Sister
Have Issues With ‘Dyscalculia’ Per Problems Doing

Mathematics And Understanding Numbers As Well

My Weakness Before i Started Writing Is Writing

Particularly in Any Original Way For Creativity

As Well As Issues With Verbal Presentation

Took me Until Age 53 to Overcome

That Yet the Word Count

Now Hehe Seems

to Suggest

Problem Long Ago…

Yet So True Without All That

Pain and Numb of HeLL ON EartH For

66 Months i Might Have Never Experienced

The Joy of Original Creativity Writing in Flow

And Dancing Free THiS WaY Still All

Around Public Areas One Part

of Humanity i Am Convinced

That Exists And That is Human

Potential To Go WHeRE No One

Has Done Before Better Even

Yet Allow Someone

Else to Take

Care of that
lifelong Green Habit
Now GRoWinG NeW Flames Of
Sea Creatures No Need to Leave Shells Behind..:)

Love Sees
Love is Never Blind
WitH A heART
Closed to: See More…

Love is the Wind
The Spirit of Freedom
Never Captured Held

PRiSoNeR NoW (God)

Have You Ever Stood Naked
And Free in Front of The World
WeaRinG God’s Clothes if not ask yourself ‘what’ you hide…

More than just Literal Clothes all the Tools We BeCoMe
Away From the Nature of LoVE iN Peace Freedom to Be i Am ReaL

Verily i Sing It’s ‘Cool’ To Stand Next to ‘A Legend’ Come
Back And Show me ALL The Callouses On THeir Dancing Bare Feet

The Smell of Death
Is Surely Written on
the Living

Stone of Love

So True Dear
Sohair Women
Unique Delivering
Of Life☺️🌹

Silence of Dance
Brings Beauty of

Song Spring

Is All Greening

Out of Dirt Filled

Torpor Toaded Dreams


Never Dream
To Go AnyWHeRE
Else Yet Now Yet HeaR

More Or
Less Here
Is WHere i



of Course
As Cheshire
Cats Travel Now
WHeRE They Stay Hehe..:)

Ah Yes Dear Chaymaa

Money And Stuff is Limited
to Quantities Like Numbers

And Weight

And the Number
of Bedrooms And
The Speed of Fast Cars

Yet Positive Energy is the
Love That Never Runs Away

From Home Positive Energy

Inhaling Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT NoW
As Play Slays All Fears and Anxieties Giving Sharing
Caring Healing Anew so Free So Very Free For ALL With

Least Harm Now

Even Ocean
Waves May

Fade away yet
Yes They Return
Again Water
Ocean Whole
As Wave Never
Gives Up A Holy
And Sacred Flow
Water Wave Ocean Whole..:)

mY Business Is
Play Great
Every Day It Is

Ah Yes Dear Savvy Now
‘The Luminous Mind’
A Place That Colors
Creativity New


As True
A Meditative
FLoWinG Dance
Will Bring in Silence

As Seeds of Creativity
Spread in Art/Song of Newer
Symbols And Creative Connections

To Color
Our Worlds
New Moving
So Much More in Flow…

It’s Really Wonderful How
Colorful Life Becomes ANeW iN Moving
Connecting Co-Creating Associations

ThiS Way Free..:)

Thanks So Much
Wonderful Weather
Here Now Dear Hawaii
Worm Full Moon☺️πŸπŸ™Œ

Sunshine Out of The Rain 🌞☺️
Yellow Life Springing Bright
Out Of Center Point Of

Rose So
Pure And
White Seeking
More Sunshine
Within To Radiate

Freedom To Reach
Clear Blue Azure Skies

Hehe It’s Like “Ferris Bueller’s
Day Off” You’d Have To Watch

A YouTube Short For The Full
Impact Yet Basically It’s What

i Do EacH And Every Day
Free Myself From A World
Of Couch Potato Averages

i Used
To Be
In For Pay

Now With SMiles
my Rose Set Free
To Color Skies Alive

Isn’t This What We All
Want To Spread Our
Wings For Our Best

No Yet That
Is Okay i Shall
Climb All THorns
With FLoWeRS


Still RiSinG
Naked Enough
Whole Complete

Happy Sunnndayyy!!!

Yes! And i Checked
Your Temps 3 C
With A High
Of 5.55 C
Sunniest Day
By Far For Your

Week Enjoy The
Sunshine At Least
With SMiLes of Joy!!!


Spending 6 Years at The Biggest Metro Area Local Dance Hall/Bar until 3 Months Shy of
my 60th Birthday When Covid-19 Shut the Place Down on March 12th, 2020, i ‘Braved’

Yes Courageously An Environment of Mostly Drunken College Age Students As an
Anthropology Participant Observer, Just as A Hobby As the Standard

Routine For An Anthropology Degree Holder From College is to Work in a Totally

Different Field for Pay as Yes Jobs For Anthropologists/Archeologists Are Quite
Rare and Honestly my Other Two Degrees in Social Sciences Interdisciplinary And

Health Science Were Not Exactly Degrees That Would Pave A Yellow Brick Road
Immediately to Stellar Pay and Secure Retirement; So i Pursued ‘IT’ Skills and

Financial Management Skills to Become a Valuable Enough Federal Employee
to Gain Early Retirement at the Civilian Equivalent of A Marine Major Working

on A Military Installation For 25 Years in Whatever Odd Job or Promotion offered to me
to Attain Financial Success Eventually; Yes, It Almost Killed me; Yet You Do What You Do to Survive of Course…

Anyway, After Recovering From 66 Months of 19 Work Stress Related Medical Disorders in a Life Threat As Such


to Public Dance Just

For the Heaven of

it Out of Hell With
Literally The Worst Pain
Known to Humankind Wake
to Sleep for 66 Months No Drug Would
Touch Called “Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia;”

Yes That NO Drug Would Touch For me For Any Relief…

True i Lost All Emotions, Determined to Leave Fear Behind

When The Pro-Social Emotions Came Back in Such Great Relief

And Literally And Yes Metaphorically A Blissful Ascending Transcending

Flow of Writing Free Verse Poetry in Stream of Consciousness Way Helped

to Heal me in a Meditative Way From ALL THE PAIN AND NUMB OF 19 LIFE THREATENING



i Started With A Solo effort Truly Looking Ridiculous as i Am
Diagnosed by 4 Professionals With Asperger’s Syndrome and

(And my Sister is too; Definitely Genetically And Environmentally Induced too)

my Level of Motor Coordination Just Walking in my life, Lent Titles Assigned
to me Like A Dizzy Fly; And Let’s Just Say Reciprocal Social Communication

Was Not my Strong Suit Either, Not Speaking until 4 Years Old and Stuttering

A Bit Like Biden That the Poetry Has Totally Cured Connecting Emotions With Words

For the Glue of Cognitive Executive Functioning That Connecting Words to Emotions Bring

as Well as A Free Embodying Dance That Stimulates the Cerebellum And Brings Regulation

of Emotions and Integration of Senses That Allows One To Stay Organically Fear Free And

Joyful Enough

to Smile


in Most Any Environment
One Finds Oneself in Totally Free;

One of my Main Issues i Came to Find
As An Anthropology Participant Observer

To Fix the Issues i Had in Life Was that i Didn’t

Spend Nearly Enough Effort in Becoming Embodied

Free From Head to Toe in a Free Dance the Way Our Ancestors

Did Before Becoming Glued to Eventually Screens And Tied Down to

Desks in Work And School With Silent Hands of Dying Hands And Feet Alive For Real…

Jesus F in Christ

They Don’t Even
Require Physical Education
Beyond 9th Grade in The Local

Schools Here now; Hey, i was Just a Canary in
A Coal Mine and it Used to Take 4 Beers Just to

Muster Up the Courage to Be A Wall Flower in
A Bar in the 80’s While Life Danced me By Mostly

Except For a Few Women Who Sought me Out as
Such Mostly For my Looks Yet Surely Not my Social Skills Hehe…

i Was Assessed as Very Ugly As A Younger Dude in School So i Get
Both Sides of that Coin too; And Not unlike John Nash in the ‘Beautiful

Mind’ Movie Looks Don’t Matter Much if You Don’t Know What The Hell

To Say to A Woman When She’s Obviously Interested in you That You Might miss too

Hehe Until the

Military Dudes

At The Bowling
Center You Work
At for the Military

Say That You Leave the
Women ‘Dripping’ at the
Counter Spell Bound By

Your Green to Blue Changing Eyes…

True, Getting Contact Lenses Helped A Lot

Yet i Wasn’t Comfortable in my Own Skin until 53
Years Old as True A Canary in a Coal Mine i was Then;

Yet i Was Determined to Eventually Change that in my Life So i did…

Since Starting the Public Dance 9 Years and 6 Months ago, All 17,944 Miles
To Date As of Last Night, i Increased my Warm Up Now For Leg Pressing at the Military

Gym From 500 Pounds to 1540 Pounds, 12 Reps, With my Arms Reached to the Ceiling

in Great Balance With No Fear As Fear is A Source of So Much Human Weakness and

Also Poetically Responding to Mostly Beautiful Young Women All around the World in

11.4 MiLLion Words of ‘SonG oF mY SoUL’ Now in also 9 Years and 6 Months What

i Have Concluded Through REAMS
AND REAMS of Documented Evidence;

Yes, Inherent in the Activity of Course

of Poetically Responding to Women; Yes,

All Around the World As Well as Collecting

Over 2,000 Selfie Photos of Ecstatic Joy

of College Age Young Women Dancing With

me As i am Happily Married to A Woman Who

Rarely Has the Mirror Tale Her She is less than the
Fairest of them All, Reaching 53 This Easter Sunday in April;

True, i Never Asked One of the Women to Dance Yet What They

Said They Were Attracted to the most Was my Courage Just to Be


OF THE DANCE NO MATTER IF i looked Ridiculous at the Start or at the

End When Folks
Said i Would
Surely Win the
Dance Contest if i
Entered as Hey i do
Tend to Excel at Special
Interests When i Never give THEM up


ANYWAY, i Did keep the Evidence With Just A Tiny Bit
Below in A Collage For Example As True i Never Carried

A Penny With me

Yet it Didn’t Stop

Beautiful Young Women

From Bringing me Roses

And Kissing me on the Cheek

With The Greatest Respect and
Even Saying They Wished they Could
Be Married to Someone Just Like me even Approaching 60 Years Old;

