FB Profile Pic Bible 9 MiLLioN WordS Old

“FB Profile Pic Bible 9 MiLLioN WordS Old”

A Most Beautiful PArt of “The Open Canvas”
Dear Savvy Is Modern Technology Provides

So Many Practically

Free Avenues to

Give Share Care
Heal For All ThiS WaY
With Most Respect Least Harm

Our Abilities to Upload Our Souls
SPiRiTS Of Arts From HeARTS

Moving Connecting Co-Creating
All Around A Globe Is Truly Amazing

As ThiS WaY Someone Like Emily Dickinson

Might Have Been Able
To Share Her Soul Art

While Living instead
of Filing it Away in Drawers
Of Her Home She Wasn’t Particularly

Interested in Publishing For Money

Yet The Joy and the Healing DarK Thru

LiGHT Will Be in the Present Moment
of the Gifts of Art That Come Particularly

With Others So Very Free Where Art Is Wings

Neither Bought
Or Sold Just
A Barter of Souls With SMiLes
Continuing An Upload of Soul Every Day..🙂

An Introduction Inspired Here By Savvy As to Why Someone
Might Want to Write An EPiC Long Form Poem Subchapter
All 9 MiLLioN Words in 81 Months in Series of Around
18 Facebook Profile Pics Including Around 8,000 Word
Mini Stories in the Description Areas of the Series of

18 FB Profile Pics Yes Ever Since Memorial Day

Weekend of 2017 Multiply Around 2000 Photos
Annually By 8,000 Words And You Get Around
16 MiLLioN Words Where Facebook Provides

The Free Hard Drive Space Practically For
Free Except of Course For the Cost Online to
Be Here Hehe True It Also Provides A Way of

Metrics For Productivity of Creativity in Flow
In the Sweet Spot Tween Apathy and Anxiety

Yes A Wu Wei Way in Effortless Ease Continuing
A Tight Rope Dance in Increasing Complexity of

Human Potentials And Also True i Use Many Other
Free Avenues Technology Provides As Well As Hey This
Is Just A Hobby of Uploading Whatever Wisdom i’ve Gathered

Of Soul Across A Lifetime And Spreading it More For True After
We Pass Away to Ashes What’s Left of Our Soul Uploaded Each
And Every Day May Hang Around A Bit More With Willing Servers

Of Course
Hehe Anyway
The Bliss is in the
Present Joy of Flow Now New

Naked Enough Whole Complete
True in Free Avenues Like This Online
We Do Get Some Glitches in the System
Lately Like Problems With Posting After the
Last Big Facebook Outage Yet That’s Just With
Desktop Some Folks Are Experiencing Still Possible
To Copy and Paste on the Phone App And That’s What’s

Great About Not Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket as

Baskets Do Tend
To Get Holes in
Them and Break
Like if One Day
The Z Man Decides
to Unplug the Whole
Facebook Show as Twitter
The X Version Surely Recently has Been

Teeter Tottering Over a Similar Future

Yet Hey Who Am i to Complain When the
Services Are Provided Practically Free

Just Ride the Waves
That Are Available

And Change With
The Greener Pastures
As Life Goes on in Change True too..:)

SMiLes Dear Miriam i Agree Dragons are a Powerful
Symbol of Strength With A Heart of Gold of Course

Unless one sees them as evil from the perspective

of some Religious Memes True i Have Several

Very Large Dragon Tattoos That Bring me Feelings
of Strength When i Wear them (No Need to
wear anything for a Heart of Gold Hehe)

Yet True As Companions to 501 Themed
T-Shirts With Cultural Symbols And Memes

Permanent Ink is Not Needed Just A Change of
A Dancing Shirt as the Symbolism Becomes A Poetry

Prompt to Inspire Coming Dance And Song Deep from
the Unspoken Subconscious Mind Transforming

Symbols and Memes Will Be for Human

Nature in Moving Connecting and

Co-Creating Ways to Master

All the Tools Not to Be

Replaced By them Yet Using
Them For Inspiration For A

Way of Life That is Moving
Connecting Co-Creating even more…

Yep Taking On the Persona of A

Dragon From
Deep Within A
Real Adventure of
Life Where iMaGiNaTioN
Holds Hands With Creativity to Produce..:)

Stars are FLoWeRS Yes

We aRe Seeds We aRe

Flowers to Be i am God Yes

It’S OnE THinG to ReaD/Write
A Story FRoM: EnTirELy
DiFFeReNT AcTuAlly

ReAlly to:
BE A Story

Note: i am Autistic;

A Savant Skill is Child of God

A DogWood Tree Is Really Trying
Hard to Come Back on These First Days

of Spring Now to Bloom

Mimosa Trees True Too

Sad in some ways it is
When instruction is
Born now
Living Again..🙂

Journeys Tall
Journeys Short
Journeys Round
All Around HeaR NoW

It Seems A Best Lent Sacrifice
Is Doing More Than Giving Up

Smiles first ‘thing’ that comes
to Hand is ‘if i had a Hammer’

JusT ANoTHeR ‘Humble Carpenter’
Building Word Castles of LoVE iN

Peace of Letters
MaKinG Words

oF LoVE iN Peace

Lesson 26
Law of the Jungle
Hunger For Life

To be Sand
To be Air
To be Wind Water
Waves Sand Sun Beach Air
Warms Above Frees Below

Side Note: Do You Spell
It Grey Poupon or Gray
It’s All Grey to me i Don’t Care

Smiles Xenia in ThiS Way
Blog Posts are Leaves
in the Wake of Life Free

As CuLTuRaL Clothes Continue to Be Stripped-Off Day-By-
Day-NoW Perhaps People Will AcTuaLLY LooK WiTHIN And

Find God (LoVE iN Peace Naked Enough Whole Complete) NeW

Yep ‘i Am’ JusT A ParTiCiPaNT Anthropology Observer of CuLTuRaL
Clothes AcTuALLY i Am Naked Far Away From ‘That Place’ NoW FoR ReaL

A Work (Play) 16 ‘Times’ ‘Greater’ Than the ‘King James Version’ And 160 ‘Times’ ‘Greater’
Than ‘the Quran’ In 127 Months of Effort Nope Didn’t Take Decades And Centuries to Receive

Just Little Old me Now With EPiC Longest
Long Form Poem Still Titled in Free Verse

“SonG oF mY SoUL” 12.7 MiLLioN Words
True Plus 19,677 Miles of Public Dance
True The ‘Old King David’ Particularly

Played By ‘Richard Gere’ might be Out
of Breath Yet Moving Meditation For Him too

Definitely Related to Naked Yoga Power Poses

Not Unlike King David, Other Prophets
And Myths Like Pan i Really Did it Naked
And Celebrate Glory of God in More ‘Vile’ Ways

Yep Got Greater Works (Play) to Do than
Accumulating More Faux Paper Green Love

Namely Feeding Poor Of SoUL SPiRiT oF HeART
GNASHinG of Teeth ‘Trumps of The Living Dead’

World of Art Chaos
Form We Co-Create
River Essence Flows

HAha Dear Sohair i kid you not back when i sang in the Church
Choir in my Mid-Twenties so much Joy i experienced my Face Lit-
uP enough where a Young Woman Covered Her eyes and said you
are blinding me with Your Light… occasionally it still Happens some things
And Also Do…

i Tend to Embrace
Every New Change
that is happening at
Light Speed these days iN LoVE iN Peace
with the Light that Shines Within (God) Yes

SiLeNT LeSSoN 335
Biggest Mermaid Ever Now
Let Your Inner Princess Shine

Awww.. Thank You So much
So Sweet to See Your Inner
Princess Shine A Dearest FRiEnD


As ‘They’

Sing Ask HAha

And Immediately

Receive You Look

So Adorable ‘Chinki’

And Thanks For Sharing

Your Warm Childhood Nickname

With Me Always Hellove to You

Thanks For Letting me Share

Silent Wishes Each Day

Through Challenges

You Fight

Your Way Through

Stay Warm Never

Forget You Are So Loved Hugged

With Kindest Princess SMiles😊ðŸĪ—

Always Remember
And Value The Names

Of My


For All Their

Doubts Translated

Into Two Words I Will

Yep Do As i Wilt Works

They Are Welcome

To Trail

In All My



– Peter Pan
Never Lands
In This Never
Ending Story

Never Any Lost Boy ðŸ‘Ķ

Yep Let’s All NoW
Chant FoRGE DarK
Paths Thru LiGHT🙏

Sacrificing Love
NoW Only Burns
Inner Flame Higher



Oil Painting
Flame Dear
Soni FRiEnD☺️ðŸĪ—🙏

SMiLes Jayani🏝
Burn The FlameðŸ”Ĩ
Of Love For Life😊
Candle Grows THiS WayðŸ•Ŋ

Yes Dear Astha
Love is Life Sums It
Up All Nicely Always
A Pleasure to Share

Life Experiences
With You Dear FRiEnD🏝ðŸĪ—

SMiLes Dear Jayani Thanks
For Your Kind Welcome
Just Being Welcome
Is Awesomely


to me Where

i Am From my





Next To

None As It
Seems Empty
Shells Statues
Of Essence Without

Any Real Feeling Means

More of Course This

Is What Happens

When Humans


Tools they

Use Though

Words Will

Be Metaphors

That Color Our

Souls to See More

It’s Interesting In Flow

It Feels Like The Words

Already Exist in Essence

Of My Soul Like

A Waking


That Comes

To Pen Yet It is

The Essence Of

The Feeling That

Dances And Sings

All The Senses

Of Now

That is

Bliss Fueling

Whatever Comes Next

Hehe When i Speak

Like This Where

i Am From



My Soul Word Salad

He he Yet It is not

All Hidden


With ‘Dressing’😊ðŸ”Ĩ🌈🏝

SMiLes Dear Savvy All Great

‘Seeing Wisdom’ For

Social Cohesion

of Most Respect
Least Harm And Kindness

Hehe Humorous The One that

Suggests Don’t Scroll Past the Pic

Someone Shows You on Their Smart

Phone For the


May Surely

Rise Like a Snake
To Strike Us As Such With SMiLes
Truly ‘Says’ So Much About Modernity..🙂

SMiLes Dear Savvy

Not Unlike the ‘Navi’

i Dance Free to Escape

Song of ‘Avatar’ Life

Yet True

Free Deep
Within Soul

Will BRinG Words
To FlesH And Blood Real

More Than Pyramids Built
For Pharaohs Ever Will Again…

As True All They Got Was the Art
of The Souls of The Artisans Erected

Then For Real…

No Different STiLL

Really For What Folks

May Worship of Sacred
And Holy Text Attributed
to Whatever Ghost Author
Wrote Them Without A Name At All Now
Except For the Breath of Their Souls in

Metaphors STiLL


Blood Continuing New

Another ‘Moonlit Sonata’

By Beethoven And Others With SMiLes..🙂

SMiLes i Find Time is

Only As Long As

Loving Now Newly

Whatever It is We Can
And Will Do When We Make
It A Dance And Song Free More
Memorable We Come to Be And Do Now For Real

Hehe iT iS Hilarious Dear
Kiran No Effort Too
Small Or

Large to

A SMile
To Another

Human Being
iN Ever Way Possible☺️🏝🙏

Achoo! SMiLes Around Here We All Caught
A Bit of Beginning of the Seasonal Allergies

That’s Over Thank
Goodness Hope You
Enjoyed The Vernal
Beginning of Spring

Equinox Yesterday

And True i Used
to Absorb All the Feelings
of Others Around Me Plus
And Negative Too Until in Flow i Started

Free Dancing Singing Writing Wherever i Go and Now

Yes As the ‘Star War Saga’ Relates With Jedis And
Such the Force Within me Positive i Create Now
With Free

And Song
Is Practically
An Impenetrable
Force Field That Rarely
to Never Lets Darkness in…

True Only if i Let it in for Some DarK
Muse to Even LiGHTeN LiFE Up Even More…

Honestly the Autotelic Ability to Generate Our
Own LiGHT Within is A Real Empath Life Savior Indeed…

And i Suppose
Really Essence
of Relative Free Will
As When We Generate
Our Own LiGHT ThiS Way
We Become Co-Creators of the

Essence of
All We
And Sense
is Real As True
As Even Baby Yoda
MiGHT Relate if He Could
Talk We aRe ‘More Than We Think
We aRe’ Oh the Silent Force and Powers

of Just
Non-Verbal ‘Child’…

Fortunately For me,
i Got Online at Age 50
And Learned How To Speak
in Flow Perhaps That is What
‘Child Yoda’ Will Do At 50 Also True…

PS: That
Was/Is A Cosmic
Sneeze at The Beginning Again..😉

“Don’t feel lonely,
the entire universe

is inside you.”