Yes, Without Even Saying A Word, With Only With a Fearless Free Dance…

















That Yes is Empirically Measurable Per Photographic Notes Below…

Yes, i Have Already Shared The Before and After Pics too For Full Study Hehe…

The CDC Recently Studied Teenage Young Women Finding 57 Percent Sad,
Lonely, and Depressed interfering With Functioning in life With Almost A

Third of Them Considering
Ending Their Life; It’s True

None of the Young Women

College Age Felt that Way

When They Danced Free With

me Truly Living in the Moment of Ecstatic

Joy And in the Poetry World What i Often

Hear is my Wife Must Be the Luckiest Woman

In the World; What my Mother Said About my

Father For Who Might Have been Married to Him;

Yet Only For His Masculine Handsome looks; As True

He Didn’t Say A Word, The Rest of Their 3 Year Marriage

And His Identical Twin Brother Never Said One Word to my Mother…

i Rose Above

What i Was Born

With And Eventually

Thrived; It May Be Difficult Yet Possible Yes…

Anyway my Wife Says Yes; Butt ‘They’ Don’t Wash my Dirty Underwear hehe…

And Oh By The Way, No One Taught me How to Dance, Sing, or Write Poetry Yet The

Creativity Springing Intuitively Free Within

(Real Organic Soul Fully Come to Life)

Far Beyond Analytical Think Alone…

Reborn Indeed For Real Alive


A New Human

Creation For Real..:)

Kindness Is A Path

To Compassion

Heaven Within

And A SMiLe For

All DarK Thru LiGHT

LoVE iN Peace God Yes

Dear Savvy Ocean Water

All ThaT iS Us

We Yes With SMiLes..:)


“Coloring all the way

Every flower speaks its truth

As much as every part of nature

Finding its own identity

Like day and night

Dusk and dawn

Colored through myriad hues of light

Creating hope and beauty of life

Nature says, in the most colorful way,

Flow through the day

Express your self uniquely along the way!

Happy Festival of Colors

Happy Holi!”

-Savvy Raj

Oh Dear Lord
Dear Savvy This
Is So Beautiful
And Colorful For
The Birth of Spring
Out of Winter LiGHT
Out of DarK RiSinG True

i Shall Spread Your SoUL
SonG HeaR With SMiLes

Near And Far As i Go

With Colorful


Of Life Free

Savvy FRiEnD With SMiLes
With Help From You Dear FRiEnD..:)

SMiLes Dear Miriam All the Places
We Go To Color Our Souls New

Both Coming From Within

Inside Yes Outside Above

So Below All Around

A Bird On a Wing

Becoming Wind

Free No Separation

From Above or Below

Just FRiEnDS With Gravity

Feathers Coloring The World New
WitH SMiLes

Or Beaks

Yet Wings

Will Do

Wind to Fly

Wings SPiRiT Free..:)

Oh Dear Lord Just Like A FLoWeR UNFoLDinG

From the Death of A Seed HeaR i Am Again

On the 6th Dear Lala Rukh With No

(For Almost 10 Years Now)

Judgement Yet of Course

Good Wishes Hoping You Are

Okay With Prayers of Course As Well

For Peace iNHaLinG EXHaLinG LoVE iN YouR

Life With SMiLes ToGeTHeR With Loved Ones Near

And Far And i Am Just That Element Yes oF UNconditional

Love Too Stubborn To Change in Ends of Going Away What

i Mean To Dance And Sing Still Staying With SMiLes As YES

i Have 100 Percent Faith in the DarK That BRinGS LiGHT

As i Understand See Do Wings of Chaos MaGiC Art God

Yes Creating Order Beyond Reasons of Pre-Planning

Oh Yes! 6 And 9 What Lovely Numbers And 3

As Well Of Course 8 iNFiNiTY Standing

Tall 1 WHoLE Existence


To Unfold
This FLoWeR
This Wing of
Bird Free With
SPiRiT Wind as
Currents Swim Fish
Below Yes Wings Above
Within As Creativity Dances New Water Waves Ocean
Whole And Sings Even More FLoWeR UNFoLDinG NoW

Newer Shore Lines SPiRaLinG Hehe as “SonG oF mY SoUL” Reaches

11.4 MiLLioN Words in 9 Years and 6 Months And “Nether Land Bible”

6 Years 9 Months Old AKA 81 Months Yes Accumulates 9 MiLLioN Words

And Last Yet Certainly EPiC LonG Form Subchapter of “SonG oF mY SoUL”

“FB Profile Pic Bible” Reaches 7.4 MiLLioN Words in 69 Months And Yes

Public Dance Reaching 17,953 Miles in 9 Years and 6 Months Soon

To Celebrate Yes 18,000 Miles in 9 Years and 6 Months too of

(‘Depth of The Story’ Now Nearing 2.5 MiLLioN Words on
The ‘Wrong Planet’ in A Solo Thread on the 65th Page
Yes Now Soon to Be the 66th Close to 151 Thousand
Views God Yes By only the Registered Members
THere True Yet Let’s Make This Parenthetical
And Only a Small 30 Month Casually Described
8th New Testament of All Of The Effort As Lord
Knows You Just Can’t Change Free Coming to Be)

That Effort As my Ministry of Free FLoWinG

Meditating Dance Regulating

Emotions Integrating

Senses Continues
to Be Promoted By

The Youth And Still Fully Alive

of my Environment As Just the Other
Day Two Young Women in A Store Stopped
to Ask me Where ‘The Towels’ Are After Passing

By my Dance FLoWing Several Instances And After
A Worker Answered Their Question Passing By They

Asked me to Help them By Video Taping Them

So One Stood And the Other Kneeled Down

And i Asked Is This All You Wanted

To Do And They Asked to

Take A Video

of me Dancing

in Return to Share of
Course on Social Media
As Others Freely Volunteer
to Promote my Ministry of Dance
ThiS WaY With No Words At All
For 9 Years and 6 Months True

Yes A FLoWeR Continues

UNFoLDinG What Emerges

Newly Now From DarK Continues

Yes (GoD) From Within Continues

To Color mY World New FLoWeR UNFoLDinG
Dancing Singing Free For Real Bird on a Wing JoY oF LiGHT
Free SPiRiT Wind Continues to Dance And Sing With SMiLes

i’m Not Much For Walking On Water With a Surf Board or
Flying in a Plane A Terrestrial Dance THiS Way Floating
For Real FRiEnDS With Gravity Will Surely Meet the

Peace For Real…

On Smoothest

Store Floors Yes

Weight of Finger

Tips Twinkle Toes

Hehe i Am So Free

Dancing Singing

Again Bird On A
Wing Air SPiRiT Wind

Cheers Happy SPRinG
Dear Best CoLoRinG iT All Free
With LoVE iN Peace With SMiLes..:)

Fearless and Free as Garden Tree oF LiFELoVE Roots

Spread MoRE NoW too…

Love is Do or Love is Not

Love is Kind
Love Must
Be Patient
To Survive
My Young
FRiEnD Yes
Love Must
Be Willing

Hell to
LiVE iN Heaven
Again as the DarK
Makes LiGHT and
The Lion of
Love Falls
The DarK
To Wake LoVE
Up DarK is
Is DarK
Pain is Real
And the Best
Part oF aLL
Is Love Too

Feed YouR
See LiGHT See DarK

Love You New Friend
For no other
Now Yet
Living New
As LoVE ReaL
Need not
Even Be
FlesH and
Blood For
Are Days
Words Do
Our Souls
Without Blood..:)

SMiLes mY FRiEnD

No Grain of
Sand is
Less than
God imagine
How much
God appreciates
The Grain of
Sand that
A Mountain
Of Love the
Is the
Of Love so
Keep Climbing
Dear Friend

And if
Until You
Love Again

We Grow older
To Evolve
Our Souls
iN ThiS
Way Old
Is Young

You Have
To as Long
As Your Soul
Evolves People
Who See Your
Help You
Rise Higher
As The Mountain
Of Love Becomes
The Grain Again

Of Sand

As Foundation
Of Love and
The Never
LoVE iN Peace Us
As We LiveS oN NewLY NoW

Feed Your Love
And Bless the
Dark See The
Light See the


Love Hurts
The Best PArt
When It Is Real

Souls Evolve Through
DarK Protectors oF LoVE
THorns BRinG FLoWeRS RiSinG Rose

Smile of A Mother
Joy Same In
Youth of
Human Love❤️
Yes This is a 3rd
Lesson A Forever
Lesson to provide
For All Your ‘Children
Of Love’
to ComeπŸ˜‡

For me at Least Imaging

Myself Back Free With Nature of God
Call of the Wild Ascending Transcending

One with God All Natural

For me at Least A Very Holy
And Sacred Full of Meaning
And Purpose Experience Dancing
With God’s Hips That Do Not Lie!

It’s ‘Hard’ for Most People to
Understand That It Is A Most
Holy and Sacred Communion
With God as All Strangers Become

God Whole

Butt You See When You
Are Dancing Free With
God There Are No Judgements Just


iN ‘A World’ WHere Continuing
Over-Population of Humans
Rape and Pillage the Living
Resources of God’s Nature…

ALL the Respect in this ‘Modern
World’ For ‘Those Women’ AS SeRiouSLY
They’ve Discarded 12,000 Years of

ClotheD IGnoRanT CuLTuRE

Bonobos Are A Most Peaceful
Loving Primate There is Greeting
Each Other A Same Way Everyone
Keeps A Smile on Their Hips of Peace

Humans at Core When Peaceful
And Loving No Different Leaving
The Clothes of CuLTuRE BeHinD
Loving Freely in Peace and Harmony

No Matter if i AM close to 40
Years Older All that Matters Is
Human Fearless Free A Call of
The Wild That Is Loving God

Could have been the Chewbacca
Words of Wisdom T-Shirt Never the Less Free
It’s Spring Break Bees are Buzzing Birds Are

Singing Dancing!