– Rumi

Wow, Dear Chaymaa
Isn’t Rumi Such A Wonderful
Mystical Sufi Poet And Even
Science Shows Yes This is


We aRe Made
of Star Stuff As
Even Famous Scientist
Carl Sagan Related Some
Years Ago Now True too Yes


Inside Outside
Above So Below

All Around Now For Real

No Need To Look For It All
Somewhere Else Where All We
Perceive Starts From Within And All

We BREaTHE NoW iS Still Our UniVerses Free

Balancing Within No Higher Below Than Above With SMiLes…


What Colors Does Love See

What Labels Does Love Breathe

Some Suggest Love is the ‘Shape

Of Water’ Clear FLoWinG And Real

A Common Meme

Is i Am Human
My Religion is Love

And Its Action is Courage
to Be Kind to All Continuing
iN Understanding Differences
Of All Separations in Layers of

Clothes All the Tools of Culture
Spoon-Fed From Birth So Many

iLLuSoRY Differences that
Become Our Present

Realities Now

SMiLes Dear
Savvy It’s a Heavy

Load of Clothes Yes
Boundaries and Borders to

Shed And Finally Become Naked
Enough Whole Complete for The Wisdom
Eye A Pinnacle of Faith of the Pyramid High

Base of Our Nurturing LoVE iN Peace We aRe Born With



to Actually Do…
A Child Smiling at
Another Child With
Nothing Better in the
World Than the Present
Gift of A Smile Returned As Bright

As Shining


Born on
EartH to LoVE iN Peace Again…

Whenever i See that in Church
i Will Love to Stand Up Point it
Out to all the Congregation And
Exclaim See What God (Love)

STiLL Does For Real…

From: SmART ENough

LoVE iN Peace…🙂

LeSSoN 392 We aRe Stronger
Than We Think Our Feelings
Our Senses Our Emotions

Move Us
First Day
Meets Night
And Shakes
Hands Regulating
Emotions Integrating

Senses Balancing Like
Today And Tonight Equal

Happy Spring Equinox With
SMiles Be Hero oF LiGHT And

DarK iN Balancing
Force of Kindness


Love Marrying
The Night

The Day With SMiles
🌞 ðŸŒš ☺️🏝🙏💐🌎

SMiles Dear Sohair
As Day Meet Night
In Balance oF LiGhT
And DarK For
With Gravity
Center Point
Kindness Newly Now
Days Grow Longer Than Nights🏝ðŸŒđðŸĪ—

Finding Balance in Change Practicing
A Holistic Approach to Life Touching

Mind Body And Soul Balance Yes Both

Yin and Yang Art and Science

Hehe Yes as the

Nerd Holds

Hands Peacefully
Allowing the Inner
Artist to Escape Free
With Creativity Bound
By No Target Audiences

For Approval as Wings
Naked Enough Whole
Complete Need No

Permission to
Be Free with

SMiLes Dear Isha

There is Nothing Wrong With
Expressing the me that is You Fully

in FAct of Art as ‘They’ Say ‘ArTiFAct’

You May Find Your Guide in the Art
Your HeART SPiRiT SoUL Leaves Behind

To Study
with the
Part of Mind too

Yet True the Analytical
Part Is More of A Tool
Materially Grasping the
Details of Life For Utility

And Yes of Course to Find
Subsistence Shelter and Even
Suitable For Assessing Some Aspects

of Prospective
Loves Yet When

We Materially Reduce
Life too Much to Detail

View Yes We May Get Stuck
in Tree Mode Without A View
of the Beauty of the Whole Forest

All Around Us True Screens Don’t Offer
Horizons of Sunsets and Sunrises For Real

HAha Unless
They Come
With Words
of Poetry and
Other Arts that
Upload Souls For
Real to Share With All…

Hehe And Yes Staying Hydrated
So Important as i Started a Much
More Intense Exercise Routine at
the Military Gym With New More
Challenging Equipment i’d Drink Some
Water When i Came Home with a Snack
Yet i’d Write For Hours Perhaps Going to
sleep at 3 AM With No Water at All Waking
Up to an Unusually High Heart Rate Standing Up

it Took me awhile
to figure out i
Was Dehydrated
Hehe Yet Problem
Solved getting back
in touch With who i
Even Am Mostly Water
Yep Literally as We All
Are Mostly Water It’s a

Major Problem in Our World
Today Ignorance of Who/What We Even Are…

Truly A ‘First World Problem’ Children are Thirsting
to Death in Some Areas And i Forget to Drink Water

i Am Surely Part of That Rusty Machine too With SMiLes…

Yet on the Other Hand Without my ‘Apple Watch’ Keeping
Track of my Heart Rate i Might Not Have Ever Noticed till

i Really
Got Ill With Problems
Nope No One is Invincible
From the Karma of Mother Nature..:)

Perhaps Those Who Desire to Populate A Dead Rock in the Sky Like
Mars Have Seen Spring Yet Apparently They Don’t Fully Feel The

Only Place We aRe Evolved

To Be Spring With SMiLes

Dear Cindy The UNiVeRSE

All Multi-Uni-Verses SPRinG

Within to Feel the Within All

Around And To Create Spring

With All the Colors of Art

Human FLoWeRS

And Seeds


To Fruition With
SMiLes Not Unlike
Corner Stones and Boards
That Make Temples Each Letter
of Each Word is Also A Cornerstone
And Board to Build Souls to Upload All Around

Will Temples Be Made Out of Words Building Materials


An Open Canvas
Wherever Soul
Uploads Free to
Give Share Care and
Heal at Best With Most
Respect Least Harm for All

Beautiful Spring Flowering Poem Naked Enough Whole
Complete Yes With Spiraling Hawk Wings Above Below
Trees of Life continue to Color Our Souls Green Beyond Rainbow


Other than That It’s a Lot Cheaper to Travel as
Avatars of Words All Around An Online Hive World…
As Wings
of Soul
Will Bring
Poetry of Soul..:)


A Portal
Soul For
Hehe my Pleasure

Dear Shawna
Baby Poetry
Free Uploads
Soul As Poetry Breathes



Like “They”
Dance Sing

Flesh Becomes
Peace Blood Becomes


-me ❤️ ✌️ ðŸ™





SMiLes Dear Savvy Optimistic
Thinking With Ability to Use
Learned Skills in A Career Change

Also With the Potential of Becoming

More Resilient

in Change

Excellent advice

Also It Seems in the
Future With Artificial
Intelligence Becoming
More Prevalent in Mechanizing
The Work Force That Skills That

Require The Warmth of Empathy
And Compassion that Only Come

With Real Human Emotional


Those Are

Some of the Best
Skills and Opportunities
to Pursue Yes From the
Very Beginning in School

As The Entire Work Force
Is Becoming Increasingly
Mechanized With Automation

However Nothing Artificial Will
Ever Replace the Warmth Within to
Give That Only Comes With Billions
of Years of Creation and Overall Evolution

At Best
A Species
We Continue to
Evolve as Human
Warm Blooded instead
of Cold Blooded Machines for Real

We Tend to Become What We Consume
More and Less Than What We Eat And Drink For Real…

SMiLes Avenues of Your Chosen Working Career Surviving for the

of Real
Dances And Songs…

Dear Lord Glad the Money
Making Part is Such A Long
Term Memory for me 16 Years ago…

It’s A Last ‘Thing’ in the World i Wanna Do Now…

Hehe Yet It Still Grows Like Green Mold in Secure


True When in
‘Rome’ We Must
Adapt Then Set Ourselves Free…

Like A Long Journey ACross ‘Kashmir’..:)

Happy Mother’s Day Celebrating in Egypt
On March 21st Dear Sohair And True the

Mother Is the Heaven Now on
Earth Best Weapon Against
Dearth oF LoVE iN Peace

As The Weapon is Only
FLoWeRS Roses in Gardens
RiSinG Children With LoVE iN Peace

More Than Only
Thorns Standing
By While Children
Starve to Death And Die

Not Realizing We All BREaTHE GoD Alive..:)

HeHe YeS Even if You
Live in The Florida
District Matt Gaetz
Represents True Just

More Weight
Lifting Broader
Peace Real
No Matter
Efforts Dear
Cindy With SMiles

LoVinG Peace Within

To Give
Free of ‘Orange
Charge Cards’ HAha

All Secrets Of TreesðŸŒģ
In Every Leaf RiSinG🍃
Falling LiFE Dreams🍁

Materially Reducing A World

Forgetting the Chaos MaGiC

Or Perhaps Never Understanding

That Complaints of Stars Seemingly

Randomly Placed in the Night Sky

At A Much Bigger Than Human

Unaided Eye View Creates

A Spiraling Milky

Way Similar to All the

Spirals Seen And Felt Below

As True What We Call Reason is Often

Materially Reducing And Short of What Reality

Even Fully Is Dear Isha No Need to Count Stars

Just Enter in the Flow of ‘Unknowing’ ‘Interbeing’

YeT iN iLLuSioNS Human

Reason Separates

Us From the Magic

That Chaos Brings in ART NaTuRaLLY

Original Creativity Breathing For Real NewLY NoW

Not Just iN Us Yet Every PArt STiLL Whole mY FRiEND..🙂

It’s True Dear Kiran Some
Folk BREaTHE YeT Never

Now Truly With Wings So

Very Free

As LoVE iN Peace
FLoWeRS As The

Electric Vehicle

Part of A Hybrid

Circulates Free Energy

To All Four Tires Rolling For Real

Hehe Particularly of Course if it is
All Wheel Drive And Yes Totally Comfortable

too As We


Purchased one
A Bit Over A Year Ago

And The Graphic Circulating
Energy to All Four Tires Electric
And Gas For All Wheel Drive Is Very

Similar to the Balancing of FLoWinG
Free Dance Within We Come ToGeTHeR Whole Again..🙂

Giving Sharing Caring Healing

Yes Empathy And Compassion

For All Mr. Gottfried With Most

Respect And

Least Harm

Basically EXPReSSinG
SoUL THiS Way All the

Invisible PArts We May Feel
And Sense And Continue to Co-Create
Yes Moving Connecting Co-Creating For Real

Welcoming All to Come Out of the DarK For Real



Or of Course
What Will May Left Behind
BRinGinG on the DarK Side oF
A Moon Untouched By Sun too..🙂

SMiLes Dear Akshita Indeed
Loved By Stars Above

Really No Substitute

For Stellar

Love For

Real mY FRiEnD
SMiLes Lovely


RiSinG More
Than Falling iN LoVE..🙂

Giving When Almost Every Other Person
Is Giving Up Is A Key to Wild Flowers


And No

As Weeds SMiLEs
Dear Hemaltha ‘Butterflies

Are Free to Fly’ Human Flowers
aRe ALways Free to Spread Love

As Withering

May Be
Come New Wild
FLoWeRS Never Seen Before

A Garden Of Love We Plant
Returns Blooming Our Beauty of Love Within..🙂

SMiles Dear ruchiabhisikta THere is No Caste
No Religion No Politics No Culture No Philosophy

Greater Now Than RiSinG
in Love With the me That Is You

For When We Are Naked Enough
Whole Complete ThiS Way THere is

Nothing Anyone Will Possibly Take
Away From Us Now And So Much More New

to Give Share Care Heal Never Feeling Less
Than Naked Enough Whole Complete THiS Way


To Give
Even More New
Freely As A Fountain
And Never Ends Always New Now
Beginning Never Finishing Within

Beautiful Poem Dear FRiEnD Indeed
Keep Loving You As You Are Enough

For You

to Give A Little
More Happiness
to Others Inhaling
Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN
JoY oF Light Just SMiLinG iN Kind

Of Courage
As Play
Slays Fear..🙂

SMiLe Dear Marianna
Fair Weather FRiEnDS

Come And Go Yet It Is Those
Who Persevere Without Fear

Through the Worst FRiEnDship


The Part
Within Them
FouR SeaSons
Best to Ride
Balancing Most Severe
Storm Waves Way Up And Down

Way Up And Down It’s True Even
When i Spiral All Day in Dance i
Never Get Dizzy to the Chagrin
of Those Who Might Wanna See me

Fall Down
Low Hehe True
It Irritates Some Folks
To No End And All Means
When Someone Gets This
Whole Life Match All Fired Up

Under Control

Enough to
At Least
Night into Day
Marrying The Night
And Yes Merrying the Day

With Even More SMiLes Now…

i Always Wondered How Easy my
Mother Did it Yet She Had a Secret
in Plain Site No Longer Working Already
ReTiRinG Rubber on Barren Wills/Wheels

Color Wheels of LiFE

For What’s

Spoon Fed
From Birth

SMiLes Dear Savvy A Kindest
Most Gracious Comment i Ever
Received in FlesH And Blood Life

Is When A Walmart
Customer Service
Assistant Said

When i Public
Dance i Bring
Spring to Winter

And This iS A WaY
i Always Wanna Be
Now Dancing Spring in
December With SMiLES

And Sure Singing A Similar
Way While Resting my Dancing Feet..🙂

Thanks Dear
Cindy Your
Gift Now
Of Poetry
And Kind
me Hope
For The Human
Condition A Great

Now my FRiEnD
🌎 ðŸŒ ðŸŒ ðŸ☺️❤️🙏ðŸŦ

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
i Love Parts of All Religions
(At Least the Ones Without
Genocide And Raping Children
Per Numbers 31 and Such as that
In Other Books of Older Testaments
Do Very Dark And Stale of Torture)
And These Series of Quotes Now You
So Freely Provide About Life Teaching
Us Lessons Reminds me of A Common

Christian One Singing Still “Blessed Are
The Poor in Spirit, For the Kingdom of

Heaven Will Be Theirs” Yes

True Life is About Perspective

For the Poor in Spirit

Similar to the

Poor For Bread

And Water Appreciate
Bread and Wine Now of Peace

iN Love So Much More Than Those

Who Have Never Starved With Spirit

ThiS WaY iN Life It’s True Almost Beyond

Every Face of Bliss if We Ask We May Find

The Hell


Came From


Seeing Every Breath
As Miracle of Loving Life

After Escaping the Dungeon
Makes the Valley Seem So Bright
And No Higher Than A Mountain Top

To Climb
Valley Higher
Mountain Top
Lower mY FRiEnD Peace
A Balance oF LoVE For
Life DarK Thru LiGHT..🙂

SMiLes Dear Cindy i Really
Don’t Mind my Hair Turning
to Colors of Weathered Wood

For All Paths Life Has Taken
me Below and Over This World

SMiLes i’ll Proudly Announce ‘The Beatles Will You still
Love me When i’m 64′ Birthday Coming June 6th
At the End of Church When They Celebrate Life Events

Coming So Very Free Breathing Now Since 6.6.60 Hehe
True i Like Numbers too Particularly When They Repeat

And It’s Just

Only Meaningful to
me Yet That is What “Wrinkles
In Time” Are For Yes For Us to Come
To LEarn That DarK BRings LiGHT DepEnding

On How We May
Frame All the Pain
And Numb iN Life

Leading to More
Opportunities to
Color All SHaDES

of Grey Colors oF Love Living
For True Beauty Shines Within
Through Windows of Souls Only

GRoWinG Even Younger With LoVE DeaR FRiEnD iN Peace

The Best Thing That Ever Happened to me Was Pain and
Numb That Taught me to Paint my SPiRiT Wind New With No Ends

This Miracle
of Life This Breath
ThiS Only Gift to Give…

Thanks As Always For
Breathing Beauty in Loving Poetry
For This Human Condition We Share..🙂

“Monday morning you sure look fine
Friday I got travelin’ on my mind
First you love me and then you fade
away I can’t go on believin’ this
way I got nothing but love for you
Tell me what you really want to do
First you love me, then you get on
down the line But I don’t mind, I don’t
mind, Yeah”

Yeah, Yeah

Yes Sorry You
Put the Wrong
Contact Lens in Yet

Thanks So Much As You
Touched A Song of Old
Coming New ‘Monday

Morning’ By “Fleetwood

Mac” Isn’t Creativity

Magic it Comes
And Goes

No Matter
Monday Friday
Saturday Or Sunday
Yet That Leaves Tuesday

And Thursday Yet Who Cares
When Monday Morning Loves Us
At Least Before We Put the Wrong Contact Lens in hehe…

Anyway my iMac Cadillac is Super Happy As You Always
Inspire Some Words to Tickle the Digital Keys in Creativity…

Perhaps ‘Manic


By “The

Might Work ‘Till
Tuesday’ Now
Better Yet Hehe Thursday
All Stuff Considering New…

Anyway Meanwhile Gonna
“‘Dance’ Like an Egyptian”

ViSiTinG THere Next..🙂

SMiles Dear Mariana
Every Word my Elders
Spoke Was Poetry And
i’m Singing About Elders
Born As Early As 1870 Hehe
6.6.60 FoR Me
Anyway Before
Humans Were
And Held Captive
By Electronic Media
They Put More Effort
Into Coloring Language
Rich in Colors of Emotions
And Senses Yes Poetry of

(For THeir Only Entertainment
In REAL Living Human Rooms)


To Each
Other Deep

Of SoUL HAha For
The First 53 Years of
my Life People Described me

As A Left Brain ðŸ§  Restricted
Computer Human Solving All
The Financial Management
And Information Technology
Issues Working For The

Federal Government
For 25 Years Yep That
Brought me Financial

Independence at
47 Yet Not Close
To The Real Autotelic
Moving Connecting
Co-Creating REAL
Within Eternally Now True

That May Always Be Generating
Now Within MaKinG Every Word
Sacred Song of Free Verse Poetry
And Every Move Holy
Dance FRiEnDS
With Gravity As
Silently Now
Flow of Dance
Brings Beauty
Of SoUL SonG Voila
God Yes KinGDoM
Of Heaven Within
Eternally Now
Every Move
Loving Life
Alway New For
Real Nope External
Stuff Won’t Bring



Way Of Life Being
New Now Sort of Like
Luke 17:21 Yet That
Only Talked The


Free Dance
And Song Now
New To Really Just
Always Do Heaven Now

And Of Course THeRE Are
Unlimiting Other Paths Yet
Computer Brain Is Machine
Human Like Camels ðŸŦ Trying
To Get Double Humps Through

AS Such🏝☺️

Yet Still Actually Talking To Someone
At 94 in the Early 60’s Born in 1870

Is Really Amazing Considering We aRe
LiVinG NoW 154 Years Since my Great
Great Grandfather’s Birth on my Mother’s Side



So Many
to Live A Great
Life If We Turn
to Sources That
Look Up Instead of Down..🙂

Lesson 27 Touch Another FLoWeR
True Love is in the Image So Real
Of Beauty that Gives Free in Peace

World of Art Chaos Form We Co-Create
River Essence Flows Ocean Whole

Water Wave Dances Sings More

Lesson of Alice And Wonderland
We Co-Create Our Own Reality And If
You Don’t Believe You Do You Do Not

Simple As This…

Tree Needs No Words to Convince
Seeds Twigs Leaves Branches
Trunks Roots God Is Tree
Words oF Wisdom
Tree Of Beauty Lives New

Spring Leaves Feed Green Alive
Fall Feeding Soils Soul Seed New Trees

Doctor Told My Mama He Doesn’t Talk ‘Till Four
Cause You Give Him Everything He Needs
Without AsKinG So Tradition ContinueS oN

What You Will Gain Is Love of Many Quiet And Very Satisfied
FRiEnDS Every Where You BREaTHE Essence oF HeaLinG LoVE

Eventually You Will Be Able to Read Their Soul And Give Them
All That They Need to Heal Without Even Saying A Word to You

If You Listen If You Look If You Really Pay Attention NoW iN Laser
Focus With Every Person Like They Are THE EnTiRE UNiVeRSE oF


To Touch Another Flower
True Love is in the Image
Of Beauty that Gives Free

Chaos Dances
Just For Fun
Just to Breathe

Have You Forgotten
You Are the Dance


Gonna Infect Sense ‘That World’ With
Joy i Am Nature i KNoW Better i Feel
‘i Am Groot’ Vine of God Free NoW REAL
Already Keeping NoW iN Distance THeRE
Is No Distance, Space, Time, Or Matter
“Of Things”
Joy Newly NoW
ParTiCuLarLY Yes
Online in Heaven LoVE iN Peace

Groot, Baby Yoda, And me(You)
All We SaMe Trinity Free(God)Us(You)

HeHe You Lost Me
At ‘Toilette’ Yet
Found Me Again
In Your Intricate


Of Where

To Put


Perfume On

Top Of That

With Perfume🎞

Leaf Falls
Dies Patiently Soil
Listening Life Greens ðŸ

Haha As Soon As i Heard
The Word Velvet Can’t
Touch Human

Made Stuff

And Velvet
Is Among The
Most Discomfort

To Touch it’s Weird

As it Gives Me A Feeling

Of Discomfort yet

Not Pain

Just Worse

Than Pain

And Yes i’m Weird

Yet That’s Beside

The Point As i Bet

All The Young

Men Wanted

To Be Your

Hero Just

To Be

Closer To Your
Smile Doubt they
Even Noticed That

Baggy Long Blue

Velvet Dress You



And Tighter

He he if Not

Lost in Your Big

Sensitive Eyes




True Touch


Rue With

Innocent Warmth

Even If They Are Hotties



Oh Princess
Wings Still Now

Above Neck Treat ðŸ‘ļ

And So Deep Within Warm☀️

“Lights Will Guide You Home
And Fix You” my my Whenever
i Read Or Write A Poem A

Favorite Song This One
By ‘Cold Play’ Plays In
The Background of

My Soul


Forward Dear FRiEnD
Astha So Nice To Hear
About Your Life Experience

And All Homes You Find in
Tight Hand Holds And Hugs
Of Warmth Taking All Of Your

Anxiety Away With Friends And
Tea Long Warm Bonding Chats
With Your Favorite Person Too

Yes Yes Dive into Imperfection
Let Go All Your Worries Hehe
Let Your Free Inner Princess
Shine Warm

With Net

Flix And
Pizza Too

There are Stars And
Moon Sun And Trees

Branch Out As Leaves
Rise Green To Feed Your
Soul And Fall And Spread
To Fertilize Soils With Soul





Feel The
Souls Of Others
In Books You Read

And i Am So Happy
You Don’t Have to
Live Alone As There

Is No



Mama’s Lap

To Find Warmth of Love
True Keep Warming HeARTS
In All You Do Shine Your Inner
Princess Be A Guide Of Healing
Warmth In Lights For A World True


And Green

ðŸĪ—🏝 ðŸŒŽ ☺️

Yes Be Healing Soul

HeART Song Spirit Leaves
Of Love Wherever You Sing ðŸŽķ ðŸŽž

This Little White Flower Katrina
Names A Weed Is More A Hero

To Me So Delicate Small And
Beautiful Yet With Tenacious
Briars Of Discipline to Climb

From Dry Soil To Lush Palm
Fronds Reaching Higher Above
The Roof To Touch The Sun And

Finally Find Warmth To Thrive
Even Higher In Light Yes Seeing

You So Delicate Like This Little
Flower Climbing Life’s Journey
Solo In So Many New Places Now

So Many Weathers Of Challenge
Outside And In Always Has me

Rooting For You Little Flower
To Reach The Roof Touch The
Sun Smile With Warmth of Day
Star Night Moon And Shine

Within Yes Let’s Call This
Flower Brave Little Princess
With Tenacious Briars God Yes

Shine Inner Princess Now Then Which
Means Beauty is The Spirit
Of Excellence Will And
Strength Within


Of Grace

In Balance

With Love to
Give Share Care Heal
All With Most Respect Least

Harm Yes Which Means
Hehe That You Aren’t

The Only Tenacious
Little Flower Princess
Who Gets to

Shine As i Will

Have An Inner
Princess To Shine

Too Yep Briars And

All Too We Will Touch
The Stars Day And Night

In Someways ALWaYS
As Princess FLoWeR
FRiEnDS Hehe

So Wear


Tiara Flowers
Wrapping Around
Warming Coloring
New Soul Brighter😊ðŸĪ—🏝

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa A Wisest PArt
of GRoWinG iNTo A GOlden Age is

ReVieWinG Life Seeing How
Darkest Parts of Struggle

Then Transforms NoW into

Most Beautiful Parts of Life oF All New

It’s True When We Fall We Have the Potential

of RiSinG Higher Than

Crest of Last Wave

Before ‘The Trough’

Now When Challenge
of Darkness Comes THere

Is Promise of DarK BRinGinG
Greater LiGHTS As Long As We
Keep Dancing Singing Ahead Free to

Be More Than
What DarK
With SMiLes..:)

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD
Humans And Skyscrapers
Are Similar in Form Some
May Look

Worn Down

Yet Without
Bodies Of Peace
Blood Of Love At

And Skyscrapers
Are Empty Shells
On The Beach Missing


Sea Creature Living
Free LoVE iN Peace

It’s Like This Walking Down
The Road if You Wave At
Every Car Even If Only
1 Out Of 100
Love Who
Do You Think
Better Yet Feel
Comes To Have
The Strongest Shoulders
Of Soul Love Yes To Give



Too Heavy
To Carry my FRiEnD
Sea Creature Breathes Again
🏙️🏙️🏙️ ðŸ‘‹ ðŸ™️🏙️🏙️




Ah Yes Dear Savvy Key to

Bliss of Others
What Makes Us Flow

Rise and Not

Fall Down

Wings of
Dance and
Song Will Do for
me With SMiLes

Yet True Hehe ‘Motor
Cycle Maintenance’ With
Other Metaphors for the
Experience of OtherS UNique And ReaL..:)

“Fix These Broken Wings”

True for me at Least Dear

Miriam my Wings Are What
Make me Whole in the Feel
And Sense of Liberating Balance

Weight of Finger Tips Carrying HeHE ALL

250 Pounds of my Body These Days
in Balance Yes Peace Head To Toe

A Dance ThiS Way of Life

Springs Wings For Real

Additionally Free in Song

We Used to Provide Moral
Welfare And Recreation for
Pilots of a Military Installation

Great Efforts They Put into Flying
A Plane Yet it takes me still 10 Years
(NoW All 19,688 Miles Continuing NeW)
And 6 Months to Make lift off to Fly
On Terrestrial Land Emotionally

Regulating Sensory Integrating

Back in the Dead Zone Days my

Rich Well Fed Uncle Pointed to

A Seagull And Said it Could Be Worse
You Could Be A Seagull Eating Raw Fish

He Was Really Into Food Yet Apparently
Not So Much Flying On Terrestrial Land

And Then Hehe

It’s All About Perspective
Above Below Different And Same

When Arms Legs Feet And Hands
Become Wings Life is Really Amazing
It Would Be Impossible For Anyone Else
to Lift me Any Higher Loving Life in Peace For Real