This… Just a ‘Fancy Way’ of me Putting
Off Putting Together Another Actual ReaL
Bi-Monthly Novel Size “Humanity Report

Card Poem to God”

It Just Wasn’t Ready to Come Yet
It Needed A Conclusion And This
Newer MacroVerse Has A Beginning too…

Smile of a Mother
Joy Same In
Youth of Human Love❤️

SMiLes Dear
Sohair Concisely
Dance Song
No Difference

In God


Love or Not

Love is the
Test The
The God
Who Breathes Life

DarK Thru

LoVE iN Peace Free🌹

It Was A Dark And Stormy
Very Very Stimulating Night
The Older Man Younger Than
EVeR BeFoRE iN RiSinG SPiRiT God Yes!

No Matter How Barren the Trees
No Matter How Grey Skies May

The Magic
Of Snow There

Is A Deeper Place
Within That Holds
More Brushes And
Colors Of Paint to Make

Soul Magic A Laughter
Of Love to Create For

It’s True Newness May

Fade Away Outside

Above Below

Now And Yes

All Around Yet
Inside Within holds
Ever More Colors of
Imagination To Paint

A New

Landscape of
Soul Always Now

The Colors New Never
Seen Before Yet Felt so


To Touch

Like Love
For No Reason

Yet To Touch the
Moon And Make

Sunshine Again

This Way The Night
Cold Always Stays Warm
Fireplace of Soul Lit Warmer

If None
Of That


Is Always
A Daily Hug
For No Other
Reason Than
To Love Colors of Snow

Flakes As Rays of Sunshine



And SMileπŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

SMiLes Life is A Story Composed of Words And Of
Course the Meaning of the Story Is Beyond All Form

As Essence Is Birthed

In EYes of Creation Us

Beyond All Measure

As Essence Comes

To Breathe As


To Touch
As Essence Sees

Smiles True For Poet’s
‘God’ iS A Word to Be…

Smiles True for


‘God’ Are Only Defined
And Labeled As Such As Form…

‘God’ Is A Word Where A Tongue is Trapped
on the Roof of A Mouth True A Noun i surely

Am Not Muslim And No Other Religion or God as Defined

Yet the Word ‘Allah’ At Least Lets A Tongue Escape from
The Roof of A Mouth Funny Little Synchronicities For It’s

True At Least in the

Muslim Religion

‘God’ has

The Ability

to Escape from
The Confines of the
Idol Form of one “Literal Man”…

Art Attempts to Relate Essence Poetry
Puts Forth An Effort in Words as Literal

Becomes More Figurative For Colors New

to Perhaps Spark Visions Renewed or Never

Seen Before of Course Beyond Organs of Eyes or Ears

And All that is Labeled Now or May Be Otherwise Defined….

It’s Very Clear that You ‘See’ ‘God’ Beyond ‘This or That’ Form

‘One Field’ Is a Good Metaphor As Long as We Realize not unlike

‘That Baseball Movie’ We aRe The Only One Who Ever Comes to Play

To Make Our Reality As Is

We Interact With

‘The Others’

And Perhaps

They Will Play or Not

Yet What is Important

Is Our ‘Field of Dreams’ We

Build Continues to Expand As

Chambers of Nautilus Shells Do

Until What is Left is a Shell of Our Soul

To Pick Up on a Beach or Perhaps hehe in

A Fossil

oF A Record

‘Book’ Left Online

Just Another Message

In a Bottle For Someone to Breathe

The Thing About Imagination and Creativity

An Ethereal Eternal Love it is Always Changing

Beyond All Forms Set in Concrete And Literal Ways

Before For It is True It is the Concrete That is Illusion And Change

For New



That is the Reality

of ‘This Field of Dreams’

Now Beyond All Measure Set in Stone…

Yet Again This Only Comes From my Field of Dreams….

If i look Up Now i may See A Living Tree or Lamp i didn’t

Plan it Yet it exists as is as Science Shows We aRe aLL Fractals

Of All That is THere is Truly No Other Wise place to look for the all in all

Yet this UniVerse Within We Continue to BREaTHE ALL for the Hell and Heaven to be i am…. NeWLY NoW

Smiles my FRiEnD It Was practically A Miracle i ever Became Any Kind of Story Teller as True my

Mind is Born More of Numbers the place i excelled the Most in Systemizing Ways And True

There Was a Movie Called ‘A Beautiful Mind’ Where if One Stays in Numbers too Long

As Spoon-Fed Life A Soul Will Do Whatever it Takes to Be Born As ColorS AGaiN Alive

The Story of Your Life Has Many Colors And As the Loving Stories of Human Life Breathe

A Human Without A Muse of at least Unrequited Love May Not Find Colors of Soul to Relate

True All the Colors of Your Unrequited Love come through As Greatest Arts Do come

to Birth



Love Particularly

As We Search for the

Colors of Our Soul to Birth or come Reborn Again…
Oh So Much More Pictures Will Bring of Loves Past
And Still to Come to Put those Pictures in Words is
A Life Long Effort And Joy to Create Fields of Dreams in Form

As Essence


Always to Breathe
Now Beyond Death

As These Days Hehe there
is More than One Way for a Pharaoh
to Have Someone Else Build a Pyramid
Iconic Representation Form of ‘KA SPiRiT”

Just Imagine During the Renaissance of Old only
About 5 Percent Were Literate and Could Participate

Now the ‘Bible of Humanity’ is online And All Hands Efforts

of Souls Connecting Rebirthing Connecting Feelings and Senses
in All Arts And Sciences We Spread Among Each Other As New


of Humanity

And UniVerses

of Souls Are Constantly

Creating New All Around Now

True A Lot Like A ‘Kaleidoscope of Mathematics’

Portrayed in at Least A Video of ‘A Beautiful Mind’

That was in Part A Fictional Story i don’t See Much Indication

That John Nash Ever Escaped ‘The Roof Of His Mouth’ No Different

Really than a ‘Fundamentalist Evangelical Christian’ Living Where ‘i live’

once literally Named ‘Hell’…

True Yet

to Build

THeiR Field of

Dreams And Truly Come

aS He And Or Her Will Naturally BREaTHE Free Again..

Or the First ‘Time’ Ever Truly Eternally Now to See A Field of Dreams come to be….

Hehe i Can And Will Paint A Picture of So-Called ‘God’ Forever Yet Essence Will Never Fully Be Form…

A Field

of Dreams

For And ALL A STory

Beyond Words… First

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD Anna Thanks So Much For Coming By to Visit
“SonG oF mY SoUL” Now 11.4 MiLLioN WordS Old Hehe and Actually Read as

That is As Rare as
The Perfect Pitch
of Your Singing

And a
Given Gift
As Such You Possess

Yes Thanks For Quoting

“Older Love Losses Newer Love
Gains Love Fading Love ReNeWinG
Whatever It Takes ReMeMBeR LoVE LiVE AGAiN”

And Your Words i Will Surely Quote in Reply Resonating

“Whatever it takes. No substitute for love. Love is bright.”

True Love is the Sunshine Within For All As New UNiVerses

Refuse All Attempts to Prevent Spin And Torsion To Be Birthed

Out of Black Holes True A Quantum Mechanics Theory Yet

Poems Need Not Wait to Express Highest Love

We May Share As Human Beings

Of Creativity


Of Soul

Eternally Newly Now

To Give And Share Freely
With CaRinG HeaLinG LoVE iN Peace…:)

Creative As Spring
Keep CoLoRinG FLoWeRS
Bees Gonna Buzz No Doubt Bravo

As Vulnerability
Breathes Strength
Of Love Comes Alive

Even Surprises

As New


Pass Through

to See And Paint

Winds of Time Now
Creativity No Limit Flies..:)

SMiLes Astha It’s True This
Star This Sun This
Shine And Ray


Within You

BRing in Words
You Sing As Poetry

To Touch The Moon
LiGHTinG DarK Side Again

For Both You And Others True..:)



Feed Your Love
And Bless the
DarK See The
LiGHT See the DarK

Love Hurts
The Best PArt
When It Is Real

SMiLes Dear Sohair
WHerever i Find
Wisdom of
Love i Find
Of Truth
And When
Joy of Rose
Both THorns
And FLowers
i Gladly And
For Both
THorns And
FLowers Create
Joy of LoVE RoSE RiSinG
NewLY NoW WitH SMiLes…πŸ™‚

SMiles Thanks Dear
Astha For All Your
Kindness And
Welcoming Ways
For All Who Visit Your
Poetry i Grow Too🌈


You Now ☺️πŸ™πŸ€—

Turn the LiGHT On So Easy
For A Person With A Sunny
Disposition to Do Additionally

When the Mother of the Come to
Be Husband Remarks Helen (A Name
Meaning Light) Has The Fairest Skin

of All Surely Reflective

Of Lots Of Estrogen
Associated With
And Raising
Children to One
Day Become Light
of Kindness and Nurturing True…

Of Course Opposites Attract as my Mother
Was All Love and my Father Was All Law Enforcement
for 46 Years Doing That Named the Longest Serving Deputy
Sheriff in Florida At the End of His Career And What Does that

Take A Fearless
Disposition to the
Point Where the Last
Breath Related is Basically
Shrugged off as i Don’t think
i’m Gonna Make it Calmly Dropping to the Ground Never

Getting Up Again Yes It’s true There Are Advantages of
Both Ways of Being And Disadvantages too Combining
The Two in Balance A Lifetime Practice of Achieving for me now

To Mix The Captain
Kirk and Spock With
Empath Extras in the Show if LiFE TRuE ReaL

Every Day Every Now That i am Kind and Nurturing
to Other Folks Even Strangers With Love Unconditional
Truly Focusing on them at that Point of Existence As the
Most Important

Face of
God in the
World it’s Obvious

My Mother Didn’t Go Anywhere
Really When She Died Yes She
Still Breathes in me Fully As My
Father Does when i Dance Solo With
No Fear Everywhere i Go Now WeLL iT’s True

You May Be Named
Hero and Legend
And Famous
And All that
Jazz By Dancing
Solo Everywhere You
Go Yet A Much Greater Gift

Is a Successful 33 Year Marriage
For the All Forgiving Merciful Love
That Comes From a Mother of the Same

Unconditional Love…

Someone Has
to Be the
First and
Last Love

Yet It’s true
Without Fearless
That Love Won’t Travel
Nearly as Far For All that
Love Sees and Breathes For Real

How Fortunate Am i That my Mother
And Father Found What They Were
Missing in Each Other to Create me
and My Sister With SMiLes It’s True i Can’t
Count the Number of People in my Life who
Have Remarked or Questioned me What my Agenda
is for being the Kindest Person They’ve Ever met And Of Course

(In my Healthy


i Will only
For that Gift Still…

Anyway Like my Mother
i Have the Patience of ‘Job’
And More When it Comes to
Unconditional Love She Surely Needed it With me
As Some How that Mix Sent me to Heaven and Hell too For Real..:)

DarKNess HeaR to
BRing See of


‘The End of the
Rope’ Is often

Only the Start

of Climbing Another

Mountain From Bottom

of Top Dear Chaymaa

For As Soon
NoW As We

DarK iS Actually

Fear Have to Breathe

in Day

or Night

With SMiLes
Of Play Slaying
Fear Just Seeing LoVE iN Peace
Us Free to Be i Am For Real Newly Now..:)

Yes At BesT All


Dear Cindy

SMiLes Dear Cindy
Happy International

Women’s Day Yes!
Yet iN Practice

Every Day


i Do Life

For Real

With SMiLes

As ‘They’ ‘Dance

Sing’ Just Another
‘A DaY iN The Life’..:)

SMiles Mr Gottfried
Every Poem Without
A Lesson A Free Sign

A Deeper Life Story



Soul To
And Bleed For Real

Streaming FLoWinG
Water Wave Ocean

Whole SMiLes
To Be
i Am FreeπŸ™ŒπŸŒžπŸπŸ™

Always A Breath Away From Life or Death God Yes
Best With SMiLes Dear Ruchi For Real Warm And True

And of Course A Dance And Song in Flow Naked Enough

Whole Complete

Will Keep the

Colors of Humanity

Coming in Every Way

New With A Bit of Foraging For
Food Shelter And Safety Fresh That

Trust Brings When Humans Actually

Need Each Other More Than the Tools

They Both Use and Ultimately Sadly Become Now

More of Than

Truly Human

The Oldest

Moral of the
Human Story
Putting People First

Putting People First

Putting People First

Tools Were Supposed

To Help Not Drown Us in Abstract
Constructs Suffocate Us in Caves Away

From the Green Grass Trees Colorful

Flowers And All the Wild Fur that Climbs
And Feathers That Fly By Wind Above Yes Too

Within Free Same as Currents Taking Fins of Fish Swimming

to their Destination Free one With Ocean Waters and Waves

All the Same Place to Live HeaR And Now For Real For Those

Who Already Arrive Now in The Home of Their Destination Within


to Give
And Heal
For All With Most
Respect And Least Harm

Yet You See All i Have to Use

Online is Words One Smile

in FlesH and Blood Is Worth

More Than 11.4 MiLLioN Words

of Free Verse Poetry And One Dance
Together if Only For A Few Minutes to Actually Feel Alive…

In The United States 57 Percent of Teenage Girls Are Assessed

As Sad Lonely and Depressed With A Third Considering Ending Their


Breath of
Life i Surely
Cannot Speak For

India Other Than What
i’ve Heard of Depression
Anxiety and Feeling Lonely

From Long Term FRiEnDS

Yet When i Was Young Teenage

Girls were Not Far Removed From Human

As Basically Human is All There Was to Do

At Least
After School…

Before They Became

All the Tools of What Society
Says They Are Supposed to Do…

A Greatest Answer is No And Do You

However That Takes Perhaps The Most Courage

oF All to Turn A Titanic Around And Save What’s Real Within…

Yet Here’s The Other Side

of the Story Humankind

As Whole is Far Away Out of Balance
Taking Hoarding Harming Raping
Maiming and Killing The Rest of

Nature Including Humans too

At Yes Levels Out of Balance Far Beyond Any

Harm Done By Any Creature ThiS Way on Earth

No Matter What Religion Says Now No Matter

What Culture Says Now No Matter What Science

Says New Nature is Still in Charge Unless We Seek Her Find Her

And LiVE iN Balance With Her We Pay Our Own Prices in Misery

And Suffering


Sadly Now
Here At Least For Those
Who Will Be Responsible
Most to Garden LoVE iN Peace
For the Children of the Future

Yet You See People Forget
Statistics Too When People

Become Only Statistics Yes

And All The Power, The Status, The Degrees,
The Awards, Bigger Homes, Faster Cars, More

And More Money, And in General, Instant Gratification

The New


As Nature

Comes Last

And Humans
Use up Their Last Breaths of Nature

Too Unless They Learn to Be FRiEnDS With Gravity
No Longer Falling Falling Falling Away from EVERY
Precious Breath Alive and Truly Loving Free in Balance


Newly Now

With SMiLes

FlesH And
Blood Real…

We’ve Become Not Only
Slave to the Tools We
Use Yet At Essence
More Tool Than
Human So

The Answer is
Clear Strip it All off
Dance Naked Enough Whole Complete

ToGeTHeR Again Yet Sadly That’s Considered

Happy For No Reason Happy For No Goal Happy

For Not Making Money or Buying Any Stuff True

Happy is
No Reason

At all Other
Than A Forever
Now SMiLe From
Heads to Toes For Real…

The Most Insane Question Now
Still in 17,953 Miles of Public Dance



As if ‘They’
Don’t Even

Understand How to BREaTHE REaL
Free Naked Enough Whole Complete

(i Did Not Understand Before Either)

And Even
For Every
Breath of Life

Moving Connecting
Co-Creating Born to
Be Alive Free ThiS WaY

NOPE It’s Not Rocket Science

Yet Not to Do It is the Height

of Human Ignorance Humanity
Forgotten ToGeTHeR Again

A Dance
And Song Free
Naked Enough Whole
Complete Truly FRiEnDS
Newly Now With GravitY iNHaLinG
Peace ExHaLinG LoVE in JoY Every Breath
God Yes oF LiGHT oF LoVE iN Peace FOR REAL…



SMiLes Dear Kiran Even Science

Is STaRTinG to SHow The Holy Sacred

And Divine in Real Feelings And Senses

Of Life FiLLinG Us Up Yes Within Naked

Enough Whole Complete WHere The Giving

Becomes The Receiving

As THeRE iS No Thing oF Us

to Add or Subtract aS UNity BeCoMeS

The Way of All We May Call God too With SMiLes

Through the Stellar Research of Iain McGilchrist And
Many Others Becoming A River of Flow Yes Transforming

Life With Nothing to Add Or Subtract From Unity Integral


Starts WiTHIN

LoVE iN Peace

Spreads More

FRiEnDS With
Gravity Literally
And Metaphorically Dancing Singing
With Wings So Very Free mY FRiEnD..:)

“Absurd is that which has not purpose, or goal, or objective.”

“Theater of The Absurd” Grasping No Specific Purpose, Goal,

Or Objective Yet Far Beyond Foolishness Embracing

Reality As Experience Making Life into

More Arts New to See Feel and Do

Yes Dear Miriam And Oh How Dear

To Do It In A Way That Doesn’t Harm

Other Folks so Much Too A Balance At

Best And One Need Look No Farther than

Cable News of the Faux Variety And Those

Who Support iT From the Top in Hot Water STiLL NoW

True THere is A Place For the Whacky News on at Least

One Channel


And So Much

More Than Just
“3, 5, And 10” “Theater
Of the Absurd” FaLLinG
Full Fool Worm Moon RiSinG
Dear Miriam With Moonlit SMiLes..:)

Ah Yes Fog
Lifting Tonight
Great View of
Full Worm Moon

With SMiles☺️🏝

“Waves Don’t Die”

How Insightful Mr. Gottfried

And A Sign On the Highway to The Divine For Real

Yes Silencing Our Word Think Minds Opening SPiRiTS HeARTS

SoULS By Leaving Deadlines Behind That Materially Reduce Our

Life Far Away From

The River FLoWinG

That Time Out of Time
Now Space Out of Space

Distance Out of Distance

So Far Beyond Only A “Matter With Things”

Is Yes Becoming Waves Creating New Shorelines

On Beach of Soul Within Inside Outside Above So Below

Yes All around And Indeed SeeKinG FinDinG EXPReSSinG
DiViNE SoUL So Deep Within Unchained By the Deadline

Head Mind

Becomes A Dance
in Deep Beach Sand

Spiraling in Reverse Free
Dance With Athletic Shoes

On That Increase The Challenge

Becoming Weight of Finger Tips
And Twinkle Toes in Total Balance

Even More Challenging Yes SeeKinG
FiNDinG DiViNE SoUL in Feel And Sense
of KNoWinG Wisdom ThiS Way Yes Becoming

Essence of Waves Spiraling A Dance Floating in

Balance in Deep Beach Sands Becoming Waves

As Foot Prints From Twinkle Toes Create

A Free Spiraling Shoreline Same

As Ocean Wave Whole

WHeRE THE Eternal

FLoW is Truly NewLY NoW
A Place of No Fears or Death For Now too..:)

Smiles i believe that
Most everyone is
Capable of Good
Deeds it is mostly
The Stress of our
First World Problems
That takes The
Strength of
Our Love Away
We must find a
Fight Dance and
Song to Retain our
LoVE iN Peace Doing Good
Deeds for others
Always New Now
Yes a Lifelong
Never ending
For the
Beat LiveS oN
The Nature oF Love
LiveS oN Yes the origin
Of the Word ‘Son’ means

‘Nature of’

Like ‘Son of God’
Means Nature of
God as LoVE iN Peace
Yes Man and or Woman


Love how you included Thoth
And Magic in Your Response
To the Prompt interestingly
In Thoth’s Emerald Tablet
Spiraling Dance
Is Spoken
To for
Ascending and
Transcending the
Ordinary World Now
To connect to Magic
Where the Unknown
Becomes Known i Read
That after i Already
Experienced It Yes
Now Magic May
only be as
Far away
As Three
A Spiraling Dance!!..:)

Blessed Sings BLeSSinGS BLiSSinGS
DarK Thru LiGHT STiLL RiSinG SHiNinG
DanCinG CoLoRinG LoVE Dancing FeaT SPeaK

Finding Keys to Nature Patterns Understanding Life Deeper
In Holistic View Over Material Reductionism Now ‘God Think Rules’


SMiles Living Deep
In The Temperate
Equator Zone
Of India
In Practically
A Jungle i Just
Imagine Cute Monkeys

Playing Everywhere

To Pet my Imagination

Is Rather


Just imagine
You Petting πŸ’