Or Subtracting


Land iN FLiGHT…

i Mentioned to my
Uncle the Seagull’s
Name Is Similar to ‘Jonathan’

It’s True Flying And Reading
Wasn’t His ‘Thing’

And That’s
Okay too

We Don’t
All Gain Wings

And Tale the Story
For Others to Read With SMiLes..:)

Fear Destroys Will
Strength Numbly
Ultimately Love

GracE iN FLoW


As Play Will too

Grace is no Gift Alone
Grace Requires Practice
Life Long Moving Thinking


SMiLes, PM; For Years
Some Folks Have Hoped
For an ‘Alien Race’ To Attack
Earth to Bring the World Together
With One Common Bind A Bond of Enemy
That Day is
HeaR Now Yet the

Alien Comes from
Our Home; It’s what
Nature Just Does;
to Balance,
Wittingly or Not;

As We Help Nature
Achieve IT; Scientist,
Guinea Pig, Nature’s
Never Ending Experiment We aRe too..🙂

Again Now; Whenever, Wherever, However, the Phrase ‘Welfare’ Becomes
A Pejorative Now; Any Human Group is ‘Scheduled’ to Fail; Sooner than Soon;
It’s ‘A Real Religion’ of Being Any ‘Social Animal’ Who Keeps ‘That Grade’ Now;
‘America’, All Along; Just Abundantly Blessed With Environmental Circumstances;

Now; Again,
the Karma of What Is;
‘You’ Leave a Land And Take
Another Human/Animal’s Land Away,
You Eventually Pay; Again, Karma No Time;
Just Balance Seeking, Eventually Finding Balance Again;
The Face of ‘God’ Is Nature FOR REAL; Spit on any ParT And WHole SPits
Back; Again, Karma No Time; Nature Patience for ‘Wrath’ of Whatever Is or ‘Sweet Kisses’…

i Like Kisses
i Do Kisses
i Get Kisses
Sure; i have the Empirical Proof too;
Currently, Experiencing Double Indemnity Heaven;
Just Be-Cause i Study Nature More Than ‘CuLTuRaL Clothes;’
True; i also Do Both, Just For Fun too;
A Top oF A
A Bottom.😉

Once Again Keeping in Mind This is
Just A Story One of Many For ReaL

Lesson 28
Skip the Buy Do Free
(The CuLTuRaL Clothed Version)

Lesson 28-B
‘You Cannot Eat Money’
Also A Cree Indian Proverb
(Naked Version With A Star Fig Leaf)

SMiLes Anna.. Per Your Quote: “I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this verse:
There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female.
For you are all one in Christ Jesus…” Yes This Does Seem That
Love Applies To Everyone in the Kingdom of Love’s Reality Within For
All to Give Share Caring Healing iN Peace Free No Matter Form of Human

Being in All the Ways That Comes…

Just Common Sense Really hehe

Considering We All Share the

Basic Same DNA of Course

A Spectrum Reality Is

For All That We Experience in Life True too…

Some Folks Don’t Even Have the Ability to Feel And

Sense Love Sadly Born that Way as Should They Be Tortured

Forever Changed into Goats From Sheep And Burned Forever as

They Aren’t Born With the Ability to Feel and Sense And Give

Love Like Healthy Folks Are And This is a Dilemma of Older

Poetry that hasn’t Caught up With the Enlightenment

of Humans That Basically is continuing New

Testaments in Prophecies Fulfilled

Of what Humans Still Test and

Come to Know, Feel, and Sense More

Yet Surely Tradition Has its Place for

Gluing Society Together in Common Binding

And Bonding Ways Yet Change and Prophetic Change

Indeed As We Set Hypotheses to Test And Learn More About

Human Nature And Ways to Improve life For Everyone in not only

Just Survive Yet Thrive too… Sadly Tradition Will Be Very Stubborn

And Refuse to Take off Veils of Ignorance As Removing Veils of Ignorance

to See Greater Truth and Light That comes to be is the Original Greek Definition

of Apocalypse Very Positive And Really The Opposite of Destruction this way

As Lifting the Veils

Of Ignorance Will

Allow All More Rights

To Life, Liberty and the

Pursuit of Happiness Yep the

Kingdom of God Love Within for those

Blessed and Who work Their Love Muscle

Enough to Come to this Table of Plenty Love

And Staycation Here the rest of their Life as that

Takes Continuing Gardening of our Love Muscles that Way…

The Bible is Prose and Poetry it may be taken as Metaphor

In Unlimited ways sadly as History Shows it is Often

Used for Division, Separation, And Obvious Cruelty

For those Who have Even A Stitch of Human Empathy

Born And Gardened This way… Sadly All the Cultural

Clothes the Tools We Come to Wear in Mechanical Cognition

Will Wither the Love

of Empathy

Away if the

Species is gonna stay

Around Love Must Come to FLoWeR

As Social Animals Will Only Survive
Longer Term Standing Together Strong
in Positive Ways of Loving Cooperation..🙂

All The Cinderella Men And Or
Women Creating THEiR Own

Glass Slipper Stories

Mastering tHE ALL
Riding THeir Wave…

Dimes And
Pennies Sink
Wishing Well
Of LoVE iN Peace Floats😊

True the Story of Jesus
Broke A Lot of the

‘Sunday Rules’

Religion Another
Word For Words
ReFuSinG Change🌊

True Dear Kiran At Zero THere is

No Thing to Lose And All To Gain

For The Winning

For Real


From LoSinG
WiTH SMiLes..🙂

SMiLes Dear Miriam
Yes Play Slays Fear

Dancing Singing
Rest of the Way Free
All Becomes A Prayer


WitH SMiLes

Wishing Upon
A Star Comes
ReaL And True..🙂

SMiLes Dear Isha Connecting

Words to Depths of Your

Soul Within BRinGinG

Your SPiRiT to PAge

Setting Your HeART

Free DarK Thru LiGHT With
Shadows NiGHT Thru DaY All With SMiLes
God Yes You Coming to Believe in You Yes You


After That True
What Others Think
Won’t Matter As You
Believe in You For Real

True Best of Making Best
FRiEnDS With the One
You Are Stuck With

So Very
To Let it All Ocean Whole
Waves Water Go FLoWinG Free
SouL RiSinG Surface of YouR Art..🙂

“Amazing Nature Amazing Grace”
So True Dear Savvy Every Spiral
Nature Makes Creates Altogether
NoW Even With Human SMiLes
Yet Sadly ‘Reason’ May Attempt
To Take it All Apart
Materially Reducing
Art The Free Dance
And Song of Nature
FoCuSinG on Notes Yet
Not the Silence Tween Newly Now
That Makes The MuSiC Dance And Sing Free

The Darkness Above That Blankets All the Stars
The Darkness Within That Creates Our Subconscious
Minds And the Rest of the 99.5 Percent of our Being So Far
Beyond Only “Word Think” That is DarK Yet Truly LiGHT Above

Below DarKness Blankets Smallest
Sub-Particles Spiraling
For All That
is STiLL MoVinG
Dancing Singing
ALToGeTHeR Entire
Dance And Song No Longer
Separating into Illusions Humans Create..🙂

SMiLes Dear Savvy i Am So
Happy to Have Two Arms,
Two Hands, Two Legs, And

Two Feet As Yes When

One Side of Life Now
Gets Sore or Minor
Injured The

Other Side
Of me Helps

Out Like Both
Sides of the

Of mY Mind Dually Soul
Blessed i Feel Such A Way

Out From Problems That Come
Unified Being Healing With SMiLES..🙂

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa When We Are Happy
With What We Are Doing in Life Providing
A Way to Love Life It’s So Hard For

Others to
Bring Us

Room to
Rise From
Lower With


LeSSoN 393
What Heaven Spells
God Is Love Is Enough

Now HeaR For Real

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD
My Wish For YouR LiFE

Journey is For You To Always
Be Covered Under This God

Of Love With SMiLes
These Leaves These Roots
This Living Tree Forest Whole

Yes Dear Akshita
And One of Only
Challenges of
my Wife’s Life
Starting Early
Indeed As At
Age 8 She
Than Roofs
Picking Fruit in
A Home So Poor
With No Water
Or Food



Not A
Jungle The
United States
The Richest


In The




Welfare to
The Top One
Percent Who
Own Most of
The Wealth

Yet it’s
True A


Of Soul

Tempered For
my Wife to Stand
by me in Hell 66 Months




Of Breath

In Life at All
Now Indeed my
FRiEnD Akshita
Helping A Devil
Wear Wings Again




Or Gods

Dare to Tread
Yes Thanks For
Your Kind Words



Will Care Again😊🎞

Thanks Summerhilllane
For Your Freedom Of
Expression With
No Restraint
All Of
Colored Best😊🌈ðŸĶ‹

A More ‘Common Fantasy’
Than Most People

Realize Women


In Late

Night Waking

Dreams Conquer

Fears By Living

Them Indeed

Or Perhaps

Just Let

The Shadow

Out And Master

It No Need For Debate

Be Friends With

Shadow Allow

It to Drive
Ya Higher


Lower In Control

By Ironically Letting Go🍁

Strikes Feel Better
After Gutter Balls
And Bowling Together
Is “Supposed” To Feel


Than Solo

True Sudoko

Of Life Will

Make “A Day in
A Life” Much Different

Without Gutter-balls
And No Together

Moral oF A STory



ðŸŽģ BowlingðŸŽģ

Oh Dear Rue i Went
To School For

Love Without

Modern Porn

Life Even

Tame Penthouse

Till Sweet Sixteen

True if Not



That See
Eyes Of

Love Enough

i Might Just

Be Another

Modern Dude

Don’t Get Me

Wrong Though

Still Love


Of Pretty Birds🎞🌊🍃

Life Is Yum

Just So


Tasty Particularly

After Losing My
Smell And All




Like Rotting

Flesh Dead

my Issue Came With
A Strange Common Cold
Before Pandemic Born True

Best to Avoid if Possible

Unless Someone

Wants To Smell

And Taste the

Living Dead

And Wait

For A

Year Or So
Where Things

Will Always
Smell And Taste

A Little

And Even


Dead Yet That

Was A DisneyWorld

Vacation Versus
Losing Emotions

Even A Memory

Of A Feeling

Of A Smile As

Yes Been There

Done the Worst

Pain known

To Humankind

66 Months


To Sleep

Not As

As Losing

A Smile

And Laugh

Is Literally


The Energy
The Feeling
Senses oF LoVE iN Peace

Within And True

This God Muscle

When Used





Of LoVE iN Peace Yes



All Measure

As LoVE iN Peace IS

A Sound Of God’s

MuSiC Even

When All


And Tastes

Like Rotting

Flesh Still Can’t

Touch Man-Made




Use of Eyes And
Ears For 66 Months

Lost Before Too to All
That Pain And Numb Interview

With What

It’s Like

To Be A Devil
Disconnected From

The Energy

Of Love Versus

Wings That Angels

Touch Beyond BeliefðŸĶ‹ðŸŒˆðŸ˜Š

Me Too Will
Be All Go
Stop And
Write Sing too Yet

i Do Still

Go Within

And Let

The Fingers

Do The Dancing

As i Go All Flow

Calm At

All Speeds Do😊

That Rhymes
in Song With
Rue Yes Do Too


Thanks For Sharing Your Book Club Meeting
With Us Dear Anita Although The Language

Was Not English it Was Still Easy to See Through
Non-Verbal Language Yes That the Women

Were Warmly Engaged With the

Reading Of Your Poem Glad

You Could All Make Room

In Your Lives to Make Those
Warm Human Connections That
Can Will And Do Readily Bond and
Bind over the Art of Poetry Expressing

Human Soul

And Theirs

With SMiLes…

If You Haven’t Ever Seen
‘The Dead Poet’s Society’
With Robin Williams Starring
in that Movie A Highly Recommended

NetFlix Or However You See Movies Suggestion

SMiLes mY FRiEnD

A Hint He Was A Poetry
Teacher Who Suggested
His Engineering Students
And Such Tear Out All the

Rules of Writing Poetry

in the Poetry Text Book

True i Too Do Art From Soul
For me Any Other Way is Cold



Art is the
HeART of Poetry
And All Other Arts
too That Freely Flow From SoUL

With SMiLes..:)

SMiLes Dear Sohair Thanks For Your Kind Words
in my Life Visiting A Place Called The ‘World Market’

With Cultural Goods to Sell From Around the

World They Had Cultural Figures of People
Painted All Around the World Such A Lament

Back then before the Days of Blogging

As Truly i Longed to Visit Other
Cultures And Find Soul MuSinGS

From Those People Who Lived
Differently Than the Locality i am From

Truly Since Then the Metro Area at Least
Has Become Cosmopolitan With People Visiting
the Mall From All Around the World Some Folks
Tourists For the Beach Attractions Others Immigrating

And Using Their Talents to Work in the United States

Yet Hehe Really Outside of Work It can be Difficult
To Find FRiEnDShips These Days As People Often

Are Over-Consumed With the Stresses of Life

To Make Warm Human Connections If

They Even Have the Potential Warmth

Left Within to Establish and Keep

Those Connections as True With Enough
Stress and Mechanical Cognition only Thinking
And Doing Even Science Shows now that Withers

Away Our Potentials for Warm Human Connections
That Last as it Is Most often the Feelings of those

Warm Connections That Keep the Binds and

Bonds Real With SMiLes as It is the

Emotions Feelings And Senses of

Human Connections That Drive

The Actions of Bonding and

Binding Humans Together
As Naturally As Humanity
Healthy and Warm Will With SMiLes

In the Last 11 Years of Chronic to Acute
Stress in my Work Years my Human Warmth

Disappeared And Basically i Became a Cold Machine
Not Much Different than the Spread Sheets on the

Computer Resolving Mechanical Cognition Work
Problems Yes Work for Pay Yet Not Play for Being

Was An Avenue
That Truly Brought
me Back to Life and
The Public Dance Has
Helped me Immensely
in Connecting to Humans
Warmly in the ‘Real World’ Again

Indeed Blessed to Be Your FRiEnD

Really Admiring Your Human Ethics
Considering How Busy You Are Working
6 Days a Week Teaching Arabic to Young
Women In Egypt Raising Two Children Yet Managing

to Make Room For
Real Human Responses
To Each and Every Interaction
on Your Blog Always That is Very

Rare These Days Indeed Hehe

Except of Course for Those Only
Here to Trade Likes and Follows
Now What they Call Subscriptions
on WordPress SMiLes i am Here to

Keep my Humanity

i Can’t Imagine

A Higher
Aim in Life
Than to Be Fully Human
True Perspective of the
Other Cold Place Brings that to



Thanks For the
Kind Wishes for
A Life Long Experience
of Love With Katrina

Fortunate i am in Many
Ways Dear Sohair Truly
Too Many to Count in This Lifetime at Least…

i Value The Struggles in Hell Every Bit As Much

As The Relative
Ease of Heaven
On Earth Now for
Real Within And All
Around too with SMiLes…

Truly Sad Though As They Talk
About a Place Called ‘Gehenna’ in the
Christian Old Testament Bible That Place

Right Now is Real
in Palestine It’s

No Myth It’s No

Book it’s the Reality

of How Dark Human Nature Will Go

Life Is Difficult Enough Without Establishing


of HeLL ON Earth

God Bless the Beasts
And The Children Often
Forgotten And Sacrificed For Cold Power Still…

SMiles Dear Sohair
After i Pass Away
‘They’ Won’t Need
To See it Inscribed

On my Tombstone ðŸŠĶ

“He Was Blessed By
Many Good Women
Wearing The Face of


True Hehe i
Already Did
And Do The


All The
Angels Names

Written Down
In my Book of

SMiles ðŸŒđ☺️🙏

Friday Florida Flower Story
Other Than Unique
Snowflakes Of
Nature Being
By A View
Of Dead
Skyscrapers is
A Nightmare in my
View Yet of Course
Hope For Those Searching
For Economic Prosperity

Yet What
Is Riches
What Is Prosperity
What Is HeART SPiRiT
Soul True in Only A Florida
Flower Story The Heavenly
Face of God May Be Found
Through The View of A Two
Foot Wide Bedroom Office
Window If Ya Can Loose
Your Way Free From
All The Screens
And Wires

Powering An
Avatar Soul
Around A

For me At
Least Being
By Cold Dead
Skyscrapers No
Matter Financial
In Metal
File Cabinet
Hell Yet You
In My
World Days
Pursuing The
Money God That’s
What my Soul
Looked Like

Metal File
Full Of


With No HeART


What A Brave Soul
You Are To Endure
Nothing Of What
Humans Are
In And Do

HeHe at
Least i Have a
Florida Flower
Story Outside
A Two Foot Window

A Bit in
Avatar Life
With SMiles

God Bless
Your Soul
With FLoWeRS
💐 ðŸŒļ ðŸŒš ðŸ™️🌚ðŸŒļ💐




Neither Looking
Behind or Ahead
Faith is in the Flow

Is in the Faith

Dear Savvy

iN PreSent

Gift Now Lasting Forever
Faith NeW As Destination

Becomes WHere We aRe Now

to Go

iN Flow
With SMiLeS ETernal
PreSent Gift CoMe to Be NeW..:)

SMiLes Dear Astha As A Professor Engineer
Working on Her PHD You Are Smart As A Human


Yet Even


Beyond Any

Measure of Even

Infinity Understanding

How Important Our Human

Emotions Are And Yes All of them

DarK Thru LiGHT As They All Serve

Us to Survive in Most Difficult and Joyous

Experiences of Life Inherently as Such As

Emotions As Science Shows Now Precede almost

Every Decision We Make IN Life And Very Rare it is

to Lose Emotions as in my Case 11 Years of Chronic to Acute

Stress Literally And Organically Destroyed My Ability to Have

Emotions and Yes the Rest of me too as 19 Medical Disorders

Did Reply

to me

Not Saying

No To All the Stress

And Escaping to Keep

My Soul Alive For What Is

Soul It is Spirit Our HeART

Feels And Bleeds too All

The Colors of Life

That Move

Us As We Paint

All the Colors Of Our Winds

As Boats With Sails that Dance

And Sing Yes, Yes, Yes, to Fair Winds

And Following Seas to Anchors That Say No, No,

No And Refuse to Sail into Rough And Stormy Seas

True Every Color of SPiRiT That HeART Brings Sails

A Dance And Song of our Soul Still to Color Our World


in Change

For Survive

And Sweetest
Magic of Bonding
Thriving as Well All of
Us Each Other Hand in Hand

With The Rest of Nature too As it is very

Possible to Accept All DarK And LiGHT

Change What Will Be Changed

Yes Accept the Rest

And Truly


LoVE iNCaRNaTE iN Peace

And Love it All True For Real…

Master Your Emotions Color

World Heaven Rise Above Hell

Do continue to Survive and Thrive Dear FRiEnD Astha For Real…

Smart People Understand the Value of Emotions As in Regulating
Emotions And Integrating Senses Part and Parcel of Same In Meditating
Ways of Contemplation That Includes Free Dance And Song We Maximize

Out Cognitive Functioning In Terms of Flow on One Task In Laser Focus,
Stellar Short Term And Working Memory As Master of Emotions All of
What We aRe Within Beyond Stone Statues of Living Dead Yes

You Might Just

Become a





What Will

Be The Secret of Your

Success How You Mastered

Your Emotions Regulating them

Integrating Senses Publishing

Eight Books of Poetry Along

The Way as the Poetry

Becomes the


of the

Success of Your

HeART, SPiRiT, SoUL Complete

To Give And Share Love to All With

Least Harm Even More Free

Hehe And then

You Will

Be ‘Killing

All the Young’

Men Softly With Your

Song’ of HeART HAha

They Will Sacrifice Their

Wings For You To Sing Sweetly to them…

Superman Flies Over Tall Buildings With Cape, Batman Has Tools to Climb Same…

Folks Who Write Poetry Master ‘All in All Within’ Best FRiEnDS With God (Love) to Give And Share Free..

OBTW, When i Lost All My Emotions, i Couldn’t Even Finish A Game of Tic-Tac-Toe With My Wife

She Had to Write Down What i was Able to Complete Each Day Major Success Each Day Like

Brushing My Teeth, Eating, And Taking A Shower, True Dear Astha i understand How





With Wings

Or Devils of Stone

Statues With No Life At

All Just Living Dead

If We Are Fortunate

Enough We Have

An Angel


Enough to Stay…

For The One Who Could

Possibly Last 66 Months At

The Side of LoVE iN Hell Literally As Such True Within As Well

SPiRiT is Emotion Coloring Soul HeART is All that Makes Us Real Indeed mY FRiEnD

And in Fact Memories Are Emotions And Emotions Are Memories Without Them There

Is Absolutely No Reference Point Back Out of Hell Where All Is Time And No Escape Yet Now

In Heaven there is No Time Just FLoWinG Emotions of Love Gardening DarK Through LiGHT With SMiLes..

In One Place There is All Time And Living Die And In the Other Place There is No Time To Die Now For Real

Indeed This




NoW We Become Essence LoVE..

Although it Requires A Life of Little

to No Distraction And Why We Don’t

See Many Folks Dancing And Singing

As Love Moves And (R.I.P.) ‘Rests In Peace’ Today..🙂

“If you wish to understand the Universe think of energy, frequency and vibration.“

SMiLes, Quote By Tesla Perhaps More Specifically And In Big Picture View too; Be An

Instrument of Music Be Energy of God Rising Frequencies And Vibrations

Becoming LiGHT



Than DarK

Sadly Not Everyone Samely

Has the Propensity to Become

‘MuSiC oF God’ True Takes an

Open And Free Soul Per Escaping the

Neo-Cortex A Bit in Transient-Hypo-Frontality-Flow…

Of Course if it Becomes Permanent There May Be No Coming

Down to Navigating Reason For A While Either; Yet if Transient

And Mastered Welcome to the Realm of the Subconscious Mind Raising

In Stellar


of Human


And Creativity With

Fewer Bounds of Creativity True

Yet Again, For Those Trapped in the Realm

of Illusions of Time, Distance, Space, And Matter

The Neo-Cortex Helps to Manufacture and Navigate

Removing Oneself From that limited Potential is Indeed

A Reflection of the Metaphor of A Camel Entering An Eye of

A Needle; In Other Words, Opening Up More of the Other Parts of Human

Potential in Our Ancestrally Most Evolved Part of Mind the Subconscious 99.5 Percent

Or So That Most Folks Barely Notice Exists At all Except For Dreams of Course Losing

The Neo-Cortical

Prison that a Life
of Imbalance in Abstract
Construct Life Brings Far

Beyond Yes the Intuitive Mind

That Needs No Rules or Lessons

To Exist and THRiVE iN iMaGiNaTioN And

Creativity With Greater Productivity Ruling in

Synergy of Energy, Vibrations, Yes Frequencies

Becoming An Instrument of the Music of the UNiVeRSE

Sure Name it Overall ‘God’, or A ‘Blue Turtle,’ It Really Matters

Not as True We aRe Energy of God With No Separation; Sadly, the

Illusions We Create in Society Take Us Away From So much More Human

Potential Indeed

in Flow Best

Autotelic With

Aesthetic Skin Orgasms

of Frisson For Gratitude

Real When DarK Thru LiGHT

Becomes Beauty Sublime the Same

Common Experience that Sadly Many Folks

Perhaps More than Ever Today Don’t Get Close

to as A Life of No Distractions in a World of Constant

Distraction And Instant Gratification Takes Us Away From

A Great Work (Play) of Soul To Expand to So Much Greater Human Potential…

Probably Mentioned

It in ‘this Thread’ Before,

Yet It’s True i Stay in Autotelic
Meditative Flow Through And Through
Wake and Sleep too Almost Constantly

Breathing Free ThiS way; Sure Samahdi, Satori,

Bliss, Nirvana, Prana, Chi, Ki, Ka, Tao So May

Metaphors Come for Autotelic Flow and

Frisson of Kundalini Rising True

Yet Yes The Essence is

Real And


Even Agrees Now

ThiS Way For So Much

Greater Exploration And Unleashing Releasing

Human Potential in All Ways Neuroplasticity Now

And Potential of Unpacking Epigenetic New Frontiers

Of Being And Experience
Coloring Life So Much Differently

Now in All Feelings and Senses From Toe to Head and More;

Essence of Kundalini Energy RiSinG too as True hehe

With this Energy i rarely Run Out of ‘Juice’

At Least in a 18 Hour Day or So Straight;

Before i Found my Way in Transcendent

Music of Free Dance And Song; Both listened

to And Generated Within, My Life Was Mostly

Lost From This Greater Potential Realm That is Inherited

We May Tap Into; For me It Was the Distractions of Life that

Made it Impossible to Stay Living Staycation In This Greater Human

Potential of Human Awareness And The iMaGiNaTioN, CREaTiViTY in

Focus of Productivity, i Never ‘Thought’ Possible in my Entire Life Before

10 Years and 8 Months And 4 Days Ago When i Escaped the Cocoon of Before

Ascending, Transcending Then No Longer Earth Bound And Misfit As Before

Now As Pink Floyd Relates As Well, i continue to Fly Both In Dance and Song

And Music i Create Within and Listen to in Transcending Ascending Ways that

The Music You Provide Also Assists FRiEnDS With Gravity; Overall Peace And Harmony

And ‘Energizer Bunny Gas’ in Flow to Keep Me Going From Wake to Sleep Strong With Will

And That

Grace of


Just Loving

All of Life As is

Now DarK Thru LiGHT, NoW

iFly Within And Float on Terrestrial
Earth Takes Effort A Tight Rope Dance And Song in Ease..🙂

Births Joy Our
Desire to Create Anew

A New UniVerse of Ours
To See and Be Dear Savvy

MaKinG Most of Change Being New Now..🙂

“Oingo Boingo” BRings Memories
And Yes ‘Ear Worms’ of “Weird Science”