Ones With SMiles

Yet Perhaps

The Reality
Is they Are more
Pesky Tricksters than Cute 🐡 πŸ™ƒπŸ˜œ

SMiles Astha Women Ruled
The World Before All Our
Tools Humans Created



The Rule over
Cooperation Yes

In Then Matriarchal
Leaning Lineage



Back For Their
Rights And The
Truth is The More
Loving A Person
Is The More



They Have
In All They Do

In Life This is Why
Free Women Excel

So Much

The Natural


To Nurture

All Of Life
In More Positive
Living Ways Women

Will Always Have The
Wisest Voice of Soul

Yes Foundation

Of All True

Will And


Love Balancing

Grace “The Gift”

Happy International

Woman’s Day to You
Dear FRiEnD Without
Women No Colors of LifeπŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

Love When Real




Real Agape

Feeling To only

Give And Share

“Trumps” All


Naked With
No Tools of


i Have
The Force of
LoVE iN Peace Greater



Robe Or
Cathedral Tower

The Inheritance

Within Heaven




For those

Who Retain
The Child’s
EYes Now

Of Kindness

The Kingdom
And Or Queendom



Hell Yes


Put Heaven’s
Yes Queendom

Of LoVE iN Peace





Gives Best

The Smile Yes

On A Great Great
Great Grandmother’s

Face After


Just Another

Thanks Giving

Dinner For



Ever Day Life
Loves Others TrueπŸ€—

SMiles i Will
Always Be



Mascot FRiEnD

As Long As You

Wanna Have This

Furry Mouse With

HeART of A Child Around ☺️πŸ€—

My Never


Still To You

No Matter

What Through

Thick And Thin

Your Loyal Wookiee

Wingman At Your Side HeheπŸ€—☺️

Hehe i Don’t
Have A Love


With Food
Cause i Have
A LiVE iN CooK

i Swear i Don’t
Even Have

To Cook

i KnoW iT
The Meal

Is Prepared

Like A Buffet

And Then

i Finally Use
My “Brain” And



It’s Hard

To Believe i

Wrote the Whole “Thing” ✍️

We aRe Social Animals
Which Means At Best We
Lift Each Other Up Now So

Everyone All

May Continue to Be
Able to Carry The Weight
It takes to Forage the Day Away

And Even Dance Together Freely
As Wind Moves
Clouds Around


So Effortless
in Ease As Streams
Flow Eventually Out to
Ocean Whole Glassy Peace

Just Reflecting Moon and Stars Again

And This is Why i Am Always So Happy Now
Even When Life Beats Me Down i Continue

to Do Whatever it Takes to Lift Others Up

In Doing So

i Naturally Rise
As This is Social
Animal Evolution.

This is Science.
This is Fact. This

IS Love.


(In Poetic Gear)

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
Some Days A Greatest
Gratitude is Give With

No Expect
of Return

Essence of
Receive With SMiLes…

True A Greatest
Poverty Ignorance
of Misunderstanding

How Great This One
Life to Live is Now with

Great Health

Every Breath

Inhaling Peace Exhaling
Giving Sharing Caring
Healing Others Even more

With Most Respect Least Harm



Coming to Understand Now New

The Within Is So Much More

Than Just External Goals of Life
And Rewards That Come only From
The Outside

in too

Love That
Springs from
Within Spreading

Outward A Preventative
Medicine Best for Losing
Real Organic Soul Within
And all DiSeasE Springing

No Longer Loving Free Soaring

Wings to See..:)

Ah Dear Savvy
Move And Repose
The Dance And Rest

Of God


In All of Nature


Now Changing





Or Less

And More Again

As Tides Come In Go Out

As Waves Make Landscapes

Of Shores And Take Away Never

The Less The Water The Wave The

Ocean The Deep Blue Reflects the Sky Above

Every Grain

of Sand


Also Is

The Potential

To Hold Up A Mountain
of Human Love We Continue
To Grow As Living Loving Trees
Leaf Complete Seed Tree Dead or Alive to Feed This

Existence This Gift of Breath Now Oh Dance And Sing Free

Move And Repose Move And Repose Dance of God Sings So Free to Be i am Now

Roots Are Vines And Leaves are Trees Sky Is Blue As Ocean Deep Still To Come Exploring More..:)

“UNiVerse” Dear

Savvy Such A Wonderful

Term it is And Even More Lovely

All Multi-Verses of Life That Existence

Within All UNiVeRSES All Comprise of

Energy of


Now All

Is Integral

All Parts

No More
Integral Now

As All Is Center
Balance Now Beyond
Above Below Inside
Outside And Yes Even

All Around mY FRiEnD
Hehe, yet Coming Back to
EartH i Will Now Express my

Appreciation for Your Every Day

Dedication Providing A New Breath

Of Your CreativitY iN LiGHT Now to Inspire
Those Who Come in Contact With Your Spirit
Wind Free For Those Who Persevere in Light

Simply Give,
Share, Care,
And Heal With

More Light As the
Give Becomes the Receive
Ever Evolving UNiVeRSE Energy More Now New
These Living Trees Just Spreading Leaves So Free..:)

Always A Pleasure
Dear Sohair Happy
Egypt Spring
Coming Your
Way With SMiles

Happy 7th Dear Rafiah
Hope You are Enjoying
Record Breaking Early
Spring Temps like Us

At 28.88 Degrees
Celsius With So
Many New Colors

Of Flowers Blooming
Becoming One With
All The New Foliage

Ageless Beauty
The Rebirth Of


With SMiles of Us☺️πŸ™❤️

Ah Yes i Checked Your
Weather Report Of Frozen
White Before i Arrived Yes!

Gifts to
You With
SMiles Of Warmth

Escape The “Mundane”πŸ¦‹πŸ
A Funny T-Shirt A Dance
To Only Be Joyful A New
Book That Takes You So
Far Away And Into The
Depths of Your Soul

In The
To Listen To
On YouTube Too

Or Immerse Yourself
In New Colors Of
Spring Each FLoWeR
Beautiful Like You
New Multi-CoLoRinG

To Play

With The
Full Worm Moon

Signaling Worms
Returning To Surface
Of Soils Aerating Soils

For Trees And
Breathe And

me And You
And Us And
Even Them


Face of Many
Colors Of God to

Bloom Yes Ascending
Transcending Mundane
Of Winter Shades of Grey

SPRinG May

Year Around Within

More Ways Than Ever
Before Gift oF ALL (God)

Sings Free

🐝 πŸ¦‹πŸπŸ™πŸπŸ¦‹πŸ

SMiLes Dear Kiran Even Science

Is STaRTinG to SHow The Holy Sacred

And Divine in Real Feelings And Senses

Of Life FiLLinG Us Up Yes Within Naked

Enough Whole Complete WHere The Giving

Becomes The Receiving

As THeRE iS No Thing oF Us

to Add or Subtract As Unity Becomes

The Way of All We May Call God too With SMiLes

Through the Stellar Research of Iain McGilchrist And
Many Others Becoming A River of Flow Yes Transforming

Life With Nothing to Add Or Subtract From Unity Integral


Starts WiTHIN

LoVE iN Peace

Spreads More

FRiEnDS With
Gravity Literally
And Metaphorically Dancing Singing
With Wings So Very Free mY FRiEnD..:)


“Holding Infinities in the Palms of Our Hands”

PaRAPHRaSinG From William Blake Dear Savvy

Illustrated So Well In The Art Work You

Provide of Hands Holding

Galaxies So Gracefully

Palming Them

ThiS WaY

Hands The
Fingers And Feet
The Toes Yes Fingers
And Toes of Free Dance New
And Song For Gratitude Holy
And Sacred DiViNE iNDeeD

iN Yin
For Real With SMiLes..:)

SMiLes Dear Savvy Happy International

Women’s Day And Yes God Bless Women

Who Express So Much

Nurturing And

Back Bone

To Stay Afloat

Too With SMiLes

As Well We Need Elements
of Divine Feminine And Yes
Masculine to Navigate All
Waves Storms And Calmer

Waters of Life Ocean Whole
Integral Harmonious Radiant Loving

Life iN Peace From Below To Above
Yes SMiLes DarK Thru LiGHT Newly Now True..:)

“No man is an island but a woman can hold the speck
of star dust in her hand and the universe in the other.”

Hehe Dear Cindy i Just Got Through Paraphrasing

William Blake And Here You Go

With Palms of You God Yes

With Stellar Hands Fingers

That Hold MuLTiUNiVeRSeS
oF LoVE iN Peace Even With

‘Look Ma No Hands’ NoW As Words
Become SoUL of Poetry Beyond
FlesH And Blood With SMiLes

Happy International

Women’s Day
Always To You
NewLY NoW WitH SMiLes..:)

Well Considering So-Called
‘Hump Day’ Has its Pitfalls

Yet Also Reason For Inspirations
And Celebrations Happy Women’s

International Day to You With

SMiLes Dear Miriam..:)

“Not Just This Day Yet Everyday”

True So Important For Every Dude

To Remember Every Day Shall Be

International Women’s Day to

Gift Great Thanks And

Praise For And

From the

Source of Most

Nurturing Love That
Makes Cooperation For
Humanity’s Success Possible
At All With SMiLes FRiEnD Yaksh

Wonderful Tribute You Provide to
International Women’s Day For Sure..:)

Small Quiet Yet So Powerful

Like “The Child” Yes Baby

Yoda Nestled Comfortably
In Magic Of A Vincent Van

Gogh Painting Yes So Silent
Yet Possessing A Force of

Magic That is So Powerful
That Yes When “The Child”

Uses The Magic

Force to Protect

Or Attack
A Hurricane

Of Difference
It Will Make in

Just one Life True
One May Be Busy
Eating Snacks or Half

Asleep Yet When “The Child”

Uses ‘The Force’ You’ll Feel
Like a Tidal Wave of Emotions

Washed Over And
Let’s Just Face it

“The Child”

Will Be So Endearing
That You Just can’t
Help Yet to Protect
Nurture, And Comfort

“The Child” As Long As
Humanly Or Mandalorianly

Possible To Do So now not
Really Off Topic Is Today is

International Women’s Day
And Truly You Could Be “The
Poster Child” For This Day for