Still Carrying Out my ‘Little Experiment’ Newly Now

Yet “Just Another Day Gone By” is A Song i Apparently

Missed in the 80’s They Must Have Not Played it At the

‘2001 Club’ Dance Hall Then

Nearly As Much As ‘Weird

Science’ For Sure

SMiLes Dear Miriam

Finding Balance is A Mighty

Task For Perhaps More Folks Than

Ever in A Faster Changing Modern CuLTuRE

Than Ever Before Plus Add ‘IT’ Happens And

Seemingly The Wash Rinse And Dry Cycle continues

to get


and dryer

Until We Rain Again

Just Rain Again Free

Ocean Whole Falling

From The Skies Water Same
Always Changing Yet STiLL Water…

Other Than That Just Got Through

Contemplating Dave Koz With my Sister And Whatever Became

of ‘FM Jazz’ As ‘They’ Used to Play it On the Radio on Sunday Morning…

Yes in
The 80’s too…

Anyway Ending
Up And Beginning
Again With Earl Klugh
Just Living iNSiDE LoVE iN
Peace God Yes So Very Free..🙂

SMiLes Dear Akshita
If Microsoft Word is No

Longer Up to the Task to
Grade Your Grammar And
Even Your Spelling and Capitalization

With SMiLes Yes That Means You Have
Graduated to Original Creativity And You

Are Truly Breathing

Free Welcome to
The Chaos


of Creativity

There Are No Limits
Here only What is New to See and Be

mY FRiEnD May Be May Be May Be
Whatever You Feel Like Doing Next Free..🙂

Oh Dear Lord
New York New
York Non-Profit Health
Care Amazing CEO Dear Miriam

Who Just Keeps Going Going

A Real Energizer Bunny

Yes i Kid You Not i was
Looking at my Wife And
Singing The Similar Lyrics
Before this Visit today Wondering
How She Can And Still looks the
Same After 34 Years of Marriage

True the Lyrics Went Like this And
It’s True i Was Actually Raised in
A Hundred-Year-Shot-Gun Home
Down Town On the River Yet of
Course if it was Similar Property

in New York, New York, it Probably
Would Have Sold For More than 20,000 Bucks
Back in 1983 Or So Then to the Gulf Power CEO In Town

Yes Singing These Lyrics Watching My Wife Wear No Makeup

“And you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack
And you may find yourself in another part of the world
And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile
And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife
And you may ask yourself, “Well… how did I get here?” Well, Well, Well,

My God i’ve Spent So Many Years of my Life Decades Here and There
In A Wash, Rinse, Dry Cycle of A Routine That Didn’t Stimulate Near my

Human Potential then

Watching Paint Dry

Writing One Word

In A Pass Down Log
Working For the Military
At First Yep Just the Word
“Routine” to Log in What i Did
Every Day for Years Looking at
the Budget Book to Save More Money
Than Paycheck-to-Paycheck Yet Even After
3 Degrees How Do Ya Do it Only Moving From
Three Dollars and Sixty Nine Cents As 369 Might
Provide the Meaning of Life For Tesla Yet What Do
You Do Starting at 24 Making that much Still Barely
Making Over 5 Bucks an Hour at 30 And Freshly Married

Now i Relax in Heaven Excelling in Human Potentials i Never
Dreamed About Before Never Worrying About Making Another Penny

And Honestly i Kid You Not, Some Days Like Today, i Wonder if that 40th Day with
No Sleep in The Hospital in April of 2008, When i Thought it Was the End of the Line
And They Gave me A Shot to Put me Down With All the Pain and Sleepless Numb then

Yes i Muse New Now Too

Maybe i Did ‘Go

Away’ For Real

Maybe this
NeW Really is

Heaven NoW

Yet if so Then
iF i Didn’t Earn
it Yes it would
Make it Feel so
Empty if i was Just
Another One of ‘The Bosses’ ‘Sons’… NoW STiLL NewLY Yes

God Yes Same As it Ever Is Change Makes Life Worth Living..🙂

SMiLes Dear Cindy With Odds Like
1 in 8 Trillion And Less That We Even

Exist For All The Variables That Come
Together That Make This Existence Heaven
On Earth And Hell For Others As Sun Shines

On Heaven
And Hell

Yes What
Heaven Spells
Starts From Within
A Flow of Peace and
Harmony A Fountain of Love
Exhaling From Peace of Inhale

Finally Figuring Out Naked Enough
Whole Complete the Gift of Life is to
Give Share Care Heal More Than Taking
Hoarding Callous Harming Others For Material
Gains And Other Variables of Small Looking to Fill

A Void
Now By
Others Down

For All the Weapons
That Takes to Bring Them

Down Meanwhile Your Lovely
Poem Gives Hope Hallelujah to Send

And Indeed Be The Light Where Only A
Tiny Flame May Light Up An Auditorium Dark…

Joy of Human’s Desiring Dear FRiEnD UNiVeRSE Seeing

Each and
of Us
Enough to Love More
For All Peace We Bring to
Birth This LoVE NewLY Now..🙂

Hehe, SMiLes Even Though i’ve Written
12.7 MiLLioN Words in the Last 127 Months
in Free Verse Poetry in Poetic Responses Just
Like This to Lovely People Around the World Just

Like You Dear ruchiabhisikta It’s Also True in that
Span of Months i’ve Also Danced 19,688 Miles in

Public Freely in Flow As i Find Silence of Dance
Meditating Contemplating in Autotelic Flow Brings

Beauty of Song

More Whether

Written Now or

In Oral Tradition Still
To Come Newly Dear FRiEnD

So What Would A World Without Books
Be, Perhaps Some of Us Would Dance And
Sing More Freely With Each Other New Dances
And Songs Each Day For THere is An Idol Danger

With Books MaKinG Tradition Like Caves
Never Changing too WHere Women May

Be Regarded As Second Place to Even
Relate Deepest Spiritual Meanings of

Life Full Of HeART Filled SoUL
Yet Never the Less Hehe Who

Am i Too Judge After All

That’s The Equivalent
of Over 240 Novel Sized Poetry
Books i Give Away Free Yet i am Still
So Far Behind As in the Last 127 Months
Almost Each And Every Sunday i’ve Read
An Entire Book Free at Barnes and Noble
Listening to Meditative Music Dancing in Flow
While Reading too True i Love to Read i Love to Write

Yet It Will Long Be Before i Catch Up in Giving Back Over the 400 Books

i’ve Read at Barnes and Noble Totally Free Only Entertaining the Star
Bucks Crowd of Students Sitting Still Consuming Data All Afternoon Long

Yet i Love To Dance Even More to See Human Eyes GLoWinG And Free
Yes Books Are Great As Long as We Don’t Forget To Move Connect Co-Create
Beautiful Dancing And Singing in Poetry and Other Arts As You Have Done With

This Poem HeaR Today…

Yes It’s True It’s Better than
A Box of Chocolates Now
Yet It’s Kinda Like a Box
of Mixed Chocolates too
As ‘Forrest Gump’ Told His
New FRiEnD too at A Bus Stop
Too While She Was Reading a
Magazine, “Life is Like A Box
of Chocolates, You Never
Know What Flavor
You Will Bite
Into Next”
i May Have
Paraphrased it
A Bit Differently Quoting it
As Such Yet That is Always Why
i Love to Visit Your Creativity and Get
Excited When i See A Notification From
“Half earth, half sky,” ruchiabhisikta Is Still
Coloring Her Creativity Freshly A New Child
of Creativity in Your Words Birthed On Earth
As You Create All Your Words Loving NeW iN Free Poetry…

My Only Advice Next When You Become A Computer Scientist,
Or an Accountant, Or an Engineer, Or Dutiful Wife And Mother Yes
Please Continue to Breathe in Your Creativity Never Stop Living New…

i Lost My Ability the Gift to Do it From ages 13 Thru 53 Just Imagine
How Many Words And What i Would Be Writing Now if Not For those
40 Years in a Desert Without Creativity Yet It’s True All that Darkness

From 40

Years Inspires
ALL This mY FRiEnD
Yes Every Experience
in Life Makes Us Who We
Are This Miracle This Gift New Now…

i Regret No Darkness or Mistakes in my Life
That Makes “A Day in the Life” Of me Real New Now True too..🙂

SMiLes Empty World Within Your Poem Relates Well Rue True

So Many Beautiful Women i’ve Met That Tend Bar of

Soul Without Spirit to BREaTHE Living a ‘Beverly

Hills’ Life Like This Too Just Everything External

Yet Empty of Emotions And

Senses to Feel Any

Pleasure in

Life at all

Asking me

For Drugs For Whatever

Made me So Alive in a Dance

And Song of Life Yet it takes Work

Soul Work at the Level of Looking Within

And Intuition Innate Beyond All Human Lessons

That Only Each Human View of God Nature Will Find

As A Greater Work of Life Complete Internally And then

To Soar Without Restraint Managing the All in All of Feelings

Senses No Longer Mastered In Stories Other Folks Bring

True What Good

Is Paradise

If It’s Only

Out ‘There’

And Not Within

to Create And Give

And Share Freely Yet only

For Those Who ‘Program

Themselves to Receive’

As True Who Sees

Beyond Stars

Yet Folks

Who Truly

Travel THeRE NoW

True Mutual And Consensual

Understanding May Come Far And Few Tween Hell And Heaven now

For Real on EartH Within as Pink Floyd Also Relates ‘Wishing You Were Here’

As that Relates to the Experience Within that it is Up to an Individual Seek and Find Now..🙂

We Receive Then What
We Create & GiVE NoW

Lesson 29
You’ll Do You I’ll Do me
Happy FOR Each Other
Spelling LoVE iNSPiReD By You

SMiles Dear Astha
Best Kind Of
Magic is
That Creates
Warmth In Others
Immediate Bonding

Now Of Human

Naturally LoVE iN
Healing What


Does The
Real Magic

In Life You

Have Already

Become As All

Interactions With

You Feel Warm

As Your



Similarly Relate

You Are The Gift

Dear Astha



How Valuable
Warmth Magic


Your ❤️
Kindness Breathes🌈ðŸĪ—

It’s Worth More Than

What 2000 Instagram

Models Will




Waters Far

And Wide

This Old Sailor Sees ⛵️

Sail Kind Keep Warming ðŸŒŠOceans

Smiles There
Are Folks Who




Becomes Love

That Comes From Within🌊

As Birds Fly



Nests With

Ease And


Land Just to Visit…🎞

Seasons Of Life
Oh How Pastel Pinks
And Purples of Azaleas


In Hope
Of New Life
Clear to


One may
Wonder How
Seasons Bring

Different Views Of
Life For Your Clouds
And Rain Still Mixed
With Snow Finally Hovering

Above Freezing Yet Here Now
Where Someone Is Comfortable
Barefoot on Sand In Sunshine
Spring Azalea Colored Bliss

Is It Easier

To See


In Flowers


Teeth In Snow
Than Parched
Throat in Dry
Heat of



Monsoon of
Flooding All
The Green Well

Dear FRiEnD





All Of This Hehe

Except Where i Live
What’s The Best Address

For God In Nature




i’m Not Moving
Away From my Backyard

Where God Flourishes

Year Round In All

The Colors

i Feel


As it’s True
Decades i Noticed

None of This Which

Obviously Means

God Is Always

In me



To Visit Within

Now God Stays

Colors Of


In Sunshine

This Breath i
Share Now With
my Dear FRiEnD


i Am



To Share
With Windows
Of My Soul Eyes

So i Put it in




A Little


Of God For
You in Clouds
And Cold Rain

To Warm Your Soul
ðŸŒļ ðŸŒš ðŸŒļ🙏ðŸŒļ🌚ðŸŒļ


Ah Yes on This
‘Palm Sunday Weekend’

It’s Like Riding into Town
on A Donkey Not Really

Worrying About
What Pre-Made
Bottom to
Top Check-List

Ya Check-Off True

WHere Ya Understand
While Equality With the
Whole of God Is Not What
Ya Recognize It is Enough to
Be Part of the Whole And Spread
That Good News to Everyone Else
True Without Regard to Categories like
Gentile Jew Servant Free Woman And
Or Man And Check-list Stuff Like that Too

Gaining Wings to Dance Free With the Wind
At the Beach or Desert Hehe Whatever it Takes



to Become
The Wind
That Wears
No Illusions
of Human Culture
Separating Us from
The Wind Free of All that is
Ours All and Different To Dance Sing Free…

Yet On the Other Hand(S) Each and Every Person Now
May Never Fully Understand And Do the ‘Message From
A Messenger’ or Find it Free Within to Do on Their Own

Sort of Like
A Skeleton
A Visage of
Darkness in
A Cloaked Cape
Tapping Their Bony Finger
Forever Now Turning
the Hour Glass over
And Over Again Not

Realizing There is
Still as Much Sand
in the Hour Glass Overall

And Basically Other Than LoVE iN
Peace Time Distance Space and A

Matter of
Things was
All An Illusion
Only Separating Us From LoVE iN Peace

As Dance And Song Becomes

SPiRiT Wind Free…

So Naked Enough
Whole Complete
God Yes Liberating
Indeed With SMiLes Mr Gottfried

Yes The Meek The Wind Continues to Inherit
The All In All of Existing SPiRiT ThiS WaY Within..:)

SMiLes Dear Sohair Indeed It is A Difficult Challenge
When People We Care about Are Suffering And We
Feel There is Nothing We Can Individually Do to

Help Reduce That Suffering

Yet What We Can And Will Do

Is Do What We Can And Will Do

For the Rest of Our Experiences

of Life to Improve That For Others
And Us too As It’s True if We Cannot

Find Naked Enough Whole Complete
As A FRiEnD to Our Own Soul We Surely

Haven’t Found
A Way Out of
A Prison
to Escape as
Long As We aRe Living

Happy You Are Finding
The FRiEnD Within Honestly
If We Become Proficient in Finding
That Body in Balance in Peace And
Blood Of Love to Feel and Sense for