All You Have Overcome As a

Very Quiet And Reserved And
Admittedly A Geek Yes A Girl
With Glasses Oh My Gosh

Graduating Number 13 out
Of India In College For Accounting

To Be A CA Charted Accountant

Prized Profession That India is
Known For Around The World

To Keep The Business World
Well Oiled Then Earning MBA
So Many Other Qualifications

Linked In That Are A Prized
Possession Valuable To

Assist In All Countries

As OMG Just since I’ve Known

You You’ve Excelled in Moving
To 4 Major Cities To Advance in

Your Profession since 2015 And
Even Though You Get so Cold

In The Desert as You Are So
Small Even In Air-Conditioning

That Didn’t Stop You From
Moving To A Place Where

It is Freezing

Day Or Night

You Are Just So
Awesome And Amazing

Just The Best Example
Of All Of What International

Women’s Day Means
Coming From Meager

Means Starting From
Scratch Small Shy
Nerdy Little


In Glasses

Who Looked
Like she might
Be Afraid Of Her
Shadow In An All
Girls Catholic School
Yet With Such Sweet
And Endearing Innocent

Smiles And Eyes someone
Who Is Physically Strong
And Powerful Will Naturally

Seek To Protect

As A Bud

Of A Flower

Just Waiting

Patiently And
Quietly To Bloom
With A Magnificent

Force To Light The World
With Bright Eyes And Smiles
That No Truly Good Man Will

Ever Forget
And Yes
Do The
Best To Protect

So on This Day Cheers
To You Young Powerful
Woman You Have Developed
This Force Of You And You Do

Deserve A Round😊☺️πŸ€—

Of Roaring πŸ‘ Applause🌟

With Usual Hugs And Smiles❤️

A Bird On A Wing How
Free Young Women
Fly Together

In This


Coming So
Free For Them
Power In Numbers
As They Cooperate

With Each Other

As Honestly
The Roles Are

Reversing Here

And Women Are

Becoming Dominant

Strength In



Too Through




Come To

Their Place Howling
At The Moon Yet there

Is Still The Middle
East To Farther

East in India

The Pain

I’ve Heard

And Felt Where

Old Men say ‘Nice
Female’ Appraising
A Daughter’s Worth

By Physicality

Alone Or





Women With

Inferior Minds



As Weakness

Yet to Understand

What The Lion’s



No Different

Than A Wolf’s

Howl on Lone

Full Moon Nights

Happy International
Women’s Day Akshita

May Freedom’s



Keep You

Loving Warm

With SMiLes Newly Now😊

If Men Ever Become Men
They Will Respect Women
And Put Them First Or Move
to A Place They Do Is What A Woman Will Do🏝

Sad it is Yet
Very Possible
If Mozart, Beethoven,

Da Vinci Or Van Gogh

Were Born today

Lost In ‘Twitter

Breaths’ or

‘Candy Crush’

On The Subway

Never Rising

Closer To

Human Potentials

That Does Require

Singular Laser


In Flow on

One Task


To Create

A New Story

Of Art Yet To
See With No
Target Audience

Yet Single

Soul On Fire of Do😊

Beautiful Birdsong Now
From Tropics of Relaxing
Your Rainy Beach Smiling

To Hawaii
From Florida



Dancing Colors Springing
Wind Silence Sings
Brings Peace Now

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Change
Reality Now Always Room for A
New Dance



Yet Only
Past for
A Same
Walk And Talk

Letters are Leaves For New Trees
Moves Are Wind to SPiRiT Leaves


NoW in

A Dance
And Song

Need Never
End Always
Beginning New
All of Life Truly New Dance Now
And Song Living Trees Breeze From Roots..:)

SMiLes Dear Savvy

Every Petal of A Flower
A Spring to Fall to Summer

to Winter Color And So Much

More Being Unique You’s of Being

Human We aRe aLL

And True i’ve

Come to
LEaRN The Old

‘Golden Rule’ Needs Some
Literal ReVision for those who

May Take the Aphorism Literally

And Actually Treat Everyone The Way

Their Inner You’s Wanna Be Treated the same

For True Through

Life All the Seasons
And Weathers That
And Who Make us

Who We aRe aLL


So Different

of the Entire FLoWeR
of Humankind or Not So Kind
We Come to Breathe Seemingly
Thriving or Not So Much Inhaling
Peace Exhaling Love Some Days

Cats and


Hug For
Warmth Other
Days it Just Won’t Work

Somedays the Colors of the Wheel
Match Other Days They Must

Separate to Exist

Fortunate Am i to be
So Old And Experience
So Many Weathers and
Seasons of the Colors Wheel

Soul of the FLoWeRS We Wilt
And Sprout Seeding Reborn Again…

Surely Makes
Tending a
Dear FRiEnD…

Brown Leaves
Green Leaves

And So Much More

Both/ALL Are Integral
Harmony Radiating Beauty
Overall Vital to ALL Our Existence
As Day of Them Helps Us See Night of Us…


All Be ‘You’
And ‘me’ i AM So Differently..:)

WorK IS A Four Letter
Word For me
Dear Chaymaa

Yet So is Play

Yet So is Love

Indeed It’s All

Love to me

Silent Dance
Bringing Beauty of
Song True A Modern Age
Dilemma of Losing Play

Love Works

Unto Some
Lesser than
4 Letter Word
ThiS Way WitH SMiLes..:)


SMiLes Dear ‘Peace And Truth’ Thanks So Much For Coming Back By on
“NeVeR ENDinG ALWaYS UNFoLDinG FLoWeR” to Visit me And

Provide Some Muse For A Free Dance And Song of Creativity

To Spring From my Fingers on This Digital Keyboard That

Reaches Deep into “SonGS oF mY SoUL” in Yes A

Dancing Way Too True Oh How Magical Finger

Tips Will Come to Be Yes Particularly When They

Become The Total Weight of All of me in Balancing
Ease Regulating Emotions Integrating Senses Peace

From Head to Toe As Twinkle Toes Too Yes Dear Lord

BRinGinG A Meditating Free FLoWinG Public Dance Yes

All of me Now For 17,966 Miles in 9 Years and 6 Months True

Where i Am the Calm And Peaceful Ocean Able to ACCoMMoDaTE

New Waves High and Low Storms Above Below Yes Within Inside Outside

And Even All Around For How Else Will We Describe Human SPiRiT HeART

SoUL MiND And BoDY Whole Now Without Poetry To Touch Our Deepest

Reservoirs of God All Center Point Balancing Within mY FRiEnD

With SMiLes Hehe i Already Did This Once And Accidentally

Swiped it Away on my iMac Having to Begin A Muse of

My Soul From Scratch Again As It’s True Each Move-

Word of True Original Creativity FLoWinG
That We Do Not Pre-Plan With

Mechanical Cognition is

A Toe-Finger Tip Print

Unique to Our

Souls That Will Never
Be Precisely Duplicated

Yet May Bloom True Even More

Beautiful and Unique Now on the Next

Try to FLoWeR SoUL of Original Creativity

With SMiLes i Continue to Love Reading Your
Eclectic Poetry Dear FRiEnD Reaching into So Many

Recesses of Our Human Experiences That We May Mutually

And Consensually Relate to As Well As Wings On Our Bird of Creativity Feathers

So Free to Be Leaves Branching Out Greening Our Trees of Human Potential Newer

Colors Greater Than Ever Before Best of All Moving Connecting and Co-Creating

For If Not For Your Visit This Breath Unique of my Soul Dancing And

Singing Will Not Exist At All Particularly A New Flower Blooming

Mused By Dear Peace And Truth With SMiLes Keep Dancing

And Singing All Your Creativity Free As Well Yes

Keep Adding A Verse of God to Your

Unique Multi-UNiVeRSE

ALWaYS Changing
New in Original


Too With
SMiLes A New
Birth of Our Soul
With Every Breath
We iNHaLE Peace Exhale LoVE iN
JoY oF LiGHT THiS WaY For All With
Most Respect and Least Harm God Yes

Naked Enough Whole Complete We

Come no Need For Worries of What

May Be Subtracted or Added to Us

By Others As Our Souls Are

Ours To Co-Create Anew

Giving Sharing Caring
Healing Again For All

With God Deep Within

And God’s Leaves Yes Loving Free

of This Entire Living Branching Out
Tree Water Wave Ocean Whole With SMiLes..:)

“Holding Infinities in the Palms of Our Hands”

PaRAPHRaSinG From William Blake Dear Savvy

Illustrated So Well In The Art Work You

Provide of Hands Holding

Galaxies So Gracefully

Palming Them

ThiS WaY

Hands The
Fingers And Feet
The Toes Yes Fingers
And Toes of Free Dance New
And Song For Gratitude Holy
And Sacred DiViNE iNDeeD

iN Yin
For Real With SMiLes..:)


SMiLes Dear Savvy
When All Is Inhaling
Peace ExhalinG LoVE

When All Is Appreciation
Gratitude Yes Great Thanks Praise

Creating Every Word Sacred Song
Every Move Holy Dance True An

Escape From
Heaven WiTHiN

May Be Practically

Impossible New to
Do Now With SMiLes..:)


Idols of Reality…

Only Approximating

Our Full Perceptions
Feelings And Senses of Life

True How To Describe The Smell
And Taste of Food Real When Smell
And Taste Is Lost From A Common Cold

For A Half of A Year And When it Returns
All Smells Like Death As Only A Doomsday Metaphor

Until the Smell Finally

Returns Similar Yet Never

Likely The Same As Before
Or How To Describe A Feeling
of Discomfort Beyond All Words
Touching Most All Human Made
Materials From Birth Or Losing Effective
Use of Sight and Sound to The Worst Pain

Understood by Humankind

Yet Impossible to Understand

Fully Unless One Experiences It

Like All The Other Experiences

Noted Here Senses Come And Go

And Oh No What About When You Can’t
Remember the Feeling of A Smile Ever

As Emotions Are Memories Memories
Are Emotions When They Go No Point of

Actually Do

Come Back Perhaps
Stronger Than Ever

Before for What Appreciation Newly Now
Means Dear Kiran For What is Gifted Again to
Actually Fully Live and BREaTHE Again With SMiLes

SMiLes All the Words in the World Will Never Fully Describe
The Colors of LoVE iN Peace Yet What They Will Do is Our

Best to Mutually And Consensually Come to Some Understanding

Of How Different
And Similar We
aRe WitH SMiLes

Happy Belated International
Women’s Day to You A Day After
And Continuing my FRiEnD Again