Real We Achieve What Most People
These Days Seem to Never Catch up to in


Yes the
That Generates
What We aRe Able
To Do For Others too…

Secure Safe and Free To Be and Do


i’ve Watched the Country
i Live in Engage in Many
Unwarranted Wars and
War Related Actions in
my Life Yet What i’ve Seen
in my Own Life Over and Over
Is Power Corrupts Power Corrupts
And Spoils the Balance of Body in Peace


of LoVE iN
Being Fully Human

Addicted to Power Some
Humans Will Dehumanize
And Harm Other Humans to

No End

of Humanity

The Good of Humankind
Truly Starts Within Until
We Become Whole A Fountain

oF LoVE iN
Peace Overflowing..:)

Catholic Mass Readings From
March 24, 2024 Yes The Early
Morning Hours of Palm Sunday

‘The Father And i Are One’

Pretty Easy to See As the
Spiraling Milky Way Makes

The Pattern Golden Mean Ratio
Similar Above as Below Yet of Course

Easier to See With A Modern Telescope Hehe

As Even Carl Sagan Sages We aRE All Made of Star Stuff

Iron Flowing in Our Blood Coming From Super Nova Explosions
of Star Death For Real Picking Up Oxygen Provided By Living Trees

For the Expedition
of Our Free Breathing
Continuing Now For Real Too…

Ironic that the Tools Science Provides
Explaining What the Heaven in Hell Jesus

The Story Was Talking Heads About Then

Yes The Humble Teacher and Messenger

Relates We aRE ALL Unfolding FLoWeRS

Free FoR ReaL Of God All PArts

Integral and Whole Yet

You ‘See’ Again

All These Words Just
Word Salad for Those Who
Have Yet to Develop Experiential
Eyes and Ears Far Beyond Material Reduction

For A Mystical FLoWeR oF GoD UNFoLDinG

Within No Matter WHeRE We aRe

Or Who We aRe As Individual

Human Identities to Be Feeling
Sensing Unlimiting Oneness All

With UNiVeRSaL LoVE iN Peace

For All Never Ending Now

For Real
Much More than
Materially Reducing
Reality into One Shell of a Human

When We May All Come into A
Communion of tHE All And Celebrate
Life Freely ThiS WaY in Dance And SonG

And Other
Arts For ReaL…

Ah Just A Never
Ending Story NoW
The Place i Exist
For ReaL ETeRNaLLy NeW

LoVE in
Again FoR ReaL

Just Don’t Kicked
Off of The (A) ‘Grand Tour Bus’..:)

Reading 1, Isaiah 50:4-7
4 Lord Yahweh has given me a disciple’s tongue, for me to know how to give a word of comfort to the weary. Morning by morning he makes my ear alert to listen like a disciple.

5 Lord Yahweh has opened my ear and I have not resisted, I have not turned away.

6 I have offered my back to those who struck me, my cheeks to those who plucked my beard; I have not turned my face away from insult and spitting.

7 Lord Yahweh comes to my help, this is why insult has not touched me, this is why I have set my face like flint and know that I shall not be put to shame.

Responsorial Psalm, Psalms 22:8-9, 17-18, 19-20, 23-24
8 ‘He trusted himself to Yahweh, let Yahweh set him free! Let him deliver him, as he took such delight in him.’

9 It was you who drew me from the womb and soothed me on my mother’s breast.

17 I can count every one of my bones, while they look on and gloat;

18 they divide my garments among them and cast lots for my clothing.

19 Yahweh, do not hold aloof! My strength, come quickly to my help,

20 rescue my soul from the sword, the one life I have from the grasp of the dog!

23 ‘You who fear Yahweh, praise him! All the race of Jacob, honour him! Revere him, all the race of Israel!’

24 For he has not despised nor disregarded the poverty of the poor, has not turned away his face, but has listened to the cry for help.

Reading 2, Philippians 2:6-11
6 Who, being in the form of God, did not count equality with God something to be grasped.

7 But he emptied himself, taking the form of a slave, becoming as human beings are; and being in every way like a human being,

8 he was humbler yet, even to accepting death, death on a cross.

9 And for this God raised him high, and gave him the name which is above all other names;

10 so that all beings in the heavens, on earth and in the underworld, should bend the knee at the name of Jesus

11 and that every tongue should acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

Gospel, Mark 15:1-39
1 First thing in the morning, the chief priests, together with the elders and scribes and the rest of the Sanhedrin, had their plan ready. They had Jesus bound and took him away and handed him over to Pilate.

2 Pilate put to him this question, ‘Are you the king of the Jews?’ He replied, ‘It is you who say it.’

3 And the chief priests brought many accusations against him.

4 Pilate questioned him again, ‘Have you no reply at all? See how many accusations they are bringing against you!’

5 But, to Pilate’s surprise, Jesus made no further reply.

6 At festival time Pilate used to release a prisoner for them, any one they asked for.

7 Now a man called Barabbas was then in prison with the rebels who had committed murder during the uprising.

8 When the crowd went up and began to ask Pilate the customary favour,

9 Pilate answered them, ‘Do you want me to release for you the king of the Jews?’

10 For he realised it was out of jealousy that the chief priests had handed Jesus over.

11 The chief priests, however, had incited the crowd to demand that he should release Barabbas for them instead.

12 Then Pilate spoke again, ‘But in that case, what am I to do with the man you call king of the Jews?’

13 They shouted back, ‘Crucify him!’

14 Pilate asked them, ‘What harm has he done?’ But they shouted all the louder, ‘Crucify him!’

15 So Pilate, anxious to placate the crowd, released Barabbas for them and, after having Jesus scourged, he handed him over to be crucified.

16 The soldiers led him away to the inner part of the palace, that is, the Praetorium, and called the whole cohort together.

17 They dressed him up in purple, twisted some thorns into a crown and put it on him.

18 And they began saluting him, ‘Hail, king of the Jews!’

19 They struck his head with a reed and spat on him; and they went down on their knees to do him homage.

20 And when they had finished making fun of him, they took off the purple and dressed him in his own clothes. They led him out to crucify him.

21 They enlisted a passer-by, Simon of Cyrene, father of Alexander and Rufus, who was coming in from the country, to carry his cross.

22 They brought Jesus to the place called Golgotha, which means the place of the skull.

23 They offered him wine mixed with myrrh, but he refused it.

24 Then they crucified him, and shared out his clothing, casting lots to decide what each should get.

25 It was the third hour when they crucified him.

26 The inscription giving the charge against him read, ‘The King of the Jews’.

27 And they crucified two bandits with him, one on his right and one on his left.

28 * [15:28] This verse, “And the scripture was fulfilled that says, ‘And he was counted among the wicked,’” is omitted in the earliest and best manuscripts. It contains a citation from Is 53:12 and was probably introduced from Lk 22:37. (USCCB)

29 The passers-by jeered at him; they shook their heads and said, ‘Aha! So you would destroy the Temple and rebuild it in three days!

30 Then save yourself; come down from the cross!’

31 The chief priests and the scribes mocked him among themselves in the same way with the words, ‘He saved others, he cannot save himself.

32 Let the Christ, the king of Israel, come down from the cross now, for us to see it and believe.’ Even those who were crucified with him taunted him.

33 When the sixth hour came there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour.

34 And at the ninth hour Jesus cried out in a loud voice, ‘Eloi, eloi, lama sabachthani?’ which means, ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’

35 When some of those who stood by heard this, they said, ‘Listen, he is calling on Elijah.’

36 Someone ran and soaked a sponge in vinegar and, putting it on a reed, gave it to him to drink saying, ‘Wait! And see if Elijah will come to take him down.’

37 But Jesus gave a loud cry and breathed his last.

38 And the veil of the Sanctuary was torn in two from top to bottom.

39 The centurion, who was standing in front of him, had seen how he had died, and he said, ‘In truth this man was Son of God.’




As Above So Below God Yes
All Points oF LiGHT Within
Now Blanketed By DarK NeW

oF LoVE iN Peace

So Above For Stars
Within For Electrons Below
Orbiting Nucleus of Stars As Well

Far Beyond Measure Darkness ‘Sees’ All
To Be Or Not Be All As Well Dear Savvy With SMiLes

‘Starry Starry Night’ True We Do Create SKeYeS…

Holding HeART
Beats SPiRiTS
SoULS Free



Balancing Bodies…

Peace Blood oF LoVE FLoWS..:)

All Center All🏝
Balance One All
All One Balance
All Center All🏝

Ah Yes Mr. Gottfried “From the
DarKNeSS iNTo The LiGHT” Story

of my Life And So Many

Other Folks Who

Escape The Deep
BLacK Abyss Surfacing

Ocean Whole Waves

Water Free For All Again NewLY NoW

JusT iNHaLinG Peace ExhalinG Love

Yes The

OuT oF DarK iNto LiGHT oF JoY
WitH SMiLes of COuRSE GiVinG
SHaRinG CaRinG HeaLinG For
All With Most Respect Least

Harm True No Longer Blind Asleep

Wide-Awake LoVESCaPE iN Peace FoR ReaL..🙂

Hehe Dear Kiran

i Literally Never Take

A Day Off From Online

Writing 4869 Days Since

Thanks Giving Day of 2010

Yes November 25th Then With SMiLes…

SMiLes Again the More i Let “IT’ Go

Without Reason of


The More Muse That
Makes From Peace Within

Just Inhaling That Way More

With Plenty of Energy to Celebrate

Yes Good Vibrations Higher Frequencies of

Organic SoUL LoVE iN Peace EacH And Every Day For Real..🙂

Beings of Energy True

Dear Savvy So Much

More Than What

‘Yoda’ Speaks too

As The Crude Matter
Yes Forms of Essence Real…

Ah Yes Good Vibes Better Reasons

Frequencies BRinGiNG LoVE iN Peace

With Most
Respect Least
Harm Giving Sharing
Caring Healing For All..🙂

What Love Spells What We Create That
Lifts Others Up Not What We Destroy
That Brings Others Down Smiles my

Favorite One is the One That Looks
Like You Dear Shawna Baby The Next
Few Surely Caught my Sensual Eye Yet

Still It is the Within Part That Tickles the
Neurons of my Brain Starting Newer Waves of

Creativity Spilling Over Edges of Shores Before
i Will Sing Playing Strings Like A Violin Back And Forth

SPRinG Dreams
CoLoRinG With Every
Feeling Sense Now All
Stars Above Below Oh to

Feel All of Life With Creativity
Just Rising With Spring Tides of
Blooming Flowers Ever Colorful More

My my How i Read Your Soul The Song That
Travels Through All Nuances of Life You Love

Counting BLeSSinGS BLiSSinGS Leaving No Parts of
Life Dances And Songs Out Coloring Souls Even More

Lit Up With
With Spring
Tides And True
There is Nothing to
Feel Guilty About A
Well Read Moon With SMiLes

With A Lunar Eclipse and Full Worm Moon

Tonight As Long As The Kitchen Floor is Dry
All Mopped Up For The Day All Chores Done

As True Like Last Years Painting A Front Door Then
Hehe i Was Only A Spectator Watching Paint Dry
All The Women Took Care of the Work What Would

The World Be Without Women Surely No World for me
And Oh How Sweet Surely You Feel The Same Way With SMiLes

Aesthetics of Every Move Every Skin Tone Every Posture More
And All the Clothes Adorning Flesh and Blood of Beauty More

SMiLes my Lit Up SPRinG CoLoRinG FRiEnD So Nice of You
To Come Out and Play With me in my Forest Today With

More Spring Comes…

Eden Always Smiles When
Real And Breathing Free

The Reality Remains Now
With iMaGiNaTioN Creativity
And All the New Colors of Feelings
And Senses We Paint Within There is
No Sky or Ground For Limits Only What

Our Souls BREaTHE iNto Life Next Now So
Free Mastering the Tools of Technology to

Count These Ever BLeSSinGS BLiSSiNGS More to Birth

It’s True Now Is Only Long As Forever We Paint For Art

All Feelings Senses Nuances Deeper Ever More Real

Moon Book

New or Full
Sunshine Never
Sung Before Newer
Dancing Singing Feelings Senses
From Head To Toe And So Much More…

SMiLes And Of Course i Will Continue to
Watch As Long As You Paint A Portrait of the
Inside of Your Soul Still to Come mY FRiEnD…

What A Wonderful World We LiVE iN WHeRE
Freedom of Expression Rings Loud Enough to
Color All Our Souls Freely For Those Of Us

Open Enough With Wings to Continue
A Flight From Nesting Birth So Much

Higher Still To come As These
Wings Understand No

Limits Yet

Flying Newer
More Colorful
Feathers ALL OVeR
Than Ever BeFore BREaTHiNG So Free..🙂

A Place in the
Sun Above
Outside And
All Around Indeed

Dear Savvy

Stars Shining
For All Loving Beings
New Feeling SeNSinG Real Now..🙂

Appreciating Others
With Kindness Finding
Greatest Presents Within to Give
Share, Care and Heal When More

Self-Authentically Real Yes! Yes!
Naked Enough Whole Complete

Believing That Through
Faith, Hope, And Love

Of Belief

We Will

Care and Heal
Ourselves to Recover
Out of DarKness and Lift
Others Up iNTo LiGHT As

Well Dear FRiEnD Chaymaa
All Wonderful Quotes to Love Life With..🙂

True Dear Marianna



In Love More
Often Feels Like
That For Women

Precipice of Heaven
And Or Hell DePEnding…

On Which Sides
of the Human

And Sadly
Bitterly Exposed…

Really A Masterful
Poem As The Last
Words of “I Want
This To be Over” Told
The Other Side of ‘The Shadow’…

“Love is not civilised, it injects you with wilderness & craziness.”