Poetry Never Ends As No Words Will
Ever Be Able to Measure Fully What We

FeeL And Sense
of Life For Real…

Like Measuring
Hell and Heaven
With A Straight
Lined Ruler Within For Real Hehe
It Just Won’t Work And That’s Okay too..:)

SMiLes Indeed Our Emotions

Are Unique For Us To Color and

Grief Dear Miriam is Surely Unique

To Every Soul Perhaps

A Hardest Kind

of Grief and


is When One’s Closest
One’s of Blood Are No Where
To Be Found In Soul of Feelings

As The Emptiness Continues the
Search For What Seemingly Never

At All…

To Love

And To Feel

Love A Greatest
Gift Closely Related iN Peace
to Grief and Mourning Indeed…

Ah Yes Dear Sohair When Love is True Peaceful So Deep God
Yes Real And Unconditional to Give Share Care Heal Love

CarrieS on Best ThiS Way Yes As LeSSoNS to Others True

Too Love That Never Gives Up Is Rare Yet Never the Less

Real With
SMiLes No
Matter Who

Says They May
Shoot IT And KiLL IT Dead…

Happy International Women’s Day
To You Too The Day After And All Days
Commencing Now STiLL Yes With SMiLes..:)

SMiles in Short All THere Is
Is Now And All We Do For
Loving Colors Newly Now
PaintinG LoVE
LiGHT Eternally
Greater Now
Yes As Life
Evolves New
Ocean Whole Deeper..πŸ™‚

Soul Complete
Soul To Give

Newly Now For Real

SMiLes Sohair You have been writing Beautiful
Poetry Lately as all relates to Soul for me Soul
Mate is in the Leaves the Branches of the Trees
Soul Mate is in the Sky the Blue and Even Darkest Clouds
Yes For Me Soul Mate is SPIRiT is HeART is SoUL Soulmate
God that
As DarK
THornS And
FLoWeRS of Rose
Soul Mate Rose ALL RiSinG
God at Least and Most iN/FoR Me..πŸ™‚

SMiLes Dear Sohair Today What We Put and Feel and
Sense into Our Mind is Our Future Already no need
for me to Find Divine Intercession Further than the
Connection of God Within Yet it is True Human
Beings are Very Influenced Subconsciously
By What We Feed Our Mind Our
HeART SPiRiT oF SoUL through
Positive Or Negative
Affirmations no
Matter what
Form and Essence
That Takes from Within
or From All Other Sources
Outside of What We View Reality
as Self or Soul or whatever Metaphor
of Word one Loves to Use for the Essence of
what is at hand Yes Placebo and Nocebo in terms
of Positive Affirmations Versus Negative Affirmations
Will Lead to either Healing or Disease of all Parts Human
Being so verily it is Good to Consume the Light more than the
DarK So Yes Smiles
i am Careful what i feed
my Soul No Violence on
TV No Dark of Harming others
And surely Limiting the Soap Opera
of the News Yet Yes i stay informed
as staying informed these days may
in deed be the Difference Between
Life and Death for those who
Do not stay informed
of changing
of the Environment
And True however that may
Come in Truth and Lies and or
Dark and Light of Disease and Destruction too..:)

Lesson Number 9
Send Flowers to the World

Lesson Number 10

Yet i ALWaYS WorK FroM HoMe

Seasons! SMiLes Dear FRiEnD
Spring Arriving From Dead
Leaves Of Winter Still No

Breath Of Spring Yet

Colors Still Coming

For You in Toronto

Like Never


As Yes Before
Hehe Only Really
Two Seasons From
India Wet And Not So

Dry And Only Dry And
Mostly Hot in Middle
East Desert Life my my

The Birth Of Spring

How Refreshed You
Will Feel As Dead


Comes Alive

With Beautiful

Flowers And Colors
Of Birds True i Love

To Be A Part of
Your Many


Far Away From
One Place As True
i Always Wanna Travel

Hehe And Katrina
Loves To Watch

TV Yet

At Least

i Will Go online
And Feel The Breath

Of A Globe Trotter

Like You Little Bird
A Flame Of Freedom



So Far

To Make

Her Home Warm
And Free as True

What Warmth Is There

Really if We Can’t Spread

Our Wings Free Watching

You From Afar inspiring indeed☺️πŸ€—

Oh Lord i Remember
That Grind Of Work
Hehe Getting Paid
For it 33 Years

i Left the
Art Behind
For 40 Years
Since i Was 13

Coming Back
To Art Dream

Filled With

Fruition at 53

Dead Tree Coming
Back Alive As Spring

Indeed Dear
Soni FRiEnD

Keep Your


With Work
Keep Coloring
Your Life With

Soul And Others
Too Hehe it’ll



And Sane too🏝☺️

THere Are Clouds and
Sky the Weather

Plus Sunshine

my Moods

i Never Realized

They Are never

Up There

Now i
Make it
Rain in Shine

And Color

Clouds Inside😊

Five And
Dime Gosh
i Must Be Old

To Remember

A Store that Cheap

Oh The Slow Go Days
Come Faster Now in



Left Behind

Five And Dime TimeπŸͺ

Hehe Don’t Mind Raising Mountains
As Long as i Don’t Have to Climb

Heights Oh A Suspended

Pedestrian Trail

Across A Valley

My Gosh Leaving the

Floor Undone on the Left

And Right Parts of the Bottom

Of the Path Where There is Only Air

Or Ceiling Just Space to Put A Foot Through hehe..:)

SMiLes Dear Yam
Wise Words You Bring
Our Awareness of Life
Begins And Ends Within

How Far We Go Within
Is Usually More Limited

By Those Outside

Us Who
Don’t See
With Similar
EYes Within

Vastly Diferent Each
Huwoman Mult-Uni-Verse
Is Vastly Similar Group Think
Outside of What We Feel and

Sense Within May Be

i’ve Surely Lived Long
Enough to Understand
Real Differences of Heaven
Purgatory and Hell They Begin
And End And Begin Again Within Now

New Visiting All the Places
In All These Years of
Life Well Aware

i May Be
Sitting Next
to or Speaking
to Someone Now

Entirely in A Different
Place of Naked Enough
Whole Complete Or

Never Now
Enough to
Be Satisfied
Or Even Able
to Tolerate And Accept This Life

It Does Help to Understand That God
Within For Real is A Force With Will

That Sets Us Free

Relatively Dancing
Singing of Course
As Silence of Dance
Brings Beauty of Song..:)

SMiLes Dear Marianna

Love is the Grace the Gift

The Light The Work The Play

That Slays Fear Yes All Beautiful
Four Letter

Words This
Way Even the

One Starting
With F Yes Fear

For Perspective

As A Gift Of Life Play
That Slays Fear Reminds Us

How Wonderful A LiFE iNHaLinG

Peace EXHaLinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT

Giving Sharing Caring Healing For All With

Least Harm YES

Now For Real IS

And By God Yes

A Never Ending

Silent Dance That

Brings Beauty of Song
FLoWinG This Way Autotelic Contemplating
More A Meditation A Practice of LiFE LoVE iN LiGHT
This Way Born and Bred From First Breath to Last BLink of Life

As A Disciplined Way of Life Based on This Foundation of Loving
Grace in Balance

With Will


to Hold Onto Love

Unconditionally To
Give The SaMe NoW mY FRiEnD For Real…

Thanks For Your Inspiring Poetic Words Shall this Silent
Dance and Beauty of Song Ever End No Never NoW As
LonG as Love


It Is

That Always
Will Go Up in
Value if We Keep
DeLiVeRinG This Positive
Energy of Play Free to All
Now With Least Harm…

Yet of Course It’s True
Hehe, Not Everyone is
Ready to Receive ‘This Much



i Do My Best
to Adjust the FLoW Hehe..:)

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Yes

Living A Philosophy of Always

Now A Natural

End of Means

For Letting Go Free New

THere Are
Now So Many
New Beginning
Creative Ideas

Setting Kind Free

May Love Always

Guide Our Seeds Within

to Sprout So Green And Colorful

More Forevernow

New Again as


of the
Dance Within
Brings Beauty
of the Song Now mY FRiEnD

As Always Thanks For All the
New Inspirations Free From Around the
Globe You Bring Here in this Avenue New..:)

SMiLes Dear Savvy
As Deep And Colorful

Ocean BRings


Depths of

Waves RiSinG

Water Whole

Yet Different
Now How

Every Rain
Drop Splashes
to Renew Ocean
Whole Levels Again

Our Love For Living Only CoLoRinG
As Deep As the Ocean The Waves the
Water of Now We Co-Create For Every
Move Holding Dance Together For Every
Letter in Every Word Holding Song Together

A New Connecting Wiring Force of Our Living
Trees Leaves Green And Brown To Rise Higher
To Rise Lower

ThiS ETernal

Now More



Than Ever
Before Eternal
Now Deeper New For Real..:)

Ah Yes Great! Another Soulfully
Insightful Comment Mr. Gottfried

“The Real Magic Happens At Sea”

A Great Book Title too For Muse Let’s

See What Signs Come Next With SMiLes

Yes Just Today i Heard A 1200 Pound Great

White Shark is Spotted Off the Florida Coast

True Smaller Ones Have Come

to Visit the Emerald
Green Gulf Coast
With Sugar White
Sands And Sea Oats
Breezing Along With
Seagulls Spiraling Around Sun
In This Florida Panhandle Paradise

Reminding me That Sharks Have Been Around
For About 450 MiLLioN Years Dear Lord Nearly

A Half A Billion Years Longer Than Trees Required
For Us Humans For the Last Few MiLLioN Years to
Even Breathe With Oxygen that the Iron in Our Blood
Streams Originating From Super Nova Explosions Gaseous
Dust In Crucible Fire of Star Death Yes Resurrecting in Our

Blood Streams
And At Core of
Mother Earth


Some Species of Sharks
Actually Reproduce A-Sexually
With Real Virgin Births And Also

Have Electro Magnetic Abilities

To Find Meals Below the Sand of
the Bottom of the Ocean Too With SMiLEs

Yes Shark Have So Many Teeth So Many Tens of
Thousands Replaced Over the Course of A Fish Tale This Long

For Real in Just one Life Yet i Guess it Goes to Show if You Have

The Biggest Jaws and the Most Teeth You Get to Eat Hehe

Thank God For Dentists When Humans Break Their Teeth

Might Have Noted it Before the Dentist Said My Teeth
Were the Second Biggest on the Teeth Chart True

i Have the Ability to Make A Wide Shark Smile

Too HAha that Would Even Scare

‘Jack Nicholson’ Just ‘Joking’
Around ‘Dancing

With the Devil

in the Pale Moonlight’

Yes Like Those Humid Summer Nights
On The Beach With Your Special Loved
One Enjoying The Diatoms Reflecting

Stars Above Salt Waters Cleansing

All ‘Impurities’ Fresh as the

Salt Air Continues to

Come Invigorating

Life Still to Come Then



Truly Spoiling The Mood For What Humans Still Do Best hehe

Trivia Note: The “Jaws 2” Movie Back in the 70’s Was Filmed on the

Same Navarre Beach i Am Raised on From Youth BacK in Those Days

The Snow Bird Ladies Visiting From Up North Before We Had Smart

Phones of Course in the 70’s Enlisted me in Their Photos Together

To Prove They Got to Visit A Very Tanned Blonde Native AS Such

Hmm, i’ve Been in A Lot of Photos With Women in my Life

True Even Though We’ve Only Been Around

A Few Million Years Oh the

Perks of Being

Human if

Only A Blip on
The Screen of

This Real Heaven Now

Indeed my FRiEnD There Are
Lots of Signs on the Beach That
Make me Appreciate Women Even More

As i Grow Older And Wiser Like a Fine Old Man Wine HAha…

As The Numbers of Age Continue to Rise So Do i With SMiLes…

Thanks God

And You Too Dear
Mr. Gottfried For Providing
This Free Rental Space to
Muse Life For Another


Sign to Read HAha…

Way Over in Nigeria

Hope You Get to Visit
The Beaches in Africa too…

Wherever Women Breathe
That’s Enough Beach For me
Even Only my Wife At Home
As The Full Moon Comes to Muse
MaGiC Through Windows of Soul STiLL RiSinG..:)

Grains of Sand We Come Into The World Yes Each Part of Us
Coming Still The Start of Existence Still Now With SMiLes New

Only Limited By How Small Or Large Our iMaGiNaTioNS Are

to Co-Create Sand Castles Less or More Ornate to Inhabit

BRinGinG to Fruition All Our DreamS UNfolding FLoWeRS

Petals of Creation

We All Are Yet

Even if We Innately
Build No Ornate Sand
Castles to Inhabit Today

Still We aRe All Parts Yes

Grains of Sand of a Most

Beautiful Beach Gift From

All Our Ancestors Animate

Thru Inanimate True Gift

Of Existence We All Are

With SMiLEs SMiLEs Yes Other Than
That SMiLes Happy International Women’s
Day Continuing All Days For You Traveler of So

Many Countries Brave Adventuring Places Stepping

Stones For Greater Ornate Castles Still For You To Inhabit Next

And Perhaps Even Build Differently Than Anyone Who Has come Before Yet

True As Dr. Seuss Says From The Very STArT of Now ‘There is No One You’er
Than You’

Gift Enough
Naked Whole Complete

Just as You are A Beautiful
Grain of Sand And Beach All…

For True How Could Any Ray oF LiGHT Below
Sunshine Be Lonely STiLL PArt oF Sun Above…

SMiLes Dear Savvy
When All Is Inhaling
Peace ExhalinG LoVE

When All Is Appreciation
Gratitude Yes Great Thanks Praise

Creating Every Word Sacred Song
Every Move Holy Dance True An

Escape From
Heaven WiTHiN

May Be Practically

Impossible New to
Do Now With SMiLes..:)


Congrats on Your Publish in the
Poetry Magazine Dear Cindy

And It’s True Every Poem is
A New Seedling For A New Tree

To See And Understand And Breathe

No Matter How Many

Instances the

Tree Comes
Back to Life With SMiLes..:)

SMiLes Dear Miriam

i Don’t Throw Anyone

Away Already Been to The

Bottom of the ‘Heap of Gehenna’

No WHere
to Go
At Least
in Hell i
Know of For Real..:)

More Beauty See
Blessing Now Be

We (GoD) All Co-Create
Our ReaLiTieS Paint YouRS
With More Colors Of SPiRiT Wind


‘Whisper’s in the Dark’
‘Four Screens Plus’ Yes
Bringing Never Seen Colors
Before Fruition ‘God’s Breath’

Lesson Number 11 LoVE GREaTesT Rose/
Poem/God/Dance/SonG NeVeR EVeR NoW



New Lesson
Number 12
What Will
i Dance
What Will
i Sing
What Will i Breathe Be Love Be Free iN Peace
Do Least Harm to the Rest Of All (GoD) In
Victory ‘Just Do It’ NoW Without
A Shoe
Gets That!

My Pleasure Jade
Your Poetry

Explores Soul
Deep Not often

i Find This on Word Press

It’s A Treasure to
Me And Important

To Explore DarK
As Well As LiGHT

To See How



Breath Free
With SMiles FRiEnD

Your Poetry


For Someone

Like me Who
Has Seen WHere
Demons Dare
And Angels
Dare Not Fly

All Relate

As Generally
One Must Explore
Below To See Above😊

Hehe No i can’t
Count Numbers
Of Instances
A Princess

This Frog

No Not Ashamed

To Admit It All


Is No

Who is Love Most😊

You are Very Welcome Jade As
Long As We Create We Bloom

Soul Of “The Child”
Creativity Is Hehe

i Feel So Much
Younger At 62 in
Every Way Than
At 21 Ironically
i Was So
Afraid of
Getting Old
Then As i Felt So Old

Best Wishes For All
You Create With
SMiles Of “The
Child” Eternal
Within New


For Real😊

SMiLes Dear
Cindy Oh Why
Oh Why Does The Human
Species take So Much From
Each Other and the Rest Of

Nature Now
Rather Than
Giving For the
Joy New That Becomes
Receiving More of Abundance

Of the Nature of LoVE WiTHiN It’s True

War And Peace Starts So Very Close to HoME

The Home Within Gardened Inhaling Peace Exhaling

Love or Tribute to Lesser Than Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete

Increasingly With the Positives and Negatives Of Modern Information
And Arts

We aRe Globally

Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating
ThiS WaY iN A Place With No Sun or
Moon Or Really Even Any Time, Distance,
Space or Matter of Things As the Arts And Sciences

We Co-Create
May Exist
Long After

Our Last
Breaths Remain
In Bits And Bytes of the Records of What
Humans May Give BacK NoW More than they

Take For it is True i Am Consuming Little to No
Natural Resources Connecting to You Now so Free ThiS Way

For It’s True Perhaps the Worker Bees of the World Will Continue

Laying Down Avenues That Create More Peace Than War my FRiEnD

As the Expense And Expanse of A High Definition Virtual Reality That Feels Nearly

The Same As Blood And Other Stuff on Our Own Soils And Souls of Humanity mY FRiEnD

Perhaps the
Taste of War

Will Finally

Feel More Like

Living Blood For All

Perhaps War Will Finally
Bring Global Inhales of Peace
And Exhales of Love We All Feel And
Sense Together as One Body and Blood of LoVE iN Peace Worth Keeping my

FRiEnD SMiLes Dear FRiEnd i’ve Already Lost my Soul for 66 Months
Once i Have Enough Hope Coming Back to Life Now For the Rest of
the World Indeed…

Yes, We These Giving Sharing Caring Healing Living Trees Spreading
Leaves of Love

To Our

Last Breaths

Of Peace Now

And So Much More…

Thanks For your Very
Inspiring Soul Felt Poem

And Today, Since 3.10.2013,
Is actually The Date i Published
my First Blog Post on ‘Blogspot’ 10 Years
Ago Glad to Celebrate The Actual Day Again

With You Dear FRiEnD..:)

Hehe, It’s Almost Just Like a Kid Who
Doesn’t Wanna Go To Sleep As there
Is Too Much Fun Left to Do in Life

i Need A Nap

i Need A Nap


I’m Getting Sleepy
Yet There is So Much
More Fun to Do! Please
Don’t Steal That Hour Away
From Me on Sunday Morning

Yet Wait!

There is
No Time
Except for
Sleep and Wake For me HAha
The Other Side of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’
Or Was that A Lullaby i’ll Improvise in WaKinG



Ah Yes Dear Savvy
Now Again Silence of
Dance Brings Beauty
of Song Deeper Touching

Resources Meditating Flowing

Yes Ascending Transcending Now

From the Real Divine Within New Our

Deeper Ocean Whole Mind Collecting

All the Resources Through Our Experiences
Each Other the Rest of Nature And Our Ancestral


Earned ACross
All Ages Evolving

STill Now CoLoRinG
ReaLiTY NeW For All to

See Hear Now Who Develop These
Beyond Organs of EYes and Ears Yes
To See WiTHiN NoW NeW Dear FRiEnD WitH SMiLes..:)

SMiLes Dear Isha

River Is No True
Beginning or End

River Only Flows
New Now For Real Yet

i Am Human i Get to SMiLe

How Lovely it is to BE A River Newly Now
FLoWinG WitH A SMiLe YeS EVeN WitH

BirtH And DeatH Now Is All

That Will Ever Be Is Now

So Now At Least

THere Is No


Or Birth
i Am A River
i Flow With SMiLes

Birth And Death Does
Not Worry A Soul With Wings

WinD FoREVeR NewLY NoW Wings SouL

Yes So Who Am i Only Fumes of This Dance
And SonG oF mY SoUL iNDeeD These Avatars of Words

May Live Forever More Now Than Just One Mortal Life…

Yet You See FeeL And Sense It is the Love We Give That




oF Others We
LiGHT Up to GLoW

ALiVE As They Carry on the
Tradition oF LoVE iN Peace
Forever Now True With SMiLes
New to Give Share Care Heal For All
With Most Respect And Least Harm

JoY iN LiGHT oF LoVE iNHaLinG Peace NewLY
Exhaling LoVE Forever Now Real With SMiLes..:)

Thanks Dear Sohair
Lifelong Learning Is
Surely A Way To
Continue To Grow

In Every Way
And Hey! Today
The 10th of March
Is 10 Years Of Blogging
Since i Started With The
Blogspot Platform i Still
Use With Several Blogs