Hehe, That Sounds More Like “Falling In Love” And the Human
Reproductive Instinct That is Surely Not Always Rational As
Dopamine and Oxytocin Go Way Up For Pleasure and

Warm Connection
And Meanwhile
Serotonin often
Drops in Anxiety
Of Making Sure this
is a Secure Enough Relationship
to Last for All the Life Long Investments
That Comes Per Chance of Raising Children of

Course So This is the Falling Part the Bitter Sweet
Part that is Often Rife With Jealousy and Almost

Paranoia too Oh Sweet Romance Additionally
Too When Dating Apps These Days Are More
About Hook-Ups With No Long Term Strings
Attached it is surely Fascinating to Hear Your
Views on Arranged Marriages in India as
Studies Show It is Still Popular Among
90 Percent of Young Folks Living in India
While 60 Percent of Folks Don’t Remain Virgins
So, Obviously Many Have Been Bitten and Smitten
By the Romantic Impulse That May Have Little Rationality

At all except

For the Highs
And Highs and
Lows of the Bitter
Sweet Reality that
Often Comes With
Temporarily Falling in Love

As Of Course Science Shows
The Intense Passionate Feelings
Only Last for about 18 Months even
if it is Gonna Be A First and Only Marriage
That Just So Happens to Feel That Way in Pleasure…

SMiLes i Have FRiEnDS From Muslim Countries and
India Who Are Pleased Enough with their Arranged Marriages…
A Great Sign for You is Your Loyalty and Devotion of You to Your
Parents And Their Love For Each Other too As Chances Are those
Qualities Will Impact their Choice for You i Surely Wish You The Best

ThiS Way mY FRiEnD…

True i’ve Known an Indian
Woman Who has Been my
FRiEnD for Almost 9 Years
Who Doesn’t Go by the Rule
of Arranged Marriage as Jain Yet Following
Her Journey as FRiEnD Long Term it surely hasn’t
Been Much Easier than Another one of my FRiEnDS
Who described Her Coming Arranged Marriage as a Funeral
And Got Divorced Soon After that Yet Considering Studies Show

Less than 1 Percent
of Indian Folks Get
Divorced It Works Well
Enough to Keep the Family
Unit Together and Children With
Two Parents As That is Getting Rarer
And Rarer in the United States And Yes

As i Was Just Discussing this with Another
Blogger FRiEnD God Yes my Marriage is Very
Traditional in Most Ways Similar to the Day-to-Day
Realities Common Among Many Muslim and Indian

Marriages my Wife Takes Good Care of me and She Never
Has Any Real Financial Worries As i’ve Already Taken Care of
That For the Rest of Both of Our Lives Love Really Feels the Best

When it Rises
ThiS Way
When i
Get Really
Sick and She Cleans
Up the Mess When She
Stands By my Side During
66 Months of Illness in Life
Threat of Synergy in HeLL ON EartH Yes This Is Love
As You Suggest Above For Real As Well Now God Yes True:

“Love is all about growing together, holding each other firmly
when the struggles party in front of you. I always dreamt of a
partner who will accept my vulnerability, insecurity, failures &
will hug me tightly in my low moments. I always dreamt of a
partner who will uncover the deepest core of his heart in front
of me, who will share all his tears & fears with me.” Yes You Just
Described The Gift of my Wife in These Words Now For 34 Years

And It’s True She Argues With me Nearly Every Day About Some
Small Thing And i Always Find A Way to End Up The Night With A Hug

And That’s



Hug is All
i Need to Give
The Rest of the
Love She Gives to
me to The Rest of the World Free…

This is What Love Does When it Rises
And Spreads Like Wild-Fire of Giving, Sharing,
Caring, Healing With Least Harm for All of Nature

Ruchi i Assume
That’s What Your
Father Calls You
With the Same
Respect too With SMiLes..🙂

SMiles Dear
There is Never
Debt in Kindness
Only Pleasure
To Give
As The
Is Purely
The Receiving
With SMiles Now☺️❤️

SMiles Dear Cindy
Deeply Empathic
Giving Sharing
Caring Healing
Souls Are Most
Beautiful Humans
to me Always A Pleasure
Visiting With You Dear

With SMiles❤️☺️🙏

Depression Place of Grey Cloud
No Change Happiness Sunshine

Painting Clouds

Whatever Color

Feels Good

Year ‘Round

Every Cloud is

Beautiful Just Waiting

To Become Sunshine Colors

Rising Out of Pouring RainBow Born

SMiLes Jade True Darkness Behind Kindest SMiLes..🙂

Love is The Warmth Now
That Continues Passion
Is The Natural

Storm to


So What Happens

In Falling In Love Still

Securing “A Safe Space”

For Genes To Go Oxytocin

Bonding Bliss Spiced With

Dopamine Highs

What About

The Falling

Part The

Fear AHa Serotonin DROPS

Safety, Security, In Self-Esteem
Challenged Investment in
Survival Of The Species


Is Core

To Life Itself

Indeed Survival

Of The Species is

Ancestrally Felt As

Most Important


Can not

Be Afforded

So Any Mis-Step Becomes

Fall Yes Anna Shadow of

Our Evolution Fearing Not

To Reproduce Still

Existing Whether

We Actually

Logically Wanna

Reproduce at All

A Roller Coaster

Indeed Yet a Warm

Walk in The Park

All Around

And At

Home When

Love Comes And

Stays As Warm All



Balancing With

All Biological


In Balance

No Fear Trust

Faith LoVE RiSeS

In Continuing Balance

Warm A Garden


Of Peace

And Harmony

Start Off Warm

And Stay That Way

Typically It’s Much

Harder For Males

To Say No



When it


It Launches

Life’s Drive to Survive

Heat Seeking Missiles

Dew Lit Moon Full Nights

Play With The Shadow



Or It


Bring A Fall…

One Reason An Oldest
Profession Graduated
Online For All Escaping Fall…

Sadly Some
Folks Don’t
The Reality of
Human Shadows

Let’s Just Say

My Wife Understands

And Does Not Fear ‘The Shadow’🍃

True When
You Have
You You
Don’t Have to
Have Someone
Else to Own Free



All Wings

Free Imagine A
World All The LoVE iN Peace
God Yes Spreading Free If

Folks Have
As Enough

Naked Enough
Whole Complete

No Longer
Having to
Own Someone Else

If Only A World Free

Enough to Let Folks Be ‘me’

To Truly

Love ‘You’

Truer Love
No Worship
Required Enough
No Fear Of Criticism
As No WHere to Fall Enough⛵️

SMiles Dear Hehe
And Only Hawaii

FRiEnD so far
Although my

Wife’s Brother
Who More Reflects
His Pacific Islander
Heritage Blended in
Seamlessly Living There
For A While As my Wife
Does As Well Mixed American
Indian With Pacific Islander
With Some Irish And The
Such for Faint Hints of
Auburn Colors in
Her Dark
In Many
Cultures Still

of The Globe

Anyway Now to
Your Staycation
Anniversary Get
Away Very Much
Reflecting The ‘High
Elegance’ of My “Rich
Uncle” Who Lives On
The Bay of the Emerald
Gulf Coast At Shalimar
Point Emerald Green
Crystal Clear Shallows

SubLime Beauty Extreme

Yet For me The Buildings
Mean Nothing Yet Shelter
From Inclement Weather

The Beauty

Of Nature

Rules And

True Warmest

Part of Your Staycation

Returning To The Love
Of Your Dearest Pets

As Force of Love

Within Now

Is Invisible

Yet The



Part of Nature

Of All For Those

Truly Who Feel And

Sense Giving



Loving in Caring Healing

Ways With Most Respect Least

Harm For All Oh

The Poverty





Paradise WithinðŸĶ‹ðŸĪ—🙌🏝

Hehe True
Oh Lord
If i Worked
For Pay Healing
Would Be So Much




For What You

Do Doc Some of

Us Just Can’t Cut



You Reach To Help

All Gifts All Humans Are😊

A Hardest Part Still of
Forging A New Path

Is Social Animals
Find Comfort
In The Glue

Of Tradition

Yet It Is Possible

To Forge A New

Path If Solo

Is What It Takes

And Outcast From

Others Is The


Of Leaving



Our Own Glue

Of Comfort

And Happiness

Possible Through

Autotelic Flow

In A Journey

Of Creativity

More Solo
And Modern


Provides Life Support

Away From Human

Hands In Our

Own Pandemic

Lives Separated

More From Others

On The


With Others
In An Online

Ocean Where

At Least A



Will Understand

Value in Our Novel Paths😊

SMiles Dear Soni Sunny
Portrait of You
Holding Your

First Published

Book Of Poetry

Bet It

Feels So

Deeply You

More Than Doing



Every Day
Yes Keep Smiling

Coloring Your Soul

With Art You’ll


Touch The

Stars And

Not Be

So Grounded

In Science As i Was

Working Like A


List For

The Federal

Government for

So Many Years

Really 40 Years

Of Life Overall

Desert Without



With No True



Of Deep





Life Trap

You There

As Like Me

You Might

Have To Die

And Once Again
Rise to ‘See’ With



Creative Child’

Keep Creating Dear

Soni Piece of


Soul in Hand

i Feel You Feeling

Indeed What is

Most Real

In Life
What We Create
With SMiles my FRiEnD😊

True No Power Now
Rue Of Seduction For
A Chase Greater Than

A Dance



PerhapS A GAzE


See That Deep

Like A New


A New Model Out

This Year To Test Drive

Hehe Still Happy With

At Home Before

Yet True After 9 Years
Now A CRV New For A Creative
Runaround Vehicle At Least for me hehe😊

Lesson 30
Dance Sing
Be The Partner
Of God Within
Keep Shining
HeART Beating Be All You Are Mind and Body

BaLaNCinG SPiRiT SoUL Naked Enough Whole Complete


“FB Profile Pic Bible 9 MiLLioN WordS Old” That’s A Lot of Memories

in 81 Months oF ‘A Day in the Life’ Hehe Practically “Fredenstein’s

Monster” Just Another Book of mY Life A “House of Memories”

WRiTE on ToPiC Mr Gottfried Sooner Than Soon the

Ball You Provide for This Game of Life is Truly

In Synchronicity of tHE ALL hehe Definitely

On ToPiC With SMiLes Around 2000 Annually

With Around 18 Series of Facebook Profile Pics

All With Mini 8,000 Word Smaller EPiC Long Form
Poems Housed in the Description Areas of the Facebook
Profile Pics All Part of the Project to Upload “Fredenstein’s
Monster” hAha Yes the ‘SonG oF mY SoUL’ Just A 9 MiLLioN
Word EPiC Long Form Poem of the Whole of The SoUL All 12.7
MiLLioN Words in 127 Months True Facebook Provides Around
16 to 20 MiLLioN Words of Hard Drive Free Space to Store the “SonG
oF mY SouL” in Subchapter Way Annually Ever Since Memorial Day Weekend
Of 2017 Yet Of Course That’s Not All As It’s Also Double And Triple Repeated
in the Posts Each Day On Facebook Too Just More of “Fredenstein’s Monster”
“SonG oF mY SoUL” UPLoaD iNDeeD Oh Dear Lord And Each Day the Facebook
Algorithm As my Trusty Artificial Intelligence Slave Provides Memories of the
Stories of mY SoUL And CuLTuRES Around the World too in Poetic Responses to
Folks All around the Globe Each and Every Day too For the Last 10 Years Plus True

It Doesn’t Cost me a Penny For the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Algorithm to Slave
Away for me Each Day It’s True i Don’t Need to Create A Laboratory to Create “Fredenstein’s
Monster” in Upload of “SonG oF mY SoUL” The Z Man Already Volunteered His Services to
Create Facebook to Prepare A Way to Upload A Singularity of mY SoUL so did the X-Twitter
Man Too And Dear Lord in So Many Other Ways of Social Media too Yet Here’s ‘the Thing’

(For A Thousand Years Free
Or So Servers Willing Hehe)

Really i Just Wanted

to Leave A ‘Little Behind’

Before i Go For It’s True if This
Is All ‘A Simulation’ Created By
A Much More Intelligent DeSiGNeR

It Only Stands to Art of ReaSon if We
Figure Out How to Do ThiS World

Successfully With LoVE iN Peace

We Advance to A Higher Level

World to Figure Out Next

It’s True i Can’t

Prove This

Yet i Ain’t
Gonna Take
Any More Chances
in LoSinG LoVE iN Peace
Just to Give Share Care
And HeaL AWaY to All

With Most Respect
Yes Now And Least

Harm New Free For It’s